Indonesian ELF gathered @ Ancol Bay – From 110724

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Sunday, 24th july 2011 was the biggest moment ever for Indonesian ELF. All fanbases around Indonesia, especially Jakarta, united in one place and one time at Backstage Concert Cafe, Ancol Bay City, Jakarta. This even were meant to inaugurate the Indonesian ELF United. So..all Indonesian fanbases will reunite when Super Junior held a concert in Jakarta.Moreover…this event was also to celebrate 83 liner Leeteuk and Heechul.

This was the beginning, a dance cover

A huge Leeteuk banner for his birthday

A huge Heechul banner for his birthday

Everyone was setted to 5 JIB formation

We created an origami (bird wishes, is it correct?)

Birthday cake for Leeteuk and Heechul

Inauguration for Indonesian ELF United (@ELF_inaunited)

You might get shock cause we’ve found this girl who looks just like Heenim!!!

Even there wasn’t yet a confirmation about SS4,,but we really expected it so much!!!


Love this duck’s mask for Leeteuk

And finally…we, the sup3rjunior team met. Me (right) and Starkarz (left)

They were not singing perfect like KRY,,but this “no other” version really touched me

cover dance (FYI, they are all girls!!!)

Credit: myuchullie
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  1. Wow.. So cool that SJ has so much fans all over the world…!! ❤

  2. this is cool

  3. Even i’m not atending this gathering because i’m overseas now, I feel realy touched.. Make me tearing!
    Hope SS4 JAKARTA will come true.. Elfs indonesia hwaiting!

  4. Happening!! makes me wanted to fly over there ! thanks for sharing this lovely moment with us… appreciate this ~

  5. Wow!!! Looks so much fun being together with ELF family…
    Wish I was there, but unfortunately didn’t know anything about this event 😦
    Super Junior + ELF forever….

  6. I’m so ENVY… although I live in Indonesia, I can’t attend on that 1st Gathering of ELF INA UNITED…
    That petals mask so funny… wkwkwk… I wish that I was there… XD

  7. wow daebak!
    hopefully there’ll be ss4 in indonesia 😉


    aaah and kak myuchullie looks so cute XD
    and kak Starkarz too :3

  9. aihh~~ i’m there..
    on that origami pics..
    blueee~ hohoho

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