Super Junior’s Kibum Had a Date Today With Who?

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After a long hiatus from the entertainment scene, Super Junior‘s Kim Kibum finally made a public appearance to the media.

He attended a VIP screening of the movie “The Most Beautiful Goodbye” at Seoul COEX Megabox. Now the main question is: Who is that lucky girl?! Well, that girl happens to be his sunbae, Park Heebon! She is a former member of SM Entertainment‘s girl group M.I.L.K, she may look familiar because she was a cast of TVXQ and Super Junior shows.

Kibum also shared this event through his Twitter account. He uploaded two pictures and captioned it with:

“It’s been a long time since I last saw Heebon noona. We decided to meet at a premiere… Hehe The movie is called “The Most Beautiful Goodbye”. My friend Hanson was not available. So I’ve watched it with Heebon noona. I hope this movie will be awesome”

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Way back in 2009, Kibum suddenly disappeared on Super Junior’s activities which rooted speculations about him leaving the group. But as of last year, he was seen back at the Super Junior’s dormitory and is concluded that he will take part on the group’s 5th album to be released on the first half of this year.

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Cara’s Note: As far as I know, Kibum taking part in the 5th album has not been 100% confirmed.

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  1. I have a quick question if anyone would answer: When they talk about *Super Junior’s dorm* don’t they just mean the apartment building where they all live? And they would have apartments that were close by to each other, and paid for by SM, right? In my country, dorms are only associated with college life and they don’t each have kitchens or other upgrades. They are just small rooms with possible adjoining bath or bath down the hall.
    But in the case of Suju, we are talking large luxury apartments, yes? Anyone who would reply, I thank you.

    • Thanks nn!! It sounds crowded actually. I bet a decent size apartment in Seoul is mega expensive. I wonder if they’d prefer getting more money so they could choose their living quarters themselves.

      • The vast majority of all idol groups live together in a “dorm” – usually with their managers. It’s more convenient when they’re all going to the same program or event, it’s a place to film their reality shows, and they can usually get more security from stalker fans that way. For the Super Junior boys, the main advantages are probably the cleaning lady, Ryeowook’s cooking and well . . . most of them don’t wake up easily.

        • Hah! I didn’t know any of this! Thanks jzhaun…..
          Didn’t Heechul and Geng live apart from the group for awhile? I saw one video of them in their apartment that looked like it hadn’t seen a cleaning lady for awhile 🙂 It wasn’t dirty, just, well, cluttered.
          Also, hasn’t Siwon always lived with his parents? I never knew that Wookie could cook.

          • Yeah, Heechul, Geng, Kibum and Jay of The TRAX used to share an apartment in the early days (debut ~mid 2006). And Siwon did live with his parents. I’m not sure if he still does. His family’s super rich though, so his house is probably much better than the dorm.
            Apparently their dorm auntie cooks during the day, but if they’re hungry late at night, Ryeowook’s the one who makes all the food.

  2. Haha! kibummie looks like he’s enjoying himself! 🙂

  3. You know what? I have always wondered too…it’s always been such a mysterious topic and when anyone asked about it they were told the same thing *Oh, he left to pursue acting*. But that really doesn’t explain what happened to all of his time. I remember a picture of Suju after Kibum had left….the guys decided to go on vacation together. They posed in two lines: the one in the front, with everyone seated or on their knees, the one in the back everyone standing. They looked relaxed and their skin all pale. And there was Bummie standing on the far left in back, brown as a bean. He looked like he had been in the sun for weeks! He had the best tan I have ever seen (in my country, the darker you can tan, the better people think you look).
    So, yeah, what was he doing all that time?

  4. super junior is full of mystery..

  5. is he bacck at the dorm?!! i dun think so tho.. i think this article is nt very reliable on the issue of his relationship with suju..

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