‘Super Show 3 3D’ more lifelike, intense and twice of sensation felt

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“The sweat on the members’ faces surfaced, their breathing sounds lingering in the ears.”

The media premiere of Super Junior’s first 3D movie <Super Show 3 3D> was successfully held on the 24th.

In regards to fans who requested to have a first glimpse of Super Junior’s live video, a premiere of <Super Show 3 3D> was organised on the 23th 6pm at Wangsimni CGV.

On this day (,) before the 3D movie was shown (,) a press conference was held, Super Junior members Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong attended. Although the other members could not make it due to their schedule, the theatre was still filled with cheering voices when the trio appeared.

Leader Leeteuk shared (his) feelings, “Really very curious, feeling very good (too), (it’s) an experience”, “The sensation in the concert had a lifelike feeling in the cinema theatre.” He too (,) expressed (his) hopes “Super Show 4 which will be held in the future, it’d be good if they are made into 3D movies just like this.”

After which (,) Shindong and Yesung stated, “Being able to view the images shown in the concert, in the theatre, feels really like a dream.”, “(We) feel very proud, it’s blissful to be able to let everyone see our fruitful efforts.”

This day (,) the guests and media proved the popularity of hallyu star Super Junior. (The purpose of) this media premiere is to relive the atmosphere of the concert, (thus) Super Junior 3D light sticks and 3D glasses were provided on a free basis, creating a lively ambience.

<Super Show 3 3D> was filmed in Super Junior’s 3rd Asia tour <Super Show 3> held in Seoul Olympic Park Stadium last year in August, using 3D cameras. The special part was, compared to Super Junior’s performance in <Super Show>, (their) elegant looks attracted attention. Adding on to the fact that it is a 3D movie, the image of members hanging in the air using wires and (their) intense performance make it feel just like an actual performance.

Members Eunhyuk and Shindong walked to the sides of the stage director, (and) maintained close distance with a level of fans, the stage settings which were filled with their hard work steered the 3D film.

In the movie (,) Super Junior Heechul and members of The Trax were on the drums, performing <Don’t Don>, members’ group dances (included) <Miinah>, <No Other>, Super Junior-T retained the trot stage (with) <Tok Tok Tok>, (and lastly) Yesung’s solo stage with <It Has To Be You>. Regardless of a solo or group stage, the charm of each member were displayed.

With the orchestra performance version of <Lascia chi’o pianga> (featured) in Handel’s opera <Rinaldo>, the 3D movie which lasted for 80 minutes ended remarkably.

In particular, the video appearance of Kangin (,) who is currently in the army, shook the hearts of fans.

A world-class stage, a 3D concert movie in which the power of Super Junior could be vividly felt. Super Junior’s passionate performance, (together) with fans armed with the sapphire blue light sticks. The sapphire blue sea showed a different kind of impress.

Shared by: anonymous280 @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Chinese translation: Natali @
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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  1. I NEED THE DVD NOW!!!! D=

  2. hope SME will release it outside Korea even just the 3D DVD copy of it

    for sure it will be a sold out sale for it cause this one is included in one of the most anticipated release from them

  3. Is it possible for Super Show 3D still available at the Korea cinemas in May? Can somebody give me the answer.

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