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^^ Just Scroll down & click on SJM =D

Big Bang currently in first place, ELFs can bring the numbers up!! Don’t forget to vote for magnae in MTV-k ^^


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  1. done.^^

  2. how often can we vote?

  3. vote2…

  4. 1st place now??

  5. Oh they’re leading already! 😀 Yay!!

  6. Big Bang is catching up guys! Keep votingggg!

  7. i can’t vote, when i click on the ‘click’ area for sjm. it won’t click. what should i do ? thanks

    • You don’t click on the first image of SJM to vote. Not when you see SJM VS Big bang. ^^
      You need to click on the second pic of SJM you see. Below IU’s pic. ^^

  8. Keep voting!
    Big Bang is catching up soo fassstttt!!

  9. thanks now i can vote —– i have voted umpteen times for sjm^^

  10. done!

  11. when i click on the image some message pop-up..i don’t understand what it said, so i just click ok..does my vote count then?

    • “ÇÏ·ç Çѹø¸¸ ÅõÇ¥°¡ °¡´ÉÇÕ´Ï´Ù.”

      Ditto. It’s not even in Hangul, but that might just be Mozilla Firefox. I’m pretty sure it counts though ’cause the vote rises each time I click OK. :p

    • yeah, I had the same thing happen to me

    • on mozilla click view menu >> character encoding >> auto-detect >> Korean
      so ““ÇÏ·ç Çѹø¸¸ ÅõÇ¥°¡ °¡´ÉÇÕ´Ï´Ù.”” thing will show in hangul

      • ah, that works! thanks 🙂

        • great! thanks.. keep voting them..hee~

      • it says “one vote/day ^^”

      • Much better! ^-^ Thank you! Even the message I typed has Hangul now.

  12. Done done .. The are the 1st .. Super Junior Go Go … Sup3rjunior.co Go Go …

  13. yay sujum first !!! ❤ elf power keep others
    and is it only once??

    • u can vote multiple as you can.^^

  14. Voted!!! Gogogo SJ!

    • gogogo~~ ^^
      SJ is Ranking 1 now….

      VotE foR mOre~

  15. haha voted many times! xD

  16. Big Bang is catching up >.<
    keep vote^^

  17. i can’t stop voting even i feel so sleepy right now.i’m worry if bb is on the top because they’re catching up so fast so i keep voting,voting and voting.i hope it worthily.hwaiting!!

  18. I’ve done it. N nice to vote them more as we can.. We have to support them tobe #1 place.:)

  19. done ! several times but i don’t know if it counts !
    actually SJM is first but Big Bang is catching up very fast 🙂
    we have to show that ELF is the best fanclub ever !

    • it counts one vote for a day

  20. wowow .. why don’t have b2st ?? big bang in the first place !! keep voting all !! ^^

  21. The gap between sjm and bigbang is getting closer.

  22. I don’t think the votes increased becaused I voted multiple times, I think it’s because many of us voted simultaneously…Somemore sometimes when I vote, thee votes don’t increase…I used google translator to translate the hangul that pops up, it says “vote once a day is possible”, i suppose this means we can only vote once a day:(

  23. I have voted many times, you can vote more than once the number might not increase immediately, but if you keep voting the number will change for example from 33820 to 33821 or 33822. Keep voting till the number change, it will change, for i have voted many times and the number of votes do increase ^^

  24. oppas are winning but big bang not that far away either

  25. Emergency. Keep voting a vote for a day. The gap between suju M n BB become closer.
    Make Suju M always no 1. ^^

  26. done. i’d click it everyday XD

  27. i have done
    make SUJU M numb 1

  28. saranghaeyo SJM!!!!!

  29. done…!!!and now SJ M at first ranked with 11,954 votes…yipii..


  31. soory..out of the topic…what is going on with the wallpaper?? 4minute?? this is superjunior wordpress right?? i’m getting confused..are u guys promoting 4 minute here?..

  32. it just for aprilfool’s day

  33. BINGOOOOO!!!DONE!!!:)))

  34. how can i vote???

  35. i want ask something, how many times SuJu beat big bang?include last week, 2 times right?

  36. Done ^^

  37. Sry, I know somebody asked this before, but when I click the second SJM pic there comes that pop-up window, then I click ‘okay’, and there came one voice more. So did it work? I tried it couple of times and the number was growing. If I keep doing this everytime I can does it help? Please answer if somebody knows. Thank you~

    • well, the pop-up window says that you could only vote once a day. and yeah…the number just grows because other people are voting too.:) i hope it helps. ^^

  38. we suport super junior..

  39. Hey, i click it 4 times already, and the vote is increaded by 3 everytime i click.. I like it, i will clilck it always.. is it okay??

  40. hello.. i wanna ask.. why is it seems different since the last time i saw it? i just voted it yesterday and 2 days ago.. and it have like 28 thousand + votes… why is it only 2 thousand + now? Have they change it? did the vote before counted or not? thanks!

    • vote for the another weeks(11-18/4).That why you see only 2000..continue to vote for this week also.everyday!!

      • sure! i also had asked my friend to vote! now she’s voting them every single day! ❤

  41. Today still in first place..keep fighting, keep voting! beating BB by 3000 votes at the moment…
    SUJU M the best.

  42. i vote everyday!!! ❤

    ps: have u heard about the concert sj's gonna have in europe? if u do, can u post the news about it? wanna know more.. thanks! ❤

  43. Long live Super Junior!!!!!!!

  44. why sjm not at first place …..??
    i see every week sjm have a high vote but when the result come out sjm at second place ( or i wrong see the result? )

    • i see it too.. i don’t understand why is it happening coz i always vote EACH DAY and i KNOW that they got the highest vote but still… i wonder whats wrong with the poll! its sooo UNFAIR!

      • yeah yeah me too.. i saw suju always got first place. but…. aaah why korean site always sooo unfair to suju :/

        • i read it somewhere that the ranking is not 100% based on voting. our SJM loses somewhere else, maybe sales?

  45. hi E.L.Fs,
    we still need to keep voting so that oUr sUJu-m can be maintain in the first place for eVery weeks…
    Thanks. lOVe ~ (6.^)v

  46. there is another vote..in china, really, chinese ELF need help
    ! http://bbs.zjstv.com/xplus/poll.php?id=10
    i don’t know where to contact other ELFs so I’ll put the link here.
    just click on M’s picture and than on the red button, you have to wait a minute ti vote again! We really need help!

    • where is the red button? is it at the right on top of the page? is that what u mean?

  47. i like you…..

  48. They’ve already reach 5000 vote … YEY!!!!! 🙂

  49. ELF fighting~!

  50. done ^^

  51. we’re headed hihi vote super junior <3333 http://kids.daum.net/kids/do/fun/vote/poll/view?type=PLAY&id=2941&minIdx=545&maxIdx=755&cntPerPage=10&srchType&srchText&userId vote super junior <3333

  52. The last album was amazing … Good luck

  53. Currently we’re number one!!!! Go go go go go go!!!

  54. KEEP VOTING!!! BIGBANG IS CATCHING UP~~ they got first place last week. let’s make for this week too

    • they=suju. ahahahha

  55. The difference with Bigbang is only 300…lets make it bigger!!!

  56. Done! But, Big Bang cath up really fast……..
    ELF! fighting SJM saranghae! Mahal ko kayo!……….^…^

  57. done! but Big Bang just behind us!! the differences more less 100 votes! hurry ELF!!!!

  58. done>
    i hope they will win 🙂

  59. Done!! SJM must win fighting.. =D

  60. Omo!!………..BB isn now 1st, ahhh…………. I can’t see Suju M loosing…….. [ “_” ]…………

  61. vote sj-M

  62. Suju M go! go! go!………….. stay on top…….

  63. voting for SJ is my daily event. once per browser per day 🙂

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