110315 Nam Heeseok, “You’ll be like me” prediction about Super Junior’s Yesung

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Gag man Nam Heeseok has made a prediction about Yesung’s future, attracting attention.

On the March 16th episode of MBC Every1’s “Super Junior’s Foresight”, Choi Yangrak and Nam Heeseok appeared as guests, and taught the 3 MCs of Super Junior the ways to make up fashionable words.

In particular, Super Junior’s Yesung, whom had received special training, still appeared to be nervous even after his seniors have taught him the ways to come up with fashionable words. Hence Nam Heeseok asked him to straighten up and not be shy, and confessed that he used to be embarrassed in the past as well.

In addition, he also mentioned that while in middle school, he used to have similar thoughts to Yesung, and predicted that with increasing age, Yesung would gradually be like him (Nam Heeseok).

On the other hand, Nam Heeseok could not recall any funny stories about making up trendy words, but the story behind one of the words that he had randomly came up with had an explosive reaction to it. It will be revealed on the 16th of March, Wednesday at 11PM, on MBC Every1’s “Super Junior’s Foresight”.

Source: BNT News
Korean-Chinese translation by 言言 @ MyKRY.com
Chinese-English translation by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Please take out with FULL and NO ADDITIONAL credits.

Reupload & Posted by: starkarz (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

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