110626 First Half of 2011′s Top 50 Best Selling Albums

June 26, 2011 at 10:35 pm | Posted in Albums, News/Rumors, Super Junior-M, Wonderboys | 7 Comments

1:TVXQ Keep Ur Head Down :236,669
2:BigBang 4th Mini album:138,975
3:Beast Fiction and Fact :90,000
4:CN Blue First Step:87,926
5:  BigBang 4th mini album repackaged:81,913
6:F(x) Pinocchio:54,987
7:TVXQ Keep Ur Head Down Repackaged:54,225
8:Secret Garden OST(Special Edition):47,858
9:Kollen Selects album:46,080
10:Seung Ri VVIP :41,302
11:FT Island Return :33,995
12:B And A Plastic Surgery OST:32,381
13:IU Real :30,540
14:CN Blue First Step + Thank You:29,723
15:B and A Plastic Surgery OST Part 2:29,420
16:MBLAQ MBLAQ Style :27,702
17:4 Minutes 4 Minutes Left :27,585
18:GD and TOP First  Album:26,933
19:Super Junior M Korean Version Perfection:24,788

Info credits to Cyaohui @ DKPOPNEWSM.COM
Translated by Kacey @ DKPOPNEWS.NET
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  1. Congratulations boys, I am happy that the Korean ELFs are interested SUJU-M, may be they appreciate more ZhouMi and Henry

  2. I’m worried about this year’s GDA. TVXQ sold 290k albums including repckg. We really need to purchase a lot more to be sure that SJ can beat that record considering this is only the number till May 2011 and TVXQ fans will also work hard for their artists.

  3. Whoever posted this article should know that this is complied by someone who just posts stuvs on dkpopnet and if it’s not an original article it’s most likely wrong for example in this chart they omitted SJM’s Perfection album that sold about 34,000 copies and only put their repackaged album…….Pls don’t use articles that are originated from dkponews unless it has an actual source…..

  4. I think DBSK has sold for more than 300k just till this half year…
    SNSD will also comeback at the same time as Suju…

    It wouldnt easier.. We have to work more hard ELF! \(^_^)/

  5. i know for a fact that sjm sold 35 000 albums(the mandarin one). The one stated is that of the repackaged one..anyways suju fighting

  6. yeah.. they probably didnt count the mandarin sjm version since that 35 000 was probably counted for taiwan.

    wow dbsk & big bang sold many albums… we really must work hard when 5jib comes out! im sure cassies and vips will continue to buy more of their albums to boost the album count.

  7. let’s fighting together^^

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