[5th Jib] The best revenge is to achieve what others think you could not

June 22, 2011 at 9:39 pm | Posted in ELF, Mod Post/Compilation Posts, News/Rumors, Projects, Wonderboys | 39 Comments

Following Leeteuk as the first singer to make guest appearance on KBS news, Heechul being selected for the 4th consecutive year as MC for Dream Concert, together with multiple reports from Korea and overseas about <Bonamana> topping the Taiwanese chart for 52 weeks continuously, SJ’s power in the international stage has finally been recognised, wondering if anyone feels a sense of achievement & pride? With the grand finale of 4jib (cough cough, the “grand” here has nothing to do with the packaging and acknowledgement, you know what I meant) signals the birth of 5jib. SJ members tweeted one after another, making us feel that 5jib is indeed on its way!

A new beginning, a new ray of hope. What has been your hope for 5jib? 13 championships? Going for Golden Disk Award Daesang once again? Burst the invisible bottle neck (Digital listening)? No matter what, we should understand the current trend of Korean music industry.

【K-chart calculation:http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150207845630480.331171.716735479&l=ae204b3aaf

All of us have seen the importance of digital listening is to Korean music market. With money to be made in digital music market, coupled with the withering of album sales market, resulted in the unbalance weightage between the two. I believe many of us almost fainted when we saw the percentage of album sales, only 5%-15%! Yes, under such tough situation, we can only see the light, with album sales that is of absolute lead. Normally, girl groups tend to fare better in digital listening, and a super popular song is much needed to gain the general public’s favour. SJ being an old boy band, SM loving its autotune, it is truly uncertain whether we can do well in digital listening. Furthermore, if SJ’s comeback is met with groups that have strong digital listening track records, we will then be faced with very fierce competition. Think about it, if we had what Heechul mentioned “500 thousand album sales”, we could have been spared the fate to be slaughtered? Then, everyone thought he was joking, after the painful lesson, we should have known better, his foresight wasn’t hinted strong enough…So when all of us are shouting “thriving 5jib”, please act on it. Album sales do not drop from the skies, please do not give up the only bet we can control. A huge album sales lead, is our only saving grace.

With the vast experience of being betrayed, the house of Sapphire Blue had suffered much. Thinking that Gaon chart was a god sent angel to right the wrong, we were bitterly disappointed with the disappearance on our Version B. Like the Chinese saying: All crows in the world are black.

It has been half a year since the ending of those year-end award ceremonies, some of us are still bearing the pain, some had digested most of the emotions, some forgotten the pain after the wound healed. Afterall, to many, this is an unforgettable painful memory that we wish never to mention again.

I simply cannot forget. I cannot forget the sick-to-the-point-that-he-almost-fainted Yesung who made little mistakes, yet still struggling to hold himself up. I cannot forget the high of all the members, turned to deep silence after the whispering of Leeteuk. I cannot forget Eunhyuk kept his head tilted up all the while, eventually gave a helpless glance to the ELFs behind him, the glance seem to fill with apology. I cannot forget when those were giving thank you speech with tears on stage, they were circling around below the stage, hands in hands, cheering for themselves. I cannot forget after everyone came comforting them, encouraging them, their shadows still look lonely in the midst of the crowd. I cannot forget Leeteuk keeping the thank you speech in his gloves, Heechul came through the mass after searching for him, walked over to hug him, to touch his face, and hugged the teary him to the back stage. I cannot forget the very night, every tweet from them was full of “I’m sorry”, “please don’t cry”, “thank you all of you”, “will work harder the next time”…

All the more I cannot forget the hardworking ELFs. Those ELFs, knowing that votes will go to waste, but for SJ’s pride, while looking back at the 29 seconds of glorious award video clip from previous year, continued to vote in MAMA; those ELFs, who burnt both the midnight oil and their money for Golden Disk Award, hoping that it will give us the long deserved recognition; those ELFs, while complaining about the unbearable packaging of version A (without even a decent box to keep the cd), still brought back boxes of albums; those ELFs, who cried rivers & oceans on facebook & twitter after the incident, licked their wounds in silent.

One fellow ELF said: “we have won, we won in terms of absolute data, won when our men go hand in hand; won when we can glare with grace into the dirty and ugly; won with the might on stage even when wearing old costumes; won with the countless “thank you” and “sorry” between the idols and fans. Even when the whole world crushed our hope and efforts under its feet, our men had taught us over & again, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

That’s right. Despite us losing all faith in Korean’s so-call “authority”, despite us getting sick of the company’s “policies”, despite us gaining all “insight”, thinking that as long as the men can get world recognition, those awards are but bubbles in the air, despite us getting ready to be sacrificed again, it should not mean we have given up, willing to bow down to the evil force. The result is not something we can control, but the journey is. Chance is only given to those who are ready and willing to put in effort. If we do not seize the opportunity, we will lose not only those awards, but also our pride.

The biggest revenge, is to achieve what others think you could not. When others are anticipating the house of Sapphire Blue to accept failure, we must succeed, when others hope the house of Sapphire Blue to lose faith, we should prove that we have gained more. When others expect the house of Sapphire Blue to allow others to slaughter us, we have to show the world, we must conquer all these unscrupulous tactics. Since SJ is not backing down, why should we be running away?

Maybe, at the end of it, the year end tragedy will be repeat itself, we might have to face the cruel reality, but whatever it may be, as long as we give our best, the memory is worth it. Even if we were to lose, we must lose with honour. If our efforts, cannot triumph over commercial gains, then, we can at least leave with grace. “Not winning an award doesn’t mean losing, getting the award may not mean winning either. I rather not win the award, but have others to feel unjust for me, then to get the award, but having others thinking I am not worth it” by Wyman Wong.

However, like Heechul said, <Bonamana>’s record can only be broken by the new song from 5jib. Our records, can only be conquered by us! In conjunction with ELF’s naming anniversary, bluebaby, give yourself the power to move on!

Credit:man kyuu
Author: 蕾蕾 & Michelle Fung
Translator: Jeslyn Ho
Posted: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)


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  1. i love those words you just said ,, i will keep supporting Super Junior no matter what it will take ..
    Until the day the world is covered with sapphire blue and even after that real E.L.F will keep supporting Super Junior..

  2. seriously i am crying when i read this….our love for the boys will never change….that will keep them stronger…..<3<3<3

  3. T_T
    Very well said!
    ELF let’s workhard for this 5jib \(^_^)/

  4. You made me remeber all those times… crying won’t do anything…

    E.L.F all over the world…


    It’s not the END YET…

    Super junior and ELF are coming ….

  5. really well said… actually, i still AM in bearing the pain of those year-end award ceremonies. even sometimes (actually evertime), seeing them on stage feels like an award for me but still makes me cry like hell when i watching all of the fancam on the award ceremonies, and still cry while i read this. we all know that our boys & ELFs are working REALLY hard in trying to continue the sweet memories of 3rd album, but definitely we didn’t made it. it’s really hard to trust which side is true, even our boys didn’t doubt and say anything about the result. truthfully, i’m believing in kELFs from their proof but what can i say? i just have to bear with the result. however, our boys still make it for having on top of the Taiwanese chart for 52 weeks continuously right!! seems like it is a trade from the other award ceremonies!! plus now waiting patiently for 5th album, can’t really wait for spending my money to support them no metter what!! our boys & ELF definitely will make a history again like 3rd album. and anticipating for Super Show 5 WORLD Tour!! SUPER JUNIOR JJANG!! ELF JJANG!! ❤

    * aish, i took about 15 minutes(?) to think & type on this comment!! well, it's really hard to express my thought about this in a piece of paper (or internet)!! T___T

  6. it’s sad that an artist in Korea with 5 yrs experience in the industry is considered OLD. how old can they be? in late 20s? even in 30s, so what? It takes years of experience to become a true artist. Look at Hollywood, many artists are still very popular in their 30s and 40s.

    Anyway, we cannot change Korean music industry. All we can do is to continue supporting our boys without change of heart. We spend money on them and buy many albums of the same version. it may sound crazy, but for me, money comes and goes, SJ only have one chance to survive. If we are not there to prove they can make the most album sales, then we won’t be able to see them again next year.

    So whatever crazy deed we do to make them #1, we do it for SJ, and we do it for ourselves. cuz WE ARE THE ONE!


  8. Since our oppas are all working so hard come on ELFS let us work even harder!!! I’m still bearing the pain of neglect that our boys experience from the company.. So let’s all work Together as one big family together with the boys and FUFILL leeteuk’s wish last year of winning GDA before they go into army. I don’t care what other people think but I know and I’m sure all the other ELFS know as well that our boys worked hard and they deserve all that they should get.

  9. yay.. i’m also feel the same.. we should look back at those bad memories.. what we need now is to back up and prove others that we are stronger.. our love, care about suju is above others… nothing can change it… we must and should supported our boy latest album… prove them there are the best.. ELF fighting…SUJU fighting…

  10. Omg I’m crying right now :”) SJ and ELFs always happy when we’re together. Their tears is our tears. Their happiness is our happiness :”) I really love SJ and ELFs. You guys is totally made my day everyday^^

  11. Well said sid!
    I believe we all feel the same.
    I’m crying everytime i read this again and againn T.T

  12. Well said!!ELF all over the world please support our boys by BUYING their album and not just illegally downloading it from the internet!!!

  13. WELL SAID EVERYONE!…! We are all in this TOGETHER!! WE ARE ONE>…………..LETs DO THIS!!!

  14. thank you so much, you make me remember again those feeling, i will work harder for 5jib. we will make it came true. will make uri member proud to having us in their life. 😀

    ELF Fighting!! urineun ELF i ye yo!!

  15. i still remember…


    they are idols with big hearts, thats why i love Super Junior

    lets do this.yes.

    lets do this.


  17. omg, memories are back again .. but well whatever, WE’LL FIGHT !!! 5jib is our breakthrough!!
    ELFs unite

  18. I’m READY~ ^^

  19. 그때의분노가 날불타오르게 하지…ㅋ
    난 지금 5집을 위한 준비를 해가고 있어요.
    그들을 누구도 상대할수없을만큼
    최고의 자리로 올려놓을거예요.
    4집 때의 일을 다신 겪고싶지 않아요.
    ELF, Bluebaby, 파랭이들 화이팅 –

  20. oh my . i’m crying 😥 the memories 😦 it’s coming back 😦 i would do anything for the boys to win :’)

  21. I do not know how to say this, but whatever and however, I will try as hard as possible just to SUPER JUNIOR and a large family of SAPPHIRE BLUE!

    • oya, to all of ELF, please select the SUPER JUNIOR EVERY DAY! we must keep trying in this poll: http://sports.chosun.com/enter/ranking/main+.htm
      and for the author, please place it all on Super Junior’s vote on the first page, so that every ELF who visit this page do not forget to select the Super Junior.

  22. yeah as all of u i’m crying here too ..i’m crying coz of that hard time we had coz of the GDA award ..i’m crying coz i’m gonna support them forever ..suju were the reason why i got rid of my depression whish lasted for two years ..coz of them my life is so much better ..t crying coz i luv them so much t hat i want them to be the best..sometimes i feel so stupid telling’ myself why do i care so much , why does my hurt ach everytime i see them lose or something bad happens ..i’m not a teenager anymore i’m 23y.o but i still can’t even love them in normal way i’m so biased too biased to suju ..but u know what suju totally deserve to be loved so much ..
    so let’s all keep ur those words in mind ” the best revenge is to achive what ppl think u could not ” SO WE WILL TAKE OUR REVENGE WITH THE 5JIB WE WILL SHOW THEM THE POWER OF SUJU AND ELF AND THE LOVE THAT NO ONE CAN DENY ..


    • Hi Ron! Surprisingly, we had similar experience. I’ve been depressed for months before I knew SJ. I’m older than you, so you probably understand that we don’t have BF/husband fantasy about SJ members. I am happily married. I love SJ because they are like a miracle to me. They get rid of my depression; they make me wanna fight for SJ and also for my own life.
      I know there are more successful artists in the world and I am not an exclusive KPOP fan; but i am biased to Suju. They are like little brothers I want to take care of even tho i know they are strong enough to take care of themselves.

  23. This really made me tear up. Well said.(:
    We all know that ELFs and SJ went through rough times together. We were there when they were put down, we became one at the Dream Concert to show the whole world how strong our relationship is, we cried with them and console them after the last GDA ceremony; point being, we never left each others sides the past few years. After all the bad things that have happened, there’s the ray of sunshine coming into our view; the 5thjib! This year, everyone must be aware of all the comebacks from other artists. Now, while we’re waiting for our beloved Oppas to make their comeback, some of us have fear inside us, eating us up. But we shouldn’t let that happen. We should do what the article/monologue above says. “To achieve what others think you could not.” Together with SJ, let’s achieve something that people think we cannot. Let’s show the world that ELFs & SJ formed the house of Sapphire Blue together along with our promises of forever. Our oppas have given us so much love through what their doing. Despite them being tired and exhausted, they continue to do things that will make us be proud of them. Now, it’s our turn.(: Let’s return the love they’ve given us by making their 5thjib album comeback, THE BEST COMEBACK IN THE WHOLE YEAR! 😀 Let’s do anything that we can do to stay on the positive side. Vote 24/7 if we have to, ignoring the fact that they might not count, let’s all take the chances for them of being on top to show others. Let’s work hard because in the end, it will pay us off.(: Let’s send our 83 liners with good memories.

    So, together again with SJ, let’s keep into our minds ELFs, our biggest goal:

    “To show everyone that we can achieve what others think we can’t.”

    Let’s do our best! For SJ, ELFs and the house of Sapphire Blue, HWAITING~! 😀

  24. This made me cry so much.
    I hope it’s alright that I reposted this with full credit.

  25. memories are back again….
    no matter what others think..ELF will not stop until the world is covered with sapphire blue balloon…
    it doesn’t matter if they do not win..what matter is they have won our hearts long ago…

  26. of course we want our boys to win and to fulfil teukie’s dream. but don’t you think sm’s gna rig it up again? it seems the date they’re releasing 5jib is purposely made awkward. if the album is released late this year, (not saying it isn’t possible,but), the chance of winning at GDA isn’t as high as if it were released in around may. and if it doesn’t come out this year (which it should) it’ll be out very early next year. and if it comes out in january/february, by the time GDA comes along at the end of the year, 5jib may have been pushed out of people’s minds already. just my thoughts on the timing of release. i wouldn’t put it past SM to use these kind of methods.

  27. may i know how we can increase the digital listening part?

  28. I’m crying so bad just like I did when I saw the fancams at the GDA, how our leader looked so helpless and our boys heartbroken, I dont want them to get hurt again, I want to help. Please, tell me how

    • by the way I hope you dont mind that I took the picture of the sapphire blue ocean and put it as my background….

  29. i’m crying…again!!
    i promise, i’ll anything i could do to support them!!!
    prove to them who underestimate suju that they are wrong!!

    until the sapphire blue cover the world

  30. Thanks for these words of encouragement and I just love the quote about winning the awards, very true for what happened to us elfs and the boys.
    Rest assured, I will do my part as an elf!!!
    and the collaboration of the sea of sapphire blue at the end is DAEBAK!!!

  31. SUJU and ELF HWAITIN~ lurv d article! everyone letz start savin up.. we muz really join strength as ELF all over d world and create an unbeatable album sales record diz time! im sure we can all do diz.. when derh time comes, please do follow derh lead as well as wad we’ve been readin from Michelle Fung etc. about buyin from sites/dealers dat would contribute to d Hanteo chart.. itz really impt!! anticipatin alot for 5jib~ ❤

  32. http://sports.chosun.com/enter/ranking/main+.htm

    keep voting guyz….

  33. I will Keep on Supporting Super Junior even until the world is filled with sapphire blue balloons! Super Junior The Last Man Standing!Fighting! There’s no such thing as impossible only if u believe in urself that u can do it!

  34. Super Junior and ELFs all over the world, FIGHTING!!
    Win or lose, SJ is THE LAST MAN STANDING!!!

  35. This made me cry bcuz I still remember that moment at last year. Especially that ”fancam” which shows everything..seeing it hurted so much. And still I feel so sorry for the boys and for other ELFs.
    But also I’m so proud of us all (SJ&ELF), after crying we stood up and started to fight again. We’ll never stop fighting. To me ELF is the strongest fandom ever bcuz altough we didn’t win the GDA which means a lot for SJ, the relationship between us and them got stronger, there were much of love and remission between us at that time. This time we know more and we’re prepared for more. Everyone fighting!

  36. I feel like crying……T.T
    whatever the awards… SJ is always the winner of ALL AWARDS in the WORLD in my Heart…

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