110813 MBC Music Core – Super Junior

August 13, 2011 at 7:33 am | Posted in 5th jib (Album), Albums, Events/Concerts/Perfs., MBC, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 16 Comments

110813 SJ MBC Show! Music Core – Compilation

Eunhae MC Cuts & Performance

Credit:instiz & uketsu5 & CrazyCarrotNew210 | posted by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)


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  1. Im soooo excited to see them today! lucky i deicde to watch live braodcast today!! ^^do u have the 1st MC cut at the beginning when they were intro out? ^^

    • where can i watch it live?

  2. eunhae so cute^^.. i have fun watching it..keke

  3. there was no super man this time😦

    • Ikr😦 I think the Superman performance is just for the first week of their comeback.. ’cause at MuBank they didn’t performed it too </3

      • Superman was just for the first week with comeback.
        Same as how Boom Boom was last year.
        Sucks big time, I love that song and performance.

  4. so…who was the winner?

    • Sadly, MuCore didn’t announced any winner today.

    • no winner in music core. they only performed.
      mbc doesn’t have music chart.

  5. Just realized.. At the beginning Eunhyuk was hiding at the back of Donghae and suddenly appeared and pose his hand like what Heechul did to him yesterday.. Hehehe cutie!!!! ♥ EunHae much love!

  6. Did they win?! Holding my breath till I find out!

    • no winner in music core. they only performed.
      mbc doesn’t have music chart.

    • Music core has no charts… They don’t announce winners.

  7. so..pink😄
    and they were awesome! like always😀

  8. EunHae!!!!
    Siwon and Minnie also hold hands at 3:12..is it part of the choreo???
    It’s my first time seeing it though…^ ^

  9. I want to English sub please…

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