5th Jib Giveaway No.3 Leave A Comment – Why you love SJ

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  1. Plain & SIMPLE answer the following questions..

    1. Where you are FROM : Philippines
    2. How OLD are you – 23 yrs old
    3. Why you LOVE SJ – they are so unique and amazing nothing/no one can beat
    4. WHO is your bias – im a TEUKHAE bias
    5. How did you get into SJ – when I first saw the duet of KyuHyun and Charice i fell in love with KyuHyun by that time

  2. I am from morocco
    I am 19 years old
    Because they just make me feel and know about the real brotherhood and love between members !! And of course they share all their love with us ELF ❤ and also all their wonderful songs!
    My bias is Eunhuyk Oppa ❤ But i really love all 15 members ❤
    I as seaching for a korean movie to watch , and discovered about them on Attack on the pin-up boys 🙂

  3. 1.)I am from Wichita, KS, USA
    2.)I am 13 (14 on Aug. 26)
    3.) I love Super Junior because they do great performances, they address their fans, they’re attractive, they’re so talented. What’s not to love.?
    4.) I can’t choose just one bias because I love Lee Donghae and Henry Lau equally.
    5.) I saw Girls’ Generation dancing to Sorry Sorry, and the song sounded catchy, so I wanted to know who really sang it and I found Super Junior – hooked every since.

  4. Where you are FROM
    How OLD are you
    Why you LOVE SJ
    WHO is your bias
    How did you get into SJ
    I am from Canada and 11 years old. I love SJ because their music style varies in every song and every song always makes me happy. My bias in SJ is Ryeowook. I got into SJ because one of my best friends showed me and I immediately loved them ❤

  5. im from egypt but lives in UAE
    im 16 years old
    because they dont jst dance and sing they also act model MC and funny xD and really handsome boy band …
    teuki oppa
    i saw the bonamana for the first time on some chanel i liked so much then i become an elf ❤

  6. 1. UK
    2. 22
    3. Because they are an all-rounder, multi-entertainer group. You see them everywhere. Whether you want radio djs, mcs, actors, solo projects etc. All of them specialize in one or more than one and all are capable of doing everything. While I think this is Suju’s strength and something they hold over other idol groups they are at their best when they’re on stage because then you have all these multi-talented idols come together as one to perform on stage as they were originally meant to.
    4. Heechul.
    5. 2008, during the show “Good Daddies” in which Heechul was an MC, I loved him and his wacky, witty, loud self instantly. My kpop bias to this day.

  7. Hey, I’m from New York and 14 years old. I love super junior because they’re all so different but yet they act as one. My bias is Kim Heechul. I got into super junior when i was about 9 and i saw them on TV performing A Man In Love. I absolutely LOVED the song and how much effort they put into the performance, and the rest is history 😛

  8. Where you are FROM; Peru
    How OLD are you: 19 years old
    Why you LOVE SJ: They’re just too addictive.
    WHO is your bias: Kyuhyun
    How did you get into SJ: After listening Heechul’s Kiss the radio once, then I started searching variety shows and I finally discovered a whole new world.

    • Where you are FROM; Peru
      How OLD are you: 19 years old
      Why you LOVE SJ: They’re just too addictive.
      WHO is your bias: Kyuhyun
      How did you get into SJ: After listening Heechul’s YOUNGSTREET* once, then I started searching variety shows and I finally discovered a whole new world.

  9. Where you are FROM: philippines

    How OLD are you:16 yrs old
    Why you LOVE SJ:i know sj for very long time ….but really like them is when i saw the starking….then i search their profile….read all news about them….when i saw the accident happen on them…i definitely sad n cry…i like the most responebility leader leeteuk….the cute heechul..i luv their attitude….when i watsh the show…strong heart…those word said from heechul’s heart….i totally cried….when kyuhyun say about his accident with leeteuk, eunhyuk, shindong….i am proud about oppa’s brave….i am happy when kyuhyun said that his dad help him protect his voice…i luv everything of sj oppas….they r important for me….they hav becum my motivater in this world….petal forever…elf forever..

    WHO is your bias:kim heechul
    How did you get into SJ:Honestly, watch them on variety shows. They’re so funny and dorky and you can quickly and easily remember who is who, that’s what I did and I knew all of them in no time.

    Some shows to watch: Super Adonis Camp, Exploration of the Human Body, Mini Drama, Full House, Super Junior Show and more…

    Currently there are 10 members in the main group: Leeteuk, Heechul, Sungmin, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Yesung, Shindong, Siwon, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun. The 3 others… One member (Hangeng) left to do a solo career in China because of a lawsuit against their company. One is in the manditory army service (Kangin) and one is focusing on acting (Kibum). There are 2 more members that only appear in Super Junior M – Henry and Zhoumi.

    Super Junior KRY – Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung.
    Super Junior M – Henry, Zhoumi, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Siwon, Donghae. Guests for latest album – Sungmin & Eunhyuk, Ex. member Hangeng.
    Super Junior H – Sungmin, Kangin, Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk.
    Super Junior T – Heechul, Leeteuk, Sungmin, Kangin, Shindong, Eunhyuk.

  10. I’m from NYC USA
    I’m 16
    I love SJ because no matter what they do, they always think about their fans~~~
    I can’t pick between Henry and Sunming as my biased ❤
    I went to China for my 8th grade graduation trip, and while in the hotel room, my roommate and I decided to watch some tv, so we flipped to Mvt and saw the 'Sorry Sorry' MV

  11. Plain & SIMPLE answer the following questions..

    Where you are FROM: Pakistan
    How OLD are you: 16{almost 17}
    Why you LOVE SJ: I love Suju because it is the only group that makes songs in every genre, which makes them multi-talented. Also they make me feel Elfs and they are part of a big family.
    WHO is your bias: HeeMin {Can’t really choose between him and Chullie}
    How did you get into SJ: I saw the Bonamana mv by mistake but i didn’t pay much attention to it. I was really into TVXQ at that time. but one day when i saw a mv of SNSD. I remembered that i saw an Mv of a boyband who had almost the exact amount of members. HeeChul’s face was the only i remembered and it brought me back. I searched it on Youtube, Google etc and finally i found them. Lol, they sort of made me forget about TVXQ, LOL…
    So now whenever i see any mv, i see it attentively so that i won’t miss any good groups.
    Wow, sorry for the long post!

  12. 1.Where you are FROM: The Netherlands
    2.How OLD are you: 16 years old
    3.Why you LOVE SJ: Because their music are so fantastic, their voice sounds so smooth when theyre singing.
    4.WHO is your bias: Leeteuk (+ Siwon)
    5.How did you get into SJ: I’ve listen to Kpop like 2006 till now? I’ve listened to Super Girl and U & TWINS etc. I’ve listened to it, but from the first time I never got interested in them just like awh to many members etc. but since 2006 I was a BIGBANG fan, so i got more interest in them, but after some years Bigbang was getting bored, cuz their music wasnt good like before anymore, so I listened to other kpopgroup music, and also dont don, sorry sorry, bonamana too! I listened to super junior often being a ELF but never show my interest in them cause I was really busy these years with school so thats why (: so one time my friend asked: ‘Who’s your BIAS’? I was thinking… and atleast i said: Siwon oppa! because he’s so handsome ! ❤ but after a month or so, I became a Leeteuk BIAS. Because his really cute dimple !! i love it. but okai. Super junior is Super Junior, still got all interest in them all right! And then I knew there was a SMTOWN 2011 in Paris. I was really upset cuz I couldnt met SUJU. So I just checked their news daily at sup3rjunior.com (:
    The best fansite of Super Junior that I found. 😀

    • Same here Dutch ELF ^^

      • another dutch one ^^!

      • ah okai!! nice to meet you. ㅋㅋ

  13. Please don’t count my answer for the giveaway… I ordered mine so I want someone who can’t afford it to have it…
    I just wanted to comment.

    Where you are FROM: Ah… Complicated. Mostly, I will say that I’m international at heart
    How OLD are you: 20 going 21
    Why you LOVE SJ: Best fan-service EVER. The connection with fans and between members is off the chart.
    WHO is your bias: No bias. Love all 15.
    How did you get into SJ: I was obsessed with DBSK, and as a DBSK “fan” (I never called myself a Cassie, or a fan of anything until Suju came), I supported Suju as their hoobaes, a bit like how I like Shinee now… Except, the more I got to know Suju, the more I couldn’t deny it anymore… They got my heart for life.

  14. 1. Where you are FROM: Peru ( sorry my bad english ^^;;)
    How OLD are you:26
    Why you LOVE SJ: actually i never been in kpop even i hated kpop yep i have to confess that…but since i know suju my concept about kpop groups changed..I admire each of them personally and professionally.They have been through so many good things and bad and have overcome. always with simplicity and unity. and plus they have beutiful voices and dance awesome! 😀
    WHO is your bias: Yesung ♥.♥
    How did you get into SJ: i watched Cinderella Sister ‘ and listened ‘ it has to be you’ inmediately search about the singer —> yesung then for him im into suju 🙂

  15. Where you are FROM: Mauritius
    How OLD are you: 16 years old
    Why you LOVE SJ: because they are talented,they can sing and dance at the same time and also because they are really funny:D
    WHO is your bias: Cho Kyuhyun
    How did you get into SJ: I watched “It’s You” MV and I fell in love with the music and how the parts were well distributed to each member ^^

  16. 1. Hello, my name is Nasya, i am from Russia

    2. 21

    3. Why I love SJ? Becoz:

    – I am HAPPY TOGETHER with SJ
    – SJ are MIRACLE
    – just becoz IT’S THEM
    – my ALL IS IN THEM
    – NO OTHER but SJ
    – It’s MY LOGO

    JUST BECOZ! hahha~
    THEY are SO Beautuful~

    4. Angel without wings – Eeteuk

    5. firstly i got into DBSK, and then i got to know about SJ.. i dont know how, but the sapphire blue sea absorbed me haha~

  17. Where you are FROM- New York City
    How OLD are you- 14 years old
    Why you LOVE SJ- I love SJ because they changed my life. Their songs gave me so much joy while the music i listened to before brought sorrow. They’re perfect HILARIOUS people that i can’t help but to love<3
    WHO is your bias- Hyukjae
    How did you get into SJ-After a friend showed me Sorry Sorry and It's You i couldn't stop listening to it and got hooked on 😀

  18. 1. Holland
    2. 15 years
    3. They’re just one amazing group and I can’t stop loving them. They love each other so much and care for each other. When one doesn’t feel well the other members are always there for that one. When you look at them, you can just see they aren’t just “members” but brothers. They don’t just sing, they use their emotions which has a amazing impact on all of us. It’s a group you just can’t hate because of all the things that happened and it made them even stronger. It’s amazing to see they’re still so strong after all this and that their bond is even better now. You see they’re all working very hard right now for the 5th jib and without getting any rest.. They always will have a place in my heart.
    4. My bias is the angel leader, Leeteuk.
    5. I watched anime everyday and thought the title song was very nice, it was DBSK.. and so i started searching and found SJM. I was interested in them and listened to their other songs. I really loved it and began loving them.

    • LOL same here *high5* xD

  19. Where you are FROM: Colorado, USA
    How OLD are you: I am 12 going to be 13 in August! :3
    Why you LOVE SJ: I THINK the reason why I like Super Junior is because they are guys that you can never get enough from. There is always something new, strange, funny, or plain cute going on with these boys! 🙂
    WHO is your bias: Probably Eunhyuk (Hyukjae) Lee

    How did you get into SJ: My eonni was on the computer looking at most veiw videos on the web from South korea back in like 2005. My mom used to watch alot of korean drama so we were already kinda in korean stuff. ;3 She then clicked on the Super Junior Twins/Knockout MV. I was like only seven or six? But yes from that moment I was like “wow I like those guys, they have cool hair!”(smiling motion inserted):3

  20. 1. Where you are FROM : Peru
    2. How OLD are you – 21 years old
    3. Why you LOVE SJ – I love SJ because they are..unique, as they are always showing .. always attentive to the fans. Simply because my heart beats a mile a minute when I hear a little news of them XD
    4. WHO is your bias – My bias is Donghae~♥ & KyuHyun~♥
    5. How did you get into SJ – They heard a song in an anime * O * and from there I fell in love “Its you & my everyting” Hae is my love ♥

  21. 1.Where you are FROM: United States
    2.How OLD are you: 15
    3.Why you LOVE SJ: I love them for so many reasons ><! They really stand out to me not just because of their unusually large size, but because each member has their own unique talents and quirks. It makes you want to get to know them! And, of course, they're all so loveable~
    4.WHO is your bias: Donghae and Hyukjae
    5.How did you get into SJ: A friend introduced me to SHINee in early 2010. I found Sorry, Sorry in the related videos on youtube and was kind of facinated by the huge number of people! Been an ELF since then~ (like Siwon said, "You don't have to be an ELF from the beginning. You just have to be an ELF until the end.")

  22. 1- Im Aisha from Somalia but live in Holland
    2- Im 17 years old
    3- I love Super Junior because they give my many things love,family(ELF), tears,happiness.
    4- My bias is Jewel boy Anchovy Eunhyuk & Fishy Donghae ❤
    5- My kpop crazyniss started with Shinee so when I was watching FBG I came across Donghae singing Baby Baby, and OMG I fel in LOVE~~ after that I saw Hyuk dancing to BBP and I was died xD now Im an ELF ^^

  23. Where you are FROM – Sweden
    How OLD are you – 20 years old
    Why you LOVE SJ -They’re really talented and great entertainers! They give a lot of love to their E.L.F.s.
    WHO is your bias – Hard to choose one, but if I have to then I say Heechul.
    How did you get into SJ – My friend talked alot about them with me and all songs she played for me was really good, so I looked them up. They totally melted my heart and I’ve been stuck since then…

  24. I’m Sunjong From The U.S
    I’m 19 Years Of Age.
    I Love Super Junior because they taught me well about Dancing and music. They are my Hyung idols that I look up too. Saranaghae!!
    My Bias Are Kangin And Shindong!! Hehe
    I Got Into SUJU Threw Sorry Sorry But Once I Saw It’s You That’s When I Fell In Love And Learned The Dance Too. ^_~

  25. 1.) Where you are FROM – California, US
    2.) How OLD are you – 21
    3.) Why you LOVE SJ – SJ has good music & personalities. They have a variety of talents and always shine on stage, whether it be once or for a whole concert. SJ always gives it their all, even when they are tired from such busy schedules. They can make me smile, laugh, and cry at the same time. And of course, being good-looking doesn’t hurt either ^^
    4.) WHO is your bias – My bias is all 15 because I love all parts of their similarities and differences.
    5.) How did you get into SJ – My friend showed me their MV “Miracle” about 2 or 3 months after it came out and I fell in love. Been a fan ever since then!

  26. Hi^^ My name is Abbi!
    I am from Canada, I was born in 1999
    I love SJ because they are so different from other groups. They are ALL amazing singers and all very handsome, beautiful! Each has a perfect personality! There would be no happiness without them. I am Ryeowook biased^^
    I was looking at 2NE1 videos when I saw their No Other video, so I clicked on it. I saw a handsome guy washing a car and instantly fell in love with their harmony and beautiful voices. I showed all of my friends the moment I could. Now I am smitten 

  27. -Where you are FROM : France
    -How OLD are you : 17
    -Why you LOVE SJ : Well, unlike the other idols I think Super are really funny and doesn’t fear to do original or new things (see Battle dance of this year ? was not really good without Super junior), plus they never fail to entertain me (seriously Eunhyuk’s hairstyle is really DAEBAK).
    -WHO is your bias : Kim Heechul
    -How did you get into SJ : I watched their movie because the story seemed to be really funny (or strange, your choice), and I really liked their characters. Later, I discovered a performance of one of their concert and I was really impressed by their dance and coordination (I was into Jpop before and well.. they are not really famous for their choreography).

  28. Where you are FROM..im from Egypt
    How OLD are you…im 22 years old
    Why you LOVE SJ…they are so pure hearted boys..i love their friendship..what ever type of mmusic you like you will find it with them…every one of them has his own charm and colour…come on there shouidnt be reason to love them it is obvious they are the best musicians..entertainers..actors…and friends
    WHO is your bias…i love them all but you may say leeteuk and siwon
    How did you get into SJ…by the korean channel (korea TV) which recently been openned on the arabic Nile Sat…i saw SORRY SORRY first and i was surprised by their number..and dances also on starking they were the funniest…the superior suju

  29. I from Mexico
    Have 26 years old
    I love SUJU because their are so great, handsome and talented
    Have two bias: Sungmin and Donghae… they are my lovers jajajajajajaja
    When they comeback with “Sorry, sorry” album, a friend told me about them…but really really when i fall in love was before “Bonamana” when I saw “Full House”

  30. Where you are FROM. Kuwait
    How OLD are you. 22
    Why you LOVE SJ you can find different kind of personalities in one group and they bring joy to my boring life I’m always proud of them
    WHO is your bias all of them I love them all I can’t decide but Eunhyuk is the closest to my ideal man
    How did you get into SJ kbs world and YouTube

  31. – I’m form Colombia
    – I’m 19 years old
    – Because of their music, charisma. They always give me a lot of fun and They just make me love them
    – My bias is Lee HyukJae/EunHyuk/Anchovy/Monkey …
    – I was introduced to Kpop by a parody of Wonder girls in a mexican tv show, then I watch the performance of Kissing U (Wonder girls/snsd battle), then I watched the mv, then I saw Donghae Oppa … That’s it (sorry my English is not good at all)

  32. 1-KSA
    3-i love their looks , personalities, voices, friendship, entertaining soul,and i like every thing about them
    my bias is kim heechul
    and i know them from youtube

  33. Hi~
    I’m from Canada!
    I am 12 currently but I’ll be 13 in August!!! (after the album comes out, if it get it, it would hands down be the best present! XD)

    There are so many reasons I love Super Junior…
    -How they make me happy whenever I’m sad
    -How they inspire me to follow my dreams
    -They have fun in what they’re doing
    -They are a family that has a very strong bond

    My bias… Sungminnie ❤

    I was watching this Super Junior M show in taiwan during Super Girl promotions and they were soooooooo funny!! I think I watched the 2 episodes probably over 50 times! After that I watched more Super Junior M stuff… I DISCOVERED IT WAS A SUB-GROUP. O_O So then I wanted to watch Super Junior stuff, but I didn't want to read subtitles… In the end I got desperate and I watched shows and I was HOOKED! Then I discovered the rest of KPOP!!!

  34. 1) Sweden
    2) 18 years old
    3) They’re all so talented and they bring everyone around them such love and joy. They seem to appreciate every little thing and that’s one of the reasons why I love SJ!
    4) Eunhyuk
    5) In summer of ’09 when I were in China, my cousin showed me the song “Sorry, Sorry” and after listening to it so many times that I could sing it I decided to look them up and ever since then, I’m hooked! 😀

  35. Malaysia
    They are another reality that I escape to whenever I’m down. And I don’t just fall for what SJ are but it’s for who SJ are.
    I was introduced to SJ’s Miracle in 2008 but at that time, to me they were just a group of singers with a nice song. Sorry Sorry came out and the people around me went nuts about it. The reaction to that song was explosive. But to me, the song was just okay since they seem to stressed more on the choreography. Then No Other came out. My classmates and I were in the computer lab waiting for our next class when somebody played the song. It was just released at the time. So I asked who’s song it was and I downloaded the MV. Again, my impression was that it’s a nice song and it stayed in my lap top for quite some time. It wasn’t until later that year during the holidays that I actually fell for them. I was bored out of my wits and was browsing through pictures and videos in my lap top when I stumbled upon No Other MV. I was watching the MV again when I finally saw the Evil Magnae. I fell for his looks. Then I got curious and started Google-ing everything there is to know about them. I discovered the variety shows and the whole lot. From then on, the rest is history.

  36. 1. Where you are FROM : Algeria
    2. How OLD are you – 20 yrs old
    3. Why you LOVE SJ – I love sj because they are Handsome & humble and they change my life for better especially when my mum passed away i was lonely but sj were like my real friends watching listening to them every single day and i don’t feel loneliness any more they are like cure and they heal me
    4. WHO is your bias – im a LEETEUK bias
    5. How did you get into SJ – From KOREA TV korean channel for the middel east broadcasting i saw super junior MVs and programs and fell love with them

  37. 1. From Seattle, Washington, USA. Actually born in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
    2. 25
    3. 4. 5. There are many, many reasons I fell in love with SJ. I first heard of them through a Korean American friend of mine (who was gaga nuts over them) during the Sorry Sorry stage of their career. But I was just finishing up my senior year of college and I had no time to fully appreciate them because I was starting my own career. Actually, it wasn’t until I got laid off just after 4jib promotions that I began to “research” SJ. It was definitely a low point in my life, laid off so soon after being hired, and I needed escapism in the worst way. I remembered my KA’s huge obsession, and decided why not look them up when I had nothing else to do?
    I’m so thankful I did. Their antics in EHB and Intimate Note cheered me up like nothing else. I fell in love with their obvious love for each other (even when they were fighting, you could tell there was love beneath it all), their laughter and positive outlook and sense of humor. They looked like they coasted through life (and work) playing around like little children, even though I knew they were the hardest working idols in Kpop.
    Their antics and variety-show-finesse were what got me hooked in the beginning; their music came later. Growing up in Seattle during the 90’s, it was a given that I love home-grown talents like Pearl Jam, so SJ music and Kpop had a steep learning curve. I love the fact that they don’t box themselves into one genre; whatever they do fits them to a tee. First song I absolutely loved: No Other (played endlessly on a loop in my iPod). Then the discovery of SJ KRY. LOVE!
    Kyuhyun’s singing “It’s Been Awhile” in Star Golden Bell got me mesmerized by his voice. The Suju Guide’s Let’s Learn About Kyuhyun got me mesmerized by Kyuhyun, the person. That wit, that cheek, that awesome power of the EVIL MAKNAE! The horrific accident he overcame with such determination and poise…I became obsessed. Can you tell he became my bias?
    6. Why I’m applying for a giveaway: I feel like I need to explain myself so that no one will say I’m cheating sup3rjunior for an album (when I’m old enough to take care of myself). As I mentioned earlier, I was laid off last year, and with the economy the way it is, I decided to go back to school and go a totally different route career-wise. I’m now majoring in engineering. I am the total embodiment of a poor college student. Buying the 5jib album, at this point in my life, will force me on a cup-o-noodle diet for a whole week. Eww.

    • I hope you get it! Jia You!

      • Thanks a lot, Chingu!
        uksujusid: Sorry! I definitely exceeded 250 words. Sorry, a gazillion times over!

  38. Plain & SIMPLE answer the following questions..

    Where you are FROM: Im from Oaxaca, Mexico!
    How OLD are you: I’m 21 years old~ 🙂
    Why you LOVE SJ: This one is hard.. Let me see.. I love Super Junior because they are very talented, gorgeous, all them can make me smile when they look at me, they looks like angels, are very funny, shy, lovely and more! [They sing, dance, DJ, MC and more.. I cant explain all my love for SuJu]
    WHO is your bias: I love to all Super Junior members.. But if I have to make a choice, I think Donghae Oppa is my bias~
    How did you get into SJ: I saw them in many videos on the internet, I never watched them in live, but I love Super Junior and hope they can come to Mexico City~

  39. Where you are FROM: California, USA
    How OLD are you: 16 years old
    Why you LOVE SJ: Cause they are the most talented, handsome, caring boys ever!
    WHO is your bias: Eunhyuk! ❤
    How did you get into SJ: I accidently ran across one of thier music videos and got addicted to thier song, which made me learn more about them, hence me falling in love with them!!! ❤ ❤

  40. 1. Spain
    2. 14 years old (I’m turning 15 this year)
    3. I love them because of their music, I loooove it. Also I love them, they have made me smile A LOT of moments, and that make me really happy
    4. My bias is Leeteuk
    5. I get into SJ when I started to listen to SHINee by myself on internet (because here there isn’t any way to listen to kpop in tv, radio, etc) Then my friend told me about SJ and I was curious about them, so I listened to Bonamana and since that moment, I’m in love with SJ and now I’m a big fan of them

  41. i am from Malaysia..
    i’m 21 years old.. 🙂
    I LOVE SJ because they give me some spirits whenever i’m down,lonely etc,just watching their MVs,shows,listening to their songs make me happy..I’m just happy to LOVE SJ…SJ make my life more complete..i can meet other ELF…Loving SJ make me realize the power of ELF.. there;s no any specific reasons to LOVE SJ…coz i JUST LOVE THEM!!!
    my TOP biased is Mr Cho! but I LOVE all of them ❤
    i knew SJ through Sorry Sorry..after that,i searched all about SJ all over the utube..then,i found Happiness MV…that MV make me fell in LOVE with SJ..honestly,Happiness SJ's version really make my life full of happiness ^^
    SJ DAEBAK!!! ELF DAEBAK! Saranghae 🙂

  42. 1. USA
    2. 16 years old
    3. I love super Junior because they show how a lot different people with different personalities can get along so well. I admire how they try their best at everything whether it’s dancing, singing, MCing, acting, etc. They inspire me to try my best. Whenever I feel down or depressed I always listen to songs like miracle and shining star and they always cheer me up. Super junior is not just another K-pop group to me. They are like a family to me. I’ve been with them through their ups and downs, and I truely feel like an everlasting friend to them. Even if they don’t know who I am and chances are that I’ll never see them never see them in concert I will always support them and I’ll always be by their sides. To me ELFs are like the night sky and juju are like the stars. Alone us ELFs are just plain but together with suju we shine. I love suju and I will always love them.
    4. My biases are Eunhae
    5. I got into SJ when my friend had showed me their songs. I was hooked from then on

  43. I’m from Indonesia, 18 years old, My Bias is Yesung !!^^ I Love SJ bcz of their personality, its a motivation for me living this life, and i’m so thankful to God for giving me this destiny. How do i get know SJ, after i watched Bonamana MV on our TV channel here (Indonesia^^)a motivation for me living this life, and i’m so thankful to God for giving me this destiny. How do i get know SJ, after i watched Bonamana MV on our TV channel here (Indonesia^^)

  44. 1- from little town in France
    2-17 years old

    3- Why i love them? because they are the light of my life. i just “feel” an undescribable feeling.
    before them i was just so depressed because of so many problems..
    they REALLY saved me! they shown me how to smile and laugh again..
    and i’m so thankfull.. really they are my angels. i’m thinking every minutes of them.. i learned to know and love them not with what they show us in front of camera but really with what they are “INSIDE” (for exemple i don’t just see “Leader LeeTeuk” but really the man called “Park JungSoo”, with his past, his quality and default.)
    i just want their happiness~.. i.. haaa it’s impossible for me to describe without writting a book, making a film.. xD Just, it’s like, no.. , it’s MORE than a familly and more and more than “i’m fan”.
    I want to support them like a friend, to love them like a wife, to take care of them like a mother, to always be there for them like an E.L.F should..
    yes i really “love” very talented Suju. (sorry sorry for this veryyyyyy looooong post i have so much to say about them ^^’)

    4- hummm just have to say that DongHae is my “Love”
    KyuHyun my “Shining Star”
    (i really can’t chose, it’s very very special/meaningfull for me..)
    -and Ye is my “Brother” xD-

    5-seriously.. i remember a friend who show me Sorry Sorry MV but.. i have the feeling that i always knew them ^^’
    so.. sorry again.. i just hope that i’ll can get one 5집.. it’ll be like a.. “Miracle” like they are..<3

    Always an ELF , proud to love them and.. good luck everybody! \^w^/ ❤

  45. 1. Brooklyn, New York, USA
    2. 22 yrs old
    3. I feel that they fill a void in Music that I don’t get with American music. I also feel that they truly care for their fans and about their image good and bad.
    4. Honestly, I love and adore them all but I love Ryeowook’s voice. I can see him singing any language and looks real determined.
    5. Well, I saw a commercial for BoA’s album “I did it for Love.” I went to YouTube and started listening to her singing in English. After sometime, I noticed other Korean artist and Super Junior was one. I clicked on “Sorry Sorry” & was hooked for life. Lol! I also enjoy their early stages in the music industry and I hope they cone to the states again.

  46. 1.Lithuania
    2.17 years old
    3. I love SuJu because every member of SuJu is unique,they have different habbits. And ofcourse I love them for their great music and really strong friendship between members! I really like that they often show their love to ELFs too! And one more reason – they are different from european and american stars!
    4.It’s hard to choose,but I guess it’s Donghae
    5. I saw them for the first time on Arirang TV Channel and fall inlove with them. But I don’t remember what program it was. 🙂

  47. 1.I’M from HILLSBORO OREGON 2. I’M 16 3. I love super junior because their funny cool they make me smile when I’M down i love every member’s style i know every thing about them from watching all shows i love when their all together on shows cause they are so funny! even if their mad at each they work it out and that’s what friends do i love when they sing because they make me sing with them i wish i was there watching them on stage all of them have lots of talents and they like to show them on shows like strong heart or star king they like to try new things i like to do that too my dream is to meet them someday in Korea or in a concert they inspire me to sing and dance all the time and that’s y i love them 🙂 4.leeteuk he’s really funny cute good looking u name it he’s like a angel he very hardworking in shows and in the albums he keeps all the members together like a family i love that i like how he plays piano i wish could play piano he’s good making music I’M looking forward in what’s next 5. i was on YouTube and the video on the main page so i click it and there they were i watch sorry sorry and others i liked them all i gave them a thumps up 🙂 they did so good I’ve hooked since the summer of 2009 and still to now i will always love them 🙂 it would be great if i won the 5jib album because i live were theirs no smtown store if i won it would be my first thing i have of them

  48. I’m from Bulgaria. I’m 18 years old.One of the few ELFs in my country =) My bias is Siwon. i can’t really say why.He is like such an important part of my life.He has such an impact on me and I feel so sad that he doesn’t know how important he is to me.But why I like Super Junior? Because they gave me happiness.I’ve been in a huge depression when i got into Korean culture and that was the moment that I saw Super Junior. The first thing that I had watched with them was Intimate note and I thought “Oh my god,these guys are just so funny”.Then I started to listen to their music.First was Sorry Sorry followed by the great It’s you.And I like Super Junior because they gave me the happiness that I thought was over. They also gave me great inspiration and strength. I love everything about them really.I love our Angel and his smile and personality, I love our Cinderella and his mind.I love the Evil maknae and his strength. I love Donghae and his story. I love Eunhyuk and his funny persona. And Shindong with his amazing personality.Siwon and his beautiful heart. Sungmin and his cuteness.Yesung and his voice and awkward personality.He is such a sweet boy. Ryewook and his smile and considerate nature. Kibum and his mysterious character. Kangin and his cute eyes and persnality. Hangeng and his cooking abilities and of course his unique voice.Zhou Mi and his shopping addiction. Henry and his amazing piano and violin skills.I love everyone and everything about them.Even their flaws. But I bet every ELF is like that.They love everyone and everything about them. But I love them for both their amazing personalities and cuteness and also the fact that they gave me something that I thought was lost.Gosh. my eyes are teary now. Anyways. I wish our boys the best and I’m sure they will get it because they deserve it. ^^ I’m sorry my story is not in the right order but it just got in this way =) Bye.Thank you for everything~~

  49. Hello~!
    Where are you from: Slovakia
    How old are you: 18
    Why you love suju: Because they are more than group. They are family.
    Who is your bias: Eunhyukah~!! The one and only bias! Childish but mature when needed! He’s such a beautiful person, isn’t he? ♡
    How did you get into suju: This may sound kinda silly but…I wanted to know the names of all suju members hahahahahaha That’s it! ^_^

  50. where you are from : saudi arabia
    how old are you : 24 years old
    why you love sj : i love sj because they are humble,make my life better,i felt they were close to me,i cried and laughed with them all the time,when I watch while achieving their dreams despite the difficulties, made me strong to face the difficulties to achieve my dreams ..
    who is your bias: lee teuk
    how did you get into sj :i saw sj In star king early 2009,i was impressed and search for them ..

  51. Where you are FROM: I’m from Chile! 😀
    How OLD are you: I’m 20 🙂
    Why you LOVE SJ: I mostly love them for their personalities, Even when I don’t understand a thing, I watch variety shows and I laugh a lot just watching them doing crazy things ♥ and second because of the songs and voices 🙂
    WHO is your bias: Kyuhyun ♥
    How did you get into SJ: thanks to an animé channel, they put MV between the shows and they played “no other” and “bonamana” 😀

  52. Where you are FROM: Arkansas, USA
    How OLD are you: 14
    Why you LOVE SJ: I love Super Junior because they are the FIRST band/singers to make me cry and laugh so hard! I always thought that if people -especially if same gender- got all touchy, it was disgusting, but then when I saw them and how they didn’t care I realized that it isn’t. People who really close can do that and not be afraid what people think, they show their amazing friendship! They also made me realize that you don’t have to be able to understand their language in order to like their music. When ever they sing slow songs, I can always feel the emotion and sometimes I end up crying. They also really do care about their fans. You can really tell.
    WHO is your bias: This is so hard but Ryeowook!!
    How did you get into SJ: I have an email penpal who talked about Super Junior so I decided to listen to them and thank god I did!! I totally love their music and them! I wish I could buy their albums! T.T

    • Why I LOVE SJ: I get so mad and sad when I hear that one of them has fainted because of exhaustion. It really bugs me. I hate how SM treated Hankyung but I’m happy that he’s happy and was able to accomplish so much! Every single time any of the members cry, I always end up crying without realizing it. I usally don’t stick to a band so long, but they were able to make me stay glued to them. Even if I don’t get to get their album, I’ll still silently support them in my heart!

  53. 1. Where you are FROM : Indonesia
    2. How OLD are you : 17 years old
    3. Why you LOVE SJ : because they really unique, handsome and i love their song..
    4. WHO is your bias : Sungmin
    5. How did you get into SJ : frist, i’m already know about suju but i ignored..
    secondly. it was 2009.. i saw It’s You mv in V channel and wow.. they so cool….. after that, everyday i’m search their info from internet… especially from your website.. i open everyday.. ^^

  54. Where you are FROM —- Saudi Arabia
    How OLD are you ——— 18
    Why you LOVE SJ ——– because they are the best
    i love u superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr juniorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    who is your ——– bias EunHae
    How did you get into SJ——- Searched online and found them by accident
    Song Do not Don

  55. So maany ppl have commented already, i hope i have a chaaance. 😛

    1. I’m from Norway, i was born in the Phillipines tho. 🙂

    2. 14 yrs old.

    3. They are soo funny!, and they have a HUGE role in my life. They inspire me with they’re music, advise, and makes me wanna build up a lot on my specialties. And they too have a lot to show the world, they always have other sides that are either surprising, or just to amazing!!!

    4. UUUTIMATE BIAS: our Monkey, Jewel , and Muscular Anchovy! He’s so hot, and charismatic when he dances. He is a totally different person when i see the way he sways trough the floor. Inspires me to be a hardworking person & an ELF!

    5. It began around Sorry Sorry times, i watched a Phillipine Show (ASAP XV), and they played a song that went: “shawty, shawty, shawty….” i honestly thought it was a Justin Timberlake song! I Searched it on Youtube, and wallah. Nd my cousin showed me Super Junior’s Full House, randomnly on Youtube! it was sooo fun, never had that much laughter before Heechul caught my attention the most! I love u Youtube, Thank you for giving me Super Junior!

  56. Where you are FROM: NY, USA
    How OLD are you: 13, turning 14 this September. Yes, I’m young haha.
    Why you LOVE SJ: Because they’re the only group that made me believe that they will get through everything as long as they are together; all 15 of them. They are an all-around group that have such amazing personalities. You can’t help but love them.
    WHO is your bias: Kim Heechul
    How did you get into SJ: As a Filipino, I saw a group of dancer perform Sorry, Sorry on a Filipino show so I looked them up and fell in love them.

  57. hi,i’m chaima lefi,from tunisia ^^ i’m 17 years old,well i love suju very very much and i can’t say why,because when we love someone we don’t love him for reasons ^^ my bias are many:donghae,eunhyuk,siwon,kyuhyun,yesung,sungmin,leeteuk… i love all of them,everyone is special :3 well,i started loving suju since 2009,i saw them in KBS world and they impressed me,since then,i haven’t stoppen watching their concerts and their shows,i know all their news,i watch sukira and kiss the radio everyday streaming live,i watch all the new videos of eunhae,i follow all your news everyday,i really love them for real,when i saw them in tv,my heart start beatting fastly >< saranghae suju,and please come to TUNISIA ❤

  58. Where you are FROM: I’m from Germany.

    How OLD are you: I’m 17 years old.

    Why you LOVE SJ: I love their music. It’s so unique and specially the members are very special. They are so different but that’s want it makes them to Suju. They are so great and their friendship is also really strong. Suju is the best!!

    WHO is your bias: My bias is Ryeowook cause of his singing skills and his cute look.

    How did you get into SJ: When my friend was still alive she showed me kpop and introduced me Super Junior so i started to listen to their music with my friend and fell in love with it. But my friend died few years ago and so Suju is one thing that remembers me of her.

  59. anneong 😀 ,i’m chaima lefi,from tunisia ^^ i’m 17 years old,well i love suju very very much and i can’t say why,because when we love someone we don’t love him for reasons ^^ my bias are many:donghae,eunhyuk,siwon,kyuhyun,yesung,sungmin,leeteuk… i love all of them,everyone is special :3 well,i started loving suju since 2009,i saw them in KBS world and they impressed me,since then,i haven’t stoppen watching their concerts and their shows,i know all their news,i really love them for real,when i saw them in tv,my heart start beatting fastly >< saranghae suju,and please come to TUNISIA ❤

  60. Where you are FROM : malaysia

    How OLD are you: 23 years old

    Why you LOVE SJ: because they are so talented and have variety colour of personality.. they also very sincere in their work and really show that they really work hard in what they do.. they always make us happy even just with their tweet or their picture.. they also always show us a bright and really high quality of performance even when they actually not really fit(health) or restless just to make us smile eventhough actually it make me sick to know the fact that they need to work even they are really tired.. that make me respect them more.. they also so natural…there way each member show each personality and speciality… they are not a group that only based on face…but they are the first group i think that their talent is super imposed their faced.. they can sing, they can dance, they can become a good MCs, actor etc.. do you find any group that can make any film or variety more cheerful just even when u know they will involve.. i dont think so.. i think suju is the one that can make people smile even when we just heard or know that they will in involve in some reality show or etc.. they also have a good bonding between each member.. really sincere to each other… even though they are separated to each sub-group and need to be seperate for long time but there still show us a good relationship betweem them through their tweet, message etc…that why i love about suju

    WHO is your bias : it should and the most powerful dancing machine eunhyukie

    How did you get into SJ:
    at first i really dont know about suju.. but once my friend show me with japanese and korean music.. at that time just feels like so so.. because i’m a little bit picky person and there is no group that really satisfied with my taste in music at that time.. until i found clip video Don’t Don’t.. i feels that the group that i search i already found.. at first i think why there are so many people in that group.. how i can manage to know them one by one.. but because the song is really good,,,, the chareograph is also good and really match to each other.. i become addicted to the song and i start my eager to know each member name and all about them.. i find their name, all their music video, variety show and everything about them.. time by time i think my love become so deep until i cant run from them.. i can’t turn my face to see other group or other singer. once i listen to other artist after a few second i will return back to our suju.. they are so attractie until u cant take ur eye from them.. there like a water.. which we can’t leave behind and we need it everywhere anytime in whataver we doing.. then i think the biggest reason why i like eunhyukkie because.. in their first asia concert.. during twins performance if i not mistaken during his solo dance i really amazed by him.. becoz at that time his surrounding was really blue with sapphire blue and he was dancing in the center which make me feels that he was an hero.. so handsome, attractive and talented… reall handsome becoz he the only one that dance at that time and was cheering up by all the elf.. until now i can’t forget that moment.. and until now also even though there are a lot song they sing.. with good performance..i think the don’t don’t time or MV is very the best.. it is becuz it make me fall really deep to them.. it make me always being tied with them and can’t run to love them..and only have my eye with them.. i really hope to meet them after this eye by eye.. becoz last concert at my country i dont manage to come since all the concert date was done during my final exam.. really2 sad at that time.. really hope i can manage to meet them personally after this…i have alot to say but i need to go now(i have class may be i will continue later.. )..

  61. Hello my name is Delsy ^^
    1.I am from the U.S however i am Mexican American
    2.I am 18 years old
    3I love SJ because they make my day whenever i am sad i just pop in my ss2 concert and smiles smiles everywhere. i love the unity between the members and all 13 +2 personalities.
    4.My bias is Eunhae keke
    5.one day i got tired of jpop and but kpop (on youtube)and suju was 1st. The first song i heard and is my all time fav (tattoo on my heart) is Neorago……i can still remember the day i was mesmerized by them lol

  62. Haha This is Daebak ! *O* I leave a comment ~~

    Where you are FROM : France =D

    How OLD are you : 20 years old

    Why you LOVE SJ : Because they are the BEST ❤ each member are unique,they have many talents, theirs songs are awesome and their dance too ~~
    Their stage presence is the best out of all korean groups … they are just incredible, lovely & funny *p*

    WHO is your bias : I'm totally an ELFish kkk … Donghae *_______* Our Fishy ❤
    ( But i like them all hahaha )

    How did you get into SJ : i don't really remember how did i get into them … but i remember that i fell in love with our Cinderella, Heenim ~~ when i looked at a picture of him haha …. So i started to listen their songs, and quickly i became totally addict ! kkkk ❤

    Thank you ~~~

  63. Where you are FROM
    How OLD are you
    Why you LOVE SJ
    WHO is your bias
    How did you get into SJ

    Dont count me in, already ordered mine! Only want to comment and share xD
    From Ina, im 22 this year
    I love them coz obviously they are an ALL-AROUND ENTERTAINER!! You name it, and a member or more would be able to pull it off!!!
    First my bias is Leeteuk, but now Sungmin, and i love Hyukjae and Kyuhyun too, ah, i love each one of them! xD
    During 3jib, i only heard a little about them but not interested to find out more. When i was having my field work, i need something to help me hanging on everyday, that was No Other era, and my friend showed me Bonamana MV!! That was the start and the rest is history. . . 🙂
    Ah cant wait for 5jib!! Excite~~d t into SJ

    Dont count me in, already ordered mine! Only want to comment and share xD
    From Ina, im 22 this year
    I love them coz obviously they are an ALL-AROUND ENTERTAINER!! You name it, and a member or more would be able to pull it off!!!
    First my bias is Leeteuk, but now Sungmin, and i love Hyukjae and Kyuhyun too, ah, i love each one of them! xD
    During 3jib, i only heard a little about them but not interested to find out more. When i was having my field work, i need something to help me hanging on everyday, that was No Other era, and my friend showed me Bonamana MV!! That was the start and the rest is history. . . 🙂
    Ah cant wait for 5jib!! Excite~~d

  64. 1)Where you are FROM : KSA
    2)How OLD are you : 15
    3)Why you LOVE SJ : because they are everything you can find in a group their cute , funny , handsome , amazing singers , awesome dancers , great actors..and they really care and love their fans and do their best to entertain people
    4)WHO is your bias : i love ALL of Super junior’s members…but if i REALLY have to choose…then i pick “Donghae and Kyuhyun”
    5)How did you get into SJ : i was wondering around on youtube..looking for TVXQ…and then i found Super Junior performing ‘sorry sorry’ and i became addicted to the song..i was amazed by their singing and dancing skills..and their cuteness of course..so i kept listening to their songs and watching their MVs and their shows everyday…and before i knew it..i was completely in love with ALL Super Junior’s members including SJM…they gave me a reason to smile..and i made a lot of loving friends because of them..they mean a lot to me…

  65. 1) Where u from : I’m from Indonesia
    2) How old r u : I’m 18
    3) Why u love SJ : They really hard working. I love their personalities so kindly with their fans, funny, humble, lovable, etc They’re good man beside their popularity.
    4) Who’s your bias : My anchovy Eunhyuk for sure 🙂
    5) How did u get into SJ : My sist friend told me that she liked boyband from Korea. I’d never interest bout korea. But she told me that Super Junior really closed with my ideal type. I bought some CD’s bout them. I watched them with my big sist. and u know what from my 1st impression I’m lill bit liked them. but when I downloaded some reality shows on youtube bout em’ haha seriously I love em’ so much. >...<

  66. Where you are FROM: CA, US

    How OLD are you: 12, 5th Jib album release date is my birthday

    Why you LOVE SJ: I love them… for many reasons. I love them, all 15 of the members for being each unique in their own way. I love them for the music that they produce and the dances they dance. And each individual member holds something in my heart. Their music has always been there to cheer me up when I was down.
    I listened to them and watched the shows they were on whenever my parents would argue and dampen the atmosphere in the house. I would listen to them for inspiration for my art. Each member, I know there is something I love about them the most.
    I love Leeteuk for being the kind caring leader that works hard so he could make ELFs every where happy. I love Heechul for being the sarcastic man that provides entertainment in my life. I love Hangeng for being the China men and making it easier for every other foreign artist to be accepted in the Kpop industry. I love Yesung for his beautiful voice and all his turtles. I love Kangin as Korea’s Number One Handsome guy and surely loving every member. I love Shindong for the humor he brings into my life and his amazing choreography. I love Sungmin for all his aegyo and love for cute and pink. I love Eunhyuk for his humor and dance. I love Donghae for trying hard while being that cute little innocent fish. I love Siwon for all his troll faces and derps. I love Ryeowook for being the eternal maknae and singing amazing things. I love Kibum for his acting and I really hope he participates in 5th Jib or I will slap someone. I love Kyuhyun for his singing and sarcastic remarks.I love Zhou Mi for continuing to help SJM improve at Chinese and filling in for Hangeng in a way. I love Henry for being that adorable mochi and being a complete badass when playing the violin. And I love all 15 members for being one, inseperable family.
    … I know a lot of these reasons aren’t really that great and half of them aren’t so legit, but I truly do love each and every one of them.

    WHO is your bias: Donghae, for more reasons than I can name. Perhaps it’s how he always acts like a little 5 year old. Perhaps it’s his dancing. Or maybe it’s the effort he puts into trying to learn Chinese and please ELFs all over the world. But whatever reason, I love SJ’s very own Fishy above all else.

    How did you get into SJ: I got into SJ on the advice of a friend. I had already listened to Sorry Sorry before, but one of my friends convinced me to listen to them more and more. And bam, there began the magic.
    Everything about them, their music, their personalities, and ever their looks dragged me in. I absolutely loved them, and even today I can’t say exactly why I like them so much.

  67. I am a 17 year old from California, USA. The reason for loving Super Junior is that I found in them something that I don’t see (or hear) anymore in western music. More than half of the songs now a days talk of sex, drugs, and what not but Super Junior is just pure love and happiness and clean fun. Also I just love how much they really appreciate and love their fans! My biased is our beautiful evil makne!!! Kyu is awesome and I love his voice!! I got into them because of ‘No Other’ the first time I heard it I fell in love with everything about it and that hardly happens to me. I was instantly hooked with them and I know it’s cheesy but every time I see them in a video having fun, they remind me of real brothers that care and love eachother and it makes me love them even more!! BTW I love them so much that I made myself a SuJu calendar!!

  68. Where are you FROM: Alberta, Canada
    How OLD are you: 18
    Why you LOVE SJ: They brought with them a world of Koop and Korean culture that was non existent in my life prior to listening to them! Without them I would have never gotten to the opportunity to know and love South Korea as much as I do now. I love all of their songs and their personalities! It’s crazy how much love you can have for 15 men you’ve never met! Every day they bring me happiness. They are also, I believe, the most talented and hardest working boy band out there! The effort they put into everything is admirable and their love for their fans is so amazing! I am now an ELF forever! 
    WHO is your bias: Yesung, I love everything about him!
    How did you get into SJ: My BFF stumbled upon Sorry Sorry randomly on YouTube and it was love at first sight for the both of us!

  69. 1. Where you are FROM?
    ___I am from Indonesia
    2. How OLD are you?
    ___23 Years old
    3. Why you LOVE SJ?
    ___Their hardwork, brothership, and their tears
    4. WHO is your bias?
    ___First I like Leeteuk, but now I like all of them even Zhowmi and Henry too
    5. How did you get into SJ
    ___I didn’t really like KPOP before, but when i took a korean language course, one of my classmate is an ELF. She sang suju’s song everyday, but I was not interested yet. Someday, she gave me Super Junior Intimate Note with Eng Sub for learning korean language conversation. After watching them, I started like Suju. began download Strong Heart teukigayo and I found Strong Heart episode where Heechul was one of the guest. There was a part when Leeteuk got into tears when hearing Heechul’s feeling about him. Slowly, i was going to know how hardworker Suju was TT__TT. I got to love suju more when I got video Eng Sub Suju’s best variety show Exploration Human Body. I decided I will be an ELF forever

    • A Friend of mine didn’t like Suju before (a year ago), she had some negative comments about them. But when i gave her video Super Junior Intimate Note with Eng Sub for learning korean language conversation, she started to like suju. Now she is Kangin and Henry bias ^^

  70. Where you are FROM: Norway
    How OLD are you: 17
    Why you LOVE SJ: Because their music is awesome, they’re all extremely talented in so many different ways, they stand out because of their personalities among so many other idol-groups and you can tell they love and care for each other (and because they’re adorkable <3).
    WHO is your bias: Barely Yesung, love all 15 of them
    How did you get into SJ: Their "Sorry Sorry" MV was in the related videos-thing when I watched a Charice Pempengco-vid and I really liked the song and the MV. I searched them up on Wiki, and found out they were a Korean boyband, though I kinda forgot about it for half a year until I watched the same Charice-vid and saw their MV in the related videos-thing again. At first I just listened to their songs, but then I watched a Suju-guide with a video for each of the members when I tried to learn how to tell them apart, and one episode of Star Golden Bell later and they've been my favourite group since. They got me into Kpop, and I'm very thankful.

  71. Where you are FROM? originally from philippines, but moved to states about 7 yrs ago
    How OLD are you? 17; turning 18 in 3 months
    Why you LOVE SJ? I love them in reality shows especially in EHB. I esp. fell in love in kyuhyun when I saw him practicing so hard at archery during one show. I love Leeteuk’s laugh and his humor. I love kangin’s pranks and his soft side (even though he seems so mean to other members, i teared up when i saw him leave for the army). I love donghae’s smile and how… grrr i can’t seem to find the right words how to explain this. I like donghae’s innocent image. I love kim heechul’s eccentric style, but mostly his wits. He is very smart and very pretty that I can mistake him for a girl if I’ve known him. I love ryeowook and yesung’s voice. Ryeowook is so earnest and yesung just melts my heart whenever I hear him sing. I also love Yesung’s bravery; his willingness to volunteer during sj shows.I love Siwon’s manners. I love Shindong’s cute belly 😛 (shallow i know) and he’s very hardworking indeed. I love hangeng’s determination. He went through so much stuff just to be in SJ. Although kibum’s not with them currently, i still love the fact that he remains a part of SJ. I love henry and zhoumi, for they make SJ complete. Lastly, I love kyuhyun in just about everything about him. I love his witty remarks and I love how everyone in SJ spoils him XD. To sum it all up, I love SJ for their music, their looks, their personalities and most of all, I love SJ’s fans from all around the world 🙂
    WHO is your bias? Kyu is my ultimate bias, but donghae and sungmin are also my biases.
    How did you get into SJ? Simple, my sister introduced them to me after getting to know them through watching vids of SJ in youtube. I really got into SJ when I first watched sj-m performance of “wo pa lai bu qi”.
    *If i win, i’ll be giving this album to my lil sis.

    • 361 words… hmmm
      US, born in php
      Love SJ because of EHB. I love seeing all of them practicing diligently and succeeding. I love Leeteuk’s laugh. I love kangin’s pranks and his soft side (even though he bullies other members, i teared up when i saw him leave for the army). I love donghae’s smile. I love heechul’s eccentric style, and witty side. I love K.R.Y Ryeowook is so earnest and yesung just melts my heart whenever I hear him sing. I also love Yesung’s bravery; his willingness to volunteer during sj shows.I love Siwon’s manners. I love Shindong’s cute belly . I love hangeng’s determination. Although kibum’s not with them currently, i still love the fact that he remains a part of SJ. I love henry and zhoumi; w/o them SJ is incomplete. Lastly, I love kyuhyun in just about everything about him. I love his witty remarks and I love how everyone in SJ spoils him XD. To sum it all up, I love SJ for their music, their looks, their personalities and most of all, I love SJ’s fans worldwide. W/o SJ, I would’ve never learned so much about korea
      Kyu’s my ultimate bias, but donghae and sungmin are too.
      My sister introduced them to me after getting to know them through watching vids of SJ in youtube. I really got into SJ when I first watched sj-m performance of “wo pa lai bu qi”.
      *If i win, i’ll be giving this album to my lil sis.
      (248 words :))

  72. I know i dont have a chance…but i just want to say it anyway xDDDD
    Where you are FROM: USA California
    How OLD are you: 14 (am i too young to love them? o(︶︿︶)o )
    Why you LOVE SJ: Im a ELF!!SO I LOVE everything about them!! EVERYTHING!! You name it~ i LOVE every little and big things they do ^^
    WHO is your bias: Kyuhyun n Donghae~ OOO n i also LOVE the Eunhae couple!
    How did you get into SJ: WELL…i wasnt into kpop until this year xP n i was really surprise when i found out that theres a kpop group singing chinese songs~(im talking about 太完美) So i started my investigation on SJM xP (in other words i started to stalk them xP) watching all these entertainment shows they go on~~ i think they r very unique and funny!!(AND HOT) N THATS when i fell in love with SUJU!! :DDDDDDDD Kyuhyuns singing…donghaes sweet talks(“Qin Ai de Bao Bei,Wo Ai Ni” ) they make my heart skip a beat everytime i see them o(∩_∩)o THANK YOU SUP3RJUNIOR BLOG!! YOU GUYS LET ME STALK SUJU AND HELP ME LEARN MORE ABOUT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *since im new to kpop…n the place i live in dont have any kpop stores…i dont have any album from super junior…so i really hope that this golden opportunity will help me get at least one album from them T^T


  73. 1.Where r u from: USA
    2.How old are you:13
    3.Why You love SJ: I love there Passion,Hard Work,Brotherly Bond,How they never give up
    4.Who is you bias: Well i love every member but i like Henry nd leetuek the most
    5.How did u get into SJ: Well the first time i heard of SJ is when my friend was dancing to Sorry Sorry, and showed me the MV, At first i wasnt intrested but a few months later i searched up some variety shows that super junior had been on and i immediately fell in love with there silliness nd how funny they are nd i also love how they care for one and another so much,like Leeteuk he cares 4 his members so much,that whenever they need help he will be there to help them! Thats why i fell in love with Sj, SuJu isnt like any other groups,they are always thoughtful nd dont talk mean words to heart nd goof around, I Know i wont win, but thats Ok i will still support them ! I Will always be an ELF that will PROM15E TO 13ELIEVE AND TO PROT3ECT THE REMAINING 3! SuJu Fighting!

  74. Actually I still don’t know that I will be able to buy the album or not~~

    1:I’m from Hungary! (Europe!! :D)
    2: I’m 16 years old.
    3:Because I can always find a Super Junior song that fits to my current mood!
    4: My bias is Lee Sungmin!
    5: From a DBSK video.Actually I didn’t liked Super Junior from the start…But I just realized that I kept replaying their songs and sing along with them.And I felt like this is how a true fan is born.Now I love them!

    As I said still don’t know If I can afford the album so I would like somebody who actually can’t buy the CD to be the winner.To write down it is enough for me! 🙂

  75. Where you are FROM: SPAIN
    How OLD are you: 17/18 (on 22 july its my bday LOL)
    Why you LOVE SJ: Because of then, i can be happy, i love his music, dance, style, and if you think they are a prefrabricated idols, i think that this is not true, i love seing how leeteuk interact with eunhyuk on sukira, how they do their best on all his programs, lives, concerts. Because of them i could smile a little in a sad and rainny day, because of EHB 5th episode, laugh episode, is my medicine in a depresing day. Because the love i have for them cant be compared with other idols groups i like, because SUPER JUNIOR was my real love, i like all the super junior members, its true that all members has his pros and cos, one example, is shindong, well he has many antifans and he said somethings that can hurt many fans, but he is a really good dancer, and gagman, he can smile and do Beyonce dance, better than beyonce! kkk. Other example Kibum, i hate when suju is doing a comeback and i was like….. will kibum do the comeback too? but the SM doesnt speak, it hurts a lot, T_T For me Super junior is a 13 band, yeah 13 including Hangeng, for me, he still be a super junior member, and i like suju M too…. I will support Zhoumi and Henry, its true that if you say a group of 15 members, its sound a lot, but, i can love all of them, all have his abilities, on music, dance, acting skills, all of then deserve our support, because they are working hard,
    I knew about Super Junior since 2007, and it makes a really change on me, i am not the same, because somehow, i met a group with a really good members, who were and keep being my inspiration, in how i can think when i am sad, with him i can dance, sing, and, i only met in real live once, and was the best experience of my life, i want to repeat it, but, i will never forget the SMtown in Paris.
    When my family see that i spent hours and hours in the computer, they think that i am crazy, and it true? sometimes i cant recognice me, beacuse is like… oh well i will see todays sukira, ok, sukira ends and later, i will not log out, no, i will search more news, `programs, and i “spent” hours and hours in suju, i think that i am not spending my time, no, i am being happy, supporting and meeting all of suju members.
    They are georgeus, handsome, mandly (yeah all manly ¬¬ dont contradict me please.. i have many talks in a good mod of course with other ELFs and talking about that… uff) well, every suju has their way of being, and thats very good, because you can learn from them, how they could stay together, working hard because of their dreams, they help me to find my mentality, be like you are, dont regret with the things you do, and go for your dreams, this, super junior taught it me ^^
    i will never regret of loving him, i know that probably they dont know about my existence, but that isnt a excuse for stopping supporting them, a true love is that who you give love without any compensation. (Well i think that our compensation is his hard work ^^ all the days in his programs and albums, dramas…)
    WHO is your bias: A BIT OFVER-HYPER BUT A PERSON WHO’S ACTUALLY CHARISMATIC.THE AB BLOOD TIPE, the person who can make me crazy, is Kim Hee Chul !!! ^^ I really love all the members but, hee is hee, i cant describe it with the right words xD
    How did you get into SJ: well at first, i love japanese manga and anime, lately I started with dramas, and one day i heard a DBSK song, i started searching information and i discovered the korean dramas and music, i was fastinated, at first i dont have any favourite group, but one gaves my attention, i heared super junior U, and when Dont Don was released, they impact me, was like, WOW, they can make something like this, they can adapt his moves to a really powerful dance, they can make a really new tipe of comeback…. i was really impressed, they had a radical change, with Henry, and at that moment i Knew about Super Junior M and they attracted more and more attention, i started recolecting information, How ? why? waht kind of band they was.. and is…… all this questions, i needeed to answered them, and i do it, since dont don, i became an ELF, and without regrets, at that time i was 14? and was really awkward because i was a child and they mens?,.. well at that times they werent mens? (not like now?) and i was a little scared, now, i love them, and my Bias is Heechul, that is really awkward because he is 11 years older than me, but now i am ok with that,at first i havent a Bias, because all have something, and i cant choose one, and sometimes one week i will love, for example, yesung on immortal song and i was like a friki girl loving him (well, but my nº1 is Hee, for ever) and other i will love the leader because he is our angel, and……. oiasjòis its too difucult to put it in words, i think you could undertand me, we are ELF, Super Junior join us, without countries, ages…….. only with love from Suju! ^^

    • O__________O i just read the 250 words….. OMG SORRY, I DIDNT READ THAT RULE……… T_________________T but in 250 words is imposible to explain my love for suju Y_Y

  76. 1)Annyeong!I’m from Hong Kong but currently living in Ireland(where no kpop exists..T_T)Age is 14 (heenim doubles my age. Well age is not a love barrier!^^)

    2)SJ brought me through difficulties.Cheesy I know,but true.Living in a foreign country with a different language is hard.I remember crying myself to bed cos of my isolated schoollife.Things got better eventually,but were never the same as when I was in HK.SJ’s songs/jokes are some of my source of happiness.(eg:no other, youngst, KTR etc.XD)They taught me what a real BOND is.It picked me back up and I was proud of being an asian for once (and will last) ❤

    3)Heenim is the love of my life.I used to detest him (I KNO RIGHT=.=)arrogant and almighty like? But then after watching suju guide vids I realised he cares less bou what the world thinks, but more of his friends than himself. I’ve fallen for him ever since. I don’t just love him, I look up to him. But hey,15+13+1(ELFs)=perfection.

    4)Was never a fan of asian pop, until I stumbled across a drama-YourBeautiful.I LOVED it at first sight and loved FTI to the T.although SJ was not my first kpop group, they were(are)the one I’d stick with 4va and ever.No other-the song that made it happen for me.Im a new ELF,but I feel like I’ve been with them since the start—and I will continue to support till the very end.

    Thanks for doing this,it means LOTS to some of us out there.<3

  77. Annyeonghaseyo every1!
    @>–OLD – 26
    @>–LOVE SJ – Life is not being easy on me since the past years & I have always feel down & lonely but Super Junior & ELFs have always been able to lift up my dull days…whenever I come to think that life is not worth living, Super Junior has always managed to prove me wrong because they are amazing & they wont let anything get to them no matter what…Yes, Super Junior & ELF have given me the strength to carry on.. ^ ,^
    @>–BIAS – DONGHAE with Super Junior mates (together, they are the best!!!)
    @>–SJ – I was a DBSK fan & hence, though I have heard of a group with lots of members, I tried hard not to bother about them. Thought they would be too young for me that is until I learn Leeteuk’s & Heechul’s age :p After DBSK broke up, I was lost & as I needed to cling on to something solid, I found Siwon (on X-Man) who happens to have features of my ideal man..learning about him brought me to Super Junior and ELF in 2010…Since then Super Junior is all I need, no one else but Super Junior

  78. Where you are FROM: Malaysia
    How OLD are you: 19
    Why you LOVE SJ: To see 15 different people, with 15 different talents and skills, also with 15 different behaviors and interests, work together for the same music, same passion, same friendship, same brotherhood and same LOVE, is simply heaven. Enough said. ^^
    WHO is your bias: Eunhyuk and Hankyung
    How did you get into SJ: Last year, when Malaysia was celebrating ‘Aidilfitri’, which is the biggest holiday and celebration of the country, a local tv station aired SJ performance in Vietnam. It’s not Super Show, but SJ attended the event and performed as a guest. For me, to see a local tv station in Malaysia chose to air something about SJ during the country’s most important holiday, it just shows how awesome and great SJ is. And SJ performed overseas at that moment. That means they are very popular and have huge influence. As far as I remember, they only have two days in Vietnam, but instead went sight-seeing, they spent the second day visiting human-trade victims in the country. At that very moment, I fall in love with SJ. That was the best ‘Aidilfitri’ I’ve ever had in my life.

  79. 1 – Where you are FROM : French Polynesia

    2 – How OLD are you : 18 years old

    3 – Why you LOVE SJ : Because they are amazing people as musicians, as entertainers, as performers, as actors and they always work hard.

    4 – WHO is your bias : Eunhyuk but i love all of the 15 members, without any exception.

    5 – How did you get into SJ :I first knew about SS501. Then, i decided to open myself to other artist. I first heard about SHINee but when i looked further, I found about Super Junior. I really liked their music and their performance. They are always perfect !! Now, I always have to listen to Super Junior once a day or i won’t be happy.

  80. Where you are FROM?

    How OLD are you?
    I’m 15 years old.

    Why you LOVE SJ?
    They’re awesome singers, dancers and friends for each other. They’re working hard, sometimes too hard! I’ve never seen singers who are working so hard. Thanks to them my day is amazing. I listen to their songs, watch programs, performance.

    WHO is your bias?
    I can’t choose because anyone of Super Junior is amazing.

    How did you get into SJ?
    I was listening to music on youtube and I found video “Super Junior-M – Super Girl”. And then I fell in love.

  81. -Venezuela
    -Their music, their amazing performances, their different personalities and talents, the way they are with fans and their strong friendship. The way they are have touched my heart, and when I am in hard times they have always made me smile. I have cried and laughed a lot with them, something that I haven’t done with any other group until now.
    -Heenim ^_^
    -I didn’t even knew much of kpop or even Korea until my best friend made my watch Attack on the Pin-Up Boys movie a long time ago, and with it I started to get interest with them! At that time I really got obsessed with SuJu… I have been in love with all the 15 boys since then, and it’s a love that I’m never going to give up to.

  82. Where you are FROM: Utah, USA
    How OLD are you: 17
    Why you LOVE SJ: They give me hope. They allow me to realize my dreams. They are my happiness. They are my sadness. They are my everything.
    WHO is your bias: Lee Hyukjae
    How did you get into SJ: My sister and I found SHINee and I saw Yesung performing Ring Ding Dong in place of Jonghyun during SHINee’s promotions. My sister fell in love with Yesung and the rest is history ^^

  83. 1) USA 😀
    2) 15! My birthday’s coming up in a weeeeeek 😀 SJ’s comeback is getting me pumped!!!
    3) Difficult to explain my love for SuJu! They have the best stage presence of any K-Pop band with their many members and their individual personalities are just LOVABLE! They got talent in singing, dancing, radio hosting, show hosting, MC-ing, modeling, everything! Teuk’s leadership really keeps everyone together as ONE. I love each and every member because of their great qualities and HUMOR! Super Junior are REAL entertainers~ AND THE KINGS OF HALLYU!! I’ve never had a favorite band like SUPER JUNIOR!! RETURN OF THE SUPERIOR!!!
    4) Eunhyuk and Donghae!!! EunHae!!! (I can’t choose between them XD They’re my bias couple too!!! It all works out XD)
    5) THIS explains EVERYTHING: http://youtu.be/H4AX1jpzXyQ It’s how I developed my biases too!!! I liked Yesung then it went to Eunhyuk because of the dance remix in the beginning (but since I only TRIED learning their names, I thought Hyuk was Hae lol) so then when I watched other videos, I was thinking Hae was my bias instead of Hyuk LOL. It was all so confusing and funny xD

  84. Where you are FROM: Philippines
    How OLD are you: 19 years old (turning 20 on SJ’s first 5jib live broadcast/performance….. YEY!)
    Why you LOVE SJ: I believe that you do not need any reasons when you love, I just do. REALLY, REALLY do ♥♥♥^^
    WHO is your bias: Super Junior’s evil maknae, Kyuhyun (KyubabyKyu^—^)
    How did you get into SJ: At first, I seriously hated the fact that there were 13 people who looked exactly alike in a single boygroup… I hated them sooo much, seeing them on TV annoyed me. Then, a friend of mine asked me to watch the dance version of Neorago…. I gave them a chance. BEST SONG EVER.Tables turned. Kyuhyun caught my eye, I fell inlove. Researched the members, fell inlove again. Listened to all of their albums and watched their broadcasts, officially became an ELF. Now, for me, the 13+2 members, make up the most amazing boygroup Hallyu Wave could ever have- passionate, adorable, everlasting. ^^♥♥♥

  85. Where you are FROM : i’m from indonesia
    How OLD are you : 17
    Why you LOVE SJ : because there is no one reason for me to hate them.
    WHO is your bias : actually i love them all and i think they are my bias. but i love hyuk and them all 😀
    How did you get into SJ : when i was in junior high school my friend told me about them.. she was showed me their music video and like love at first sight, i was directly fall in love with them.^^

  86. Country:Malaysia
    Why do i love SJ:can i say this….actually bcoz of sj,my life change completly…and thank to them my life change into a good life…and i’m happy bcoz of that….i still remember when i woke up looking at my phone(the wallpaper is SJ…haha)and just looking at the picture…then i think…why in the first place do i fall in love in this guys…and not long after that,my sister came in(she is also an elf)and said wat are u doing??..then i said “just looking at this pictures…then i ask my sister why in the first place we fall in love with this guys…then suddenly my sister ask me to look around and see if there is anything around..then she said “do u know that the human cannot live without air but then human cannot see or touch the air??”..then i said “yes,of coz i know”..then she said “sit here and think wat this just know and related it to ur question,okay!!..yes,i sit there(i don’t know for how long but then hours)and i think..then i found the answer…its true wat my sister said…human cannot live without air..so do ‘we’…SJ is like the air for me and my sister and all E.L.F around the world is human…coz me and my sister cannot touch or see SJ closely but then we knew that this AMAZING 13 GUYS is out there..and we knew that without them we cannot live…they are our source for breathing…thanks oppa for leeting me love u and giving me hope that a person can love somebody as who they are…^___^
    My bias:E.l.f’s asia anchovy..^^
    How do i get to SJ:thanks to my beloved SISTER,she introduced me SJ through the mega hit song SORRY SORRY on 2010…actually i know them when i was watching an advertisment about promoting SEOUL at tv on 2009..then i saw this few guys(coz not all member are there)in the advertisment..actually i don’t like that few guys but then when i see the advertisment over and over again i start to like that few guys but then i don’t tend to search on the internet..then my sister introduced me SJ..at first i don’t know that few guys were SJ but then after knowing them i know that few guys is SJ…so thats how i get to know them..^^

    Actually i know my chance to win is like 10 percent but then i just sincerely want to tell everyone about my LAME story..so hope whoever read this will enjoy..hahahah…i just want to say this I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR AND NO ONE CAN REPLACE THEM!!AND THE BEST FAN IS E.L.F…FOREVER TOGETHER…ALWAYS 15…FOREVER 13…ETERNAL 16…

  87. Where you are FROM:
    ACT, Australia 🙂
    How OLD are you:
    I am 13 years old
    Why you LOVE SJ:
    I love super junior because they are really talented, and they produce amazing dances and musicthey give my hope for my dreams and future. They make me happy sad and pretty much every single emotion. They have awesome personality’s and treat they’re fans so well. They also work do hard to please us E.L.F’s and they make us feel special with just small tweets. In they’re spare time they write to us and i think that is really sweet though i suggest in their free time they sleep 😀 haha. They also work hard in all their shows and have funny personality which we love they care about each other alot and i think thats sweet. they treat ELF like family i also love them because of each of their personal talents especially Yesungs’s dance 🙂 they also are awesome because of the way they cope with SM they hardly get new songs while other groups do but they keep smiling and and when a member is sick they care alot for that person and keep smiling because they know in the end its going to alright.
    WHO is your bias
    My bias is the one and only EvilMaknae Cho Kyuhyun 🙂
    How did you get into SJ
    I would like to thank my cousin, the reason i got into k-pop was because of her she showed me Super Junior and then that’s how i got into my obsession though she still likes SHINee better i think Super Junior is No.1 and i fell in love with Kyuhyun once i heard his voice in Super Girl which was in 2009 and the rest is history.

  88. in my country these days “yemen ” there is a revolution …ppl dying , we have no electricity most of the time , no petrol no water and we barely pass the day ..through this hard time the only thing that gives me hope , that makes me laugh smile or even cry is super junior ,,they r the reason why i’m surrviving this they give me hope ..when i remember i have suju i can’t help but smiling :’) they r my everything literally ..
    before 2 years ago i have been in a deep depression i swear to god suju were the reason why i got out of that horrible feeling …i can’t imagine my day without them they have become a main thing in my day i luv them as i luv my family and coz of them i have met amazing ppl ” Elf” and have been able to improve my eng and coz of them i luv korea well becoz of them i luv life ,,,i can’t repay them :’)..the money of the whole world can’t repay the way the make me feel …well i thank god everyday that he made me know them so my life would be easier and to help me pass through the hard times we r having here :’)))) ..i’m an Arab Elf and i will always support suju and luv them ..

    suju fighting ❤ ❤ ❤

    • i’m from Yemen

      i’m 23 years old

      well i said why i luv suju above (pardon me i was overwhelmed with feelings i forgot to write these info *mianhae *

      my bias is Donghae

      i knew suju from Korea tv ,,it’s an arabic korean channel i saw suju in starking then there was sorry sorry song i adoredit i looked for it in Youtube then i found about full house show then i became a suju holic then i watched all suju shows and mvs and downloaded all suju albums ans ongs i luv them more than words can describe ❤ ❤

      ps : i'm from Yemen it's rly rl y Rly hard for me to get their album and we r in war condition plz plz help me to get it i'll be grateful to u for the rest of my life

  89. 1. Where you are FROM : Washington, USA
    2. How OLD are you – 23 yrs old
    3. Why you LOVE SJ – I love many of their qualities, but the one I love the most is their brotherly love amongst the members. This brotherly love sometimes cannot even be found in blood-related brothers.
    4. WHO is your bias – Teukie!!!
    5. How did you get into SJ – I first saw SJM’s performance on the Taiwanese variety show “100% Entertainment.” I was amazed by each of their performance and fell for the unique qualities of each member. From SJM, I eventually learned more about SJ as a whole and fell in love for each member; however, Teukie stole my heart the most.

  90. – Where you are FROM: I’m from Paris, France
    – How OLD are you : I’m 17 years old (like Leader 1st July is my bday)
    Why you LOVE SJ: This is a hard question because I can’t really explain the love that i have for them. So talented, brothership,Passion. They have all the emotions we can have, they are so human, they give me happines, hope, They the perfect boys. They are real. really amazing and multi-talentued. I think they are the best.
    – WHO is your bias: I have two ultimate bias, the 83LINE. When we took HeeChul and we took Leeteuk together, they are the ideal men. The pilliars of Super Junior.

    – How did you get into SJ: I knew them since “U”, but in fact I really really really hate them, not at the point of being an anti, but the facted that they were 13 members, I hated this. And finally Someone tell me that Leeteuk was born the first july, the same date as me, I was really curious, so i began to get interest on him, but that wasn’t enough xD. then “Sorry Sorry Answer” was out. OMG it was one of the best day of life, i totally felt for them. Now, I just can’t live without them.. They are so sensitive.. I love them as my real friend, because, when I’m angry, Happy, or I want to Cry, Super Junior is here. Now they are my models, and I think I’m a little obessed with them but it’s ok, I’m an Everlasting Friend.

  91. *sigh* my entry vanished T.T
    I was going to upload a re-edited, shortest version (compared to my 2 responses) but maybe not anymore… good luck everyone!! fighting!!! hwaiting!! jia you!!! gambate ne!!! Bonne chance !!! Удачи! ¡Buena suerte!!! emoga Beruntung!بالتوفيق!!!
    lol i got carried away

  92. 1. I’m from Vietnam.

    2. I’m 20.

    3. They are friendly and approachable to fans. SJ is a talented group, unite, beautiful. Members were very special and extremely attractive.

    4. My bias: Kim Heechul

    5. 02/09/06 That day I was off school. When I and a friend chatting, I saw one of her photo about SJ and at the first sight, I were extremely impressed with the image of HeeChul in U. From there I began to learn about SJ and growing love them more. I am proud to be an E.L.F.

  93. Plain & SIMPLE answer the following questions..

    Where you are FROM
    How OLD are you
    Why you LOVE SJ
    WHO is your bias
    How did you get into SJ

    Hi everybody! I live in California US and I’m 12 years old… I love Super Junior because their 13 different personalities make the group very interesting to stalk(dont we all do it? haha) and they goof around way more than other groups. I love Kyuhyun because hes really cute… Story of how i got into SJ – So a year ago when my friends started having a war on which band was better(not naming or SJ) I was all like “Whats and SJ?” Then seeing the first SJ and not naming video i have ever seen (Sorry sorry) I decided Sj was better and very cute. And there u have it. I was sucked into the world of Super Junior.

  94. Where you are FROM: Toronto, Canada
    How OLD are you: 17 years old
    Why you LOVE SJ: Super Junior is not just about the 13 gorgeous faces, their finely-sculpted bodies, or their angelic voices. To me, the words “Super Junior” bring about a warm and cozy feeling. Their kindness to each other, their family, their juniors, and to us ELF’s is undeniably incomparable. That is the main reason why I love them so much, and will continue to do so until I grow old.
    WHO is your bias: Donghae because he is just perfect in my eyes 🙂
    How did you get into SJ: I actually had no interest in K-pop before until my friend made me watch SJM’s “Super Girl” music video. I wasn’t even fully paying attention to it until the moment Donghae showed up. At first, it was just looks that got to me (just like any other teenage girl these days). But slowly, as I learned more about the group and watched more Super Junior variety shows, I began to fall in love with not only Donghae, but the entire group of not 13, but 15 beautiful men. Maybe it was their loyalty to each other that caused me to fall in love with them. Or maybe it was their deep passion for everything they do that captured my heart. Whatever it was, I’m glad it happened. And I am forever indebted to my friend for showing me that music video!

  95. Plain & SIMPLE answer the following questions..

    Where you are FROM: Malaysia
    How OLD are you: 21 years old
    Why you LOVE SJ: Their love towards people all around the world is extraordinary.
    WHO is your bias: Siwon Choi
    How did you get into SJ: I first know Super Junior by Siwon when i watched his drama Oh! My Lady. I wondering “So this is Siwon from Super Junior?” From there, i started to explore about Super Junior. It begin more crazy after my friend give me No Other MV. From there, i become ELF.

  96. 1: I’m from Philippines! (Asia!! 😀 )
    2: I’m 25 years old.
    3:becoz suju is so lovable.. i love their friendship, i love everything about super junior!: I actually fall in love with them during Sorry Sorry promotion. I had known them when they first debuted, but at that time I was like “what kind of idol group consists of 13 members “. They were not so popular at that time (compared to other groups) so I didn’t really care about them.
    The first time I listened to Sorry Sorry, I was like “Wow, this song is cool. Their vocal isn’t that bad.” So I decided to watch the MV. At first I thought this will only lasts for a few months since before I got addicted to SJ, I was a fanatic of a Japanese boyband but the feelings lasts for only a year. But then, they get so popular and keeps producing good musics, dance choreographs and loads of variety shows. Now I’m officially an ELF for 3 years. 🙂
    4: My bias is Kim Heechul!
    5: From a korean series entitled Bad Family. I get to see Heechul act and research more about him.

  97. Hi! I’m chinese, but live in Indonesia. Sorry for my bad english.
    I’m 23 years old (88 liners :D)

    When i get asked, why i love SJ. I really don’t know how to answer. I know they’re handsome, talented, etc. But i think it’s just their added value for me. I love SJ just because they are SUPER JUNIOR. SJ is one of the best things that happen in my life. I think they are my unconditional love (plural, lol), since I’m trully love them and i don’t expect they to feel the same (but who will expect it? lol).

    My bias is Lee SungMin 🙂

    I get into SJ by watched the explorer of the human body. It’s hilarious :))

    Sorry for the long post sid. I think 250 words is not enough to express how we love SJ :p

  98. Wow, 250 words are really not enough to express the love for SJ…
    Good luck everyone! ^_^

  99. 1. I’m from Spain…born in Peru!
    2. I’m 23 years old…too many years, says my mom, to be a fangirl.
    3. Why I LOVE SJ?…well I don’t know exactly, they arrived when I was having a difficult time & in a few days I became an ELF!!! & no matter how, they always make me smile…their voices, their dances, their smiles, their madness…everything it’s just wonderful for me…it’s like if time stopped, as if the whole world didn’t exist…just Super Junior. At those moments I forget everything, all the bad things, the hardships in my life, the rutine, the bad relation between my mom & I…they make me forget everything & make me believe I can be a better person, that I can fulfill all my dreams & believe I can achieve happiness…
    I don’t know anyone more inspiring as them, they have also gone through difficult times and have overcome it…that’s why I love Super Junior, because they gave me strength when I needed it the most even though they don’t know about it…
    4. WHO is my bias? This is so hard to answer…the 15 have their own charm & I love all of them but I think I like the most Kyuhyun…his beautiful voice has mesmerized me! I always cry when I hear a ballad song sang by he. I also love his personality, particularly the way he treats his hyungs…evil maknae always!! I also do the same thing…bothering my aunt calling her by her name “Cecilia”, she always gets mad when I do that 😛 & the best thing I like about Kyuhyun is…he likes maths just like me!!! XDDD Nowadays it’s so hard to find people that likes maths….I don’t know why :S
    5. How did I get into SJ? mmm…It was around Super Girl promotions when started to search their names, MVs, pictures, news, etc…but I knew about them indirectly watching Star King, other MVs like “timeless” or the “Explorers of the human body” special episode with DBSK..later, I watched their movie “Attack of the Pin Up boys” & yes, I died of laughter!! So I searched more about they & I soon learned their names (it took me 5 or 6 minutes!). I became addicted to EHB, Full house, Sorry Sorry song, their performances, their first SS…I became addicted to Super Junior!! Thanks youtube and sup3rjunior wordpress for letting me know these handsome boys!!
    Well, that’s all…I hope to get lucky 😀 & thank you!!!

    • aaah…too long!!! Sorry!! it’s difficult to express the mean of SJ in 250 words…

  100. 1. Where you are FROM – Malaysia
    2. How OLD are you – 18 years old
    3. Why you LOVE SJ – their relationship looks like the big family.Super Junior is always be nice to ELF.The most thing is,Super Junior is special more than others group and always active to do anything,especially dance,acting and more.Every theme of album,they looked very different,especially,thier style.That’s why I love Super Junior. ;D
    4. WHO is your bias – Siwon,Eunhyuk,Kyuhyun,Donghae and Yesung 😀
    5. How did you get into SJ – actually,I knew them since 2006.but,I’m not very interested it. *I’m sorry ELF ^^’ . after 4 years(2009) , firstly when I hearing song SORRY SORRY at sment’s youtube,it was very COOL and INTERESTED when hear it.I hear it almost 100 times ;D its NOT BORED.At the same time,I fall in love with EUNHYUK’s dance and the most l liked it is CHOI SIWON 😀 they were very handsome and smart.Now,until 2011,its already 3 years since I was be ELF 😀

  101. Where you are FROM-Malaysia
    How OLD are you- 16 years old
    Why you LOVE SJ- cuz super junior is wonderful 😀
    WHO is your bias-Henry Lau
    How did you get into SJ- from my friend

  102. 1. Where you are FROM: INDONESIA
    2. How OLD are you: 19y.o
    3. Why you LOVE SJ: Because they are a boy band who has many talents. and i don’t have too much word to show my feel for SJ >.<
    4. WHO is your bias: KIm Ryeo Wook
    5. How did you get into SJ: First i know SJ from my friend, her show to me No other and bonamana MV and begin found out about SJ. kekeke~ now i'm really crazy about SJ. No one can stop it ^^ Love Ryeowook forever.

  103. 1. I’m from Indonesia
    2. I’m 19 years old
    3. I love them because they make my life so colorful, I can laugh until my stomach hurt and cry loudly just because of them. They are not same with other group cause they have their own color, they own way to entertain people.
    4. My bias is Cho Kyuhyun
    5. I accidentally opened one of the video on my sister’s flash disk

  104. sorry, I forgot one word

    5. I accidentally opened one of the video on my sister’s friend’s flash disk

  105. ok this is seriously sad and just plain MEAN!! why are all my comments disappearing? I’m not here to start anything. I sincerely wanted to wish everyone good luck and this is what I get? T.T… what did I do wrong?

  106. 1. I’m from Singapore.
    2. I’m 21 this year.
    3. Hmm.. I think there’s no single reason to say why i love them. I just enjoy listening to their songs and watching them on shows. SJ seems slightly different than other Kpop groups.. Just watching them and listening to their songs makes me really happy and can turn a bad day into a good one. And it really touches me that despite all the down moments they had went through, they still manage to emerge strong from it and i hope that SJ will continue on for many years to come.
    4. My bias is Ryeowook! But recently, I’m starting to become a KyuWook bias. Really love the magae team for their talented voices!
    5. I’ve only started listening to Kpop around Feb this year and it started when i heard SJ song for the first time. The first time i heard the song (can’t really remember which song), i really thought it was a great song and immediately fell in love with Ryeowook’s beautiful voice. At that time, i didn’t even know it was an SJ song since it was my first time listening to it. So, i started asking around about the song and started checking the group out and immediately fell in love with them! Now, i’ve become an avid supporter of them and really hope to be able to see them perform live one day. (:

  107. Where you are FROM: Pennsylvania, USA
    How OLD are you: 16 years old
    Why you LOVE SJ: I love Super Junior because they give me happiness that I cannot get from anything else. They always cheer me up when I’m down and bring interest to my uneventful life. I love them because they are such a unique group with their own talents and endearing personalities. They love each other as brothers do, and care for their fans. They help me to better myself. For all that they give me, I love Super Junior :’-)
    WHO is your bias: My bias is Donghae, 🙂
    How did you get into SJ: Well, I watch a lot of anime, and I got into jpop. Then I got into kpop because of jpop, x-D. So I was roaming through youtube trying to find some kpop artists I liked, and I found Super Junior M’s Super Girl video. I fell in love with them right away, :-D, and ever since then, they have been my favorite band. I would be half as real if I never knew them.

    • Ah, I hope it’s not too long T_T Sorry if it is.

  108. Where you are FROM?
    I am from California, USA.
    How OLD are you?
    21 years old by November
    Why you LOVE SJ?
    I LOVE SJ because well, they have a lot of members, more choices to choose from. You can never get bored with them. Each have their own thing. 13+2 of them all have different personality, likes, and dislikes. They are independent, doing their own thing, but also depend on each other for support and to fight off their loneliness.
    WHO is your bias?
    Mr. Killer Smile, Kim Ki Bum. I have a thing for killer smile guy. Not to mention he is so cute, a little lonely sometimes, shy-even if he is one of the most popular guy in the SJ. It didn’t seem like he would be joining the 5th album *tears* but I still hope that he would be on tv soon.
    How did you get into SJ?
    I heard my friends telling me to watch Super Junior Full House, at first I’m like a group with 13 guys, no thanks. But than I change my mind and watch it, and instantly felt it love with it, that I had to download all 14 episode and re-watch it over and over, even now. Well I like kibum first than slowly like the other five members:hangeng-Mr. fried rice, heechul-hilarious, kangin-joker, eunhyuk-a funny dork, donghae-nice guy, siwon-handsome guy. Then I start to listen to their music, music video, and now I love all 15 of them.

  109. Origin: U.S.A
    Age: 17
    I love SJ for being themselves and their everlasting hard work. They are one of the most amazing groups in the world. I love their comradeship and understanding for one another. Their passion is felt by many elfs, which is why I became one. I love their music, for they make my heart skip a beat. I love the way they smile and whenever they shout: “We are Super Juni-or”.
    My bias is Cho Kyuhyun. His voice is mesmerizing just like his story.
    I stumbled upon a live super junior performance one day, while watching some DBSK mv. Ever since I became an SJ fan.

  110. 1. Pennsylvania, USA
    2. I just turned 19 last month 😀
    3. In simple terms, they give the whole package. Each member are unique facets to the whole unit and they make me smile in no matter what they do. I was never into K-pop until I heard their music and I don’t know what happened but I suddenly became an ELF 😀
    4. KYUHYUN! Without a doubt hahah. His beautiful voice caught my attention first when I heard his version of “7 years of love” and I was instantly blown away. Despite his evilness towards his hyungs, he has such a lovable personality.
    5. Well…..I was actually watching my first Taiwanese drama when this happened hahah. I had just finished Autumn’s Concerto (awesome drama btw, I would recommend this to anybody) and I found a video of the male lead, Vanness Wu, dancing Sorry Sorry on set. I’ve never heard of Sorry Sorry or Super Junior before this but I was so amazed after seeing the music video. I couldn’t stop hitting the replay button 😀 This was around the same time as their 4th album comeback so I came in at the right time hahaha. Afterwards, I went back and listened to their music from previous albums. To sum up all of my ramblings thus far, I love them.

    Thank you so much for offering this!


  111. 1) Where you are FROM : Minnesota, USA

    2) How OLD are you : 24

    3) Why you LOVE SJ : Most idols are funny and have wonderful personalities but there’s something about all the members of SJ that is just so natural. Some idols seem like they’re trying so hard to be friendly and funny but the SJ guys are like naturals. Each member is so unique and contribute to the success of the group. I love how SJ has some of the top idols singers, idol MCs, and dancer! I also adore their innocence and how simple they keep things. They’re original and I love the variety of music they make. I also LOVE how respectful they are of others. I get tired of idol groups quickly in the past but never have I’ve gotten sick and tired of SJ. They’re just so addictive! One thing I absolutely love about them is how they aren’t shy to show everyone how close they are to each other or touchy they are. Hehehe.

    4) WHO is your bias : I love everyone but I just happened to love YESUNG a bit more.

    5) How did you get into SJ : “U” and then “It’s You.” After that, I caught up with the members and their variety shows. Thru variety shows, it was just too hard not too adore them! I love pop music and I’ve always had. So I fell even more in love with them after realizing that even though their music varies, they will still stay true to pop music and who they originally are.

  112. Where you are FROM?? riyadh, saudi arabia

    How OLD are you??? 15

    Why you LOVE SJ?? cz there’s amazing & awesome & have an awesome voices & dancers & funny, also there’s love arabs & muslims

    WHO is your bias?? leeteuk, eunhyuk, donghae, heechul, siwon, sungmin, hankyung, kyuhyun

    How did you get into SJ??? from my friend & internet

    we want sj & smtown n arab ^^

  113. Where you are FROM
    -> I’m from Indonesia ^^
    How OLD are you
    -> 22 years old
    Why you LOVE SJ
    -> The first time I liked them because of their handsome faces and their dance is cool, but lately I’m more like them because they are very “different” from other boyband, they can be “crazy” in their own way but still charming 🙂
    WHO is your bias
    -> Kyuhyun!!i love GameKyu sooo much, but now I like all the members because of their uniqueness
    How did you get into SJ
    -> inadvertently, I watched their MV on Youtube, I’m interested in their dance, they dance very well, especially when I hear the voices of the members are truly awesome, then I started to browse to find everything about them and collecting everything about them, and since that’s when I became an ELF until now and forever.. 🙂

  114. I am from Sacrament, California in the USA.
    I am almost 17.
    I love Super Junior because they are sincere to their fans and are very talented.When they sing, they are meaningful. They are always hardworking.
    My bias is Ryeowook. ❤
    I got into Super Junior because I saw that they got number 1 in a ranking. I used to like another band, but then Super Junior ranked higher than that band. I decided to check out their music. The first song I listened to was Sorry Sorry. When I first watched the mv, i got hooked on Suju because everyone in the group were(and still are) good looking. They were all talented. Each person was unique in their own way.

  115. Where you are FROM:Pakistan
    How OLD are you:16
    Why you LOVE SJ: because unlike many other artists,their fame and success is well deserved and a result of tireless struggle.also,because of the diversity in their work.
    WHO is your bias:yesung,Henry lau
    How did you get into SJ:anime=j-pop/j-rock=channel V=Bonamana=super Junior=<333333

  116. 1. Where you are FROM : Philippines
    2. How OLD are you – 2o yrs old
    3. Why you LOVE SJ – I love their personality and sincerity. It’s one of the rare times that i became addicted to artists/celebrities but i’m glad I did. Of course, no one could deny their versatility in dancing, singing, hosting and acting!
    4. WHO is your bias – 1st is Heechul, and then the all the other members:)
    5. How did you get into SJ – I didn’t like them at first. I was even criticizing them but immediately after our retreat, I just watched their Bonamana MV. i think it’s Divine Intervention..hehe..The rest is history. But I swear, I researched about them everyday! I’ve never done that before.

  117. Where you are FROM>> I live in Indonesia, my race is Chinese : )

    How OLD are you>> 19yo in Korea (1993 born)

    How did you get into SJ & Why you LOVE SJ >> Hmm, I think it’ll be a quite long story to write,,but here; actually in my TV channel, one day, it often (too often) played HAPPINESS mv, 1stly I go to Taiwan Pop,so I always passed the Happiness MV. at that time. I felt annoyed w/ the pinky of the MV so i never listen to it! (*kill me*). but at a time, I gave up coz the channel still played the MV & i tried to listened & watched it. And I saw the Free Hug & started to like. 😛 & the next day, they still played it! & I asked my sis to chose who was she like among many guys. And she chose Hankyung. & I chose Hankyung too. ^^ after that, there’s a China variety show w/ SJ-M. I watched it (u can see from that day I’ve fallen for them coz i wanna watched the show^^). there,i looked for Kyung. my sis pointed at Kyung,but i didn’t think it’s him! i said,(pointed Siwon) ‘this the guy we chose!’ ma sis ddin’t agree. but from that day i chose Siwon & ma sis chose Kyung. after that we searched SJ in yt. ‘U’ mv is so addicted. & I searched all members & now I LOVEEEEEE them ALL. (my older sis chose Kibum after watch Attack^^)

    WHO is your bias>> Siwon but now i BIAS them all…. ^,~



  118. Where you are FROM : Japan
    How OLD are you : secret ^^
    Why you LOVE SJ :They are so handsome and so cute.
    I love their good relationship too.
    WHO is your bias : Donghae! 🙂
    When I wathced MV of Wonder boy’, I felt in love with him
    And then I love Donghae all the time.
    How did you get into SJ :I saw MV of ‘Sorry sorry’ on Youtube first time.
    Their song and dance are so cool.

  119. My name is Fei
    I’m from Canada and I’m 17

    I saw them first on youtube, it’s their ‘U’ MV, sometime in 2006, it made an impression on me, but since I am a guy and liking boy groups just wasn’t my thing … yet, and then that’s the same year I went back to China, I saw a show on tv called happy camp featuring Hangeng and Siwon, their brotherhood touched me, I became a fan of those two, I was surprised myself, but I still wouldn’t admit myself as an Elf at the time.
    …….But then came their don’t don era and the exploration of human body, I really loved Don’t Don, I know its probably their least popular title song, but I just loved it. So during the break, I watched their show EHB along with Full House, they were the funniest show I ever watched, they made it so easy to watch, I became a fan of every single one of them after the shows, and needless to say, I became a male Elf.
    Super Junior is the only male group I like, and although I do like a few girl groups, I’m never as excited for their comebacks as I am for SUJU.

    5th Album DAEBAK!!!

  120. Plain & SIMPLE answer the following questions..

    Where you are FROM Philippines
    How OLD are you 18 years old
    Why you LOVE SJ Simply because they are AMAZING people….they’re one of the largest bands in the world ,debuting 12 members…and added 1 which they became a 13-boy-group…aside from they’re good looking ..they dance and sing amazingly!! (gosh i already mention amazing twice :)) ) there are many reasons why i love super junior but i cant say it all..but what attracts me the most is their personality..yes u can admire a person because of his physical appearance but admiring a person with their personality..their attitudes …is deeper than admiring their physicals..that’s why im into SuJu.. ♥.♥..they are 13 in the group but they stand out together becoz of their uniqueness..no one is left behind..
    WHO is your bias ..KyuHyun and RyeoWook!!!!!!! (i remember when i first saw the Neorago video..i was so into them that i searched their names but didnt got it right..Ryeowok and Khyun)..
    How did you get into SJ..when Sorry Sorry debut in MYX INTERNATIONAL TOP 20!! when the vj said the next song is from a kpop group..(im not a KPOP fan at the time)..it didnt even catch my interest..but when the vj said theyre 13 in a group..i was like whoah? jinjja 13? ive got curioused..i watch their performance..and i admire them since (but im not yet an ELF)….and then comes Neorago..Sorry Sorry Answer..Super Girl.. oh there comes the fandom!!!
    i can say SUPER JUNIOR is the group that introduce me to the world of KPOP..so SuJu has a special place in my heart..btw.i became a self proclaim ELF ..back september 2010..when i started to love not just “Khyun” (KyuHyun) and “Ryeowok” (Ryeowook)..but all of them(that includes ShinDong)….its a long process for me to became an ELF ..but its worthwhile!!! ^^

  121. From: Canada
    Age: 14
    Why I love SJ: I find it very touching how they’ve been through so many hardships together and worked so hard and shed so many tears to get to where they are now. Their always behind each other’s back helping each other and the relationships between each of them are so strong (maybe not some of them like Heechul and Eunhyuk) that it gets me thinking why I don’t have friends like that. I also admire them a lot because each of them have their own special talents, for example Ryeowook is really good at piano and Eunhyuk is awesome at dancing. When you put their talents and personalities together you get SJ, where you’ll probably find at least one ideal guy!
    Bias: Donghae
    How I got into SJ: I was watching ‘Sorry Sorry’ and decided to check out their other videos too. I clicked on ‘It’s You’ and that was when I got really addicted to that song and wanted to know more about the group. I started watching their variety shows and got to know every one of them and found them attractive inside and outside.

  122. i’m from indonesia
    i’m 20 years.
    why i love suju? i think i can’t answer this question. because i think that love does not have reason. this feel just come and attack in my life.
    i love all members of super junior, but my bias is leeteuk. i don’t know why i love him.
    first i watch them in sorry sorry MV. in the first sight, i feel that my monitor is full of people. there is no space when the dance sceene. i feel so bored about this view. but when i watch the video again, the different feel comes to me. i think this is the start of my love to super junior.

  123. I’m from Indonesia….
    36 years old…
    Super Junior is a miracle that God give us….inspiring, empowering and motivating to everyone who see, watch n knew them….
    my bias is Leader ssi……..Leeteuk..
    i always make Super Junior as a sample for my students..to motivate them and open thought of hard working for the better future…hope maybe someday Super Junior would like to come to my school to meet my students…^^

  124. Where you are FROM: Selangor, Malaysia

    How OLD are you: 21 Years Old

    Why you LOVE SJ: I love their individual personality. The gentleman of Siwon, the speech and smile from Teukie, the eye-contact, smile and dance of DongHae, the voice of RyeoWook, Sungmin, KyuHyun, Kangin and Yesung, the dance and rap of EunHyuk, Kibum and Shindong, the voice and rapper of Heechul, and the funny attitude of Hankyung.

    WHO is your bias: Choi Si Won 최시원

    How did you get into SJ: One day, I was stress up with my final exam. So, I log on to youtube and saw Super Junior Videos. The First Video I click on is ‘No Other’ official MV. The first man attracted me is Choi Si Won with his cutie look. Then I continue watching their videos and deeply fall in love with the ONLY k-pop band which is SUPER JUNIOR. They are awesome, fantastic and marvelous.

  125. Where you are FROM : Indonesia
    How OLD are you : 19 yo
    Why you LOVE SJ : because they have something that made me love them.. but i dont know,, what it is,,, i just love them,, i can’t described it,, i can’t tell the reason why i love them…XD
    WHO is your bias : Only YESUNG
    How did you get into SJ : bcoz my friends KpopLover, and they told me about koreanpop,, included SJ,, and i’m falling in love with them because watching Its U MV, then i saw Yesung’s smile… and then,, i start search everything about them..

  126. Where you are FROM : Indonesia 😀
    How OLD are you : 21
    Why you LOVE SJ : they are the best entertainer that i’ve met so far . make me laugh when i sad by watching their variety show, make me smile, dance, and calm when i hear their songs, and they entertain my eyes with their hot looks! not only that, their hard work also inspire me to work hard for my future every time 🙂
    WHO is your bias : cho kyuhyun
    How did you get into SJ : i watch sorry sorry for the first time but dont fell into them yet, but when i watch super girl and EHB , i found that they are really funny and handsome, which makes my life become more colorful 😀 after that i saw their performance like in mubank or ss2 and then i fell in love with them completely

  127. 1. I’m form Vietnam
    2. I’m 17
    3. I really love Sj because I see their love to each other, they’re always hard-working, very enthusiastic and the most inportant is their caring for their fans.
    4. My bias is Donghae-ssi, a sincere and sensitive person ^^
    5. The first time I saw Sj that when my friend let me saw Full House, then I realized that these people’re very cute and excited. I have become an E.L.F when I heard the song “U”

  128. 1. Where you are FROM: indonesia
    2. How OLD are you: 18
    3. Why you LOVE SJ: because they are cute, funny, unique, talented, different with other boy band.
    4. WHO is your bias: EUNHYUK and YESUNG
    5. How did you get into SJ: my friend give me “full house” dvd. she said thats funny. first time i don’t like something “smell korean”. but after watch full house, i addicted! i love SUPER JUNIOR. only SUPER JUNIOR. well now i’m crazy of sj. song, video, pic in my computer, phone, and laptop only super junior.

  129. 1. Where you are FROM: Tunisia
    2. How OLD are you: 17 years old
    3. Why you LOVE SJ: Because they are gorgeous,talented,funny,crazy,unique…I love everything about them ❤
    4. WHO is your bias: Lee Hyuk Jae (EunHyuk): Monkey,Dancing Machine,anchovy..
    5. How did you get into SJ: because of a show (Oh My School) wich Heechul & Eunhyuk were invited ..then I became a huge K-pop then a crazy ELF …..always proud of my boys because they ROCK ^^

  130. Where you are FROM – I’m from mexico

    How OLD are you – 16 years

    Why you LOVE SJ – for style, choreography, in addition to all the members are very cute, plus they are very simple and show much love and that’s nice

    WHO is your bias – 1st Siwon, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, kyuhyun, Donghae and then the other members

    How did you get into SJ – first I did not like Super Junior but I retract when you hear the song at the time “I’ts You” love Super Junior and now I love them more

  131. 1. Where you are FROM: I’m from Indonesia
    2. How OLD are you: I’m 19 y.o
    3. Why you LOVE SJ: I love SJ because they are multi talented boys,everyone in SJ has a wonderful charisma, an amazing voice and handsome face. Actually they gave a different color in my life since I knew them.
    4. WHO is your bias: Actually I love all, but especially I love siwon, I think he’s a perfect man i ever know
    How did you get into SJ: one day, I watched sorry sorry mv on a tv channel, i don:t know why, maybe they have a magic so I feel impressed by their performance :))

  132. Where you are FROM: Brunei darussalam
    How OLD are you: i’m 18 years old.
    Why you LOVE SJ: they are so multi-talented, like Yesung sang with his beautiful voice. the leader is so caring to his 14 dongseng and also, ELF. they are so sweet and nice to their fans. because of them, i always keep my promise to them, no matter what will happened.
    WHO is your bias: Hangeng and Henry, but i love all of 15.
    How did you get into SJ: i searched for korea at google on 2006. and as a result, i found “super Junior”. so i was so interested on them.. Donghae made me fall in love with him.. yes, he is the reason ” i like Super junior” but on 2009, i became truly ELF, i love them more.. i watched “sorry sorry” and its inspired me to love them.. after Hangeng leave, i began to promise to super junior..

  133. Where you are FROM? Vietnam.

    How OLD are you? 21 years old.

    Why you LOVE SJ? They make me smile no matter what happens. They teach me how to stand still and keep moving forward when facing obstacle. They are my inspiration.

    WHO is your bias? Super Junior RyeoWook. I do not know why it is. Just went crazy about him for no reason. And then I found out he is very talented, and a warm-hearted person who always take care of the other members. I also admire the way he does his best in every single thing he takes part in. But I love all of the SuJu members, and I love RyeoWook as a part of SuJu, not a solo singer even though I still love his solo stages.

    How did you get into SJ? I was a helper in SS3 in Vietnam. I didn’t love SuJu then, so I didn’t pay much attention on them. When I saw them at rehearsal, I suddenly thought that: “Well, these boys are quite cute.” And after watched their performances, I found out I was more into them. Additionally, the stories about them my backstage friends told me made me love them too. They were very approachable despite their bodyguards =^^=

    P/S Thank you all the ELF around the world. You are my inspiration too.

  134. Where you are FROM : Philippines

    How OLD are you : 13 yrs.old (going to be 14 on Aug. 23)

    Why you LOVE SJ : because they are multi-talented and they can make people happy for even 1 sec. and because they are one…even other people think that they are only artist, singers etc.. for me they are not they are just a person who wants us to be happy for what they are doing…they want to be known by their talents and not by their looks or anything…

    WHO is your bias : All of them 13+2=15

    How did you get into SJ : the truth i just saw them at the television… before i only know Super Junior T because of their show Super Junior Idol world that airs here…then i start to watch that show and start to like them… I start searching them at the internet and saw that they are all 13 members in Super Junior plus the 2 members of SJ M…at that time i start to like the other members and their songs too…i even watch and download their shows …and now i still like them and it will never change FOREVER!!! i will always be an E.L.F who supports and like them even they get old….

  135. -> Indonesia
    -> 26
    -> I remember there’s a quote “theres no need a reason to fall in love”. That what I feel, I dunno what is the reason. The surely thing that I know that Super Junior already become my everything in my life.
    -> Kangin
    -> I’m a WGM lover and when I saw Kangin, its just irritated me to see theres an Idol with that style (at 1st ep he showing his neck and part of his chest in a cold weather and I thought that’s ridiculous) but it just need 2 episode to make me crazy in love to him. After that I looking for everything bout him and then I just can’t stop myself for falling in love with the rest of the member. Its hard for me to remember anything for long time but I can remember all the SJ member face and name in 1 week, something that amaze me and everyone around me^^

  136. Where are you FROM: Alberta, Canada…. Near Calgary

    How OLD are you: I am currently 17 but turning 18 in the beginning of September 🙂

    Why you LOVE SJ: I love them because they are so different from what I see every day. Korean boys are not what I am used to being Caucasion. I have never hung out with them and seen how they where. When I saw SJ for the first time on You Tube, I fell in love with how many of them there where… It was just so attractive. Then I started watching them allot… growing obsessed. I chose my Bias on the first day… Compulsively because my sisters whould of chosen him… Donghae was the one. I fell hard… Still am falling… Everyday. Its his childlike charm and the way he moves when he dances. His essence. Everything. SJ has the charisma, they have everything that Caucasion guys don’t have. Justin Timberlake could not ever be as charismatic or charming as these men can be. Super Junior has given me hope in all men. They made me feel that I could find a decent man one day, who will be cute and not force things apon me .. I thank them for that. Not only have they done that for me but they have given me happiness. Being homeschoold and litterly having no friend (exept my one Best Friend who is Yesung Bias and my two sisters a few years younger, who are Siwon and Kyuhyun Bias) its hard. My best friend moved three hours away two years ago and it’s been difficult having nothing to do on the weekends. No one to say “hey lets go to a movie or let’s have a girls night” it’s hard. But I confide in SJ everyday 🙂 they keep me from going insane and having something to look forward too. I hope one day to see them in person, because I know if I don’t I might die. I look forward to that day! I think that if i where going to school i would not be into SJ, i would br so caught up in friends and partys. Lucky homeschool has made me different. SJ is a big reason why i feel the need to be innocent, i dont want to go out and be thoughtless and dissrepectful to my body. I care to much about my future husband. SJ has made me feel that way. Also my religion as well. Being Christian I feel happy to know that many of the members share the religion. I feel loved every day by SJ , just by the things they say on either twitter or in interviews. Thank you Super Junior Oppas! I love you!!

    WHO is your bias: Donghae Oppa!!!! Forever and always!!!!! Only Bias in Kpop 🙂
    he melts my heart at every moment of the day. His two front teeth and his thin lips. The way his hands are always being used. The way he smiles and his eyes look so kind. The way he laughs and his mouth opens wide. I love how he looks in every single hair cut and in plaid shirt. I love how he thinks allot and I can tell when he is zoning out. I just love every fault. I love his acne, I love his short legs and his height, I love his cold face. The only thing I hate is when I know he is upset, because there isn’t anything I would want more than to see Donghae Oppa smiling with a happy heart. Saranghaeo Donghae Oppa.

    How did you get into SJ: I was home, as usual. My sisters and I have always been into Asian men, they have always attracted us. In our minds Japanese Men where #1- only because Japan is a super well known country. The fact that we where slightly into Anime drew this lust. I always have loved Japanese things ever since I was 10. Asian men where my destiny. I jut didn’t know that Korean men where going to be top. My sisters where on the computer, searching on you tube. They searched “Japanese Boybands” that lead to ” Asian Boybands” and that is when we saw “Sorry Sorry” it was amazing. I don’t know how, but I was stuck. At first I thought Siwon was amazingly good looking. My sister fell for Kyuhyun that moment and of course my other sister called Siwon. I didn’t choose Donghae until I saw “no other” he looked like a brunette, feminine, jock prince. That has always been my ideal type. When I saw Donghae, it was like my brain locked at the sight of my dream man. I cant even explain my feelings properly. I started loving all of them as weeks went by. At first i didn’t think any of them where attractive exept Donghae, Siwon, Sungmin and Kyuhyun. Buy that compleatly changed later on. To me they are ALL absolutely gorgeous!!!! I am so lucky to have this group as my #1- I wouldn’t change any of them for the world. They are my loves!!!!

    • Oh no…… 250 words…. I’m an idiot

  137. 1. Where you are FROM? Indonesia
    2. How OLD are you? 20 y.o
    3. Why you LOVE SJ? I love their personalities, attitude, voices, handsomeness, and everything in them. They’re a worldwide idol but the kindness they did seems not the fake one in my eyes. But, why i love SJ? It’s the hardest question to be answered for me. I’m actually don’t have any reason to explain. And I guess we need no reason at all to love someone, right? All I know is just I love SJ as I love myself and I can’t live without them, that’s it. (:
    4. WHO is your bias? Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Donghae
    5. How did you get into SJ? When i accidentally caught them up in TWINS MV on TV. I fall into them immediately then I’m starting to do a ‘research’ to find out everything about them. I wanna know them more and more. I’m trying to find all of their songs, MVs, CFs, variety shows. At first I’m a bit frustrated because SJ had too much members. I need half of month to recognize each member faces perfectly, but after 2JIB i can even differentiating them just through their voice. Yay!~ ㅋㅋㅋ

  138. hello… i’m from m’sia… almost 22 years old…(quite old rite?)

    what can i say is super junior is super junior… full of strength, uniqueness, talents, passion, good-looking guys, down to earth, motivated me a lot… when they sing, they don’t just sing with their voice only but also their heart… really can make audience cry or smile with ’em… thre’s too many to mention…

    my ultimate bias is Kim Ryeowook… i don’t get it why he doesn’t get many attention, why he is so underrated… but i truly admire his kindness, passion to keep moving forward, braveness, cheerful smile… his smile ade me smile,made my day…

    act,my best friend showed me their sorry sorry mv and i totolly stuck after that… that night,i’m not sleeping at all… hearing my friend talked about each of them… when i watched that mv,at first i like siwon,then changed to kyuhyun,then changed to ryeowook… that’s how i know sj… since that,i always spazzing about them,know their update by looking at this website,downloading their videos and fancams etc etc…

    I really wish i can get the 5th jib and go to their super show 4… ^^

  139. Where you are FROM: Bangladesh
    How OLD are you:18
    Why you LOVE SJ: I’ve gone through it so many times in my head already but somehow I feel like it’s not enough. They’re simply amazing! No, beyond amazing. When I’m listening to their music or watching them having a good time, my whole world lights up. My mom already thinks I’ve gone crazy coz she’s caught me giggling alone so many times!!
    WHO is your bias:Kyuhyun & Donghae. I love the other members too but somehow can’t get through the day without checking up on them.
    How did you get into SJ:Last year, during FIFA World Cup 2010. One night, I decided to study maths, which I never do, & watch Animax at the same time. Just when I was about to change the channel, they showed ‘Bonamana’ & I think I stared at the TV screen for the next 10 minutes with my mouth wide open!!! It took me months to get over the after-shock. Seriously changed my life.
    My story’s nothing special. But my heart breaks everytime I realize that I can never attend their concert or see them even though I live in Asia!! Thank you uksujusid apu for this wonderful site!!! You’re my hero.

    • OMG, i feel the same way!

      • Where r you from?

        • From Pakistan!

    • Aw, I understand how you feel! This was a very nice comment.

  140. Where you are FROM: Mexico!

    How OLD are you: 21 😉

    Why you LOVE SJ: I don’t know how to explain this, they just made me fall in love with them… they are so talented, humble, they’ve worked so hard to be where they are, they have suffered a lot but that didn’t make them weak, that made them so strong, they support and love each other so beautifuly, they are this big family which I just want to be part of… it just hurts to be so far away from them, I just want to tell them how amazing they are, and thanks for existing! I don’t know if this is an answer, but I just love them, they are a big part of my life right now, and I can’t even imagine my life without them! TuT

    WHO is your bias: each one of them is very special to me… but OH GOD SIWON! haha, I hate when people see him as just a boy with some amazing chocolate abs… our Siwon is so much more than that! he’s so precious, always taking care of others, trying to look so strong and manly, when he’s this cute little boy that needs to show every single day how much he loves everyone! I admire his love for God! he works so hard, he gives his best in everything he does! and his smile is the most beautiful smile every! I can feel his happiness, I can know when he’s just laughing and when it’s a genuine smile, he’s such a transparent boy, you can know if it’s happy or sad… I adore him OTL

    How did you get into SJ: my family and I were going through a really hard time, I was kinda depressed all the time, but one day I was watching videos in youtube, and I saw Sorry Sorry, and a lot of guys dancing I was like “WTF?”, and Teukie eyes just caught me… then my life became theirs, I couldn’t stop watching them, laughing with them, and also I adore Fishy, when I saw an interview of him talking about his father, I cried, I understand him perfectly, I miss my dad so much, and when I see him crying, talking about him, it’s like I’m listening to myself! I know that wherever our fathers are, they are really proud of us TuT these boys mess with all my emotions! idek TuT

  141. Where you are FROM = k.s.a
    How OLD are you = 19
    Why you LOVE SJ = cuz they are unique and different form the other Kband,and they really work vrey hard,and they apresheat and love E.L.F, each member have their own crazy personality ^^ << that's what i love about them, and they do anything and make it look cool, there's nothing that they can't do, END OF STORY….
    WHO is your bias = ALL ❤
    How did you get into SJ = my best friend told me about them and i emedatly fall for them ❤ ,, EVER LASTING FRIENDS ^^

  142. From: Singapore
    Age: 15
    Why i love sj: i swear they are the best boys ever and just by watching marry u ss1 i know i have to love them! talented, cute, funny, dorky, hot, everything nice….
    Bias: DONGHAE!
    How i knew them: first saw sjm on the tv and fell in love with donghae. ^^ thought that they were really cool~

  143. wow, so many are commenting already O.o”
    anyway..i’m answering the following questions..

    1) Where you are FROM : Malaysia
    2) How OLD are you : 16
    3) Why you LOVE SJ : because they are talented and amazing just the way they are
    4) WHO is your bias : Eunhyuk
    5) How did you get into SJ : through Sorry sorry album^^

  144. Where you are FROM: Malaysia
    How OLD are you: 17 years old
    Why you LOVE SJ: This is really something hard to explain. I love them from top to bottom and there are countless reason for me to love them. And I just have to say, I only love SJ and they are freaking important in my life. They are really unique and limited edition. They give me laughter when I am sad. They are not same with other artists, in the way they treat fans. We called EverLastingFriends instead of EverLastingFans. And many more!
    WHO is your bias: Sorry, I am too greedy to have 5 bias. 1st is Eunhyuk, 2nd is Heechul, 3rd is Sungmin, 4th is Leeteuk and 5th is Donghae. Where are the others? They are all my number 6! ♥
    How did you get into SJ: Okay, good question. Back in 2009, on one particular day, I read an interview column of my ex-idol in a magazine called Epop. There was a question “Which song do you like the best for now?” and my ex-idol said “Sorry, Sorry.” Of course, I neither knew who sang it nor what song was that. So, I decided to search on youtube. And it came out with a MV. I still remembered my first impression for this song was “What? Korean group? Super Junior? Ohmygod. Why they are SO many boys there?” Since the song was TOO catchy, I couldn’t control myself and watch it again and again UNTIL I got a bit in love with them. LOL. And then when I went to school on the next day, I asked the only kpop fans in my class about them. She told me everything about them. She asked me to watch E.H.B and Full House and swore that I would laugh my ass out. Of course I didn’t believe they could be that funny since they looked so cool in Sorry, Sorry MV. Cool men never do funny things. LOL. But… no, i can’t stop thinking bout you boy. ^^ OK, I think it was too long already. Mianhae 🙂

  145. -Where you are FROM: Philippines
    -How OLD are you: 21
    -Why you LOVE SJ: They are honestly the only group that can put a smile on my face no matter how depressed and suicidal I am. Even if I try listening and watching to other groups, I can’t help but compare them to SJ and SJ’s personalities. SJ is just really unique, talented, versatile, funny and interesting to me. They are real and sincere, even if they make mistakes and people bash on them, at least I know they’re real. I’ve been an elf since late2005/early2006 and no other group can replace SJ in my heart. Give me a heart transplant, it will still belong to SJ. Once an elf, always an elf!
    -WHO is your bias: Kyuhyun. But I also really really really love the Lee brothers. Then YeWook are also bias list wreckers. Idk. I just love them all! haha
    -How did you get into SJ: I wasn’t really into Kpop before, my friend would always spam me with Kpop, especially DBSK back in their Tri-angle days, then came SJ’s debut. She kept spamming me with SJ pics (I even laugh at the horrible TWINS styling XD) and she would always tell me about this new group. I was honestly annoyed and uninterested but then I watched an episode of Super Junior show, I instantly got hooked.

  146. 1)Where are you From?: I’m from PHILIPPINES!!!
    2) How OLD are you? : I’m 16 years old!
    3) Why you LOVE SJ ?:Because the are all talented and i can see /feel that they really love what they are doing and they care for E.L.F.S. !And they truly love us!
    4) Who is your bias ?:DONGHAE
    5) How did you get into SJ?:through their MV Don’t Don and their reality show FULL HOUSE! ❤

  147. 1- from Malaysia.
    2- 20
    3- There are a lot of reasons. One thing is that they entertain me regardless of what they are doing or the emotions they are into. Whether they are singing, dancing, MCing, DJing, acting, shooting, playing, doing variety or CF, happy, sad, angry, cheerful, excited, at all times, I am pleased and they never fail to make me laugh. There’s always smile on me whenever I watch them.
    4-Kyuhyun. Definitely. However, I love all of em.
    5-All thanks to KBS world, when they aired Star Golden Bell. And when I tuned to the channel, Super Junior was on it, mainly Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Donghae, and Shindong. Well actually I fall in love with Kyuhyun first (this answers Question4), then in love with Super Junior. They were very funny on the show, and when Kyuhyun started to sing It has been a while, he craved a spot in my heart. Later that I searched about Kyuhyun and Super Junior, shows, movies, and now I am in love with every single member of Super Junior.

  148. I am from Indonesia
    I am 16 turning 17 on Aug 30th ^^
    I love Sj because they taught me about hardwork and friendship. I realized this after I watched “A walk to remember”, I cried nonstop and my eyes got swollen the next day. Till now I always cried whenever I watch the videos. Their passion and dream are not something to be joked around. I heard that they are not really popular in Korea, but they never give up. Now they have proved their hard work. They become the greatest group and broke the “Korean boyband will not last than 5 years” curse. Even they are only 10 for now, they have said that their love will be for 13+2 forever.
    My bias is Lee Donghae ^^
    My cousin gave me the song “Miracle” but then I deleted it because I didn’t really like it. When they started to promote “Sorry Sorry”, my friend told me that SJ got a new song, and I was not paying any attention to them. The next week when I watched Music Bank and listened to their song, I found it addicting. When I started to find the MV and other songs I found “It’s you”. I love it more than “Sorry Sorry” then I’m addicted. I learned everything about them, mostly about Hangeng because he has a long and painful story about his pre-debut and when he debuted as SJ. I decided to become an ELF not long after it ^^

  149. Here we go~ I live in Portugal and I’m 22 years old.

    Why do I love SJ… With many members you would think that it would be difficult keeping up with such a group, but it’s actually a positive thing since each member has their own charms. Combine that with the skill and joy with which they do their work and it’s impossible not to fall for them.

    My bias within the group is ShinDong. I love his image as an idol, I love his passionate dancing, and he keeps surprising me every time.

    I found out about Super Junior through YouTube. I somehow came across SJ-T’s music video and became curious, but the Haengbok MV really got me hooked. The first comeback I witnessed was Don’t Don.

  150. Where are you from:Malaysia
    How OLD are you:to be 19 this august
    Why you LOVE SJ:it’s hard to explain,coz the next thing i know,i already fall deeply into them.I love them for their dorkiness,for their music,for their dance,for their personalities,for their warm heart,But if i think their deep friendship really does give an affect to me.10 years and plus friendship is really something to admire.I love how teukie always take care of their member,how siwon can tell something wrong with eunhyuk and donghae by just looking at their eyes,how heechul care for kyuhyun after the accident,how ryeowook always cooks for the member afraid they will be hungry,how ‘a short journey’ were composed,and lastly HOW they always stand aside by each others despite what happened.
    WHO is your bias:eunhae!eunhyuk my first love in sj,but since donghae is always around him and for the fact he’s hard to resist too^^
    How did you get into SJ:During Sorry Sorry period.It was my cousin who introduced them,showing me a clip of sorry2.At that i felt nothing,just wow they are so many and the song is quite catcy!Later on they insisted me to watch Full House,from there i fell in love.I remember,i watch that show one full day and slept around 5am in the next morning!Not to mention 3 hours call on my bestfriend telling them how great suju are*which later on my friend too became an ELF*Then i discovered EHB,there i learned,how beautiful their friendship are,i fall even deeper.From that moment i promise myself that i WILL became an ELF and WILL forever cherish and support them.Till now…

  151. 1. Where you are FROM: Indonesian
    2. How OLD are you: 14 years
    3. Why you LOVE SJ: because they so cute, handsome, multi talented, they have a good voice, and many more (can not be spoken with words). SUPER JUNIOR LOVE YOOUUU…. ALWAYS FOREVER!!
    4. WHO is your bias: My bias is Cho Kyuhyun and Lee Teuk
    5. How did you get into SJ: The first i know SuJu from Magazine, and i watching Mv suju Bonamana n I was immediately liked, loved suju, I was immediately looking for info from them..
    Yongwonhi Saranghae Syupeo Junieo.

  152. I’m from Pakistan.
    17 years old.
    Its very hard to describe in words that why i love suju … they r just so amazing and ive nvr seen such a great music evr before … there style is so different and unique and they work very hard to entertain us! whats makes them more special is that their group is made out of perfect 15 boys that r really cooperative with each other n treat each other like a family! and plus there music style is totally different … lol they dont abuse in thr songs* …… plus THEY R VERY HANDSOME! plus they act like normal people… ahhhhhhh what else can i say …. I JUST LOVE SUJU SO MUCH!!! ❤
    my bias is Ryeowook! he is amazing!
    My cousin told me about it since then im i love with SJ.

    • Finally someone form my country!

      • OH MY! which city r from??? im so happy to find that ur from my country! 😀

        • I know, right? It’s so hard to find Elfs here. People here don’t even know Korean music exists.

          • Sorry didn’t answer you! I’m from Islamabad.

  153. Where you are FROM : Bali, Indonesia
    How OLD are you: 14
    Why you LOVE SJ : simply because they are 13 miracle boys
    WHO is your bias : Siwon, alongside with Hangeng and Heechul. I am a SiHanChul shipper ;’)
    How did you get into SJ : last 2007, I’m really an otaku. It’s when i bought an anime magazine that contains a bonus cd. I watched that cd and there’s Super Junior – Don’t Don mv. I fell in love with Siwon at the first sight lol

  154. I’m from Australia and I’m 17 years old
    There are many reasons why I love Suju, and I could honestly write an essay on them but in a few sentences… Firstly when I’m sad, when I feel like nothing else can help or when I’ve had a bad day, I can just listen to their music or watch their shows and instantly feel better. Everything about them lights up my life and makes it exciting. They’ve taught me, amongst other things, to never give up and to stay young at heart. And their determination to do well for ELF, to make us proud, to make us happy, the whole hearted love they show for us, touches my heart.
    My bias is Kyuhyun. No one is perfect in my opinion but damn it he comes so close. I first fell in love with his voice, but then I realised that I am attracted to just about single thing about him, personality, looks, all of it. He, above all, is my true idol and inspiration.
    Well, my friends were doing (more like mocking ><) the Sorry Sorry dance one day. I was curious about it (I had no idea what Kpop was back then) and so I looked it up online. And then I started to watch other MVs, watch their shows, learn the personalities of the members…. and I fell in love with Super Junior
    And that’s me ^^

  155. 1) From London,UK
    2) Recently turned 16 years old
    3) Of course they are handsome singers, dancer and entertainers but what makes me really attached to them is their amazingly good personalities; the fact that they value their friendship so much that I feel ashamed of myself; their kind and lovely characters along with their dorky, hilariously evil and clumsy self. No matter how popular, they work hard, put their best effort to keep improving. Lastly, the constant gratitude they show ELFS by reaching out to us even though we are far by distance..
    4) My bias is Eunhyuk but I am an eunhae shipper so, I guess i have two biases.
    5)Last year, I started watching shows likes star king and I noticed eunteuk. I didn’t give them my full attention until I saw them in shinee hello baby. My friend already knew about suju and she was a fan but honestly, i thought it was ridiculous a band having 13 members. So, in august I researched and i found them quite funny and cute. I didn’t really become an elf until I watched EHB and i totally fell in love with eunhyuk. The more shows I started watching, my love for them started growing bigger. Now, I am so in love with every single member and I cant live without them for a day. I could slap myself for calling them ridiculous and I regret not being able to support them before. But, I promise I will now and forever proudly =)

  156. 1. Malaysia
    2. 24 years old
    3. I love SUPER JUNIOR because of their talents and the strong bond that they have with each other.
    4. My bias is Kyuhyun
    5. Back in 2009, I tune into [V] Channel accidentally and saw Sorry Sorry MV…from that moment, I searched for more info about SUPER JUNIOR and coincidently my roommate have a few MV of them, so I started to like them since then & my fondness grew deeper after I finished my study and got nothing to do at home last year…the exact time 4th jib were released…

  157. Plain & SIMPLE answer the following questions..

    1. Where you are FROM : Indonesia
    2. How OLD are you – 23 years old
    3. Why you LOVE SJ – miracle. suddenly they can make me laugh, impressed, amazed, touched, saddened, all they feel, I can feel too. they are super cool man 15 .. super junior
    4. WHO is your bias – im a DONGHAE bias.. but I also like LEETEUK.. hehe
    5. How did you get into SJ – when I saw the variety show them, and see the video clip super girl, it’s you, and the last until now hits the sorry-sorry. since then I started to impress.and I began to wanna know about them ^^

  158. Where you are FROM : IRAQ
    How OLD are you : 14
    Why you LOVE SJ : mmm i guess i can’t say why i love them .. cuz if i wanna write that , i think i’ll never complete it XD , but i
    ‘ll try 2 write it in Few lines , BTW : MY ENGLISH IS NOT VERY GOOD ^^” , ok i’ll make it short nd sweet .. i simply love them cuz they are 1family , i didn’t C in my life ever boys like them , i affected so much 4 a several attitudes that i read about them <33 nd every day i love them more nd more , starting from the leader .. he sacrificed with everything to become "SJ" the best band EVER , nd he did it ! Ending with Henry the best player ^^ Gosh i love His cheeks i wanna pinch it XD ..they all just perfect in every simple thing ~
    WHO is your bias: angel siwon <33
    How did you get into SJ : mm whenever i enter 2 a website i saw super junior , or Report 4 the most famous band Super Junior , 1day i said wt is super junior ??! i must see them ! i saw the first Report 4 them , i really liked them nd i said Gosh i must see more ! i search nd search Finally i fall in love with this big Family ^0^ nd i really love them from all my heart ~ I'm a real E.L.F nd I'm Proud 2b Myself .. E.L.F ^^
    Finally ~ 우리 슈퍼 주니어 ~OR ! ❤

  159. Where you are FROM:Indonesia
    How OLD are you:13 years old
    Why you LOVE SJ:Because they are unique,multi-talented.They are everything 🙂
    WHO is your bias:All of SJ members.I love my 15 boys ❤
    How did you get into SJ:Well..At first i just know them.But I'm realize,how cool they are.At first,it's really hard to remember 15 members.But i just need 2 days to remember their name and face.Until now,I'm an ELF since 1 1/2 years being an ELF.Well,ELF is my first fandom.And I always be an ELF 🙂 .

  160. Where you are FROM: Makati, Philippines
    How OLD are you: 24
    Why you LOVE SJ: They’re the perfect epitome of the Asian culture – extremely talented, equipped with moral values, stylish, entertainingly funny, and of course good looking. They make me and every Asian proud.
    WHO is your bias: Siwon and Henry
    How did you get into SJ: The driver of the ride I was into one day was playing Sorry Sorry. Starting that moment, I couldn’t get the song out of my mind…up until now.

  161. Hello. I am from the Philippines and I am 19 years old.
    SUPER JUNIOR is basically an important part of my life.
    I love them because I know I do. As simple as that. It is somehow the same with the definition of “LOVE”. You don’t have a specific reason why, but you can’t just let go of the feelings of happiness and dlight whenever you see them. THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE FOR ME.
    I love all of them, but I love heenim the most.
    I got into them i guess september of 2009.
    I tried to have a glimpse of them through SORRY SORRY, and tried to know them through watching variety shows. I LIKED them because they made me happy most of the time. But I LOVED them when I happen to watch ‘A WALK TO REMEMBER’.
    From then on, I had the chance to laugh and to cry with them.
    THANK YOU fro giving me this opportunity to share how I feel for them. ^^

  162. Where you are FROM : I am from Malaysia ^^

    How OLD are you : I’m sixteen in year 2011.

    Why you LOVE SJ : Hmm, well there’s no a WHY to love them actually. I just LOVE them. You know, love cannot be explained. 😛 If it’s a must to tell why I love Super Junior, that would be because of they could really cheer me up and make my everyday. Their ballad songs are always describing how I feel in the deep side of my heart. SJ’s relaxing songs could let me relax, and my mood will go real good. 😀
    Okay, I typed quite a lot, but those word still couldn’t describe the reason I love them. What can I say is, once an ELF forever an ELF. I would continue being an ELF and stay beside SuJu and keep loving them. ♥

    WHO is your bias : Actually my bias is all of them. xD Okay, my most biased bias is Mr. ChoKyuHyun. His vocal, his voice, his appearance, his attitude, his everything is everything I LOVES. ❤

    How did you get into SJ : I use to not notice them last time, my best friend who sits beside me in my class was a DongHae biased ELF. She always talks about how cute are them to me and keep telling me about them. I actually became a half ELF because of BONAMANA & NO OTHER MV. Then, after Super Show 3 Malaysia, she told me about how the evil pepper kyu bullied the poor lil' mushroom hyuk. That incident is TOO CUTE, so I started to YouTube search for the video. I watched it, and I wanted to watch ANOTHER time and ANOTHER time. That's just TOO CUTE! After that video, I started to Google their profile. Then listening their song one by one and I loves ALL of those <33 I love them being together, they always look real cute and funny. Their jokes really can make me laugh my lungs off. Hahahaha!

  163. I am Indonesian ELF ^^
    I’m 16 years old.
    Why I love SuJu? I don’t know. I just suddenly falling to them. Until now, I couldn’t find the exact reason why I love them.
    My bias are Kyuhyun, Heechul and Henry Lau ^^
    I was get into SJ because… hardly remember it. But I think because after I watched Bonamana MV, I realized that they’re so fascinating. Since that day, I fell into a deep love with them… ><

  164. 1. Where you are FROM : Indonesia
    2. How OLD are you – 21 yrs old
    3. Why you LOVE SJ – they are so unique, amazing, they have harmonization voices, taught me a lot
    4. WHO is your bias – YESUNG BIAS
    5. How did you get into SJ– from siwon act at 18 vs 29….

  165. Where you are FROM- Hiya mate I’m from Australia 😀

    How OLD are you- I’m currently 21

    Why you LOVE SJ- That is a hard question. It is like asking why do you love your mum. The love is just in you, growing and growing, the admiration I have for the boys are just incredible. They are lovely men, who are just so talented that you can never be disappointed.

    WHO is your bias- Cutie Sungmin ❤

    How did you get into SJ- Interesting… the funny thing is, I decided to look up cross-dressing on Youtube and came across a show (dammit I cant rmb the name) Heechul, Kangin, Sungmin and Eunhyuk was in, dressed as girls and dancing to Gee gee and Sorry sorry. And somehow from that, they intrigued me. Funny huh? Just coincidently coming across them dressing as girls and I just fell in love. Okay that might've come out wrong. I love men, I love Super Junior haha!

  166. I’m from the Philippines, 15 years old. I love them, so much. Seriously? I don’t know why. They are special even though they don’t do anything. Im a spendthrift person, but because of them i learned how to control. Well, i still spend sometimes, buying their Super Junior stuffs. No one’s perfect. They are the one who thought me to be happy with whatever I have. They don’t care what they do as long as they’re happy. Their imperfections are the one that’s making them special, and each of them have their different ways. Each member is unique. I’m not a K POP person, i loved some songs, because they get popular in our country, but they are the first group that made my world change. I get reprimanded at times. And i don’t care, as long as i will still take care of my studies. They serve as inspiration to all ELF’s out there. We’re proud, all of us.

    I’m a Heechul bias. I love him, but doesn’t make the other members any less.
    A video got me into them. From being funny people, when they perform they transform into Gods in stage. When i saw that video all i said was “WOW!” plus, “their HOT.” And now? They’re near the top already. So proud of them.


  167. Hi! I’m a 14 year old girl from Norway.
    Super Junior is the best group ever! Why? They have the best leader of all time and because they are all talented and they stand out from all other boy bands. They’re all funny, talented, good looking, sexy, awesome, handsome, HOT, cute, adorkable, yeah, you name it. I have many reasons for why I love SJ but out of all the reasons the best is that they all care about their fans ^^ ❤

    Whenever I listen to their songs, I immediately start to sing along and dance along. The one I like the most is Yesung. I love the way he sings. Oh! and I love how he's soooooo adorkable ^^ ❤ And don't let me start on his dancing, he's the best of them all. I mean come on! Who in world could do such a wave like his and his squid dance. Need I say more? ❤

    If it wasn't for my cousin, I would've never found out of SuJu. It all started with a drama called He's Beautiful (BTW it's the best drama ever!!) They played sorry sorry and started to dance to the song. I tought it was hilarious at first and then they started to mention all their names.. At first I was suprised of how many they were. But as lame as I am, I didn't start searching about SJ before after a month or so.
    Then one day my cousin showed me a group of prison people in the Phillipines dance to sorry sorry. I got so suprised of how popular they were, so I started searching. And after some performances and tv appearances.. I found out how perfect the group was for me.
    Now, all thanks to them, I've started to belive that, always do your best and never give up, can actually take you far in life (:

    I'm so proud to be a E.L.F ❤

  168. 1. Where you are FROM = Indonesia
    2. How OLD are you = 15 (will be 16 a day before the MV Teaser out ^^)
    3. Why you LOVE SJ = i gave up with my dream to become musician(or idol). i heard their life(also their past), i can’t give up now. they really motivate me. help me to find what i really like, and what i want to be. they never give up, and that’s why they become SJ we always love 🙂
    4. WHO is your bias = Yesung ^^
    5. How did you get into SJ = My friend (an E.L.F) forced my teacher to play super girl MV in my classroom lol. Then I start to think, hey,they’re good~
    after that i search their info, and after watching more and more about them, they’re really amazing..

  169. Where are you from : Jakarta, indonesia.
    How old are you. : 12 years old
    Why you love SJ : they are different with another bb.they have their own talented.super junior is very unique
    Who is your bias. : Kyuhyun and Siwon
    How did you get in to SJ: it’s since 2009.when I watched sorry sorry, I thinked the dance is weird.but, after watched the video I started to like.but only the song.in 2010, I really love them.why? I don’t know.and in 2010, I have bronchitis. It’s really hurt.I must drank some medicine in 6 month and if I forget drank the medicine, I must reapet drink the medicine for 6 month (again).actually I have drink until 3 month, I forget and I must drink in 6 month again.I really wanted to give up.but I remember SJ.I don’t want die before I watch SJ. they are one of my reason to life besides my parent.and I always pray that they will always smile and healthy
    I love them with ALL MY HEARTH.
    sorry if my comment is over.

    • I think the bronchitis is for why you love SJ.sorry

  170. Where you are FROM — Philippines
    How OLD are you — 22
    Why you LOVE SJ — I love them because they are simply amazing the way they are. They motivate me in times I feel down. They serve as one of my inspirations in life.
    WHO is your bias — Kyuhyun
    How did you get into SJ — It was around last June 2010, when their Bonamana music video played on the Korean salon I visited, I was captivated by instant. Then I just couldn’t stop watching the video over and over again on YouTube….and then I watched a lot of their videos, from music videos to reality shows, to guestings…then I realized I became an ELF already. XD

  171. 1. Where you are FROM : Slovenia [small european country]
    2. How OLD are you – 17
    3. Why you LOVE SJ – 1.because their music can totally cheer me up… 2. they are so dorkie i can only laugh 3. they have such a pure hearts!
    4. WHO is your bias – RYEOWOOK ❤ [i love how he looks, sings, his great personality, modesty….]
    5. How did you get into SJ – it was actually during BONAMANA era and since then i'm a hardcore fan! 🙂

  172. 1. I’m from U.A.E. but I’m a Filipino citizen. 😉
    2. I’m 16 years old.
    3. I LOVE Super Junior because they’re the most influential people in my life. :]
    4. I have no bias. I love all 15 members. ❤
    5. I started liking Super Junior around 2009, but I discovered them during 2008. The first song I heard from them was 'Haengbok' and I just suddenly became a fan. Shortly after I heard 'Sorry, Sorry' in 2009, I started searching for songs and continued on to learn more about them until I was officially updated with everything I needed and wanted to know.

  173. 1. Where you are FROM : Indonesia
    2. How OLD are you : i’m 16 y.o
    3. Why you LOVE SJ : because they are SUPER JUNIOR 😀
    4. WHO is your bias : Henry & Sungmin
    5. How did you get into SJ : firstly is when i heard Yesung’s high voice in the end of It’s You song. really! i can’t explain that. since that i love Super Junior. thanks Yesung 🙂 LOVE SUPER JUNIOR 13+2! ^^

  174. 1. Where you are FROM : Romania
    2. How OLD are you -18 years old
    3. Why you LOVE SJ – because the are unique ,they dance really well and sind and also i love them for their character….SUPER JUNIOR FOREVER!
    4. WHO is your bias –TEUKI
    5. How did you get into SJ – it was actually during BONAMANA era and since then i’m a hardcore fan! 🙂

  175. 1. Where you are FROM: I am from the United States
    2. How OLD are you: I am eighteen years old.
    3. Why you LOVE SJ: Because they all have such dynamic personalities that always sneak a grin onto my face. Looking at their success influences even people like me to sacrifice a little and have some determination.
    4. WHO is your bias: No other than the Evil Maknae, Cho Kyuhyun!
    5. How did you get into SJ: I stumbled upon their music video for “It’s You” on youtube and immediately fell in love. Actually, Donghae was the one that caught my eye the most!

  176. Where you are FROM : Indonesia
    How OLD are you : 19 years old
    Why you LOVE SJ : because their brotherhood and love between members touched me. And of course they are so funny, gorgeous, cool, handsome, and the best group I ever knew
    WHO is your bias : actually I Love all of them, but my bias is Yesung
    How did you get into SJ : hmm, it’s happened when I’m in the first class of my Senior High School. I heard one of their song (Twins) on TV and for me, that’s a good song with an amazing dance. and after that, I become an ELF and promise to always Love them ^__^

  177. Where you are FROM
    How OLD are you
    Why you LOVE SJ
    WHO is your bias
    How did you get into SJ

  178. 1. Where you are FROM – Malaysia

    2. How OLD are you – 15

    3. Why you LOVE SJ – At first i liked them for their handsome + funny looks, awesome dance and catchy songs, but after i get into them deeper, i know that i shouldn’t love them just because of that, it’s not worthy. i learnt many things that i never knew before. i never saw any more wonderful brotherhood than them, never imagine how 13 (15!) people can live so harmoniously, and i learnt that pain is exactly one of the key to succeed. being an ELF is like getting new spirit in my life. behind their funny and crazy characters, i can always feel their pain. though it was hard, they still manage to work together to achieve what did they target ; and that motivated me a lot. if i meet them, the first word that i really wanna say is, “고맙습니다! THANK YOU!” and neverthelessly, for being the reason why i have to learn Korean 🙂

    4. WHO is your bias – Ryeowokiieee, he is just a such innocent baby with high determination

    5. How did you get into SJ – my friend introduced BOF and i watched it. in the story, i love JiHoo and never knew that he’s part of SS501. after knowing SS501, I became a Triple S for bout 3 months? (i think so, i cant really remember). in fact, i hated SJ at that time because they’re too popular that they swept the charts and being the main factor why SS501 can’t get first place in most of charts. seriously, i was like “what’s their speciality that everyone’s admiring them?!”

    and one day, while i was watching their vids, the Neorago (It’s You) MV was in the suggestions list (you know, there’re related videos at the sides in utube), and i opened it without knowing why. well, i just wanna see what’s SJ like actually that they’re very famous. in the MV, well~ finally i understood. they were just so awesome in the vid, and i can’t avoid their handsomely attack! and i decided to be an ELF though i knew i can’t help them a lot. till now, that song really means much to me. THANK YOU ‘IT’S YOU’! and well, this come back is my second SJ’s comeback after SJ-M’s perfection. and this is way too exciting! though i never afford to buy any album before

  179. Where you are FROM: Malaysia
    How OLD are you: 16
    Why you LOVE SJ: they are awesome! super awesome. feels like they have their own colours. everyone have different personality but can form a great and brilliant group. they are humble and even have great bonds with each other. and knows how to please their fans.
    WHO is your bias: Leeteuk oppa! ❤
    How did you get into SJ: watch them in star golden bell in kbsworld. eunteuk was there. and it is when they promote sj happy. super cute teuk oppa! 😀 after the show end, i immediately search for super junior and i thought these guys are so handsome. then im fell in love with teuk oppa dimple until now. hehe.

  180. Where you are FROM: POLAND
    How OLD are you: 19 y.o.
    Why you LOVE SJ: Because they’re lovely and talented (actor, MC, singer, DJ, dancer etc). I love when they are together. I want to see them all (15 !!) on the stage.
    WHO is your bias: Sungmin and LeeTeuk
    How did you get into SJ: I downloaded drama Full House… and it wasn’t drama. It was Super Junior Full House… ;p

  181. 1. Where you are FROM: I am from the Netherlands
    2. How OLD are you: I am 19 years old.
    3. Why you LOVE SJ: Beside the music that I really love, is their personalities. Each member is different in their own way and makes me always laugh. They are so talented. And they really give so much love to their fans, I think that’s unique. I think they’re all AMAZING!.
    4. WHO is your bias: Donghae & Heechul (It’s always different 😉 )
    5. How did you get into SJ: When the Bonamana video came out on YouTube. It was during my exams and I was very stressed. Then I saw in the catogorie Music from Youtube the most viewed music video and that was Super Junior with Bonamana and from that moment I viewed the video a lot and makes the time during my exams a lot fun and easier and i graduated and I thank Super Junior for that. Since then they helped me with other achievements.

  182. Where you are FROM : Indonesia
    How OLD are you : 14 years old
    Why you LOVE SJ : I don’t know. But Certainly I love them soo much. I love them like I love my family. I didn;t like if anyone mocking about SuJu.
    WHO is your bias : Kyuhyun, Siwon, Yesung, Donghae and Leeteuk *so much*
    How did you get into SJ : At the MV Don Don’t, I don’t like anyone of them. But at the first time I saw Kyuhyun at MV Sorry Sorry I begin their fans.. 🙂

  183. where am i from..??MALAYSIA
    i am..20 years old
    why i LOVE SUJU..??because they are TOO PERFECT and TALENTED
    who is my bias..??HANKYUNG,HEECHUL, EETEUK and EUNHYUK
    i 1st know about the existence of this group in 2007..my friend promoted it to me through HAENGBOK song..since then i never admire other kpop artist..and i always keep updating about them..for me SUJU is my HAPPINESS..without SUJU my life will be SUCK and DULL..SUPER JUNIOR OPPA..SARANGHAE^^

  184. name:iqbal
    where are you from:indonesia
    why you love sj:because of their voice,dance and everything
    who is your bias:hankyng,shindong,and kibum
    how did you get sj: after i saw sorry sorry MV and immediately like leeteuk but now i’m true geng fans.

  185. Where you are FROM: Australia (Melbourne)
    How OLD are you: 18 yo!
    Why you LOVE SJ: quoting kyuhyun, “Because there are 13 members, there are many different personalities. But those can become one and show a beautiful harmonization.”, each member has their own talents, personalities and points we E.L.Fs can love them for. I personally find it hard to just love one member.
    WHO is your bias: kyuhyun is my number one, but i sungmin comes in very closely.
    How did you get into SJ: i’ve actually only been a super junior fan for two months or so now, but i honestly cant remember how exactly i got into them. I think i was watching some video on youtube, and somehow linked into seeing hangeng. Then from there, i started getting into SJM because i understand mandarin, and from there, i got into kyuhyun, and has been loving him since. Stalking kyu in videos, i found myself also into minnie because he’s such a strange person, looking so cute, but actually knows martial arts and there seems to be nothing he cant do ❤

  186. ~ i am from Holland.
    ~ i am 19 years old.

    ~i love super junior because they are super junior.
    they are an amazing group of 15 wonderfull guys, and i love them with all my heart.
    they way they love eachother and care about one another just makes me love them even more. No one is by himself, whenever one feels upset his hyungs are there right away. I don’t see them as ‘just another boyband’ no, this is brothership and a family for life.. Whenever they sing you can hear the emotion in their voices, which touches every single one of us all over again. for one person it might be kyu, for the other shindong, the other cries over donghae, leeteuk, henry, zhou mi etc. They have been through so much shit, and still they are together, getting stronger day by day. They are working so hard for all of us, to have the most amazing comeback, blow us away with amazing songs, dances, looks.. for just being super junior. the heroes that they are.. they changed my life, the way i looked at my own life. because of who they are, what they do they cheer me up everyday. they make and keep me motivated to do whatever i want to do. i learn everyday from them, about myself, about my life, what i want in life..

    they make me understand the true taste of love..
    because of them i believe in miracles..
    because of them im still alive..

    they will always.. always have such a big place in my heart.. forever <3.

    ~ my #1 bias is zhou mi, followed by yesung leeteuk & siwon. i love 'em all 15.

    ~ i was on a site with MBLAQ lyrics.. and the bonamana mv started to play, immediatly i clicked on the video for it to open in youtube.. and i fell in love with the song. learned the song and dance right away, and kept searching for more songs and photos.. that's how my everlasting love began <3.

    over 250 words.. sorry :$.

  187. Where you are FROM: Malaysia (Yes i’m in a country where SJ album is an easy access, but I’m a poor student and I truly couldnt buy SJ 5th album using my own money)

    How OLD are you: 23

    Why you LOVE SJ: My first time falling head-over-heels for an artist, never even liked local or other artists before, i just couldnt stop having enough of them when i first saw Yesung EHB fail. They are pure, hard-working, deserving of what they have now, sincere, true to themselves, truly based on their OWN TALENT and NOT PHYSICAL, multi-talented, thankful, humble, unique, RARE, SOLE, and because they’re SJ, my first and only love in this entertainment wide world.

    WHO is your bias: Yesung (for sure)

    How did you get into SJ: i watched hongki’s video on youtube, i saw heechul’s name popped up many times, along with super junior. eager to know who heechul of SJ is, i looked for super junior in wikipedia and was shocked to know they are a group of 13 members. then, yesung EHB fail popped up and it made me look for full EHB episodes and now, i have about 70GB video collection of SJ and its counting. 🙂

    btw, i have come across about 2-3 other SJ news site, but this is truly the best. I’m not sucking up, just wanting you to know the truth since i know you will be reading the comment. KEEP UP UR AWESOMENESS! (even until SJ is inactive in group and we’re old enough to be called mom? LOL)

  188. Where you are FROM: Canada
    How OLD are you: 19
    Why you LOVE SJ: I love them because they deserve to love. They are so multi-talented that I love them. I can’t find no reason to love them, really. They’ve worked so hard and I really admire their love and passion for what they do!! I really can’t imagine music without them, They’ve become a huge part of my life, really when I wake up in the morning, they are one of the first things that I think of each morning ❤
    WHO is your bias: Kyuhyun
    How did you get into SJ: I believe I got into it watching Kibum in a drama and thought that he had the most Killer smile I've seen, and then I found out he was in a band, and then started watching Full House and other shows and MVs and just got hooked <33

  189. 1) I’m from Indonesia.

    2) I’m 21 years old.

    3) I love them because they bring me happiness in every single thing they do. They teach me to become a better person day by day. For me, although they are much far from here, they are also close like boys next door. Ahh, it’s very hard to describe…

    4) It’s hard to choose one bias from all of them, but I can say Kyuhyun gets more attention from me 🙂

    5) How did I get into SJ? Well, when I was in my first year at senior high school, I watched korean drama “18 vs 29” which Siwon starred in. Then I started to find more things about him and found that he was a part of Super Junior. I wasn’t interested in them before, but…………….a coincidence happened. I found “Marry U” MV in my laptop (i don’t know who put it in my laptop until now), I find this song is sweet and touching when I know what the lyrics mean. In addition, I love how their voices matched the music well. After that, I watched Explorers of The Human Body, and find myself have fallen for them. I think this is one of the best things that happened in my life 🙂

  190. Where you are FROM: hi, i’m vira… from indonesia

    How OLD are you: 17 years old

    Why you LOVE SJ:because they are not just an artist, they are angels who bring happiness for us (ELF^^). I liked everything they have, face, voice, dance, song, and the most precious is their personalities. loving them is not something that I want, but loving them has become something that I need. I know, I could live without them. but I chose to live with them. they taught me many things about life, they taught me about the beauty of friendship, the importance of sincerity, they are 15 gods miracle given to us(ELF). super junior and ELF is a great power. we have been united in one love, and will never be separated. they had brought me to a world filled with love and happiness, they have introduced me to people who are very good, people around the world, united by a love, which is only called with one word, that is ever lasting friend. I’m very happy to have had this feeling, I’m happy to have had a tremendous love and sincere to super junior and ELF. and I will continue to protect this love, and keep this feeling forever.
    super junior Will always be the shining star for ELF.
    super junior fighting!!!! 5jib daaaeeeebak!!!

    who is your bias : i love all of them, but if I had to choose one of the most admired me I choose teuki oppa. he is my bias ^^

    How did you get into SJ: in fact, the man who first made ​​me like the sj is Kyuhyun oppa, he was the first member that interest me, he’s very handsome, after that, I started looking for know all about super junior. know the nature of all members, and habits. after I saw the video of their concerts in Japan (the premium event in japan) I was very touched by teuki oppa. because she was crying while singing star shinng. from then on I really idolized super junior especially teuki oppa. because teuki oppa is very wise, and very responsible. he is the best leader, best sister, best friend to us all. he is a sook amazing. although teuki oppa is my bias, I still love super junior overall. I desperately need 15 members. because my strength is made of love them all. 15 + elf = one = love = happiness (super junior = leader angel – evil maknae + henryzhoumi)

  191. i’m from PERU ^^
    I’m 19… i love them since i was 17
    I totally love CHOI SIWON … REALLY I LOVE THIS MAN!!!

  192. Where you are FROM : Indonesia
    How OLD are you : I am 16 going on 17
    Why you LOVE SJ : because they are awesome! I’ve never see any asian especially korean boyband who can be this popular in whole world. They are really inspired me through the music or fanfiction ^^
    WHO is your bias : Eunhyuk and Ryeowook
    How did you get into SJ : when I first heard bonamana song I was fell in love with cute tiny voice of Ryeowook. then at first I just like him in person, not like the boy band. but slowly my brother told me everything about sj and showed me No Other MV. I love Ryeowook more and I start liking them. But not for Eunhyuk. because in No other MV he wasn’t that good looking. but when I saw him on sorry sorry MV I start fell in love with him then he become my first bias now kekeke Until now when I get stressed I always hear any of SJ song because it can boost up my mood. I even really really in love with Eunhyuk now and I have no boyfriend because of that hahahahaha

  193. Where you are FROM : Indonesia
    How OLD are you : I am 16 going on 17
    Why you LOVE SJ : because they are awesome! I’ve never see any asian especially korean boyband who can be this popular in whole world. They are really inspired me through the music or fanfiction ^^
    WHO is your bias : Eunhyuk and Ryeowook
    How did you get into SJ : when I first heard bonamana song I was fell in love with cute tiny voice of Ryeowook. then at first I just like him in person, not like the boy band. but slowly my brother told me everything about sj and showed me No Other MV. I love Ryeowook more and I start liking them. But not for Eunhyuk. because in No other MV he wasn’t that good looking. but when I saw him on sorry sorry MV I start fell in love with him then he become my first bias now kekeke Until now when I get stressed I always hear any of SJ song because it can boost up my mood. I even really really in love with Eunhyuk now and I have no boyfriend because of that hahahahaha I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR IN MY ENTIRE LIFE <3<3<3

  194. 1. Where you are FROM
    I am from the Mitten State in the USA

    2. How OLD are you
    I am almost 16

    3. Why you LOVE SJ
    I love them for their 13-member-ness and their loveability. I also love their awesome singing and dancing and entertaining abilities.

    4. WHO is your bias
    I have 2, actually. My first bias was Wooki cuz he was so cute and adorable. Then Bonamana came out and I was like OMGOSH! LEETEUK!

    5. How did you get into SJ
    After I first heard Sorry Sorry and saw the MV and the awesome dancing, I was hooked. From then on, I found out how awesome SJ-M is and all the other subgroups. AND, my love for SuJu just grew and grew.

  195. Where you are FROM: United States
    How OLD are you:27
    Why you LOVE SJ: They are multi-talented and a diverse group that I couldn’t turn away since the moment I saw them.
    WHO is your bias: Kyuhyun, his smile just kills me.
    How did you get into SJ: Well I am a K-drama addict and was searching a drama when I saw the announcements of a 13 member k-pop group comeback ad I said “that’s a lot of members”. The comeback was for “Sorry, Sorry”, but i just continue with my k-drama addiction but in every k-pop site I visited talked about them and I had to see what was the commotion over. I fell in LOVE instantly and have been a fan ever since. I immediately started looking for all their past music performances, records, appearances making up for all that I missed. Super Junior introduced me to K-pop now I am a twice the addict I was before with Korean Culture. I JUST LOVE THEM.

  196. Where you are FROM : Malaysia
    How OLD are you : 15 years old
    Why you LOVE SJ : Because they deserve the loves from all of human being in the world after what they had went through. They are also kind-hearted, good, hardworking, super-multi-talented, handsome, cute, funny, caring and perfect person. They are unique in their styles, the ways they talking, singing, dancing, smiling and everything. They are unreplaceable and the most powerful in the world!!! I love them loyally and truly from my heart… I hope and wish all the best for them!!!
    WHO is your bias : Kyuhyun
    How did you get into SJ : My friend was talking about Super Junior all the time. All about their achievements, songs, handsomeness and so on. So, I searched for their MVs and fell in love with Kyuhyun at the first sight when watching “Super Girl” of Super Junior-M. His eyes are killing me, his smile is melting me, his cuteness and handsomeness is making my heart bumping like crazy. I guess I had found my white horse prince, my perfect ideal type!!! Ahhhh, Kyuhyun… I want you!!! Can you be mine? Forgive me for making you guys scared of me… Hwaiting and fighting for Super Junior and all E.L.F.s!!! I am a shy, shy girl ~~~ ^^

  197. I’m from Indonesia.
    Im 18 years old girl.
    I think there’s no exact words to reflect my LOVE feeling towards SUPER JUNIOR. They have great work as a singer, but “wow,,, look at the dance! it’s so wonderful :)” yes, they sing and dance well at the same time people. They are great star but hey! they are humble and funny, “are they really superstar or somewhat like cheap comedian?” YES they are singer and SUPERSTAR, but here they are THE REAL ENTERTAINER people. They act nicely towards other member, and other people “It’s so nice seeing them, I start to love them”. They work so hard on their field as a singer “I LOVE SUPER JUNIOOOOR AND I’M ELF FROM NOW :D”. I never seen this kind of artist before. It never leaves my heart and brain,LOL. I just LOVE the boys so much.
    My BIGGEST and THE ONLY ONE (i don’t cheat :P) BIAS is EUNHYUK AKA LEE HYUK JAE. I once had a really bad mood, and my friend came give me a video of EUNHYUK and my mood totally rise up. That’s how much i love him.
    I first hear about Super Junior when my friend singing “SORRY SORRY”. I look at them and interested that I couldn’t stop discovered more and more about them on youtube and internet on the night. I remeber I was completely fall in love when I saw “SORRY SORRY DANCE VERSION”..LEE HYUK JAEEE XD he’s such an expert!!!. So yeah,,don’t know from my friend or internet. it doesn’t matter anyway 🙂

  198. I’m from Indonesia.
    Im 18 years old girl.
    I think there’s no exact words to reflect my LOVE feeling towards SUPER JUNIOR. They have great work as a singer, but “wow,,, look at the dance! it’s so wonderful :)” yes, they sing and dance well at the same time people. They are great star but hey! they are humble and funny, “are they really superstar or somewhat like cheap comedian?” YES they are singer and SUPERSTAR, but here they are THE REAL ENTERTAINER people. They act nicely towards other member, and other people “It’s so nice seeing them, I start to love them”. They work so hard on their field as a singer “I LOVE SUPER JUNIOOOOR AND I’M ELF FROM NOW :D”. I just LOVE the boys so much.
    My BIGGEST and THE ONLY ONE (i don’t cheat :P) BIAS is EUNHYUK AKA LEE HYUK JAE. I once had a really bad mood, and my friend came give me a video of EUNHYUK and my mood totally rise up. That’s how much i love him.
    I first hear about Super Junior when my friend singing “SORRY SORRY”. I look at them and interested that I couldn’t stop discovered more and more about them on youtube and internet on the night. I remeber I was completely fall in love when I saw “SORRY SORRY DANCE VERSION”..LEE HYUK JAEEE XD he’s such an expert!!!. So yeah,,don’t know from my friend or internet. it doesn’t matter anyway 🙂

  199. hi! i’m from MALAYSIA!!

    i’m 21..

    simply just love super junior because of their BONDING! 13 of different people live,practice,perform and different sort of attitude. Not to forget our 2 Suju-m members!That X-factor doesn’t offered by any other group in this world! 15 different personality that complete each other. And of course good songs and dance is a must right? But do other groups have this brotherhood thingy? They do! but is it like our Super Junior? Nope! Oebsoo! Tiada(in Malay)

    All of 15 members is my favourite. But the one that make my day, every single night i think of, the evil maknae! CHO KYUHYUN!

    How did i get into suju? i really can’t remember. But i think starting of my friend showed DBSK’s Mirotic, and i started to search for kpop group, and ultimately super junior caught my eyes. But in fact, for me, whether any factor or causes introduce me into suju, i just can’t get rid of super junior in my heart! until now!

  200. Where you are FROM : i’m from Indonesia
    How OLD are you : i’m 23 years old
    Why you LOVE SJ : i love SuJu because they are SuJu. they so witty, talkactive, sweet, gentleman, unique, humorist, naughty, kind.. The anchovy, fishy, pumpkin, angel, big space star, evil-magnae, art voice, gesture man, dongguri dongsong, and ternal magnae become one..who can resist their charm..??
    WHO is your bias : my bias is the asia’s anchovy…Eunhyuk oppa.. !!
    How did you get into SJ : i knew SuJu from my dormmate, she showed me Sorry Sorry, firstly i just wonder why there are so a=many member in one group, but after that i addicted to their song. Another friend of mine gave me some variety show with SuJu or SuJu member in it, they’re so hillarious and i’m sooo love it..!! ^_^

  201. – I’m from Indonesia

    – I’m 18 years old

    – I love them because… just because maybe. But seriously, i really can’t tell why i love them. I just do. Or maybe, because they’re too love-able to not loved. ^^

    – My bias is our Cinderella. Kim Heechul.

    – How i get into SJ? I had a sunbaes that liked Super Junior. They talked about them everyday. And then, they asked me to join them went to one of my sunbae’s house. When we arrived, they kept talking about SJ. And then, because i got too curious, i asked them, “What so great about Super Junior?”, and they answer me with “Oh my, you have to see them!! They’re so effin’ great!!”. Then they show me the MV of Don’t Don. First, i thought ‘What on earth is happening there?’ even my face went like this =_=. But, suddenly i saw that one scene. It’s just 1 or 2 seconds maybe but that scene was the reason i got into SJ. The scene when Heenim with his smirk and Kyuhyun was seen close-up. Ah… i can’t describe it. But i know you know what scene it is. So i ask my sunbaes “Who he is? What’s his name?” while i point a guy with red-long-hiar. Then i knew, his name is Kim Heechul. I like him since then. So, when i finally home, i searched anything about him. Then i knew his a Super Junior member, so i searched about Super Junior, i downloaded all of their musics, songs, videos, i searched for their pictures. And because of that i know who Super Junior is. Since then, i became an ELF. ^^

    (i apologize for my horrible english)

  202. Where you are FROM: Brazil.
    How OLD are you: 19 years old.
    Why you LOVE SJ: Because I think they are a kind of medicine for me… Sometimes when I’m not feeling very well, I watch a video of them and it makes me feel better, lighter. They have this power to make everything more calm to me. And also I do not usually like the same band for so long, but Super Junior got me hooked for 2 years now! ^^
    WHO is your bias:DongHae
    How did you get into SJ: I was reading a online magazine from my country and they were talking about DBSK. I first was a fan of DBSK, then I liked SHINee and when i was watching a variety show with them, SungMin and DongHae were the guests. I thought:”oh, they are very handsome!” and went to search about them. I saw the other members and listened their awesome music and this is how I get into SuJu.=^.^=. ps. :it’s very complicated to get a cd in Brazil, I had to pay a lot of money and now I can´t afford this. Sorry if I am being rude.~

  203. Where you are FROM; Finland
    How OLD are you; I’m 18
    Why you LOVE SJ; Because hey are so real, and no one else can match their music
    WHO is your bias; They all are
    How did you get into SJ; I heard one of their songs and fell in love with their powerful and emotional sounds.

  204. Where you are FROM: california, united states
    How OLD are you: I am 16 years old
    Why you LOVE SJ: I love super junior because i simply enjoy listening to their music, i love their lyrics and their meaning to it. I also love how hot they are and how fashionable and awesome they are.
    WHO is your bias: Ryeowook
    How did you get into SJ: I was looking at random music videos from sment and i came across on of their music video,sorry,sorry. I insteadly feel in love with their music. Since then i’ve been listening to their music and i tell other people about super junior.

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