5th Jib Giveaway No.2 You Helped My Friend I Will Help You

July 20, 2011 at 6:47 pm | Posted in 5th Album, Albums, Mod Post/Compilation Posts, Wonderboys | 15 Comments


☆ Sup3rjunior 5th jib giveaways


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  1. That’s bad that i couldn’t help …
    Anyway, for those who helped, good luck ^^

    • Don’t worry I am writing up the next competition.. ;D

      • I hope to get at least one album ~
        Waiting for the next one =D

  2. I wish i could have helped, but i guess i wasn’t addicted to Sj and this blog at that time. ><

    • We’re the wame !! I wasn’t addicted to this blog and SuJu at the time …

  3. hahaha not sure if I helped with this one 🙂

    good luck to those who helped

  4. I am lost, but i want to say good look, and if i can help, i will do it ^^ mm i am not sure what its a “dissertation”… it means leave the university?…. ??? i dont know T_T (sorry for do this stupid coment, and fighting ((??)))

    • thinking about that……… i misundertand the post no? you will leave the blog because of the university??……. i am lost xD i need more english class

      • AAH ok!! i hope the dissertation go well, and sorry, i didnt help T_T but the next time i will ^^ thanks for explain me ..^^

  5. .Ugh.! I miss EVERYTHING.! I swear.! I can’t participate in the first giveaway because my laptop STILL doesn’t have any antivirus protection so downloading stuff for a vid is a no &&’ I missed this. NOT LEAVING THIS WEBSITE UNTIL THE THIRD IS ANNOUNCED.!(;

  6. Oh, darn! I didn’t do the interview. It was either that, or study for my calc test. Differential equations are going to be the death of me! 🙂

  7. i did the survey but didn’t notice the announcement to comment there…:

  8. I don’t remember if I answered this one xD I answered a lot of survey for thesis

    I hope your friend had a great score 😀

  9. ahh~ I didn’t know about that post -____-”
    good luck :DD

  10. i hope i will get one album of super junior T.T


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