Foresight Suju Leeteuk ‘Affection towards Han Gain has not changed’ Surprise Confession

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He gathered attention for confessing that his affection for Han Gain, Yun Junghoon’s wife, has not been altered.

On the episode of MBC Everyone’s Foresight which will air on March 30th, singer Kim Taewoo and KCM came as guests and taught how to sing soulfully.

On the day of filming, Super Junior 3 MC (Leeteuk, Shindong, Donghae) were very intimate and knew a lot of each other, so suggested recommend each other their ideal types. To this KCM chose Kim Hyesoo as Kim Taewoo’s ideal type while Kim Taewoo chose Han Jimin as KCM’s ideal type.

To this, Donghae, who successfully became a replacement MC of Yesung, chose Leeteuk’s ideal type. As soon as a picture of Han Gain, Leeteuk’s ideal type since a long time ago, came into the studio, the studio became chaotic. Leeteuk made everybody laugh, as he held the picture to his chest and looked as though about to cry as he noticed a rip in the picture, noting that there was a “rip” in her head.

Donghae’s choice of Leeteuk’s ideal type will be fully revealed on March 30th, 11PM through MBC Everyone’s ‘Super Junior’s Foresight’.

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  1. Leeteuk-Han Gain
    Yesung-Moon Geum young
    they’re really the faith persons.
    uneasy to change th ideal type.

  2. where’s Yesung ?

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