Kyu Receives a Call from a Fan in his Hotel Room!!! ARGHH I’M SO JEALOUS!!

March 25, 2011 at 11:50 pm | Posted in ELF, Kyuhyun, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 15 Comments

I assume that the phone call took place in a hotel in Shanghai because the SJ members were in China at that time.

It is amazing that Kyuhyun took the call of the fan and did not show any sign of irritation at the intrusion of privacy. He was very kind to her, patient, polite, and even thoughtful (Wow, a personal “good night” greeting from him on the phone!). He must have been awakened by the call based on that deep “bedroom” voice he had in the audio.

Funny how he even pretended to be DBSK’s Changmin. smilee.gif

For sure the girls (there were 2 of them: one who was talking to Kyu and the other who was doing the coaching of what to say) admired Kyu even more after the conversation because he was very nice to them. It just shows how gentle and good of a person Kyu is.

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uksujusid DIES …. arghhh WHEN WILL I GET MY OPPORTUNITY TO SEE OR SPEAK TO SJ. so sad.. sad.. seriously I’m not even lying, I’m so frustrated right now… I wanna CRY… T_T



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  1. wahhh..I wonder how they did that hotel so careless to just put them through???

    but anyway, they have guts..and I’m dying of jealousy
    so lucky :DDD

  2. He’s sooo nice!!!!

  3. isn’t calling them a bit too much?
    oh but kyu is so nice and polite โ™ฅ

  4. OMG he’s so nice..

    LOL at your gif ๐Ÿ™‚

    but dont cry please >.<…..

  5. Dearest Sid: I will bet a gazillion bucks that at some point you will be sought out by the Suju managers for a special meeting….your unselfish dedication to this fan blog for so many years, your tireless promotion of the boys can’t be overlooked. You do a great service for the band, and for the managers, and for SM itself. Your work adds value to their own efforts. Your blog keeps love for Suju alive and well. It would be unthinkable that they would just take you for granted forever. It won’t surprise me when you are given a special invitation to attend a concert, with arrangements for a backstage meeting. I think that is what a good businessman would insist on: recognition for the people who have helped his stars succeed.
    HEY! MR. LEE SOO MAN!!!! Dear Sir!!!! Please pay attention!! Please take notes here today!! Get back to me, OK???!!! Think about what a great public relations story this would be!

  6. And Sid, you will get way more than a 15 second phone call from one member….don’t cry!!!!
    And Mr. Lee, I was not yelling, I am very respectful and wish you the very best life. I was only excited and didn’t mean any disrespect. You must admit, it is a very good idea ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Lol he doesn’t sound irritated but i am super irritated by fans who do this kind of shit.D:

  8. i love the gif! =)

  9. LOL he pretended to be Changminnie XD MAKNAE LOVE<33 XD

  10. lol
    i’m just freaking out when i hear his sound my headphone lol.
    when he said, ” Ne, Jalljayo.” to his fans. Uoouu, i envy for that. just 55 second but =A=

    btw, i love the gift. hahahaha, Donghae-ssi lolololol

  11. kyaaa… he so kind person ><

  12. the girl was super lucky! and i’m now is super duper jealousy~!!!T__T

  13. envy~

  14. jinjja!!!! mitcyeoso!!! ahh jebaall!! this is freakin come!

  15. OTL I agree with you Sid! I’m waiting for that magical day in which I see/talk/meet our SuJu boys!!! OMG the girl was so calm, I would be like AHHHHHHHH KYU!!!! SAY THAT AGAIN!!! AHHHH CHANGMIN, YOU LOVE HIM RIGHT!? LOOOOOL ohhh I’m such a fangirl! ยฌยฌ
    Kyu is so sweet!!! the hello at the beginning killed me! >3<

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