110812 Super Junior win on Music Bank this week!!!

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110812 SJ Comeback Stage, KBS Music Bank – Compilation

Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” ranked number one on the K-Chart today.This is the second win of the week for SME’s popular mega band. Relaxing and going with the flow is their winning style!

[Comeback Stages]  SISTARSeo In Guk and Dal Shabet were K-Pop’s Most Valuable Poppers of the night with their party comebacks. HyunA brought her new hip hop single to the stage to “Just Follow” up. Kim Ji Soo and CS Numbers debuted brand new emotional weekender tracks.

The following artists held their own summer festivals on the Music Bank stage: miss A, MBLAQ, Brave Girls, NS Yoon Ji, Homme, Z:EA, Mighty Mouth, Infinite, X CROSS, CHI CHI, Shin Go Eun, MAYA and Teen Top. 

Super Junior’s Winning Moment

Super Junior Mr.Simple

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    A’top’ girls group will comeback onSept..as u know..

    SM will stop to releasing the vesion A or Mr. Simple

    version B will replace it and the album sales will recount!

    on that time,we wan cant buy any ver A anymore!!!

    this is their tactic..

    omg..ELF lets do something !!!!

    thumbs up to let more ELF know pls!

  2. Yay congrats!!! So happy for them ^^ I was surprised they went up against tara actually 😮 I was expecting like 2ne1

  3. Congrats to them!!! 😀

    aww and adorable YeWook moment ^^

  4. seriously need a yesung fancam here!!

    • yep second that, particularly as they cut it off way too soon

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