110626 Youngstreet Official Update w/ DJ [1P]

June 25, 2011 at 6:20 pm | Posted in Heechul, Pictures/Videos, RadioShow Updates, SBS, Wonderboys, YoungStreet | 3 Comments

to think… him DJing… it is one of the last times…. Unless he comebacks after the 5th jib?

Credit: sbs.co.kr | shared by iennie @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Reupload & Posted: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)


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  1. He seems a bit gloomy. His eyes aren’r much visible, it feels like he’s sad. Hope he retunrs after the 5jib.

  2. i want his t-shirt!! it looks like dj heebum hehehe

  3. Omo, he really looked like he was about to cry! T__T But the words on the award are so touching, no wonder that he was touched. And the award is really amazing. ^^
    somehow these pictures are really emotional, or at least special for me.
    Awww, his t-shirt is cute, I would like to have it, too. XD

    When I know that tomorrow is the last day of his Youngstreet, I wanna cry. T___T
    Grrr, tomorrow my eyes will be so swollen. >.< But I accept his decision…it is just sad…

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