MBC Come To Play – SM TOWN Special SUBBED!

June 28, 2011 at 2:36 am | Posted in Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, MBC, Pictures/Videos, Shindong, Wonderboys, Yesung | 207 Comments

Sup3rjunior SUBS \(^_^)/ thanks to Jee, 2regina1 & Melody

w/ Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk [ENG SUB] – From 110627


Video Credit: kpopella.com
Translated by: Jee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
Subbed and Reuploaded by: reneee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)



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  1. you guys are the greatest!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOSOSOSOSOSOOOOO MUCHHH!!!1<3333333333333

  2. aaaa…thanks a loooottt >,<
    I'll be waiting for sure until 5th part
    thanks a buuuncchhh…daebaaakkkk !!!!

  3. excited for the next part!

  4. Jee, 2regina1, and melody, thank you so much on subbing CTP.we really appreciate your hard work on subbing this show. thanks again.

  5. omo!! can’t wait for the other parts. thanks for subbing this :))

  6. Thanks!! Really appreciate what you guys are doing in this site =D

  7. thanks so much for your hard work!^^ will be waiting for more. keke, eunhyuk looks so cute with those glasses XDD

  8. thank you so so so much!!! Looking forward to the other parts/ Fighting!!!

  9. thank you very much. 😀

  10. thanks a lott 🙂
    sup3rjunior team, fighting^^

  11. Thankssss ….you re so nice for translate the whole show….. I wait with patience
    : D

  12. Thank you ^^ I will wait the next subs. 😀

  13. WOW THANKS SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Thank you for your work 🙂

  15. thank you so much for the english subs!!! we really really really appreciate all your hard work!!! will wait patiently for the other parts.. ^__________^

  16. Guys…. thank you so much for the sub ^^
    I will be waiting patiently for the next part…..

  17. THANK YOU!!! I really waiting this!!^^
    Sup3rjunior jjang!!

  18. WOOOHOOOOOOO thank you so much. We will be patient for every single parts, minutes, even seconds

  19. woahhhhhhh……..
    You guys are…

  20. Thanks for taking the time to sub the whole show……

  21. thank you!!!i’ve been waiting for this show since it was announced that SM artists are going to be on it~DBSK ans SJ on the same show wohooooooo!

  22. Thaks A LOT Jee, 2regina1 & Melody !!!!
    Will patiently wait for all of them^^

  23. thank youuuuuuuuuuu…
    you’re daebakk

  24. thanks so much! we really appreciate your hard work ^^

  25. The subs team is….the best! Fighting!!!

  26. ^__^ guys,double thumbs up for this..thanks~

  27. thank U sooo muchhhh ……….. sup3rjunior fighting!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Thank You kpopella.com @reneee and @Jee and to sup3rjunior.wp

  29. WooooooooW you are the best ,,, thanks a lot ..

  30. i love you

  31. yesung so funny

  32. YAY!!!!!!!! TYTYTY ^^

  33. Thank you 🙂

  34. thx you so much waiting next part admin,,,i’m waiting and be patient waiting next part

  35. thanks for the sub~ 🙂

  36. yippeee…….

  37. Thank you so much for subbing! ❤ This is so freaking hilarious XD

  38. thankyooouu!!! xxx

  39. thank you for subbing!!! *^_^*

  40. thank you so much ❤

  41. thanks 4 subbing,,i’m looking forward for next part 🙂

  42. woohooo..whole video sub!! daebak!
    you guys are the best \(^_^)/
    I’ll wait for the other parts coming..

  43. admin DAEBAAAAK… thanks for subbing this. I LOVE YOU~^^

  44. wow this is fast!:D thanks for subbing! \m/

  45. thank you so much, a lot of us were in the concert and it’s so cool to know what they felt! Thank you, thank you!!!

  46. Thank you sooooooooooooo much ❤
    That's really nice of you ^^

  47. tqtq! really appreaciate it!! Hwaiting

  48. thank youuu very kamsa~~~ you’re so daebak!!! can’t wait for part 4&5 .. !!! hwaiting!!!

  49. Thank you!!!!

  50. I can’t thank you enough ! 😀 sup3rjunior subbing team is so daebak !

  51. thanks for subbing this show ^-^

  52. thank you so much for your effort and hard work it was really fast
    really appreciate :=

    • that was supposed to be 🙂 LOL anyway

  53. Thankyu so much for subbing this show !!

  54. Thank you and a hug 😀 for subbing this show!

  55. wow.. this is so fast!
    thank you jee,2regina1 and melody! you guys are daebak! 😀
    will wait patiently..
    sup3rjunior team jjang! 😀

  56. sup3rjunior team subs jjang!!! Thank you million times ^_^

  57. thanks for subbing ^^
    btw where can i find another part ? gamsa 🙂

  58. thankyou so much! waiting forward for the next part ^^
    love the background btw! is it from the 2nd album??

  59. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  60. thanKYU so much! ^^

  61. Thank you so much and a very very big kiss to both of you for your hard work.
    I have never translated a show before but i know it takes time and great effort.
    You are the best and again THANK YOU ^^

  62. So fast !!!! Thank you so much. I appreciate you 😀

  63. thank you so much.. really appreciate this
    I will be wait patiently until the whole part subbed^^

    if you dont mind, could you provide us with avi format video and the download link if the subtitle has finished ?

  64. I’ll wait for the full part eng sub. fighting! thanks btw ^^

  65. thank you soooooooo much…

  66. waaaa…… thank you so so so so much <3<3<3

  67. Thank you so much for sub n’ share this
    Author FIGHTING 😉

  68. oh my god!!!
    subbing the whole show!!
    wow! thank you so much!!!

  69. I love you
    I love your site 
    I love your efforts 
    And I love super junior 

  70. thankyu,, love you 😀

  71. I can’t even… GOSH THANK YOU SO SO MUCH SUP3RJUNIOR WP <3333333
    I have classes, so I decided to watch it on Friday night. Hihi. Just sharing, lmao. One of the few great translators and subbers! 😀 Yay!

  72. DAEBAK!! i didn’t think the video with sub will out this fast XD
    i love you guys!! ^^

  73. i am really miss them in show,,
    i love this site,,
    thanKYU so much for the subs,,

  74. thank you so much for the sub


  76. daebak!!
    u guys are truly awesome!!
    thank u so much…ur hard work is truly appreciated…

  77. thank you so much for your work

  78. i love you~
    thank you so much ❤

  79. Thank you so much for subbing! ❤
    you're soo nice to sub full show ^^ fighting!!!!

  80. thanks for the sub! i love you guys! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  81. thank you so much for subbing this! you’re so fast <33333

  82. THANK YOU!!!!!!=p
    yap, will be waiting patiently and always with a grateful heart!!!! nomu nomu nomu gomawo chingus!!!!!!!!! daebak!

  83. Oh thank you! so much! Love it!

    BIG THANKS to jee, regina, and melody, and for everyone who had hard working to make this video’s sub 😀 😀
    really really amazing with ur hard working 😀

    im waiting for the next video ya ~ ^^
    gomawo once again

  85. mianhe! typo. i mean ‘amazed’

  86. o my god. we’ve been looking for this!! thanks a lot. i hope you can finish it right away! noemu noemu kamshadeuriguyo!!! ^^

  87. thank youuuuuu….
    you’re the BEST…
    it’s really fast…

  88. THANK YOU! ❤

  89. wawwww thank u so much ..
    daebaaaaaak :))
    fighting for sub part 5 😀

  90. why are u not subs in hard subs??
    i want HD link~

  91. hwaaaa.. Finally..
    thank you for subbing.. ^^

    I’ll wait for part 5 tomorrow :3333

  93. Thank you so much for subbing this!!

  94. thank you so much for subbing this! <33333

  95. i’m so thankful 🙂 thankyou thankyou you guys daebak and very fast ~
    PS : i’m totally in love w/ this blog , it’s like, everyday i have to open at least once a day 🙂

  96. Thank you, thank you!!! No words can describe my gratitude towards u guys! sup3rjunior.com jjang!!

  97. Really it’s a great job !
    fighting ^^

  98. thank you so much 🙂
    sup3rjunior.com daebak!!

  99. Thank you for subbing it. \(^o^)/

  100. thank u so much 😀 really appreciate it

  101. Wow, Thank you so so so so much for this!!!! You’re so fast too!

  102. yeahhhhh u’re so fast…tq for subbing……..=) really appricte tht….

  103. thank you sooooooo much. realyy love u guys. gomawooo :’))

  104. thank you sooooooo much. really love u guys. gomawooo :’))

  105. wow. just wow.
    thanks so very much for subbing guys.

  106. Thank you for this really!

  107. thanks so much for this…not only are the subs great, but you posted them so fast! keep up the good work guys 🙂

  108. Waaaah~, so quickly! @_@ Wow, I am really amazed by your quick and great work!
    Just a few moments ago I watched some cuts of this show and thought how it would be nice to have subs for it. 😀
    I am very grateful to you! ♥♥♥

  109. yay! thanks for subbing. u guys are the best. Eunhyuk look so cute with his geeky class

  110. WOW I never knew sup3rjunior.com had such an amazing subbing team!! O_O
    You guys are awesome beyond words for subbing this in a flash of light xD
    We can never thank you enough!!
    *hugs and kisses*

  111. Thank you so much for subbing and sharing! I can’t wait to see part five 🙂 This show is really great so far – lots of funny moments and interesting stories. It’s awesome that you have been able to take the time to work on this project 🙂

  112. ugh you guys are so awesome for subbing this so quickly. don’t worry about the wait for part 5!! this is so spectacular already!! THANK YOU SO MUCH~!! <33

  113. Thanks for sharing ^^

  114. Thank you soooooooo much ^____^

  115. you guys are awesome..thank a lot for subbing..will waiting for next part calmly..

  116. Wow,, It’s finished.!!
    Sup3rjunior sub-team jjang!

  117. I really want to say thank you very much again for sup3rjunior subbing team. you guys’ hardwork are so much appreciated. thanks again 😀

  118. I can barely wait for the last part… Kumowo ^^

  119. thank you so much<333

  120. thank you !

  121. wow you guys sub this so fast… thank you so much… ^_^

  122. at least, it finished.. i’vve been waiting all the time.. hehe..
    thank so much.. you’re so fast…

  123. Thank you so much team ^^
    Really appreciate it. . .

  124. sup3rjunior daebak!!

  125. thaaannnkk you so muuucchh.. muaacchh muaacchhh…
    you guys are daebak!!! nomu nomu gomawo.. :DDDDDDD

  126. omg this is ridiculously fast guys. i love you thank you so much for subbing and IN TWO DAYS gosh *bows* this is amazing thank youuuuu

  127. Woww…thank you very,very much for the sub.. jee,2regina1, n melody,you are the best!!! sup3rjunior jjang!!


  129. thank you soooooooo muchie that subbing it. support you all always 😀

  130. Thank you sooo much for subbing this ♥

  131. makasi banyak ya….

  132. thankyou soooo much,you guys are the best ever 😀

  133. Thank you SO much! =D I LOVED it! ❤

  134. wawawa…why do I feel a strong chemistry between eunhyuk & hyoyeon???? Are they dating? Really happy for that,so cute….Really like their closeness ^^

  135. thank alot becoz sub
    bed it.. keep it up friend.. ELF hwaiting

  136. Waaaah coooool you’re soooo daebaaakk,, kamsahamnidaaaaa for the sub, thank you sooo much :**

  137. Waaaah coooool you’re soooo daebaaakk,, kamsahamnidaaaaa for the sub, thank you sooo much :**

  138. gomawoooo…great work

  139. thanks for subbing… cant stop laughing at e way how yesungie dance. hes so hilarous… haha

  140. Thanks girls!!
    They were hillarious!! XD

  141. thank you so much …
    gomawo . gomawo .
    sup3rjunior subs jjang ..

  142. i enjoyed watching it… i feel so happy.. thanks

  143. I feel sad that they, especially the MC’s, were making fun of Yesung. D:

  144. thanx a lot admin!! =D

  145. thank you very much for the sub

  146. sup3rjunior subbing team is an EPIC WIN!!!

    thanks a loootta muchooo bunches!!!
    esp. for Jee, 2Regina1, n Melody!! <333

  147. will you guys post the download links or soft subs??? thanks

  148. TY SO MUCH!! 😀

    I’m so loving you!! 😀

  149. thanx a lot for the subs !! XD

  150. whoaaaa finally… i can watch it… thank you so much for subbing kak irene and jee for translating 😀

    yesung is very funny here.. and changmin is so cute ^^ kyakyaaa thank youuuu~~ ❤

  151. thank u so much for the subbed vids…u guys r the best…

  152. Omo Thank yew so so so much subbing team
    you guys are the best 😀 ! REALLY ❤
    I've watched the whole videos 🙂 Really thanks guys ^^

  153. thanks for subbing so quickly! u r jjang!!!! ❤

  154. Thank you so so so so much!! ^^
    sup3rjunior team DAEBAK!! 🙂

  155. thank you so much for sub this ^^
    but, it would be better if you upload it on HD

  156. Thanks a whole bunch!!! You just ended my craving for this episode of CTP. *bows*

  157. woaaa… thank you so much!
    you guys so awsome!! ❤

  158. thank you thank you so much for this!!!!!

  159. tnx i really appreciate it a lot..i laugh and i cried at the same time… I LOVE SM family and i want to become part of their big happy family…

  160. thanks for your time and effort.. you guys are awesome

  161. Thank you very much for the subs… You guys are awesome!!! ^^
    DAEBAAAKK!!! ❤

  162. Thank you so so much forn uploading! Plus with english subbs so i can understand , as well as other people. Aww Taeny taking care of sulli, shes like their second child after seohyun xP, lol, anways SM fighting! Yesungs dance whus hilarious xP

  163. thanks bra x much appreciated xxxxxxxxxx 😛


  165. so happy that SuJu’s got a super fast subbing team! ❤
    you guys are awesome, thank you so much ^^

  166. Lol! Super Junior and SNSD is so loud and hilarious! But, F(x) and Changmin were quiet and just laughed. Lol! I love SM Town!


  168. Is there anyway I could subscribe or get the links? Thanks so much in advance.

  169. Waah! Thanks so much for subbing this!! >.<

    But I have a problem…The video was recently set on private, and I only got to see parts one through … if it isn't to much of a problem, can you send me the links to the next to segments? 😀

    Thanks again! ^^

  170. Thanks for ur hard work, really appreciate that ^^

  171. why the video is private, i cant download it.

  172. i can’t see the videos 😦 it says that is private


  174. the video is private waaaa I can’t watch it 😥

    • I can’t watch it too because the videos are private
      Last night I can watch all the videos, but today, I can’t even stream the videos, please help us, thanks before

  175. Thank you so much subbing team. I love you guys:X
    But why are the videos private now??? I wanna watch it again:(((

  176. Why is it private? D: I love that people have subbed it…but WE CANT WATCH IT. wae? T_T

  177. aigoo…i was late …i watch till part 3 oli cos its take forever to load ..butnow its private ? ottoke ?

  178. the video was private so I can not watch.
    please …… thx.

  179. thank you jee, renee, thankyou for the subbing team. ^^
    but why everyone saying the video was private? i can watch it..

  180. thanks so much for subbing ^_______^

  181. Thank you for subbing this 🙂
    You bring happiness to other ELFs

  182. wow~ you gyus are so funny

  183. BIG BIG BIG thanks for the subss!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  184. Thank you so much for the download link 🙂 And, again, thank you for subbing :)!!!

  185. thank you guys so much for the subs! i loved watching this episode…. made me love super junior and sm town just that little more 🙂


    • thank you so much<333 I really appreciate! and sorry I mistook in commenting.anyway, thanks a lot!

  187. thank you so much!!! i’m downloading it now ^^

  188. thank you so much for ur greatest jobs..

  189. why i can’t watch part 4? plz somebady help me~~~ huu~

  190. part 4 has been removed by MBC, can you reupload it?

  191. 😦 i can’t watch it

  192. thanks thanks thanks a lot! i’ve been searching all over for the subbed version 🙂 so thanks again for subbing!

  193. 😥 i can’t watch it, can you reupload it? please. i really want watch this

  194. Ow…I can’t watch it nor download it. Megauplaod has been blocked by my country. Hope someone is kind enough to upload it on Mediafire……

    • Malaysia..no doubt 🙂

  195. u can watch online here

  196. oh no!! the video has been removed!! and my country blocked megaupload too!! sobs!!! couldnt watch!! T___T
    mind providing another dl link???
    i really wanna watch it!! T___T
    thnx in advance!!! ><

  197. can you put in mediafire?? cant download with megaupload..please2!!

  198. I REALLY SMILE ^_^

  199. i can’t watch this video.can you upload it on mediafire?it’seasy for me to DL it.. BTW,thanks 4 subbing.. 🙂

  200. thank youuuu..
    i just found this…
    😀 i appreciate your hard work 😀

  201. hiii 🙂 Can you reupload this show, please ? I’m looking for the download link of this episode for a loong time !! Please, can you reupload it ? Have a nice day ^^

  202. I want to download this video.
    But, when I opened the link, it’s not available.
    Can you help me?
    I want to download this video so bad 😦
    Hope you’ll help me as soon as well 🙂
    Thankyou before!

  203. I want to download this video.
    But, when I opened the link, it’s not available.
    Can you help me?
    I want to download this video so bad 😦
    Hope you’ll help me as soon as well 🙂
    Thankyou before!

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