[Anniversary Special] Super Junior “6th year… Will Continue to do well in the future”

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‘Sports Kan’ went through a lot for the past six years, and coinsidently a group that was born during the same time is Super Junior.

Recently, according to a research/poll done by TVAztec of Mexico, Super Junior was chosen as the most popular korean singers. And recently, they were chosen as the icon with the most potential by BBC of England. The popularity of these people not only from China and Taiwan but all over Asia is unexplanably ‘best’. These are some of the things Super Junior was able to accomplish only 5 years into debut. This group not only broke the pattern of disbanding after 5 years, but have placed themselves as the best idol group of Asia, only 6 years into debut.

Korea’s Cente=Super Junior’s variety of accomplishments show the group’s super stardom in the oversea’s market. Early this year, they had a concert in Yokohama, Japan and even though they did not officially debut in this country, they still managed to attract the most audience as a Korean group. They attracted 36,000 fans in 3 days. And due to their popularity, they managed to be CF models of Japan’s popular convenience store, Circle K. The commercial that they will be appearing in will be aired throughout the country starting on the 16th, and everybody will be able to see it. Circle K Sunkoos chose them because “They are a very accomplished entertainer group and are also very popular in Japan.”

Recently, the group had their very first concert in Vietnam, which attracted not only many fans but also popular and famous celebrities of Vietnam, was the biggest in the history of Vietnamese concerts. Their album sales are also superior. Their third album, released in 2009, Sorry Sorry was chosen as ‘The most poular song of Asia of 2009’ by Thailand Chanel V. Also it was first on the Taiwanese biggest online music site, KKBOX chart, for 36 weeks, and was first for 34 weeks on the ezpeer+ chart. They took over many charts across Asia. The fourth album “Miinah”, released last year, has been number one for 49 weeks on KKBOX. Member Siwon and Donghae were both casted as the lead roles in an upcoming popular Taiwanese drama “Extravagant Challenge”.

Starting with the SMTOWN WORLD TOUR in PARIS, the group’s oversea’s market will expand over to Europe, along with South America. Early this year, Brazil RedeTV hosted a search/poll as which Korean singers would the Brazilian fans want in Brazil, and Super Junor was chosen as the first. Looking at other idol’s popularity in forgeign countries, Super Junior is truly ‘Korean Wave’s Center’.

Especially, the reason behind their significance in Taiwan is because they have members who can speak and sing in Chinese fluently. Also, the songs with addictive beats and strong tempos with easy dance add up to their great popularity.

Looking at their accomplishments outside of Korea, it seems like they haven’t been doing much in Korea. But that is not so. The third album, released in 2009, sold 250,000 copies, won Gold Disk and became ‘Album Sales King’ and their fourth album has sold the most as well.

Even though there were changes to the number of members, as they debuted for 5 years, and the members shrunk from 13 to 10, they are still the biggest group in Korea. During their debut, the number of the members was a shocking thing, but it worked as not a good thing. Because there were so many, it was hard to let the audience know all the members, and there were some instablity to the form. But, they formed unit groups to change that, and changed the face of the singing industry. ‘Separately or Together’ the unit groups were able to form project groups to significantly show each member’s strong points. Together they would show strong ‘army like’ dances and they would separate and sing a ballad. The ballad unit group, consisted of strong vocals of the group, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung, held their own concert in Japan, and Super Junior T were the very first idols to sing trot. Super Junior Happy shows a more bright and light songs, and Super Junior M, who accomplished grand slams at Taiwan’s numerous award shows. Super Junior’s unit groups appealed freshness to the audiences and made them curious.

Each members have accomplished many things in many fields such as MC, acting, DJ, comedy, modelling and musicals. It is more suitable to call them ‘General Entertaintment Group’. Leader Leeteuk and Heechul are chosen as the future MCs who will continue on the legacies of Kang Hodong and Yoo Jaesuk. And Idol-actor Choi Siwon has earned praises from his latest work ‘Athena’.

*only a part of the actual article

Source: naver news
Translated by Jee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)


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  1. wow! thank U ❀

  2. Like thissss
    “Super junior is truly Korean wave’s Center”
    BIG AGREE ! πŸ˜€

  3. Very Bad article!!!
    TVAzteca is from mexico!

  4. ”…they are still the biggest group in Korea.” <— They aren't the biggtest group in Korea anymore!! Now it's Apeace.

  5. Although I know all these accomplishments but I still feel happy reading them, it’s like reading my kid’s report card:)

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