110614 Hangeng & Wu Chun: We look like biological brothers

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m1905.com (Script and pictures by: Reporters at the 14th Shanghai Movie Festival

Wu Chun and Han Geng acted as brothers under the same teacher in the movie, <My Kingdom> which was directed by Gao Xiao Song. The two of them have complicated relationships with the role acted by Da S as well. But in the exclusive interview by m1905.com, Wu Chun said that between the three of them, it is not as simple as just a love triangle and there are more interesting things behind. When talking about Han Geng, Wu Chun laughed and said that in the next movie, they could act as biological brothers.

Talking about friendship: We could even act as real blood brothers.
Before the filming started, we got to know each other better by sending each other messages.

Wu Chun and Han Geng acted as brothers under the same teacher in <My Kingdom>. However, when both of them sat down together for the interview, it is actually a little difficult to differentiate them. Even Wu Chun said that they could act as biological brothers in the next movie. ‘Before the filming started, we were sending messages to each other. We talked about anything under the sun and got to know each other. We would eat and do practice sessions together as well.’ Wu Chun also said that both of them belongs to the type of people who is slow to warm up but after getting to know each other, they would talk more.
In the movie, Liu Qian is a police chief. Even at the set, he did not forget his own profession – a magician. Wu Chun said that he kept thinking about a magic for three days. He said: ‘That magic Liu Qian did give me a shock. He asked you to pick a card and without letting him know, he could pick out the card you were thinking about after shuffling the cards. That magic gave me goose bumps.’ Han Geng, who is by the side laughed and said that he is faster than Wu Chun when it comes to learning magic but the magic they learnt is what Liu Qian was learning when he was six or seven years old.

Han Geng also revealed a funny scene in the movie, ‘In the movie, we are both from a village. We went to Shanghai and for the first time, we went to a movie theatre to watch a movie. But because we learnt Bei Jing Opera since young, we were very influenced by it so when there is a very interesting and good part, we would do a standing ovulation. We actually did that in the movie theatre and at that time, all the foreigners were saying, what are you doing? Sit down now! So, I think this is a very fun scene.’

Talking about Da S: In front of her, we felt like little brothers.
Our relationship is definitely more than just a love triangle.

Director Gao Xiao Song mentioned that any man standing in front of Da S would instantaneously become a small kid. When talking about this, Wu Chun said that he actually felt more like her little brother, ‘Because she really took great care of us, she is very meticulous, just like her role in the movie.’ On the other hand, Han Geng is really grateful for the help Da S gave him while filming, ‘At the beginning, I do not know her well. But luckily, Da S is a very experienced actress. Her emotional side allows me to go into the mood at a faster pace so I am lucky to work with an experienced actress.’

After looking at the trailer, many people would think that Wu Chun and Han Geng became enemies because of Da S. Regarding this, Wu Chun said that you would only understand if you watch the movie, ‘In short, she really did cause some misunderstanding between us but for the real story, you would need to watch the movie to know.’ In the movie, there is a scene between Han Geng and Da S, Da S was wearing a bathrobe and was really sexy. When asked if he was nervous during the filming, Han Geng denied, ‘When I reached the set, I stopped being nervous and in addition, at that time, everyone is familiar with each other already. That scene was that we were having some emotional entanglements. Everything was kept in our hearts and at that specific moment, our emotions exploded. Many complicated events were involved.’

While filming, Wang Xiao Fei came to visit the set once in a while. Wu Chun said that Da S generously introduced her boyfriend to them. Han Geng also revealed that Wang Xiao Fei stayed in his car for most of the time and did not affect the process of filming.

Talking about action scenes: Han Geng’s lips flipped
There were 10 over NGs for the scenes that requires wire hanging

<My Kingdom> is an action movie. For Wu Chun who already had experiences of filming olden action movie, it is not very difficult for him to film the action scenes. But for Han Geng, he got injured several times while filming the action scenes, ‘There was an action scene with three of us fighting. Wu Chun was holding on to his spear and the other actor threw his spear over. The spear is flexible so I got hit by it on my mouth, my lips flipped.’ Not only was he hurt during the action scenes, Han Geng was slapped more than 20 times on the face by Da S, and he was slapped to an extent that his face turned red. Although he was injured so many times but Han Geng doesn’t mind at all. ‘I get blood marks whenever I need to do scenes that requires wire hanging, and there was a scene which I need to jump over a person, but my centre of gravity kept going off so in the end, I had to do it over 10 times. Brother Sammo Hung usually would let me take a break but I would definitely just say that it’s alright and ask to carry on.’

Han Geng expressed that the movie’s action director, Sammo Hung has high expectations. He is very particular and wants excellence for every action. Wu Chun also said that under the directing by Sammo Hung, the feel of every action scene is different and is very amazing. Two month before going into the crew, two of them started to practice opera skills and half a month before the filming, they also got training with professional martial arts students. In between the shooting period, because both of them love to go to the gym so they would agree to meet at the gym to train, just to make the fighting scenes in the movie even nicer.

Source: m1905
Shared by: sltan @ geng-bao.net
Translated by: yeohuiwen @ geng-bao.net
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  1. cool

  2. daebak!! hangeng,i like this..biological brother?i know it from the start..i knew wu chun since 2006 and i know hangeng in 2009..^_^ but i like both of them^_^ they should act together more^_^

  3. actor hangeng jia yoo

  4. owww. poor Hangeng!! he’s really hardworking!!

  5. Hey. I am the translator for this article.
    I made a spelling error in the article…

    Standing ovulation should be standing ovation.
    LOL! Bad mistake there 😡

    If you see this, please correct accordingly.
    Thank you so much 🙂

    • Yeohuiwen, you are doing a wonderful job translating. I appreciate your hard work. You already know what it says, you read and speak that language, but you translate it for people like me (who don’t have a clue) and it takes up your time and effort. The standing ovation here should be for you.
      Also I must say that this article gives SO much information about the character of HanGeng….he is very open about what he is thinking. And let me mention that in my country, they often have actors who stand-in for the star when there is a scene that could hurt (like the slapping). Only the dedicated artists want to do their own stunts. And Geng is a serious actor….he did his own stuff. He is awesome.


  7. She wrote “standing ovulation” haha
    But anyway I am so happy Han Geng is doing so awesome!!

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