110805 Super Junior Superman Translated Lyrics [Eng]

August 5, 2011 at 12:13 pm | Posted in English Subbed, Lyrics, Wonderboys | 64 Comments

(bam bam bam bam)

eunhyuk rap

when i am coolly dancing in the group that’s one of a kind in the world and uniquely moving the world

donghae rap

all the elfs in the world fall fall fall for me

run run run to me

let’s rejoice in this moment together


i (emotionally) touch those people that have genuinely, quietly loved me


there haven’t been moments where i’ve said useless things or not been truthful


our scale is the best and our scale (english) is the best

everything has to be the best

super junior is only missing the ‘man’ from the name of ‘superman’

our passion is the best and our concentration is the best

who would be able to say we’ve finished

super junior is only missing the ‘man’ from the name of ‘superman’

(bam bam bam bam)


now, now, now, who is it?


shindong rap:

so why do all of you look back when i am right here

who the hell are you looking for

i am shindong


should i pluck the stars for you, count them

one, two, three

with the stars we’ve lost

we are thirteen stars


but we are not lonely, we have sm family and ELFS


don’t be disappointed, don’t judge/betray us

you have already become drunk by the super holic


try singing the song, and now even follow the dance

let’s get excited together


our scale is the best and our scale (english) is the best

everything has to be the best

super junior is only missing the ‘man’ from the name of ‘superman’

our passion is the best and our concentration is the best

who would be able to say we’ve finished

super junior is only missing the ‘man’ from the name of ‘superman’

kyuhyun and sungmin:

when your heart is sad, when you want to listen to a song,

when you need something to lift your spirits up,

we are next to you, let’s all come together


super junior

we are super junior

we are super super man

ryeowook and yesung:

when you’re very bored and surfing the internet, if you just type in ‘super’ our results will come come out

we are always by your side

scream it out

super junior

we are super super man


even if they don’t know of us, we try our best every day,


if they question who who who we are, we show them our results


even if the road we walk is barren,

we are in the end, super junior


Translated by: stanningotps @ tumblr
Posted by: hyukjade(



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  1. the lyrics is epic win!!! Superman = Super Junior!

    lol @ yewook’s line xD

  2. aaw. this is the best lyric ever! =) i’m proud to be an ELF ❤

    • yeah i totally agree with you.. i heard that this lyric wrote by leeteuk and he tell us all about what super junior had facing on include the lost of their three members..

      “should i pluck the stars for you, count them

      one, two, three

      with the stars we’ve lost

      we are thirteen stars”

      this part really touch my heart…

      • leeteuk is the best leader…
        yeh!!!!!!!! 13 stars, 13 angels

      • yes! I almost cried when I read the translations! i miss hangeng, kibum and kangin so much! no matter where they are, they are still part of super junior!

  3. wow!!! really love this song ❤
    feel proud of our boys ^_^

  4. Those lyrics always make me laugh but I really like the song, she’s very interesting and everyone has a part in it (except Siwon but he is in the center) ^^

    • I agree why is siwon infront of the superman pic if he doesnt even have a solo rap? 😛

  5. Selfpraise.. meeh.. but if its true.. ^^.. i love the song since i heard it the first time as an intro x3

    • I am agree with you…..but they are really the best !!!

  6. this lyrics so awesome =3

  7. in this song i like kyumin Part, yewook part, eunhae part,
    haha they made couple part…..

  8. super junior is the last man standing.. i like it…

  9. AHHHHHHH ^^ so awesome!!

  10. Who’s the writer of this song???? Super Junior forever 13 2… SJ saranghae..

  11. ‘if you just type in ‘super’ our results will come come out’ LOL but it’s actually true though on google. they don’t just made that up 😀

    • agree with you


  13. the lyrics are deabak 😀

  14. that part about stars is so touching omg! *almost crying being happy and proud*
    Awesome song, awesome lyrics, awesome performance and boys who perform it! ❤

  15. thirteen stars^^
    Love it so much^^

  16. SUPER JUNIOR is relly the LAST MAN STANDING<3 Fighting, we, ELF, also we are always on your side;)

  17. this lyric~ simple .. but the best !
    JJANG !!

  18. i like the lyrics hehe 😀

  19. perghh,,, the lyrics really self praising but seriously i gotta to agree with it,, been poison with them for 6 years already,, shindong part is epic, i love the way leader mention 13 star, yup,,, THEY TRULY THE SUPERMAN

  20. I really like the lyric… >,<
    Can i know the romanji lyric ??

  21. Best fanservice ever.

  22. I LOVE IT
    I’m crying now

  23. with the stars that we lost? we are thirteen will never change.because they start with 13..carrying the name of,SUJU BRAND belongs to 13 of them..after hg become a soloist,i dont really like anyone to connect him or trying to relate him to suju..but now, even once,i really hope that he can comeback to perform with SJ before eeteuk and chullie go to army..from the moment sme tagged hg’s name in the clip at yt channel,wookie’s note thank to..and kyu too..i feel like they miss the 13 moments..and since it is time to separate, they want to cherish and appreciate all the members who started the journey with them..even they are not in the group anymore..

    • Love your comment Syamimi….I am so glad when I hear Geng mentioned because I know they are missing him, as all of us do. Even if they never share a stage again, I am grateful that when I first *met* Suju, they were this amazing group of 12 gorgeous Korean guys plus 1 very brave and talented star from China. They made it work. And OH the memories!!!

    • haha.the ever lasting money making machine..what as brilliant idea=)
      yeah.i dont like it too..and hangeng seems a bit pissed off after some elf has turned this issue into a negative side..problem still arise..if it is not from sme,then,it will be from elf itself who always curse hg..set aside sme which is the making money machine but i know the members are being sincere=)

      • Living where I do, I didn’t hear that about the negative spin put on the whole song mention thing. *sigh* And Geng unhappy? Didn’t know this either. I love the song and it makes me glad to hear that they think of fans and of members who once stood on the stage with them. I guess I don’t care if SM had the wrong intentions when they left that part of the song in. Even if they did, still I like it. It gives me a smile to remember these things.

        SM is a corporation, doing what corporations do, making as much money as possible. It has no heart and no soul. That is Not so about the members………

      • totally agree..they should protect hangeng..i dont know but when hg got pissed off with elf,i feel like we should respect him..thats is tiring to remind all elf to respect hangeng..i am so happy when there is sj members who still remember him, thanking him.i am so glad to know these kind of know that they are actually 13 stars ( lyric in superman..) i know they are missing the memories that they have experienced together for the past 5 years..i dont know what sme is up to..after eeteuk and chullie go to army..what will happen to other members >?doing solo activities?
        i am gonna miss sj no matter what..i hope there is no intention of disbanding this group..

  24. love this ❤

  25. anyone have the romanization? 😀

  26. crying ㅠㅠ. i love them so muchhhhh :’)

  27. woah,totally, extremely, DAEBAK!!!

  28. daebak!!daebak!!the lyrics is all about SJ&ELF..
    13 stars~~~i love it!!!wuhuuuuu~~
    13 will remain forever!!!!the people might not be in the same place,but the hearts are!!!yeah~~

  29. OMG love the lyrics :’) So humble and arrogant at the same time .

  30. OhMyKyu!!!!!I love the lyrics!!Especially the part “all the elfs in the world fall fall fall for me” and “should i pluck the stars for you, count them

    one, two, three

    with the stars we’ve lost

    we are thirteen stars”

    and they did the star sign 😀 13 members yeah forever~

  31. wow, the meaning is so true , and i super love eteuk’s part, its just so touching

  32. WORD LOL.

    oh my, SM did this on purpose. these couple parts… eunhae, kyumin, yewook..

    *nods at hypnotizing mantra-like lyrics*
    super junior ❤

    • LMAO I just LOVE your comment XD totally made my day 🙂

  33. Lol, kyu: always so truthful and blunt at times.
    Aww shindong :/
    Love the couple parts 😀 heeee
    Most heartwarming part: should I pluck the stars for you, count them
    One two three
    With the the stars we’ve lost
    We are 13 stars 😀

  34. Ahaha, I’m so pleased. I was googling for these lyrics and I thought, “Why am I doing this? I bet it’s on!”

    AND LO. IT IS.

    This blog is the best.

  35. like it… totally true

  36. teary-eyed…

  37. the moment I saw this performance, i totally LOVED IT!!! it’s very meaningful to SUJU and E.L.Fs. INDEED SUJU, SUPERMAN!!!!!!♥

  38. Ah, personally I LOVE self proud lyrics like these…..the Attitude, the slight insolence, the Princely Confidence…’s a part of being a Rock Star. They own the stage, they have worked, worked, worked……they offer no apologies….they are EPIC. And they know it. This is their moment. And their accomplishment humbles me….I love being their fan. And I am fond of every other fan that supports their efforts.

    Never mind me though….I am kind of a smart @ss myself. I love their fearlessness 🙂

  39. oh my god they lyrics are so beautiful! ahha in a way ahhaha go SUJU!!!! we E.L.F.s love you and yes they are totally going to be the las men standing!!! ><

  40. lol! yes the lyrics are a bit arrogant and self praising and i loved it!!! 😀
    the boys are on top and it’s time for everyone else to see their talent. we elfs know that the boys have worked so hard for this and totally deserve all the attention that they are getting. underneath it all even if the lyrics are cocky, they are still the hardworking and humble boys we know.

  41. YES!!! that it’s!!!!! the STAR!!!
    the STAR that they have been teasing us..
    it’s true it totally refer to Hangeng,Kibum and Kangin.
    they surely will be in stage as 13.. somehow.. someday..
    only hope and time can made it true…

  42. this song is totally epic.
    every words on the lyrics really represent them from before, now, in the future and will be forever like that.
    although it’s sounds quite arrogant (kekeke~), but let’s approve that they deserve those! but, if really they’re arrogant, will they mention “13 stars” ? Because it’s the most heartwarming part 😀
    “should I pluck the stars for you, count them
    One two three
    With the the stars we’ve lost
    We are 13 stars”


  43. is there korean version??

  44. feeling really stupid here but was/is superman included in any sj albums?

  45. this song is not in the 5jib, is it? 😦 then where can i get this song?

  46. Hopefully this song will be in the repackage ^^

    Love this song, it totally fits SuJu ^^


  48. i really love the song.. superman love it so much

    my hae!!

  49. i love this intro..

  50. was this part of the fifth album? or just a random comeback song..?

  51. i dunno abt other places but for google singapore u dun even need to type ‘super’..just type ‘su’ and super junior comes up already XD

  52. nan chinja super junior chuahe sj fighty!!!!

  53. like like like like like like………:)

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