Acting and Hosting Azio program, Super Junior M comes to Taiwan for 2 Months

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Super Junior M (SJ-M) Siwon, Donghae will be filming idol drama in Taiwan, previously with Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Henry, Zhou Mi came to Taiwan,8 of them will be staying until end of May, during this period will also be recording Azio’s travel program. They live separately in 2 dorms,each dorm have 1 big 2 medium 1 small rooms,members played a game to choose their rooms,in the end Henry with the most luggages got the smallest room, making him want to cry when he goes into the room

Mushy reply “I love you”
Henry because brought his piano/keyboard,instruments,causing his luggages to weigh almost 100kg,the room is so small that it’s full just putting the luggages,luckily for the close relationship between members, yesterday Donghae willing changed room with him,saying “I’m a kind brother”, Henry replied mushily “I love you.”

Came to Taiwan for 3days, fans follow closely
Siwon and Donghae filming GTV Idol Drama “Skip Beat”, will soon meet up with one of the main actress Bianca Bai, Zhou Mi said “I told Donghae, don’t stand next to Bianca Bai,she is too tall.” Siwon said do not know whether there will be kiss scenes at the end like the original,Donghae then jokingly said he often practice kiss scenes with the 3 managers “Must have kiss scenes, not that I want it, audience want to see romantic love scenes.”

They are already in Taiwan for 3 days,their whereabouts are followed closely by fans, management agency urging fans to give them more privacy.Other than going for schedules,fan meetings, they will be learning Mandarin, Taiwan Dialect,record a program which will be introducing Taiwan local specialities and tourist attractions,broadcasting at Azio

Credits: 中國時報 Chinatimes
Translated by: Eternalhua@Stringswithhenry
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  1. no way. how are you guys gonna promote 5th jib if you stay until the end of may… when is the 5rh album coming out???

    • yeah i agree with you! i need 5th jib with teukie,heenim and kibum in it ><

  2. i think their 5jib will b on June or july guys . . (?)

    Donghae-ssi, u are really a kind Hyung n romantic person ! hhaha

  3. Donghae is so sweet! Henry baby, hang in there. It’s hard to be the youngest, but that’s how it is. 🙂 Love you!

    OMO~ If I lived in Taiwan and have a huge mansion, i’d let them stay there for free seriously. :))

  4. kyaaaaaaa!!! so many SJM updates!!! kekeke… why do i think both magnaes are treated evilly by their loving hyungs? haha… remember the bedless kyuhyunnie? (^^,)Y

  5. Hello, do you have any links for the program that they hosted? I know it was aired back in May but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Thank you! (:

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