Super Junior’s “Bonamana” Conquers at #1 for 46 Weeks in Taiwan!

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Super Junior had released their single followed with their album of “Bonamana” in May of last year and was known for being an all-kill all over Asian for topping Asian music charts. Surprisingly almost one year later, their single “Bonamana” is still holding strong at #1 for 46 weeks straight on Taiwanese music charts!

Last time we reported Super Junior’s domination, they were holding steady at #1 for 34 weeks back in February. Two months later, Super Junior’s reign at #1 did not budge for the 46th week and counting! Talk about an over-kill!

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk even commented about it on his Twitter account,“Miina is 1st place in Taiwan for 46 weeks!!!” Shindong retweeted Leeteuk’s post and commented,“Wooo!!!! It’s such a big hit!!!! Super Junior is great~~~~^ ^”

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  1. Wow, 46 weeks ~~ Almost a year ^^ Good job boys~~~~

  2. gosh how can a song be number 1 for almost a year – the whole of Taiwan must each have their own copy by now. Not even their own bands such as Fahrenheit and Lollipop F have beaten them to number 1 even for one week. In fact what about SuJu M’s Perfection?
    Anyway simply wow!!! Keep it up, it might get to a whole year at number 1 😀

    • The chart BONAMANA is 1 for 46 weeks is the KPOP chart, not the chart that counts all of The Taiwanese songs as well. However, its still a huge feat 🙂

      • ah explains, but still 🙂

  3. taiwanELF Daebak !
    Super Junior super Daebak !
    spechless . .

  4. congratz guys ! you did a great job

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