Kim Heechul, dumped by his celebrity girlfriend: what happened?

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On the episode of SBS’s Strong Heart aired on June 6, Kim Heechul confessed about his previous relationships.

Kim Heechul confessed, “Like many misunderstand, I had girlfriends in the past. I may disappoint you, but I had a girlfriend even after my debut. Actually, my girlfriend was a celebrity.”

“But I always got dumped. My ex-girlfriend dumped saying, ‘Do you really love me?’ ,” added Kim Heechul. Lee Young Ah, Kim Heechul’s best friend explained, “Heechul is a good guy as a friend, but he doesn’t know what to do with his girlfriend.”

Kim Heechul said, “I’m always shy around my girlfriend and if she gets mad at me I just kiss her. And I spend long time picking a present, but when delivering it, I tend to throw it to her.” His dating style received boos and jeers from the actresses on the show.

To the question, “Do you have no problem letting your girlfriend go if she wants to break up with you?” Kim Heechul answered, “I have to let her go. I cannot hold her back although I don’t want to let her go.” He continued, “Sulli is 11 years younger than I am and she says, ‘I just need to avoid guys like you, right?’”

Kim Heechul said, “In 2010, I went out with a celebrity and I talked with my boss and press agent beforehand to write an article that I had chased after her if scandal breaks out. It was my way to protect her because once media finds out about dating, it is always female celebrity who gets bigger damage.”

He added, “In the meanwhile, I was inattentive to my girlfriend. When she called me because she missed me, I would go ‘I’m in the middle of the meeting’ and at the end, I got dumped. I’m single now, but I wouldn’t know what to do when I have a girlfriend in the future.”

Another member of Super Junior, Shindong joked, “Women tend to think that they can change Kim Heechul. They try to change him for about 3 months and they give up: they dump him.

”Meanwhile Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, Miss A’s Suzy, Lee Gwanggi, Lee Young Ah, Kang Min Kyeong, Kim Jin Woo, Kwon Min Jung, Rainbow’s Ko Woori, Christina appeared on the show.

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  1. uh HeeNim….
    be my BF I wont let U go… kkkk
    actually I love his behaviors…
    his mood changes a lot just like me.. hehe 😀
    anyway…. ❤

  2. im curious~ oppa, out of so many pretty girls, who did u pick?

  3. Poor Heenim.

  4. i want be his gf

  5. Was it Sohee?? D:

  6. poor U oppa.. T.T

  7. I’m Not Shocked at The Fact That He Was Dumped.. I’m Shocked At The Fact He Had a Girl In 2010… Who Was It? Wow He’s Good at Keeping Secrets…

    • well,that was me:-)))

      • if it was you than why tyour text is in english?

  8. I don´t know, but I feel sorry for him and his girlfriend. I wish they could be happy together. Happiness is really precious + important and I would like to see him not lonely. I wonder if she dated her after his depression or already before, but I know that it isn´t my business.

    It is pity that Heechul can´t show his feelings for his girlfriend and doesn´t know how to behave to her. T_T Is it true that he hasn´t met his ideal love yet? Wasn´t he just blind? Alright, I don´t a right to talk like that when I haven´t met the right man, either. But I guess he has had always problems to show his affection which is misfortune. But she must have felt sad, too, if she couldn´t have heard words like ‘I like/love you’ from him or experience something which would convey his emotions well.

    Ironic thing is that my mother told me that I tend to be nicer to people like friends than to my family… :/

    But I am surprised that he really had girlfriend in 2010, I thought that Eunhyuk in 100 point out of 100 just tried to push Heechul to wall, when he said that Heechul wasn´t alone in his room. XDDD

    Ahhh, love is so complicated, in my opinion. >.<
    I hope he will find his true love soon and learn to show his love for her… ♥

    • you and I think so much alike

    • Hmm, I guess you are right. He tends to choose between 2 extremes, right? But it is sad.
      I don´t like the idea of marrying without love, but I can understand why he would choose this option. :/

      But I am sure he will change, I think just the fact that he played that serenade and other hints shows that he is slightly changing to be a better partner. ^^ I think now he fully realize what mistakes he did, how he should do better next time and that he should change something (some critical points) about him to find a greater happiness and have a satisfying relationship. 🙂 Personally I think that he is now in stage where Kim Heechul will shape a lot by small steps, but it will enrich him a lot. ^_^

      I have the same opinion – I want to see Heechul and other SJ members to get married and live a happy life.
      Haha, I can´t help, but I am so curious how Heechul´s baby will look like. XDD

    • And about the fangirls who tends to own their idols. Well, when I started to be interested in Korean/Japanese idols, (I didn´t have any idol before) I found out that there is a very week line between reality+realistic mind and dreams+fantasies.

      Fangirls are in touch with their idols every day, they can watch many shows where they get to know a lot of information about them, then they can read their tweets and comment on their twitter, they can meet them in fanmeetings, if girls are lucky they can get even fanservice.

      And this way they get the impression that they share big friendliness with the idol. They think that they know the idol very well, but they don´t realize that they just know his idol face or outer appearance (which they love so much), not him as a normal person. It is easy to be deceived, because show business sells idols as products. I don´t want to be harsh, but the bond between idols and fans…isn´t it based on ‘I love you, I will make you happy and you will love me back’??? The big companies know how to get under our skin and there aren´t many chances when fangirls can stop to realize that there is a normal person below all of his/her fame, make-up and company strategies….
      And fanfictions, dreaming and fanpictures/fancams influence people, too..

      I try to look at it with realistic mind, but I am weak too. >.<
      For example I don´t deny that I would like to have a dream about an idol or my favourite actor where he would talk to me or hug me, but that is all. But in reality I wouldn´t make any effort to get a hug. XD I don´t like body contact, because I feel awkward. But even if I met celebrity in real life, I would try to see them as a normal person and respect their privacy. But for some fangirls it is just a chance to make their dreams come true and make him theirs. Funny thing is that nobody can own people and in the past slavers just owned body, neither people´s heart nor their soul.

      But everything is just my humble opinion. 😉 I know I make mistakes, too, but I try to get better. 😉

  9. Heechul is’s not a surprise that he or Lee teuk or Yesung or Shindong or any SJ members is dating. they come to the age where most of the guy are married and has a let them be..otherwise, they’re not

  10. wow,it’s shocking to know he had gf in 2010.He keeps his secret really well.I wonder if other members also are having gf now >_<

  11. don’t do this to heechul oppa if u do i will be his gf ok.u are so fool for dumped heechul oppa i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve u

  12. oppa heechul..when the time comes i will to korea to study, i will do my best to see you and to be with you…even its like a dream..

  13. have heechul now a girlfriend ???

  14. I don’t think so. But I’m really sorry to him. I always suggest that he’ll be enjoy with his girlfriend.I’m very sad because I have no chance to become his girlfriend. !_!

  15. WOW – I though SM didn’t allow them to date – but I guess that would be really bad – Anyway I’m glad they do date – I hope they all have chances to marry in their late 30s. And also, I really hope Heenim finds a girlfriend when he returns from the army – someone who is really sweet and cute but also some who knows how to handle KIM HEECHUL~ I know there is some lucky girl out there and I hope he finds her soon! In the meantime we Petals and ELF will support you KIM HEECHUL~! FIGHTING~! I also belief that he will change in a way – that he won’t be SUCH a bad boy – but obviously it’ll be nice if he keeps some of that bad boy charm 😛

  16. wow!!!he’s so good in keeping secret……..i hope i can be like him but i always dumped by my friends that’s why i don’t have best friends

  17. oppa,,nae saranghaeyo..i want to be your gf..

  18. so it was Sulli? no way! if it were true, then that was the worst decision she ever made in her whole life. they aren’t good together.too old for sulli. minho’s the best for her. they really are good together. so much!misul forever!

  19. I mean why does girls want to change him?! whats possibly wrong with Heechul…He is just real, open, funny, down to earth person, thats why girls/boys fall for him. Right! I don’t think there is anyone made for Kim Heechul in this universe cause he is just out of this world. He’s super special. Only I can hold him tight seriously!!!

  20. I love heechul personality he bright, brave, funny, cool, open minded . I don’t understand why people hate heechul he at least someone you could trust and love

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