“4th K-Pop Super Live” Held in Japan

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On May 15, the “4th K-Pop Super Live” was held at the Makuhari Event Hall in Chiba, Japan. The event was originally scheduled for April 16 but was postponed due to the earthquake in Japan. Despite the setback, Super Junior, SHINee, Shin Hyesung, The Boss, and X-5 were all still able to perform in front of 14,000 eager fans.

Also, due to the earthquake, the concert was turned into a charity concert. Collection boxes were placed near the entrance and wristbands were sold; all of the donations and proceeds were donated directly toward the disaster victims.

The concert began with the showing of SHINee’s “Lucifer” music video, which received screams from the crowd as the dark hall glowed green and blue. SHINee then appeared on stage and proceeded to sing “Juliette” and “Stand by Me.” Afterward, they introduced themselves in Japanese with “Hello! We are shining SHINee! Everyone, are we going to have fun together today? We really wanted to see everyone! Did everyone want to see us?” After that, they performed “Ring Ding Dong,” “Hello,” had another short MC break, and then sang “Lucifer.”

SHINee was followed by The Boss, who sang “Admiring Boy” and “I Want to Steal You Right Now.” Then they introduced themselves, “Good Evening! We are The Boss!” After individual member introductions, they sang “Stumble Stumble” and “Love Power.” For the last song, they surprised fans with “Love Bingo!,” their second single which is scheduled for release on June 15.

Then, the newcomers X-5 took the stage with “Get Off Me (Don’t appear in front of me)” and “Fantasy.” They introduced themselves with “Hi everyone! We’re X-5!” and then performed “The Show is Over (Don’t make me laugh).”

Next up was Shin Hyesung, who sang “First Person” while the crowd excitedly yelled his name. He continued straight into the piano ballad “Because of You.” Shin Hyesung did his MC segment in Korean but concluded with a “Thank you” in Japanese. He was surprised by the number of fans who cheered him on and could understand his Korean. He then finished with the Japanese song, “Friend – Gone Today.”

Last but not least, Super Junior took the stage with “Bonamana” and “No Other” The members were really energetic during their MC segment, yelling “Yay! Woo! Good evening! We are Super Junior!” After introducing themselves, they sang “It’s You,” “Miracle,” and “Sorry Sorry.” Sungmin and Kyuhyun announced the release of their Japanese album on June 8 and said they would work hard.

All of the artists performed in both Japanese and Korean, showcasing their language skills and demonstrating the increasing influence of Korean music in Japan.

Source: Navicon, koreaboo
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  1. did kyumin speak japan? no wonder.

  2. They sang “It’s you’?! gosh, I miss this song & its choreography..I’m gonna search for fancams now.

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