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All ORDERS have to be MADE through SJ-WORLD.net
(do not comment on this post to make an ORDER)
TO MAKE YOUR ORDER CLICK HERE >>>> {♥} Super Junior 5th Jib : World-Wide Orders!

Below INCLUDES all the information you’d want ~~! again MAKE YOUR order by clicking the above link!!

01. Please read everything, do not skim through.
02. Please remember we’re doing this to help Super Junior win awards at the end of the year, so any kind of help on your part is very appreciated.

➀ General Information;

This topic is for world-wide pre-orders.
Our albums are being sourced from Korea and will count on Korean charts.
By placing an order in this thread and carrying out the payment, you will help increase the volume of Super Junior’s sales.
A free poster should be guaranteed as usual.
You do not need to be a registered SJ-WORLD member before you order, but you must provide a valid email address.
SJ-WORLD will also be taking orders for the repackaged version starting next month.
If you have any questions, ask in this topic, not here.

➁ Time and Deadline;

We’ll be taking preorders until August 1st, at 00:00 KST.
Our albums will be bought in batches throughout the first 2~3 weeks since its release.
Ordering this way takes time, please be prepared to wait for your album patiently.
Delivery time varies according to our various representatives. Albums will be shipped as soon as possible.
You’re strongly encouraged to buy the album on your own as well, aside from doing it through us, to increase the volume of Super Junior’s sales.
Online stores: Hot Tracks / Synnara Online. Apparently DVDHeaven’s sales are reflected on Korean charts. Do not buy from YesAsia.

➂ Album Pricing and Payment Directions;

Our estimated amount for one album shipped from Korea to a representative is US$16.
You will be asked to transfer a second amount for shipping from the representative to you at a later stage.
If our estimated pricing exceeds the actual album cost, the difference will be deducted from your second payment.
If our estimated pricing is less than the actual album cost, the difference will be added to your second payment.
After placing an order in this thread, wait for your representative to contact you (either via PM or email).
If you can’t find a satisfying payment method, you could try to ask a friend or family member to help you pay.
All Paypal payments must be made by August 1st, at 00:00 KST.
Paypal fees must be covered by yourself: helpful tip / how to ㅡ If you do not have this option, then please send US$17 to be safe.

➃ Donations;

When paying for your album, you are encouraged to send a small donation.
By donating towards this cause, your money will be used to buy more albums.
If every person were to donate US$4, every 4 people who donate, we would be able to buy 1 extra album.
These albums will be used as contest prizes or given to fans through a lucky draw.
You are free to donate as much as you want, any amount, but you’re not obligated to.
Donations are meant to be helpful to Super Junior in order to win awards at the end of the year.

➄ Country representatives and accepted payment methods;


Payments: concealed cash, bank transfer (Bank of America or Citibank), checks, USPS money order, Western Union, paypal


Feenazz07 → BRUNEI
Payments: concealed cash, bank transfer, paypal
-ńine亀~♪ → INDONESIA
Payments: bank transfer, concealed cash, paypal
eternalsnow and purplehill89 → MALAYSIA
Payments: bank transfer, paypal / concealed cash and Western Union only if absolutely necessary
iyaface★ → PHILIPPINES
Payments: bank transfer, Western Union, paypal
viragis → SINGAPORE
Payments: bank transfer, paypal, concealed cash
↗Miss.희시카 → REST OF ASIA
Payments: bank transfer, Western Union, paypal, concealed cash, money orders


Payments: bank transfer, money order, paypal


done → FRANCE
Payments: bank transfer, concealed cash, paypal
Payments: bank transfer, concealed cash, paypal
sushi cat~♥ → UK ㅡ IRELAND
Payments: bank transfer, cheque, concealed cash, paypal
vicтoяiaи☆규현 → ALL OF EUROPE
Payments: bank transfer, Western Union, concealed cash, paypal / Italians also: postepay, vaglia


Payments: money transfer (Western Union, etc), paypal

➅ How to Order;

Place an order only if you are 100% SURE.
If you place an order in this topic, you are expected to pay. No cancellations.
If you do not reply to our PM when asked for the second payment within a week, your album will be donated.
Fill in the form below and post it in a new reply in this thread.
Your representative will PM you final confirmation of the amount to pay as quickly as possible.
If you edit your post, please inform the representative of your change as well.
If your contact information change by any chance, please contact your representative.


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  1. placed my order already~ but yours is the coolest lol. so many albums ❤

    • xD I’m actually thinking of ordering more, not sure though.. It’s cause I might have to keep some of the donation money that people donated to sup3rjunior ~~ this is because it needs to pay for shipping, as in the cost required to ship to those who win contests here at sup3rjunior..

      • >: aren’t you ordering an album for yourself?

        • Yeah I am, but waiting for the all Versions to come out so I can order them together ~!

          • Hi, juz wanna know..when do u think version C will come out..Im havin d same thought to buy all version 2gether~

  2. Woooow soo cool I also placed my order of 2 5th jib … I was very happy when I saw that they will ship it to the Middle East …

    • Are you from the Middle East? Where? Do you speak Arabic? Can you help me!!? I want to buy the album .. But I can not understand how?? Please help me ^ ^

      • Sorry I just saw your comment .. I’m from UAE and for sure I can help you ..

  3. I already place my order too ^^
    can’t wait for Super Junior comeback :DDD

  4. i placed my order via super5th. it’s the same right? as in, counts towards the album sales figure?

  5. And for ThaiELF~ not sure if there are any here…
    But you can order from here: http://t.co/gXpmZeR also include 5th album support!!

    • Thai ELF here! Thanks so much!

  6. hey, do you know where new zealanders ELF can order?

    • Hi, u can buy it at sj-world.net
      they have a rep there as listed above. pls click the order link included on first page of this blog… read all the order details….

  7. Hi! I need to clarify some things. I’ve already submitted my reservation/order at https://www.facebook.com/5JIBPH?sk=app_106878476015645&app_data=page-1&fb_comment_id=fbc_10150231425511274_17354607_10150235818336274. If you guys are recommending SJ-WORLD.net, do I need to cancel my reservation/order form at the FB site? Or both will be counted anyway? Thanks.

    • I’m not sure about the FB site, I always reccomend SJ-WORLD.net though..

  8. does anybody know if sj-world is coordinating with K ELF? I thought K ELFs were going to be in charge of buying albums for the first two weeks… and then it’ll be up to international fans?

    • that’s what I was thinking, I think I will ask this question to them ~~

      • ^^ thanks! i know suju’s comeback is going to be awesome, especially since alot of ELFs are supporting them 😀

  9. Hello .. I am from Saudi Arabia .. ^ ^ I want to buy the fifth album .. Is there a way to communicate!? And when will the demand for albums?

    • What do you mean “And when will the demand for albums?” also what do you need help with? xD

      • I mean, when to transfer money to you! ? Also how I get album? What delivery method? I mean any way? Company? Or what?

  10. Thank you for posting the link!
    I ordered 2; plan to buy 2 more repackaged; will buy more near YE GDA if our sales don’t reach 500k.
    So wish i was rich… …

  11. I have a question…. its true that if you buy in Yesasia your bought will not count on the porcent of sales?
    I means, you know that they have a list with the bestsellers of albums etc…
    if u buy it on yesasia it doenst count? WHY? i cant undertsood this….
    and……. TT______TT I bought all my suju albums on Yesasia,… the 6 albums on Yesasia (since Twins..dont don, sorry sorry, bonamana, Perfection and super girl!)

    • In yesasia you can read this: Korean music products at YesAsia.com are sourced from distributors in Korea, and are reflected on the GAON Music Chart owned by the Korea Music Content Industry Association.

      I thought that this could be reflected on the music charts… it doesnt?
      what its the diference to Hanteo and Gaon charts?
      >.< i cant undertand

      • We need to buy from the source that is counted toward Hanteo chart, not Gaon chart, in order to win GDA. Based on past experience with GDA, our ELFs draw a conclusion that to GDA only uses Hanteo chart.
        Those two charts have different way to calculate sales.

    • so sales from YesAsia are counted to Gaon chart, but not Hanteo chart.
      if u want our boys to win GDA this yr and you plan to buy their 5jib this year, buy it from DVD Heaven or join bulk order at sj-world.net.
      in my case, i only become an ELF this year. so i bought their prior yrs’ CDs from yesAsia cuz a % of money will still go to SJ and it doesn’t have effect GDA any longer.

      • OK, thanks^^ i am not sure if i will use sj-world or dvdheaven… it will depend on the shipping costs……..

  12. I want ask you what’s the method to send the album to Saudi Arabia???

  13. help me, how to order ? i can’t understand it . 😦

    • which part u dont understand?^^

      • hehe, i already ordered it !
        thank you 🙂

  14. There are rumors that pre-order sales are NOT counted they said that ACTUAL SALES are the ones being counted. Is it true? Now I am going gaga over this. I don’t know where to order. ANSWER IT PLEASE> Kamsahamnida. 5thjib DAEBAK! ^^

  15. can i ask, this method is for buying version A or version A, B or C?

    • Version A.. Orders for Version B and C will be held again at a later date.

  16. Hi, AN UPDATE on SJ 5jib progress I got from korean elf:
    20th Jul – MV shooting
    27th Jul – release MV teaser
    1st Aug – 5jib title track digitallly release
    3rd Aug – 5jib album release
    5th Aug – SJ comeback @ music bank
    *** Altogether 3 versions to be released:- pls make sure you buy the right one to help SJ win the awards
    Version A
    – normal version (count towards GDA Daesang & Gaon)
    Version B
    – repackage version (w/ 2 new songs & count towards music program win)
    Version C
    – DVD+CD (do NOT COUNT towards any AWARDS nor program wins)

  17. Hi, AN UPDATE on SJ 5jib progress I got from korean elf:
    * sorry I miss out one point above, so edit & reload:

    Version A & Version B is CD ONLY
    Version C (ie special edition) is DVD+CD

    Version A & C to be released in Aug
    Version B (repackage + 2 new songs) to be released in Sep.

    Pls do NOT rush to buy Bersion B just b’cos it’s special edition, unless u have extra $$. It does NOT count towards any award win… Important to buy verson A, then Version B.

    • I mean : Pls do NOT rush to buy Version C just b’cos it’s special edition, unless u have extra $$. It does NOT count towards any award win… Important to buy verson A, then Version B.

      • i thought its important to buy ver A and C? ver B is the same with ver A except different cover..


        • actually, to make it simple & less confusing on the A/B/C, just make sure that you always buy the NORMAL version (usu. namely version A) and the REPACKAGE version (regardless of whether B or C by its name). The repackage version is always released 1 mth after the normal version…..

        • To avoid any confusion, just simply buy the NORMAL version (usually namely version A)in Aug. Afterwards buy the repackaged version (regardless of it’s called B or C). The repackaged version is released 1 mth after the normal version. SM has different tactics every yr, so a bit difficult to compare apple to apple……

  18. Hi! I am def gonna put in my order but I also have another question. I live in the US and I was wondering how I could buy the first version on my own when it is released in Aug? I heard that HotTracks is good and counts towards the charts but I don’t see where they sell CDs on the website. Please help. Thanks!

    • try DVD Heaven. their sales are counted toward Hanteo.

  19. Awesome ^^
    Great Deal 🙂

  20. great job to all elfs in this whole planet >,<
    i'm gonna order the B and C version here i think, cos i'll buy directly A version in korea 🙂
    ELF hwaiting! pray for the best for uri SUJU!

  21. Anyone, can u help me please???? I can’t find the “confirm code”. I have try it more than 10 times….but the code still didn’t appear…….any suggestion?????

    • I have that problem too and i don’t know how to get it to work!!!
      Hope someone can help us!!!!
      Really want to buy the 5th jib~

      • I did too!
        So instead I just register as SJ-World member.. It’s much easier..
        And later it doesnt need any “confirm code” to write any post/order..

    • register in sjworld.net doesn’t need confirm code. Just log in directly. Simple

  22. I think some of us might wonder what does it mean when they wrote

    ※ You’re strongly encouraged to buy the album on your own as well, aside from doing it through us, to increase the volume of Super Junior’s sales.*

    Where do one buy it on their own. Hot Tracks / Synnara Online are both in Korean only… Is DVDHeaven for sure going to be counted? How can we verify?

    • DVD Heaven is counted. you can verify with Hanteo as i did. hanteo@hanteo.com

      I think SJW encourage us to buy it on our own because they only have limited reps who are willing to help ELFs for free with lots of trouble.

  23. Ordered and paid 🙂
    but I think I have to wait for 2-3 weeks after the album to get my album.

  24. Sid, the dateline has change to 25th, no longer Aug 1st

  25. an elf unnie of mine, Jeslyn Ho, wants to ask this,

    “Can someone advise if SJ world is actually ordering together with SJ market? the reason: Yesasia is NOT counted in H Chart, but you can see very clearly that Yesasia is one of the main “sponsor” of SJ World’s page, under such circumstances, i can’t help but to think that SJ World is ordering from Yesasia. if so, how can Sj World’s orders be counted in H chart if they buy through Yesasia?”

    Please reply.. Sorry for asking, just that we want to make sure our every album purchase will be counted..

    • http://sj-world.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=65096

      u can read all info here n remember do not skim through ><
      they are collaborating with sjmarket for this order..and they NEVER order an album online..and they also said here that they are not going to buy from yesasia, since its not counted towards hanteo chart..

  26. I’ve placed my order already. Woo hoo!! I really hope 5jib will be daebak!!!
    Thanks so much for posting this info.

  27. so all version will be counted for hanteo chart? just tell me if i’m wrong >,<

  28. cool

  29. Does anyone know how much would shipping cost to the US??

    thanks 🙂

    • DITTO! And is sjworld reliable? Like do they get everything done well and not exploit you, you can never be too sure online. Sorry for the prodding but I just want to be sure.

      • dunno if someone has answered ur ?’s yet but i can.

        the rep for the US hasen’t said how much the shipping will cost yet so only the initial payment of $16 has been set up. the second payment that will cover shipping and in case it cost more than $16 will told by the rep later.

        I’ve never actually ordered anything through sj-world but i am a member on the forum and everything seems to be honest and legit. it is done for the good of suju!! it’s actually my first time ordering anything with them (5th jib) only cause i got the other cds previously when my cousin went to korea last summer.

        hope this helps.

        • Thank you! Alright then, I’m gonna order now. I previously got them from family as well. I love being an ELF.

  30. Does anyone know if Amazon.com counts (if they ever make the album available)? ‘Cause that’s the only way my parents will let me order. 😦

  31. Hi, I would like to get a copy of the album. Can I still order it now?

  32. hi . can I order it here?
    or can u help me to order it on synnara >.<

  33. Hi ELFs~ Have someone of you bought from SJ-World.net before??
    This is my first time order albums from them and I’m actually a little scared, haha…. Thanks 🙂

  34. Just want to know if I were to purchase from SJ World can I choose the cover of the album b’caz I’m thinking buying all the the 10 cover.But I want to buy 2 to 3CD a month. Is it possible?

  35. anyone here can help! i want to know how much it costs the full album + extra fees?
    or at least without it?

    thank you 🙂

  36. anyone here can help! i want to know how much it costs the full album + extra fees?
    or at least without it?
    thank you 🙂

    • Hi, the price 4 album+shipping I’ve came across varied, ($22-$29+) depending on the bulk purchaser. This is 4 shipping to Singapore. If u need it o be reshipped else where, additional international shipping cost applies.

  37. selling ryeowook and lee teuk’s album, brand new!

    bought extra 🙂
    email me! thanks^_^

  38. selling ryeowook and lee teuk’s album, brand new!

    bought extra 🙂
    email me! thanks^_^


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