5th Jib Giveaway No.4 Create a comeback teaser image (picture)

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☆ Sup3rjunior 5th jib giveaways

You DECIDE who WINS, 5th jib giveaway. PLEASE VOTE


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  1. Y___Y i dont know how to use photoshop,,,, only paint and photoscape LOL but i will try it~~ i really want a suju 5jib T_T

  2. are we allowed to only post one entry, or can we send in as many as we want? also, what if we are extremely computer-challenged and do not know how to post pictures online…. can we email instead or something? :X

    • One entry per person ~ & I will post my e-mail

  3. its a Clothing Store in Iran with leeteuks name !
    this is some thing IMPOSSIBLE but that`s that !

    لیتوک : Leeteuk

  4. Aah i think its kinda hard but okai.
    Theres so many people who made a fanart before ~
    ill try one xD

  5. Off topic..
    in that gif, is that kyuhyun trying to jump on the members but failed and fall??
    I’m LMFAO here! Hahahhaha XD

    • its leeteuk !

      • Oh yeah it is! Hehehe XD Now i remember Kyu wore something much greener
        Its so funny no matter how many time i look at it haha!

    • i think kyu’s one of the ones on the bottom..

  6. is it ok if there is no pictures of the members? in the fanart?

  7. Just wanted to ask, will a teaser image of only one member be ok or one image with all the members?

    • I think of it too …

      • i’d like to know this, too! since the last member scheduled to be revealed will also be around the same time as the deadline–it might be hard to do something with all of the members…?

  8. OMG. Thank you for this contest, waaa.
    i’ll be joining this contest. ^^

  9. ok! ill try my best … i really want to win it ^_^

  10. .Well. There goes my chance of having a 5th Jib. I dont have photoshop! TT_TT Looks like I’ll be hand drawing this. Super Junior, I apologize ahead of time for making you guys look like onions.

    • i don’t either! but there’s always GIMP ^^ (i’m thinking of joining myself, so maybe it’s not in my best interests to tell this to a fellow competitor, but we’re all family as ELFs anyway so whatever :P) GIMP is free/ easily downloaded from online, and i’m pretty sure it’s 100% safe. it’s not quite as refined as photoshop i’m afraid, but it’s still pretty nice according to users. you might wanna give it a shot 😀

  11. i wanna ask smthing.how do i upload the picture?

    • never mind i got it! 🙂

  12. WONDERFUL!!! i was just thinking of this yesterday, and wanted to suggest this idea to you guys!!! I guess great minds think alike, hahaha!! :DD Can’t wait! I have an idea in my head!!! I think I will post a link here, one I am done, and I will also email you the picture too. CAN’T WAIT! I REALLY REALLY REALLY DESPERATELY WISH TO WIN!! also, a question: Will my 5th Jib come in exactly on the 3rd or 4th?

  13. im so excited for the 5th album ^^

  14. Is it okay to make something for the members whose pictures were already released?

  15. can u tell me how r u gonna reveal the winner of the no.3 album give away ?? here or by email ?? i hope i’d win ,,it’s my only way to get that album and to have my 1st suju album ever ..

  16. ^^ i’m not good in editing too..but i think i gonna try this one..after 2 days struggling in making the video..T_T
    can i send u thru link from twitpic?

  17. i’m ready to send my entry but, which one do you prefer Sid-unnie?
    i’ll send it through the email given or just post the link here?

  18. I just sent you an email. please be so kind and check it. ty.

  19. I just send you my picture ^-^

  20. Ive already sent you a mail. n.n

  21. here is mine http://imageshack.us/f/263/collagesys.jpg/ … i also email it! 🙂

  22. here’s the link of my entry: http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e248/jerlyn92/SJ5thjibContest_jj.jpg

    but i also emailed it to you Sid-unnie. ^^

    • waow it’s cool!! love it! xD


  24. i’ve just sent my entry via email,,
    please, check it ^^

  25. Just to make sure you received it as you don’t confirm by mail, I’ll resend my entry link here 🙂
    I already send you an email anyway~

  26. hello~ 🙂 what time is the deadline exactly? I want to make one but i’m not sure if I have time. I really want a chance to win T_T

  27. Already sent my entry. Kindly check your e-mail. Thanks! 🙂

  28. hey, i have send my teaser image through email.Hope u got it!.
    ahh thnx for this giveaway, I really hope i get one. It’s the last day of the deadline so i hope it’s not too late =D
    thnx =D

  29. uh, im not sure if the day line is today or yesterday(korean time) but i attached a link of my picture ^^

  30. uh, im not sure if the day line is today or yesterday(korean time) but i attached a link of my picture ^^ anyways

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