110722 Super Junior’s 5th Album Official Picture – Leeteuk [1P]

July 21, 2011 at 11:43 pm | Posted in 5th Album, Albums, Leeteuk, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 107 Comments

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110721 Super Junior’s 5th Album Official Picture – Donghae [1P]

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  1. Is it a fake? OH MY…… How can…… without words………galiano pants :DDDDD

    • STILL IN SHOCK i saw all the sukiras…….. and, now, i am thinking…… THE LEADER USED HATS!!! of course……. this is really… a big change! oh my……. i dont know how to think, but…… the next members….. i am a little scary….

      • using 3 pants……. underpants
        using strings…… fan
        using 2 coats and no pants…….. fan

        the hair, the only thing i dont…. the haircut is weird??
        the color is like…. welll multicolor isnt bad….. but the haircut…

    • This pic isn’t on the offical website of suju, but i’m waiting waiting and waiting for it! I don’t know if it’s real but it’s weird because the pic doesn’t look like the others ( Eunhyuk and Donghae ) for many details. And if it’s one pic per day, why it was release yesterday? I wonder so many question, because i do not believe in this picture. I really like Leeteuk but the look is …

  2. umm….umm….
    What is this??

    also do i see a happy trail? KEKEKE.

  3. Oppa leeteuk dont even smile or something, and his hair looks like a ugly duckling T.T like shindong…

    but oke… i still like him ..

  4. Wait, is that for real???


  6. OMO! i was eating when the page opened and i choked! lol! it’s getting…errr..too colorful? and the pants, the straps, the necklace..:D but i like his face..looks elegant..aah so curious with this 5th jib concept..looks like SM is totally for the SJ Funky thing 🙂

  7. is that no another fan made?

  8. Stylish noona what you did to my Teukie..
    What kind of comeback concept it is???????


    • I know! that’s how I felt! I LOVE Teuk, but right now, I’m disliking the concept A LOT. I hope that I feel differently later. T^T cause this concept is making me sad

      • you’re right. they are looking 100000000% better than this. let me become their photographer or concept’s agent then.. soo annoying .

  9. Omg nooooooooooo what did they do to his hair :(:(:(

  10. WTF OMG…I am loving this nonsense concept! XD

    • hahaha i like it… let’s put this as the “nonsense concept” =p

      • Haha…”nonsense concept”…lol. That’s a good way to describe it! 🙂

  11. leeteuk oppa ur heir looks ugly relly ;(
    i dont like ur hair

  12. omg 2 underwear , and wtf that rope mean ?? and his hair 0.0 .. but i still love him.


    • Wait… then it isn’t real?!

  14. For one moment, I thought SJ has a new member…totally unrecognisable

  15. gosh, we’ll wait and see.I’m sure it all will make sense in the end xD

  16. wah! so excited to see the others!!! 🙂

  17. ok, i still can accept hyuk’s teaser, hae’s too is fine by me..but WHAT IS THISSSS!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Im getting worried for the others -____-

    • me too…i think i am going to cry now..i have a hard time accepting hyukjae’s image..and hae is okay..but eeteuk..i never wish they will come back like this=((( i think 2rd and 4th jib style is moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bettttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
      sorry..i am an elf..still!

      • LOL!!! just relax.. hehe.. this is what the fashion world called “AVANT GARDE” … just google it.. and you will realize and know what and why they are wearing that…
        and SM said SJ concept now is “AVANT GARDE”..

        just learn to love it.. hehe.. it’s cool! really unique.. haha.. and it’s funny to me.. LOL!

        • Ah…..’AVANT GARDE’ New word for me. I’m extreamly shock but what to do. I’m sure….or hope that in the end it’s gonna be good. Because our boy are so awesome.

  18. All I’m gonna say is, happy trail makes me happy! ❤

  19. GOD…I don’t even mind the fishnets, but Teuk’s HAIR is killing me. I don’t think it works with the outfit, or rather, I don’t think it works too well on him.
    -sigh- I really hope it grows on me, lol. I laughed when I saw this teaser, honestly, x-D. Now I *really* can’t wait to see the others.

  20. hahaha…totally unexpected…but my leader look cool & elegant…love colourful…^^

  21. hhmmmm what shall i call this?? it very surprised me, i stayed awake dor this??!! well, its not a comlete disaster, we can at least see his WHOLE face, not like eunhae ^_^
    suju fighting!! i will always support you even if your concept was alien-like :-p


    • What is happy trail?

      • the hair on his stomach that goes from his navel down down down to……………there +_+

  23. Hyung!!~~~
    Your hair shocks me!! Lol
    Other than that I really like this concept its colorful. No more black and white like the last two comebacks.

  24. dasdshfdsjkkjk. What just happened to Suju????

    Be afraid be very afraid… I can’t imagine what is coming our way. Is it going wilder and wilder each time.

    Seems like you put whatever you can on one person and you get fashion….
    super avant grande.

    why do I sense the whole thing is by galiano? leeteuk going all french after the paris smtown…

  25. i thought that was jungmo!what is the concept suppose to be?

    • me too… thought it wad jungmo

  26. i still love him no matter what!

    • me…love..LOL^^

      • me 3 ….. It’ just a photo !!!!!! so what????

        People we should accept changes >>> were not us who said that we want a different and Big thing for the 5th jib??

        I was shocked, but it’s something new!!!

        Let’s see what anti will say about this >>> they always said SuJu has a beaty of gays!!!!!

        what about this???

        Teuk fighting ..

        SujU FIGHTING

  27. Is he wearing spandex O.o Totally sexy…But the hair…the blondness, I’m not a big fan…

  28. i don’t completely hate it. and no, his hair has not been like this the whole time. even tho he wore hat at sukira, he would still take it off and you could see it was all one color. so either he got it done after the bora on thursday or it’s just photoshopped? idk. the wierd things to me are the haircut and the fishnets…the shorts and fishnets are still like ummmmmm in my mind. Sungmin’s, Kyu’s, and Ryeowook’s prob won’t be so extreme (again, unless its photoshopped) bc they have the musicals and have to look a certain way for the characters. can’t wait for heenim. now idk if i’m excited or anxious for the 5th jib lol.

  29. like som eof my friends…SM need to fire their stylists…ans siwon and kyuhyun need to run from them….!!!!

  30. I don’t get it.

    On SME’s Super Junior website Leeteuk’s name IS NOT HIGHLIGHTED.

    I’m not even kidding.
    It’s simply NOT THERE.
    I refreshed it, too.

    • i think they just lag with that kind of thing. it took a while for donghae’s to light up for me yesterday.
      but allkpop also put up this pic and SME’s twitter did too, so it’s legit.

      • SME doesn’t have a twitter…it’s fake = =

  31. … …. 9____9 ….
    (8) everyday a shock… everynight a shock~(8)
    *go out to laugh nervously*

  32. … …. 9____9 ….
    (8) everyday a shock… everynight a shock~(8)
    *go out to laugh nervously*

    so.. can’t wait for the music! *totally don’t understand the concept*

  33. whoa!!!! what’s with the fishnet??? seriously i dont like the fishnet and the hair…… but other than that he’s sexy haha!!! its just weird the boxers and the fishnet…..

  34. ليتووووووووووووك انت رااااااااااائع

    when i see him….all i can think is…SEX! ♥
    FKEWJVTRT MY GOD~~~~~~~~~
    love love love love love 🙂

  36. I had to wait one hour and some min more to understand, accept and love this pic 🙂

    it was a lil’ weird but is nice having him back 🙂

  37. O MY GOOD O.O

    no coments

  38. i wish that they will not be banned because of his sexiness hahaha love super junior no matter what!!!!

  39. maybe they just want to tease us … they want elf to crack their head about thinking their new concept.. i don’t care crack my head as along as it is about suju oppa.. they r worth cannot wait 4 da others!! oppa fighting!!!

  40. sorry oppa but i dont like it at all.. Galliano pants and fishnetleggins . and mushroom hair..stylist noona what the heck did you do with this perfect man?!!

    • okey… some time passed.. first shock is over.. Eeteuk-ah saranghe.. promise me you have other bottom clothes in the mv and so on.. otherwise…. i totally see your embarrassed smile now.. and his hair reminded me of a certain snsd member.. who wore this kinda style at smtown paris.. but still looks better on him : ❤ 5jib FIGHTING.

  41. oh my goodness, leader
    i’m getting afraid now! LOL
    but this is super unique (too much?? -.-)
    anyhow, i know its gonna be daebak!

  42. i like the new side to the members just a little down cuz kibum doesn’t look like he is gonna be in it =(

  43. omaigod…


    i’m afraid and scare to see the next teaser…especially all the i’m-a-good-boy-image kyuhyun and ryeowook…pls pls pls be good to them

  44. i gotta have a strong heart to accept his new image.
    so colorful, so hot, so weird…
    totally blow off my mind
    sth i cannot possibly imagine
    thx SJ for giving me such an unique experience
    suit him or not, look good in it or not, neither is not important anymore
    guys, let’s just enjoy this unique experience with SJ

  45. I am literally DYING from laughing so hard. Omg. I think my insides are caving. WHAT IS THIS, IDE….. what IS this, seriously!? XD Omg. He doesn’t look too happy about it in the pic either, rofl.

  46. what is this ??!!! Oh..!!!No..!!! no way !!!!
    i think it’s fanart
    ما توقعت من ليتوووك كذا وش هالصووره؟؟وش هالشعر وش هالمنظر اللي طالع فييه ؟؟ صدمتنا..!!

  47. Video of SUKIRA with today’s date on it (110721) or yesterday’s in korea. LEETUEK’S hair is normal.

    • someone said:
      after photo shooting, Teuk dyed his hair back on the same day
      so no one discovered his hair secret

      • Does this mean he’s not going back to this hair for the MV?? Why bother dying the hair if its only for the teaser??

  48. i’m imagining every ELF’s face


    • I can imagine already. Mine is like : O_O and *__* plus :O *Dies* ,, Lol ~ seriously, extremely not what i expected on my mind.

      Fresh looks! and HOT!

  49. it does take a little time to get used to……but am just happy that their new concept has not been tried by out by any other artists yet………….our oppas are really cool and i am not sure if its true but the 5th jib concept : 5th jib is a AVANT-GARDE FASHION CONCEPT
    avant-garde means pushing of the boundaries of wat is accepted as norm or the status quo, primarily in the cultural realm……
    though this has not been confirmed but wanted to share as it looks like it to me…..<3

  50. my friends keep on teasing me up for who was revealed today because of their reaction now I know way o____o i was thinking it was him i can’t even understand what the concept was… from the moment i saw the picture the words “WTF” keeps coming out what really is this o______O

  51. He’s wearing like fishnets under 2 pairs of underwear…. 0.0

    • ROFL, I know right?

  52. very shock!!!oh god….how can ??? no wayy…very2 big changes…Im very scary and worry about the next member??what is today concept???

  53. Haaa

    their concept somehow works, my friend does not like k-pop when she saw the photos her reaction “WTF”, later it curious her,

    she going to watch teaser mv

  54. I do NOT like his hair whatsoever :/

  55. omona!!

    Colourfull! 😀

  56. i really excited to see what’s the other like…

    Super Junior Daebak…

  57. If you wanna blame someone, blame on Avant-Garde Fashion<<<—!!, bc that's the concept they're following this time

    I'm trying to understand something… is he wearing two underwears? -ralph and galliano-

    • Acturally three underwears

  58. trololol!!!!! i really hurried up from school just too see Leeteuk’s teaser photo! because my fellow elf classmate was being hysterical because of his new image! hahahah!! and the first thing that i noticed was his hair.. it’s new. SHOCKING.. then after i scroll down.. LOL!!!! hahaha!!! what’s with the fishnet, the happy trail, that boxer??? LOL! i really rolled down laughing…super.. hahaha!
    it’s very UNIQUE!!! super “AVANT GARDE”! haha..

    i’m starting to love the new concept now.. seriously..
    this is getting more INTERESTING..
    haha.. and everyday, it’s SHOCKING!

    this really made my day! LOL!

    (i just can’t describe how my sister’s face look like after seeing Leeteuk’s teaser photo. it’s undescribable.. hahahah!!!! )

  59. I GOT A BIG SHOCK with this pic!!!!! OMG!!! Teukiiiii….!!! >< his style.. hahaahha..and his hair??? it's look weird..but….

  60. i don’t know ….it’s you oppa….waaaaa surprize,,,,

  61. I can’t imagine and don’t want to know my bias Kyuhyun’s new style
    Please don’t hurt my weak heart.

  62. Wh-wh-wh-wh…


    It does take some getting used to. Hopefully their songs can push the boundaries of everyone’s expectations as well!


  63. I can’t say I hate it because I don’t but it’s gonna take a while before I get used to this.. I got passed the three underwears (Im glad he’s actually wearing something expensive), the double jacket (one is supposed to be fro Marc Jacobs btw) and fishnets (this was really hard to get used to) but what is up with THE HAIR?? why??? it looks so weird on him and I love his forehead and his hair flips… I didnt notice any changes in sukira but this is.. WOW.. still excited though.. people may hate it or like it but it’s bound to make people talk… if it wasn’t the #returnofthesuperior, it wouldn’t make so much noise…

  64. dont like it

  65. OMG that really a new style for them which make cannot wait to see all of them ..

  66. :O …. when i saw this picture, i hoped that it was a fanart… sadly that is not the case. I saw this while I was at school and nearly fell over from shock. I showed my friends and they don’t understand it either. Whats with the colourful rope around his waist?!

  67. Wow, this is shocking!
    I didn’t recognize him at all!

  68. What the … xD

  69. Just woke up and this what i see? Where is Sj going to exactly?
    I hope whatever it is, it works out for them.

  70. OMG SM what are you doing??
    i really really don’t get it
    tough, i still love them as always
    waiting for KYU 🙂

  71. LOL i can’t stop laughed when i see this,i kinda not like the concept actually but i’m still excited to see the other teaser pic XD don’t worry leeteuk,you’re still look gorgeus

  72. Its Totally Sexy !
    Just wait and see !
    Their concept will be Universal Trend !

    • yub yub im totaly agree it will be aswam jst wait

  73. I’m not sure if I’m more excited or more scared for this concept (and for every new pic each day)…lol and I’m just glad that Ming is doing a musical so they can’t mess him up to bad (hopefully!)

  74. ELFs >< STOP ok !!!! if u sadi OMG !! this is terrible !! what u leave 2 the ANTIs 2 say ???? we support them in everything . . they work so hard 4 us our ETEUK before a couple days was sick 😦 & NOW u support him like this way !!!!!!!

    oppa i relly LIKE your strange style 🙂 🙂


  75. OMG Teuki!!! Big Change *¬*

  76. whoah… is this for real??? jinja??? omona!!! what happened to you oppa? kekeke.. still handsome though.. fighting!!!

  77. ERRRKKK!!!!!!!i…don’t …now what to say…..=.=’
    please stylist noona,do NOT toying around with my kyuhyun image!!!jaebal!!

  78. omo,,,,!!!!
    im shocked!!!!
    he’s so wow!!

  79. i can´t breath i can´t breath XDDDDDDDDD this is too much!!!!

  80. Wow…..egyptian….o___e……

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