110806 SJ Comeback Stage, Show! Music Core – Compilation

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OTHER –  110806 MBC Music Core 4.10PM KST | Mr.Simple Comeback Stage [LIVE STREAM]

110806 Super Junior Schedules & Appearances Update

110806 E.L.F. making human boxes with Mr. Simple album [1P]

110806 E.L.F. lining for Music Core [1P]

110806 MBC Music Core Food Supports [1P]

[TRANSCRIPT]110806 MBC Music Core Rehearsal w/Super Junior

110806 MBC Music Core Setlist

VIDEO – 110806 MBC Music Core – Super Junior, COMEBACK Stage!

Super Junior Mr. Simple Music Core Comeback MR Removed – From 110806

Super Junior Superman Music Core Comeback MR Removed – From 110806

【Fancam】 Outside MBC Building – Super Junior – From: 110806

PICTURES – 110806 At Music Core Rehearsal [3P]

110806 At Music Core Rehearsal | Part 2 [1P]

110806 Donghae in Superman Performance [1P]

110806 Siwon Waiting at the Back During Superman Performance [1P]

110806 MBC Music Core Performance – Eunhyuk [1P]

110806 Sungmin before MBC Music Core Performance [1P]

110806 Music Core – Super Junior [13CAPS]

110806 Sungmin Selca w/ Shindong [1P]

110806 MBC Music Core – Super Junior Epic Fail [1GIF]

110806 MBC Music Core – Donghae Focus [GIF]

110806 MrSimple Comeback Stage on Music Core – Starting of Super Man [1P]

Yesung – Superman Performance From 110805 [1P]

Eunhyuk & Donghae Rap Performance in Superman – From 110806 [GIF]

Heechul, Yesung and Siwon with Fans at Music Core Backstage [1P] – From 110806

At Music Core Rehearsal – Sungmin [6P] :From 110806

Sungmin at MBC Show! Music Core Recording – From 110806 [1P]

TWITTER – 110806 Famous_Jae Twitter Mention About Super Junior Fans [2P]

110806 Shindong Twitter Update: This is just a buffet!!!!=

110806 Shindong Twitter Update: I’m an idiot What is (E.L.P.)?

110806 Kyuhyun Twitter Update: Son Hoyoung zzang!!!

110806 Heechul Twitter Update: “Hyung Hyung!! Please make sure you Will surely say Super Junior Comeback at the stage!!”

110806 Heechul Twitter Update: As expected of Joo Younghoon!!

110806 Heechul Twitter Update: No it’s ‘man’

110806 Heechul Twitter Update: We are super junior-or!!

110806 Yesung Twitter Update: Our Soshi dongsaengs have come to support

110806 Leeteuk Twitter Update: SNSD thank you^^

110806 Puma Korea Twitter Update about SuJu^^

110806 MrSimpleComebackStage #1 on Twitter Worldwide Trend

110806 SHINee Me2day Update: Mr.Simple comeback!!!!

110807 Siwon Twitter Update – Thank you so much to our E.L.F

110807 Donghae Twitter Update – SUJU is going!

ARTICLES – 110807 Girls’ Generation show their support for Super Junior on Music Core

110807 SHINee shows their support for Super Junior

110807 Super Junior returns to Music Core with “Superman” and “Mr. Simple”

110807 “Music Core” – Super Junior, Ever-Changing Music, The “Idol Effect” With a Variety of Colours

110808 Super Junior’s Heechul and Donghae’s good looks shine even when exhausted


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