[TRANSCRIPT] 110804 Super Junior’s 5th Full Album ‘Mr. Simple’ Press Conference

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[Compilation] 110804 SUPER JUNIOR Mr. Simple Press Conference 

Teuk says due to military service, there is no Asia tour but they’re planning on a world tour

Shindong also told medias about his lost so much weight for 5jib comeback. He looks slimmer

According to News, Kyu said tat Members who have many schedules had a hard time filming MV as 2 versions, in Korean & in Japanese.

Shindong:”I wanna go to New Zealand”

Leeteuk: “‘Return of the Superior’ the fans made that phase, I feel so touched

Super Junior also said they feel grateful to social network service and UCC that they can become Hallyu star like this

Leeteuk was impressed with the comeback slogan the fans made for 5jib, “Return of the Superior.”

SJ are planning for world tour, it’s even possible to do it in Pyeongyang (North Korea)

Confirmed: Yesung is half-naked on the Music Video of MrSimple

Shindong concluded with a smile,all members had created a part of the choreo for MrSimple

We will release an album after discharge from army as soon as possible, won’t let fans wait for too long, please wait for us.”-SJ

Eunhyuk: “I’ve become the world’s anchovy.”

Donghae:that the song “Y” from the album MrSimple was written based on his past love life.

Source:@YESUNGCENTER & sujuquotes &  @the_Chess  & babiettangkoma & @jwon0508 & @K_IdolsBlog & Haelove861015
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  1. NO ASIA?
    AT ALL?? T________________T

  2. A world tour? Yes!! I hope the can come to America (more specifically washing D.C lol xD)

    • *washington

  3. wait, what is this about a japanese MV? lol. is that perfection?

  4. does it mean they’re holding world tour only???

  5. No asia tour? Really???

  6. if it’s world tour then asia must be included since it’s WORLD tour?? i’m confused..

    • then why did leeteuk said there will be no asian tour, but a world tour instead?

      • my interpretation is that they will still tour asia, but not as extensively as last year. they will probably still do the bigger countries where their fanbases are stronger. after all, they gotta make some room for visiting other countries now 😉

  7. No Aisa Tour…Only World Tour!!
    Pls don’t tell me that it means they not held the Super show 4 at Asian Countries. And at only Europe…T_T
    We want SS 4 before the leader go to Military serice..PLS..

  8. No Asia tour? 😥 then they might visit one or two Asian country to count it as a world tour… happy for ELFs who arent from Asia but at the same time, sad for Asian ELFs~ :(( might mean real fierce tix wars~ in consideration of their military admittance, just how many Super Shows could they handle with all 10 of them?~ i was so happy & excited & now im so miserable & sad~

  9. Australia better be included in this world tour!




    • oh yes!!! SS4 in Canada!

  11. Come to US, come to LA pls~~~

  12. Hahaha… He knows what Return of the SUPERIOR. Teuki is so updated

    I think he meant will have not just Asia tour?cause the last time I check…ASIA is a big part of the world

  13. Yesung, half naked on the video?
    Which half, top or bottom?!
    I mean *cough* show me the videoooo~~~ !!!!

    • YESUNG’s part is the only part that I even kept my mind on after readig this X_X he’s my bias so I mean top or bottom is good with me!!!

  14. Please tell me which translation is right?
    There WILL or there WILL NOT asian tour?
    It my once in life dream to attend SS4, and Teukie, Henry, n Heechul promised they’ll come for SS4 Indonesia..
    Pls dont break my dream..

  15. come to malaysia…please…..teuki said that he like ss3 in malaysia..dear teukie~~jebal~~~~

  16. hahaha yesung half naked!! i really want to see that!!!

    so the Mv is gonna be drop when??

  17. washington DC PLEASE!!! i’m dying to see superjunior again!!!!

  18. ahhhh any way they cant come to iraq becuz of the situation here so i wont see them but i hope that u guys will be able to see suju in your countries.. Oh still sad

  19. omg. i doubt they’ll come singapore!!!

    • I believe they will as long as RITs invite them..they are still the strongest ticket sellers other than Jay Chou in Singapore…RITs won’t let them go.

  20. wait in the transcript it says they will release an album after dischatge from army does that mean in 2 years?

  21. No asia ? .. No super junior tour the world Not VN …

  22. I need SS4 in Canada or US(preferably Chicago or somewhere in the vicinity)!!!!

  23. how about Indonesia?
    really want SS4 held in Indonesia,oh no i mean World tour..

  24. I don’t see our darling Yesung’s smexy naked body anywhere in th mv!?!?!? When i saw tht sentence in school I was technically going crazy.. so where is it!?!? =(

  25. donghaaaaaeeeee,,
    i’m brokenheart T____T

  26. Don’t remember seeing Yesung topless… Must watch the MV one more time ^^
    I hope there will be a SS4 in France ♪

  27. i’m curious on what love life Donghae is talking about. haha.


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