110726 Super Junior’s 5th Album Official Picture – Yesung [1P]

July 25, 2011 at 11:43 pm | Posted in 5th Album, Albums, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys, Yesung | 39 Comments

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Credit: TV Daily
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  1. Super hot!! Love the look on him.
    And totally love the pink-green combo! ❤

  2. today i didnt need to wait hoursss!!!
    wow i really like it, yesung use……. eyeliner!!!!! dead!!
    I like the pink leopard tshirt and.. he is so HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  3. OMFG…………. YESUNG 0.0

  4. lol everyone guessed he would be next with the colour green 😛
    so i guess the couple colour wheel is right?

    • yes, u’re right!!!!!!

  5. Sexy Yesung 0.o

  6. wooowww best teaser ever!!! i knew he would be green!!! saranghae oppa !!

  7. wow the best photo ’till now
    my woonie oppa *-*
    he really fits pink e green
    and the eyelinerwith black finger nails make me crazy

  8. YESUNG!!!!

  9. Yeeeyyy! my prediction was right!!!! YeWook!!!!!!!
    best teaser ever!
    Kim Jongwoon who told you that you were allowed to to that?

  10. Yesung! I’ve been waiting for yours to come out..Love this.

  11. im really not a abig fan for the pink color BUT NOW I LOOOOOOOVE IT I WOULD WEAR ALL PINK jst cuz my suju and yesung Bloody hell im dead *-* he is soooooooooooooooooooo frekin adorable aaaaaaaaaaaah !

  12. Yesung , you are soooooo Hot here ! i cant breath !

  13. OH MY GOD! I’ve been anticipating Sungie’s this whole time! SOOOO gorgeous O_O I love him!

  14. hot ^^

  15. Love it! This one is definitely my fav so far! Yummy 😛

  16. ohh i love yesung’s teaser too actually i love’m all!! can’t wait for the MV ….. oh hey guyz what’s that on yesung’s shoulders ?

    • I know I was about to ask the same thing, it looks like a flag!!

      The flag if Thailand?!

      • red, white and blue…isnt it French ?
        or the boys carrying flag where they’re the most famous at th country…and i heard that Yesung got the most cheer in Paris

        • yeah but it could be the netherlands’ flag too you know….

          • It could also be costa rica 😛

  17. for real.. when I saw his picture I scream like a mad woman and I almost faint coz of lack of oxygen..

    I don’t know why, but when I saw him wearing pink, I got goosebumps.. maybe because I prefer him wearing red.. but GOSH! pink is so HOT on him..

  18. this one is the best picture with shindong and sungmin

  19. Yesung’s teaser is my favourite so far !!!^^ yeaa….the top is sooooo hot..but the bottom is…uh..ah..i still dont get it…-____-

  20. he’s so damn HOT this is the best PIC.

  21. Ohhhh sexy

  22. OHMYWORD… i think this is the sexiest photo so far… who could ignore this???? YESUNG, I LOVE YOU ❤ ! i swear to god, he's somehow recently brcome one of my main biases…

  23. based on the trend of the other photos, this one is the least extreme or provocative and prob my least fav. wookie’s is the best for me so far (even tho eunhyuk is my bias hehehe).

  24. Yesungie, You look so damn HOT ^____^
    Can’t resist your intense glare 😀

  25. Eun…..Hae
    then Sim….Cin tomorrow right?? keke
    Yesung oppa really awesome (after Wookie’s Avant Garde shocked me a bit yesterday -_-) it’s rarely see him in pink but he really suit this. This teaser doesn’t have a lot detail but it’s look great now it’s the best 3 for me after Shindong & Sungmin ❤

  26. wow this photo is BEST, with the combination of pink and green, the feeling is soothing, and with the photo of Yesung, he is Hot!!

  27. GOSH! Yesung looks so hot in that photo!
    so far my fave teaser photos are Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun and Yesung’s teasers.

  28. My bias is Sungmin and I went crazy with his teaser; but I think that this is just beyond hawt.
    The hat, guyliner, fur collar, pink leopard prints, and the chains. This pic IS an all-kill.

  29. There’s no other word that can describes him.. He’s So DAMN hot…!

    Saranghae oppa…! ^^

  30. omg… ok, i am sungmin biased but i honestly think this is the best picture so far

  31. The best pic so far, he’s so hot in this.

  32. yesungie looks like a girl like the red jacket though..why is it that all of them have the nice tops but the bottom was just so so like they were wearing underwears or gym outfit in bright them all though especially kyuwook and yesung

    • I really agree with you! cool tops but ridiculous pants. but i still love them :B

    Nuff’ said. 😀

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