110804 Super Junior promises to meet more international fans with ‘Mr.Simple’

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Super Junior announced their comeback with a fifth album on Thursday to some 200 international press members gathered at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Nonhyeon-dong, southern Seoul.

The new album, containing the track “Mr. Simple,” was released Wednesday in 11 countries. The teaser of the title track exceeded 1 million views on YouTube in just two days since it was unveiled on Tuesday, proving the long anticipation of the fans during the K-pop group’s more than year-long hiatus.

The boy band has been leading the recent K-pop craze worldwide. Other than participating in the first ever “SM Town in Paris” concert in June, the group recently finished its third Asia tour concert “Super 3”in 13 Asian cities. Their last title song, “Miina” topped Taiwan’s KKBOX for 61 consecutive weeks. Mirroring the popularity, press members from many Asian countries including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and China as well as South Korea attended the press conference.

“We realize that we are making a comeback in a much bigger spotlight than before. It is burdensome but also exciting,” said Eunhyuk, a member of the K-pop group.

The new album includes 13 songs of various genres like dance, pop ballad and R&B created by acclaimed composers and song writers such as Yoo Young-jin, Yoon Jong-shin, Kenzie and hitchhiker. The music video of “Mr. Simple” premiered at the press conference.

“The song maximizes Super Junior’s strong points. Some may think that it is similar to ‘Sorry Sorry’ and ‘Miina,” but it has a different charm once you hear it all. The point of the song is its lyrics. Many scary and difficult things happen these days. We hope the song can give you positive energy and help you keep things simple,” said Lee Teuk, leader of the group.

The group said it is planning to hold more shows in different countries with the new album to get closer with its increasing number of fans.

“We are planning on a world tour this time, not an Asia tour. We’d like to hold a concert in South America where we recently almost went but failed, and also in New York, our final goal, not by the name of SM Town but as Super Junior. If we could, we would also like to hold a show in Pyongyang,” said Lee, adding that he feels as if the group were a member of the national team.

The press conference, which included a Q&A session with international fans that sent in questions through UCC and Facebook, was broadcast live online.

Source: Korea Herald | Park Min-young
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  1. Omg! New York?!? Its a 3 hour drive from where I live but I would go there any day to see super junior!

  2. I’m excited about NY too!
    i hope other us cities…but i knw theyre busy

  3. so besides Asia, and LA, they will come to other countries? NY is also closer to where I live…probably won’t be able to go anyways… =[

  4. Awwww … I really wants to see them once …
    Come to France during holidays period !!

  5. Please Philippines again~ uhuhu i wanna see SJ
    is Mr.Simple already realeased on Taiwan?? I can’t wait to see it pwn the charts

  6. Aw I live in Tallahassee but I would go for them but I hope they come to Florida

  7. not by the name of SM Town but as Super Junior—->this is WIN!!!!
    yes please come back to Malaysia!We love you here :3 I really hope they go on a world tour!Proud to be an ELF when I tell people they may be going on a world tour 😀

  8. HEY! Middle East too!! ((:
    Been waiting for such a long time!! I hope they come here! ><

    • oh yes! >.< Middle-east !!!
      Turkey or Dubai would the best place for having concert ^^

  9. But why they cant come to England to perform as well? I am living in England and we have many Super Junior fans here as well. America is too far from me and my family is not so rich so that they could aford me to go to America. I also want to meet Super Junior as all of you. These who live in America are happy ones.

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