Super Junior M Exclusive Interview in COOL Magazine – from 110401 (random translation snippets :DDD)

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EUNHYUK: Actually in this group, all the things that the magnae should be doing, are being done by me and Sungmin hyung…. bringing and pouring tea and all those things are frequently done by us, as well as massaging the other members, we’ve done all sorts of good things. (Sungmin smiles, gratified~)
OTHER MEMBERS: They’ve never done that! …… he’s lying! …’s totally never happened…..!
KYUHYUN: What? Massage? That has really never happened.
EUNHYUK: Actually, I always do it when everyone is asleep. I secretly massage you all, so that’s why you have no memory of it……
KYUHYUN: Ahhh! I lock my door when I sleep, how did you get in? That’s ridiculous! (in Chinese)


KYUHYUN: Even though we haven’t announced a leader for this comeback, we all more or less acknowledge that it’s Sungmin hyung, because he’s the oldest and takes care of all of us.
COOL: As far as I know, Sungmin’s appearance on TV is really cute, but he’s more manly in private.
ZHOU MI: Yeah, yeah! Like when we’re rehearsing dance, Sungmin hyung will call for everyone to practice together, or have everyone do something together. All the things that are more instructive are said by him, which is why we sort of have tacitly agreed that he’s the leader.


COOL: So do you teach your hyungs weird Chinese?
HENRY: No, no…
COOL: Because you’re a good person?
HENRY: Yeah! I’m a good person.
ZHOU MI: Actually, he’s not a good person, it’s just that his abilities are limited…
ALL: hahahahahaha
COOL: Then, Zhou Mi, do you those sorts of things?
ZHOU MI: I don’t, I only teach them good Chinese. (HENRY cuts in: Me too.) But their attention always focuses on the weirdest things, I want to teach them useful Chinese but they always ask me about really weird words, words even I don’t know….
COOL: Such as?
ZHOU MI: They’ll bring me Chinese books and ask me what certain words mean, and those words will all be things we don’t usually use at all, so I just say “I don’t know.”


COOL: This time your main single is “Perfection,” so a lot of people want to ask questions like, “Who’s the most perfect member of the group?” But we want to know, what’s something about you that you don’t think is perfect enough?
KYUHYUN: Who should go first? Let’s play rock paper scissors~
OTHER MEMBERS: Why don’t you just go first!
KYUHYUN: Oh~ I guess I’ll go first (defeated). Because I’m in charge of singing for the group, so I always think that my singing ability isn’t good enough, (COOL: No way!!!!) and whenever I get the time I will always practice singing, and whenever people say that I’m the best singer in the group, my expectations for myself become even greater (COOL: Wow! So moving!!!!)
HENRY: I think the imperfect thing about me is my appearance, because everything else can be improved with hard work, but appearance can’t be changed…..
COOL: There’s a Chinese saying that goes “Reality is borne from the heart,” if you keep thinking that you’re handsome, you will be! You have to be self-confident! You know?
HENRY: Yeah….
EUNHYUK: I don’t think I have enough muscle, if I could grow more that’d be great.
OTHER MEMBERS: Hehehe! You’re sitting next to Zhou Mi, and you have the guts to say that?
EUNHYUK: Ah! I’m sorry! I shouldn’t say that in front of Zhou Mi hyung. So I need to modify that, I should say my figure isn’t good enough.
COOL: But after 3jib it seems like you had improved a lot in this regard, weren’t you always stripping on stage, a couple of days ago at the Shanghai concert, you did the same……
EUNHYUK: FUFUFUFU…. (covers face~) I didn’t strip that often, did you see? Aaaaahhh! (COOL, thinking: More than ten thousand people saw….) I am one of those people that naturally doesn’t gain weight, so I keep working hard at it.
ZHOU MI: Because I’m also one of the members in charge of singing, it’s like Kyuhyun said, those sorts of words make it so that the singers want to sing even better. The other thing is dancing, originally I wanted to be able to show off some dancing for this album, but because preparation times were too short, I’m both really excited and really worried I didn’t prepare enough.


KYUHYUN: If I’m gaming and I lose, I can’t fall asleep, so like today, because I wanted to win too badly, I kept playing until morning…


COOL: If you could pick one of the members to keep in your pocket who would you pick?
SUNGMIN: (in Chinese) No one no one! None of them……
ZHOU MI: Siwon, Siwon……
OTHER MEMBERS: Wha wha wha what!!! Why?! (whooping)
RYEOWOOK: He’s too big, how can you fit him [in your pocket]?
ZHOU MI: Because Siwon’s really strong, he can protect me no matter where I am, and I’m the type of person that needs to be protected…… hahahaha, because I’m thin.
DONGHAE: (very quietly) Siwon can’t even take care of himself.


COOL: If you could take one thing from one of the other members, what would it be?
KYUHYUN: I want Henry’s youth.
COOL: What? I thought there was very little difference?
KYUHYUN: (greedy) Even if that’s the case, I still want it!
COOL: ………………….. (defeated)
SUNGMIN: I want Eunhyuk’s ability to eat as much as he wants without getting fat.
ZHOU MI: I want Eunhyuk’s figure, because even though Siwon’s is really good, it’s too muscular, I prefer Eunhyuk’s.
COOL: Then you also have to take the reduction in height?
ZHOU MI: (anxiously) No, I’m keeping mine! I still want to keep my legs! It’s his muscles, I want his muscle build.
KYUHYUN: I want Ryeowook’s ability to cook.
RYEOWOOK: I want Kyuhyun’s stare, it’s really handsome, his appearance is just really good-looking.
KYUHYUN: Ee? Uh? Ah? Are you joking? Are you trying to make me laugh?
RYEOWOOK: No~ Kyuhyun is really handsome!
EUNHYUK: I don’t need anything. Just Siwon’s money.
OTHER MEMBERS: Huh?!!! No way… This is too much~ Why would you say that~
EUNHYUK: (palms to heart) I mean it.
ALL: Hahahahahahhaa!
SUNGMIN: I want all of Donghae’s emotions.
COOL: But if you have too many, your life becomes that much harder.
SUNGMIN: It’s because he gets along with all the members, and it’s really easy for him to communicate with other people.
HENRY: I want Siwon’s big eyes.
OTHER MEMBERS: Hahahaha! This is real, this is definitely real!
RYEOWOOK: Ah~ big eyes, Zhou Mi, Zhou Mi.
HENRY: Yeah. Anyway, all of their big eyes. Doesn’t matter whose, I just want big eyes.
ALL: Hahahhaaahhahaa….


When the members started talking all over each other, [Kyuhyun] would say, in precise Mandarin, “Quiet!” to settle everyone down. And once Zhou Mi tong xue [T/N: classmate] was “narcissistic” for a moment, Kyuhyun immediately said “Thick-skinned!” in Chinese…

Translated by @zhouminews (@evaporate)
Repost by Rhyuu (


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  1. aww..uri sungminnie becomes the leader for them^^ yeah..he tends to look out for others, i guess when he becomes the oldest in the group, naturally he’ll take care of the younger sweet..

  2. aww they are so cute^^just like little kids arguing~


    LOLOLOL There are just no words for this interview.

  4. Hyuk jae you make my day, week, month, year, decade, score, century, millennium. I love how funny he is πŸ™‚

  5. “KYUHYUN: I want Henry’s youth.
    COOL: What? I thought there was very little difference?
    KYUHYUN: (greedy) Even if that’s the case, I still want it!”
    LMFAO!!! Oh Christ. I want this on video!!

  6. I enjoyed this so much ^__^ thank you
    LOL @ Henry so cute want the big eyes kekeke but your eyes is so cute
    and of curse Eunhyuk oppa killed me with his witty thinking hahaha Siwon’s money
    I love you for posting this it made my day

  7. They are so cute and seem to be having so much fun! And yay for Sungmin being leader though I thought it would be Siwon or Mi but probably it would have been awkward since Sungmin is older than them. But he doesn’t look the oldest…at all!

    And KyuWook moment! πŸ˜›

  8. okay why isnt there much of donghae TT___TT

  9. I freakin’ love this interview!! I was laughing all the way till the end!!How can one not love SuJu? They are simply jjang!

  10. How I wish this interview is done on TV, really want to see their interactions “live” πŸ™‚

  11. ZhouMiMi: “I still want to keep my long legs!” Jjang epic!!!

  12. kkke. its really kind of uri oppa. that makes me happy…

  13. yeah right hyukie, take siwon’s money. lmao

  14. so funny,,keke……..

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