110812 SJ KBS Music Bank – Compilation

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Also don’t forget everything regarding the 5th jib can be found here 5TH☆JIB


110812 KBS Music Bank – Super Junior

[ENG SUB] Super Junior Music Bank Backstage Interview From 110812

[ENG] Super Junior Music Bank Winning Speech – From 110812



110812 Kyuhyun on the way to KBS Building [1P]

110812 Siwon and Eunhyuk on the way to KBS Building [1P]

110812 Leeteuk, Heechul, Donghae, Ryeowook, Yesung on the way to KBS Building [1P]

110812 Sungmin on the way to KBS Building [3P]

110812 Sungmin & Kyuhyun on the way to KBS Building [1P]

On The Way to KBS Building – Leeteuk | Part 2 [6P] – From 110812

Siwon at KBS Building [5P] – From 110812


110812 KBS Music Bank Backstage – Super Junior [1P]

110812 SMTOWN Official Facebook Update [2P]

110812 Super Junior at Music Bank Backstage [1Cap]

KBS Music Bank – Kyuhyun BIAS [14P] – From 110812

KBS Music Bank – Eunhyuk [5P] – From 110812


110812 Super Junior Official Website Update [1P]

110812 Super Junior Official Facebook Update [1P]


110812 Loversoul-kyu Splash Page Update [1P]


110812 KBS Music Bank Performer’s List – Super Junior HOT Stage

110811 KBS Music Bank 6.05PM KST | Mr.Simple Comeback Stage [LIVE STREAM]


110812 Super Junior is playful backstage

110812 TVXQ visits Super Junior to cheer them up

110812 Super Junior win on Music Bank this week!!!

110812 TVXQ makes a visit to support Super Junior’s comeback


110812 Heechul Twitter Update: let’s go

110812 Yesung Twitter Update: Today … our handsome dongsaengs DBSK

110812 Heechul Twitter Update: Shim Changmin who is like a believer

110812 Donghae Twitter Update: Music bank with Yunho Hyung

110812 Siwon Twitter Update: thank you

110812 Park In Young Twitter Update: Congrats SUPER JUNIOR!

110813 Ryeowook Twitter Update: thank you for 1st place as well really ㅠ ELF

110813 Leeteuk Twitter Update: Number 1 at Music Bank!!!Thank you..

110813 Ryeowook Twitter Update: Super Junior commemoration

110813 Heechul Twitter Update:My hair is getting prettier


110812 Sukira (KTR) with SJ – Compilation

110812 Shimshimtapa Transcript: I am Ryeowook who is more handsome than Eunhyuk.

 110812 Shimshimtapa w/ Super Junior – Kyuhyun [1P]

110812 Shimshimtapa Cuts w/ Super Junior

110812 Shimshimtapa Cuts w/ Super Junior | Part 2

110812 Shimshimtapa Cuts w/ Super Junior | Part 3


110812 KyuMin Moment – FanAccount during KBS Music Bank


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  1. Can I just say I love you guys!!! So organized..and when I missed their performance, I know where to look for great updates!.

    • Your comment made me smile!! ;D

      • You folks deserve all the smiles 😀 Don’t know how you can do it. I really want to contribute but…oh well. I will be a loyal reader and supporter! Fighting~

        Lets hope the boys win again
        RETURN of the SUPER JunIOR!

  2. Oooh do you know where i can watch it “live” ? =D

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