110328 – Super Junior’s Foresight Official Twitter Update – Last Episode

March 28, 2011 at 10:51 am | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, MBC, Updates, Wonderboys | 23 Comments

@sujushow100: on behalf of our all staffs, I’m so sad ..but I have to say that 17ep of this week will be last episode. I really appreciate all fans who are suppoting us always.

Credit: Super Junior’s Foresight Official Twitter
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  1. what? it has come to the end? NOOOOO! ):

  2. If I recall every suju variety show each year since their debut, it never last longer than 18 episodes. Suju Show (2005-6; 18 episode), Mystery 6 (2006; 6 episodes), EHB (2007-2008, 13 episodes), Idol Army (2008, 14 Episodes), SJ Miracle (2009; 17 Episodes) and this one too only have 17 episodes. Don’t know why…maybe because the rating or maybe because their busy schedules.
    But whatever it is, I’ll always support them!
    Super Junior Hwaiting!

    • Why suju are called “Variety Dol”?? Because they can lift up the rating anyway ^^. Suju Show (2005-2006) not end until ep 18, cause there are apisode 22 & 24 about Hankyung Diary. Check on youtube, I already downloaded it with eng sub ^^

    • And I believe, there will be Suju Foresight Season 2 ^^

  3. Why? Is it the ratings? How was the ratings actually? Anyone knows?

  4. WHY????
    noooo =((

  5. what? but it feels like it only just started 😦

  6. why ?!!

    that was a great show it was funny and cool you do not need to uunderstand korean to like it ..

    i will miss it a lot ..

  7. why? I was hoping to see kyuhyun again in this show.

  8. WHY? I thought I’m gonna see Kyuhyun oppa back in this show in three months time.. why does it has to end?

  9. Awww.. I thought they were planning on getting 100 people on the show. Is it ’cause Kyuhyun is at Taiwan? 😦

  10. It is most certainly a lighthearted and enjoyable variety show. i am sure the main reason is they can’t have the ‘main mcs’ – namely leeteuk, eunhyuk and kyuhyun, all the time. every ‘main’ and ‘temporary’ mcs of super junior members seem to be very busy with other activities and promotions, so they just have to sacrifice this variety show. But what a good show they have put up, all the elfs and other audiences have enjoyed watching them. rite?! ^^

  11. i think its becuz their busy schedules .
    m so sad . its an enjoyable show . but if it for their rest , its ok .

  12. this is the last thing i expect to hear, but what can we do. heard that they already have to work on the 5th album, and with 6 members missing, they cant afford having the others to replace every time. after all, SJ members are really too busy around the clock! (even if they appear otherwise) we all know how busy they are comparing with other idol groups. lets hope something in the future will help us ease our ‘missing’ them! SJ hwaiting!

  13. The rating was good. I think because their busy schedule and about preparing 5th album. I hope there will be Suju Foresight season 2 ^^.
    It is like the other variety show Happy Together, Unbelievable Outing season 3

    • I hope so

  14. still i want to support them XD only god knows how they really lighten my days.
    saranghaeyo, super junior 🙂
    let’s make them the best always, ELF

  15. Sigh. It’s such a shame, I really really liked the show. Not only because the boys are hilarious, it also taught me a lot about Korean pop history and loads of others stuff. I do hope there will be a second season but I don’t see it happening any time soon…

  16. Aww, it’s really sad to hear about this. It was such a nice show D: We might not know what the reason really is but I can guarantee us ELFs, I don’t think it has anything to do with ratings. I mean, if they couldn’t handle shows ratings to be good, then it would’ve ended a long time ago or they wouldn’t have been given the chance to do the show. I really think that it’s because of the busy schedules they have now. I mean, EACH members are doing something. SJ-M in Taiwan and SiHae doing the drama then there’s still Sukira, Youngstreet and ShimShimTapa and above all that, the preparation they’re going to do for the 5th album and I heard that they will be promoting Korean cuisines (since they are the ambassadors) around the world by traveling(?) but no confirmations on that one yet. As we all know, they’re really busy. And it saddens us to see their show come to an end…Let’s just be by their sides and wait for what the future holds. 😀

  17. i think they’re very busy…
    5JB is on the way..LT maybe have to take care some of MC’s at the same time. Yesung, as the lead vocal needs to be recording while he’s waiting another member. and Shindong also busy..Heechul couldnt even make it in Foresight..so better to end the show..
    too bad..i love Yesung here..

  18. so far i heard SJ Foresight do have good ratings, but they end it because of suju tight schedule, plus they will have their 5jib comeback soon..^^
    all suju show do have good ratings, especially EHB, Full House but they end it because of their schedule not because of low ratings ^^

  19. hola me puedn decir que cancion ponen en el episodio 7 por favor?

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