SUPER JUNIOR NO.2 On Top Twitter Trends this week ~~!

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International holidays almost always win the day when it comes to the world of Twitter trends, and Mother’s Day takes home the prize on this week’s chart. Tweeters took time to wish their moms well, and share facts and sayings about moms all over the world.

If you were scoping out the trending topics earlier this week, you might have noticed a burst of K-Pop activity. At times, nearly every worldwide trending topic was referencing a member of the epic Korean boy band Super Junior. New album? New tour? Celebrity scandal? Nope. Just the first anniversary of the band’s fourth album. Fandom like this puts “Beliebers” to shame. The buzz lands the band at number two.

Soccer hovers in its usual region on the weekly list, this time ending up at number three after one of Mexico’s most popular clubs was eliminated from a playoff tournament.

To see the full list, check out the chart below. Because this is a topical list, hashtag memes and games have been omitted from the chart. The aggregate is based on Twitter’s own trending algorithm, and does not necessarily reflect raw tweet volume.

Source: & Daily K Pop News
thanks to Michelle Fung for the heads up ~~!
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  1. O daebak ya~

  2. ‘Fandom like this puts “Beliebers” to shame’ LOL XD

  3. Only ELF can make do this! Proud to be ELF ♥

  4. CHOI SIWON, CHO KYUHYUN was also being trending!!!

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