110725 Super Junior’s 5th Album Official Teaser Picture – Ryeowook [1P]

July 25, 2011 at 6:26 am | Posted in 5th Album, Albums, Pictures/Videos, Ryeowook, Wonderboys | 34 Comments

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  1. LOL! i only saw half of the image and i thought ‘damn, ryeowook looks good! thank god his pic isnt as dramatic as the rest…’ and then i scroll down…. WHAT IS HE DOING?! is he going to go clean some shelves?! lol. regardless, he looks HAWT.

  2. I saw it and was like oh no those glasses and than I scrolled some and it was good and than I saw the feathers and just started laughing. Hot but funny!

  3. I was like, wow! a guy wearing spec? HOT!!

    As i scroll down, it is more hotter!

    and i keep on scrolling up and down to make sure this is kim ryeowook. Huge change and unexpected!

    You take my breath away wookie!! ^^

  4. umm…who is this?! (but really, i know who it is :p) i mean have we ever seen him look so…powerful/commanding/masculine? i LOVE it and the shorts too. Ryeowook has always been cute, handsome, etc. but this is on a different level.

  5. i thought they will not release a teaser today…. oh well he’s hot!!!! *^_^*

  6. OMG O.O WOW ,, i get it now, the hint was (go super junior) cuz ryewook is holding the feathers it’s like cheerleading ^^

  7. He Looks so damn hot and manLy!! But why the shorts and “chicken” things??
    RegardLess,, our eternaL maknae has grown up.. ^_^

  8. Ohh!! I don’t know what to say..for me from waist above is ok..but from waist below..mmm..tight short and fur (or feathers?)!
    But he looks like clark kent superman rite? He looks sophisticated with those glasses..i don’t see a cute boy anymore^^ but he really needs to eat a lot more..he’s too thin..
    This is interesting, like i figured yesterday, wookie would be we have bromance triangle..:D KyuMinWook! Ming ah..which one is it? Lol!!

  9. リョウクかっこいい!眼鏡(~▽~@)♪♪♪


  11. Lol like everyone else I thought it was all great until I scrolled down and saw those feathers!! Regardless I love Wookie and I was begining to worry there wouldn’t be any teasers today. Thank goodness I checked before going to sleep ㅋㅋㅋ. 7 done 3 to go SuJu fighting

  12. OMG, so flashy. Love the specs on him. This time SJ is doing something really different, but i ike it.

  13. Anyone can tell me why many people says that Ryeowook’s teaser isn’t official photo? They says SM wouldn’t release one teaser yet for today. Cause SM was condolence for Siwon’s family. Who’s right??

    • I think its offical , if u check at ryeowook’s name is filled in with blue colour already .

  14. firs I just saw the half of the image & thought yes he looks perfect but suddenly I saw the rest. that feathers catch my attention .I dont like the feathers.

  15. Wookie looked a little bit tanned in this pic.don’t you guys think so?neverthlass,he’s super hot and masculine!!!

  16. omo,he looks… different!! totally gorgeous and yes,the eternal magnae already grown up… u’re still my ultimate bias after all… hot,cute and gorgeous at the same time… can’t wait for the 5th!!! kya kya~~~ ^^
    sorry,i’m just too excited…. ^^

  17. ohhhhhhhhhhh

    ryeowook looks so hot!!!! (i can excuse the feather boas lol) who says he can’t look hot! 5th JIB DAEBAK 😀

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  19. the up part, was like OMGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD RYEWOOK!
    but the feathers + orange shoes + pinks socks was like………. ¬¬
    But, i really like the teaser, really really handsome! and the galsses match with he 😀 …… waiting for yesung … why?
    Eun-Hae, KyuMin, RyeWook…. and Sichul? its posible, the SM is promoting fanservice? kkk

    • Haha.. I have the same opinion as you too.. Next will be yesung followed by sichul

  20. Waah i knew it was wookie!
    He looks sexy though! ;D

  21. Woweeeeh!! The first time ever for me to actually literally drool over Wookie!
    He looks so nerdy and mature and just… yummy!!
    I’m totally loving it!

  22. top half: HOT!
    bottom half: …
    he looks so cute with glasses!

  23. Yes! I knew he was next…had a feeling. I cant believe they released it so late…-_- i wanted to see it right away. It looks good except for the feathers. Hes cute as always. I wish his legs werent covered up, its so rare to see them.

  24. I love the jaw line and the glasses. His legs are so muscular! I’ve always liked Wookie and he is very beyond gorgeous…. but i do wonder how much is photo-edited >< But his is definitely my favorite one so far. He looks so tall!!! And I bet the British fans are going crazy over the lanyard around his neck 😀

  25. too hot ! feAthers plus fries ! daebak !

  26. i’ve the feeling he’ll be the next one… and i’m rite!! hehe…
    he has muscular and hot thighs… looking hot in glasses also…
    i’ve always like this humble and cheerful eternal magnae… wonder how the other 3 will be like? really can’t wait… ^^

  27. damn HAWT~!!!!!!!!!!

  28. SEXY NERD RYEOWOOK ^^best teaser so far !!! i love you Kim Ryeowook !!!

  29. now i just saw already short ryeowook

  30. OMG! he’s so DAMN HOT~~~~

  31. the feather thing is soooooooooo funny..maybe he doesn’t want to show his…he probably be cheering for suju comeback..heheheh…regardless,I love ryeowook-sshi,he’s my biased and kyu

  32. whoaaaaaaa ryeowook my super sexy cutest boy!!!! XD

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