110525 Kyuhyun: “Having a girlfriend is a secret that I couldn’t tell”

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On May 24th, Super Junior-M came and visited Taiwan CTV’s program called Variety Big Brother (综艺大哥大 Zong Yi Da Ge Da). They sang Chinese songs and showed their talents to the audience.

Ryeowook sang Deng LiJun’s “我只在乎你 (I only care about you)”,he even recited all the lyrics without any reminder. Kyuhyun sang New Endless Love. Eunhyuk performed a dance show. Henry sang Wang Leehom’s “Juliet” and also played the violin & piano at the same time. Zhoumi sang Taiwanese song “Jia hou (家后)”. The MC introduced *Liyi and Jinglan to Ryeowook but Ryeowook said at once: “Thank you but I think I like FeiGe** more!” The MC said the girls in the studio should be very careful when speaking with Super Junior-M members in case that their fans will protest. He also said that Super Junior-M are so popular among their fans  it must be very hard for them to have a girlfriend. Then Kyuhyun answered it quite liberally, he said it’s okay to know girls in the working places but when it comes to his private life, having a girlfriend is a secret that he couldn’t tell (he uses the famous movie of Jay Chou: 不能说的秘密 to answer this question)

* both are female artists 
**  FeiGe = the MC’s name

Super Junior-M introduced themselves in Chinese at the begining, “I am your Sungmin!”, “Hello everyone, I am Eunhyuk, give me your telephone number.”, “Hello everyone, you are watching Guixian!” … Because Kyuhyun was the last who did the introduction, he said: “I am sad, because FeiGe (the MC) didn’t care about me at all.” However Eunhyuk was very sweet and said FeiGe looks like  Maradona of Argentina (Soccer player/manager),and FeiGe smiled happily after hearing that.

Source: Yahoo Entertainment News
Translation by. vivianshi330@KyuhyunBiased (
Edited by. Gie@KyuhyunBiased (

FeiGe expressed that the members really know how to speak to please the fans, but when Henry was asked by Zhang Fei to introduce himself using Korean, Henry unexpectedly said “I’m afraid that FeiGe won’t be able to understand”, and who would expect Zhang Fei to make random ramblings using Korean, Ryeowook even praised him saying that he has got good pronunciation, Zhang Fei laughed as he explained: “Didn’t you all know that my ex-wife is a Korean? And another Korean lady, Kim Wan Sun nearly became my wife, and it was because she didn’t talk everyday that I couldn’t continue to be with her.” During the recording, the conscientious Ryeowook even used the electronic dictionary to check for Chinese words, they had made many friends whilst in Taiwan and that gave them more opportunities to learn Chinese and hence their improvement in the Chinese language.

Source: Yahoo Entertainment News
Translated by: KyU Is L♥Ve@SJ-WORLD.NET

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  1. What, haha, I’ll be heartbroken if kyu has a gf, as much as i want him to be happy.

  2. ^_________^

  3. LOL, they always make me laugh.

  4. i’am so jealous . . . 😥

  5. hyukjae is really epic. HAHAHHA. fei-ge VS maradona, resemblance 99%. LOLOL. and kyu ah.. u just hv to bring the movie ‘secret’ into ur answer eh

  6. i understand that the boys need someone to love and being loved, but still to imagine it makes my heart broken T_T

  7. omo kyuhyun i’m your secret gf hahhahaaaa

    • What are you talking about? That’s me 😉

  8. let them have one as long as they are happy , i will be ~

  9. Kyu please dont tell about our relationship,, i just wanna life safely,, hahaha,,,

  10. It’s absolute unnecessary to be sad as the dork’s only HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ofcourse Kyu, u cant tell everyone. bCuz i wont to be popular for Now *highdream* haha
    good if they hv gf dat love them.

  12. My heart is broke 😦

  13. erm…i think kyuhyun already has gf… there was rumors that his gf is sm trainee…american-chiness girl…

    • there is a RUMOR among some of kyu’s fans that he’s dating a member of a girl group under SM, and she is Chinese. but for now, i think that he is just super close with her. dating or not, i’m not sure. we should support him and the other members no matter what:)

      • is it victoria from f(x)? I’d be so sad if he’s dating her….

        • me too… I dislike her before knowing that she is a friend of Kyu…
          I will die TT
          she has got a bad personality…
          Oh God!

          • what bad personality.. shes nice enough…
            and even if she’s a friend, arent idols allowed to have friends?

  14. huh seorang pewaris tunggal keluarga CHOSIN have a girlfriend
    siapa yach pacarnya???
    huh pasti ada di dunia maya yaitu di cyworld tinggal di hecker aja tuh cyworld si kyu

  15. I hope that if they have a gf and it comes out, that they will not get bash by jealous girls, we all deserve to have Love in our lives. Kyuhyun I adore u!! Get a girl soon, I wanna see ur in-love face hehehe XD

  16. hmmm, i smell something fishy here. kyuhyun is strange lately. maybe…………

    • me too… I think so… TT

  17. If our Baby Kyu has a gf one day, I’ll be really happy for him!

  18. Seems the boys had a good time on the show. 🙂

    And Kyubb, we understand if you have a gf, we want you to be happy! I’ll probably curl up into a ball and weep at first but I’ll get over it eventually T__T XDDD

  19. Oppa dont tell me you have a girlfriend i want to live my life longer xD

  20. does kyu hyun oppa have a new girlfriend?? aaaa, i’m so jealous :@

  21. i love when u smile eventhough i cry@_@

  22. hurm whatever….

  23. Aww, Kyu… don’t have a girlfriend! As much as I would like to see you happy, I want you to be happy with me ^_^ haha, fangirl-y, I know. xD

  24. Odds are, they all have girlfriends. I mean come on! They are attractive, rich, famous, (seem) nice and some think they’re ALL single? Yeah right.

    Kyuhyun and rest probably are dating at least. I don’t care who they date, I just hate when they can’t admit it. Like when asked, they will lie because of fans. I hate how some fans have hold on them like that. It’s not fair for these grown men.

    I’m not asking them to put it on full blast, like: “I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND BITCHES!! AND SHE/HE IS [name of person]!”.
    But a “yes” would be nice. Sadly they can’t do that. *sighs*

  25. I want to hear you girls scream.

  26. I’m so sad ! I will cry when I see your GF picture

  27. ohh your taken already . . . but i guess i’m so happy for you keep up the good work saranghaeyo . . ..

  28. Why does Kyuhyun has a girlfriend in the first place?

  29. Why does kyuhyun have a girlfriend?

    • I want kyuhyun to break up with HER!

  30. ah i like the super junior i like it and love it

  31. i love khyuhyun i love him

  32. i’mma brokenhearted… but it’s ok.. i’m still happy with u kyu… wish u a happy lovelife.. mwuahh
    is CHOI HANGYUEL is youre gf????
    tkecre always… i”m always youre fan..

  33. you’re my iidol… no.1 iidol in the world..
    kyuhyun…. always be happy and healthy..
    love ya… 🙂 :()

  34. it’s feel like my little brother tell me, ‘sis, i have a girlfriend’..
    kyuhyun, i hope you will be happy like my little brother right now.. his gf is so pretty!!!!! :’)

  35. ႈI like your songs.You are so handsome .I want to see u.

  36. i like your songs and also i like u.. i want to be your friend .. and im so jealous if you have a girlfriend., but if i see that u are happy to her, im happy to you.. god bless..

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