110522 Heechul’s childhood photos reveal that he didn’t have plastic surgery

May 21, 2011 at 7:24 pm | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Heechul, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 7 Comments

It looks like those plastic surgery speculations for Super Junior’s Kim Heechul can finally be put to rest, thanks to the recent unveiling of his childhood photos.

On the May 20th broadcast of SBS’s “Dalgona“, viewers were able to meet Heechul’s family in his hometown of Gangwon-do.

Heechul’s aunt, Kim Young Sook, was determined to prove that he hadn’t had any plastic surgery. She revealed family photos saying, “Heechul takes a lot after me. He looks the most like me“.

His youngest aunt, Kim Gye Sook, revealed pictures of Heechul when he was in elementary school, saying, “When Heechul debuted there were many plastic surgery rumors. Though many say that he got his eyes and nose done, they are not true. He is 100% naturally made in Gangwon-do.”

In the photos of Heechul’s younger days, he looks just like he does now. His big eyes and mischeivious facial expressions, which can definitely be seen from his childhood photos, certainly disproved his many plastic surgery rumors.

Credit: Source: Newsen via Nate  & allkpop
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  1. can anybody else see the pictures for this post, as they’re not coming up?

  2. I can’t see the pictures )=

  3. If you want to see the pics just copy the image url by right-clicking the pics and paste it into a new page. Worked for me.

    OnTopic, ofcourse he didn’t have plastic surgery .. he wouldn’t go there.

  4. i think because it hotlinked from all kpop. you should reup the pics then..

  5. HeeNim so original <3333

  6. in your faces antis~ =]

  7. The images don’t show even if you go to their url… Any other alternative links to the pictures? Thanks. 🙂

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