110426 [NEWS] Super Junior to Debut in Japan?

April 26, 2011 at 1:50 pm | Posted in News/Rumors, Wonderboys | 9 Comments

Popular group Super Junior will show off their first Japanese album.  It is analyzed as a strategic move to expand to the Japanese market.  Many Korean idol groups challenged the Japaneses market.  But Super Junior has never officially expanded to the Japanese market.

The management company SM Entertaiment stated on April 26, “the group will be releasing their first Japanese single “Beauty(Bonamana).  Starting next month, the song will be shown on major Japanese TV channels as the commercial song for Japanese convenience store company Circle K Sunkus.”  “Beauty” is already a hit song in Korea as well as the countries all over Asia.

Super Junior has contracted with Avex at the end of last month and has thought about advancing into the Japan market.  Even though they did not officially debut, they held 3 concerts at Yokohama arena, Japan in February.   A SM rep stated, “even thought they will be releasing a single in Japanese, they will not be doing any promotion activity in the country.  Their official debut will occur at a later time.”

Source: Sports Khan
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM
They are already busy.  I’m glad they are not doing any promotion in Japan.

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  1. i know They are already busy but i want suju debut in japan. like snsd and shinee =.=

    • yeah, me too. Just want to know how the members sing their Japanese hit song 🙂
      But I think their schedule is too tight. they still have to release their 5th album after all.

  2. So it’s not a debut isnt it?
    Like in the past they used to have Japanese Ver. for Marry U and Sorry Sorry
    What’s the difference now, except that Miinah will be used as a CF song?

  3. ‘Their official debut will occur at a later time.”’
    If they are going to have a Japanese debut, then it should be next year and nothing should be planned this year. I mean the upcoming album, SS4, etc. Even so, next year Leeteuk and Heechul(?) will be doing their army service, which leaves eight members. And even if it is next year, they have to start preparing NOW for an upcoming album. And what about Super Junior-M, I assume they are going to promote them a lot more next year with the boys being away in the army. How will it work out?
    Personally, I think a debut in Japan at this point is stupid. For the reasons I stated above and that they’ve done fairly well for a group that has never debuted in the country. Wasn’t a song of theirs (can’t remember which) ranked third on the Oricon Daily chart at one point? I mean, that is pretty impressive. They’ve had Premium live there, SS3, K.R.Y concerts.
    And lastly, they are already under enough stress as it is. They have their regular activities, they have SJM, they have their individual activities. Another debut in a foreign country where they have to learn the language and promote will burn them out, if they aren’t already burnt out. They’re already making tons of money overseas. I see no point. I know SM wants to make as much money as possible off of them before they all head out off to the army, the SUJU clock is ticking so to speak. It is a business after all, but damn, just please remember they’re people and not robots. Just because they’ve been incredibly strong up to this point, it doesn’t mean they are up for anything.

    • i agree with you ! nice talk ^^

    • yeah! cant agree more! poor boys!

  4. I would like that too but i don’t think it’s their debut but just a japanese release of “Miinah” like their others songs ! actually i think they are already busy with their schedule in Taiwan and moreover i don’t want they botch up their comeback and their 5th album because they have done too much at the same time. I hope they will focus on the 5th album and do a great comeback like “Sorry Sorry” album ^^ SUJU FIGHTING !!

  5. Other SM artist now in progress to debut in japan.If SUJU debut same time as them, I think it will effect other SM artist too..hehe..The power of SUJU!!

    • couldn’t agree more~~

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