110314 Donghae & Sungmin Star Call Transcript

March 14, 2011 at 6:10 pm | Posted in Donghae, Drama/Film/TV/CFs, Pictures/Videos, Sungmin, Wonderboys | 9 Comments

Donghae: please go away
Donghae: Hi everyone, I’m Super Junior’s Donghae. Everyone…
Sungmin: I’m Sungmin!
Donghae: I’m now at a hotel in Shanghai, why not we meet up (with one another) now?
Sungmin: My kiss just now… did you guys accept it?*
Donghae: you can throw Sungmin hyung’s (kiss) away now; you don’t need Sungmin hyung’s already, let me say…
Donghae: Please be healthy!
Donghae: Those who want to date me, or chat with me please give me a call.
Donghae: Everyone should know my phone number right?
Donghae: There hasn’t been any call coming in… Do send me some text messages too; I want to receive your messages.
Donghae: Please be healthy, (and) happy! We, Super Junior-M, will present different images to everyone in the future.
Sungmin: Yes, everyone, I love you…..
Donghae: So goodbye then….
Donghae: So… no! That… Where is that (place)? Where am I now? I’m coming right away…
Sungmin: Let me appear on the screen before you end
Donghae: Ah no no, don’t end (it)
Sungmin: Don’t end (it)
Donghae: I still want to continue the recording.
Sungmin: Let’s go.
Donghae: Where is it?

*referring to the kiss at the beginning of the call

Chinese translation: 小红杏 @ 百度suju老窝
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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  1. they’re in shanghai now? I thought they went back to korea from taipei yesterday..

  2. He said: “We, our 5th album and Super Junior-M, will present different images to everyone in the future.”

    he mentioned 5th album
    he said “U /5/ jib” 🙂
    i m so happy hear that great news
    you can hear too ^^

  3. who’s number that showed at the corner???! ——> 010-9372-7838

  4. Hae’s such a freak…always teasing us with the whole “you know my number” thing -_- bapo if only I knew your number…

  5. i always see haemin moment recently
    in sungmin’s starcall, it’s hae beside him , and now sungmin in hae’s starcall ^^ wish they won’t feel awkward anymore , my lovely boys XD
    is it your number oppa? okay wait for my calling there ! xp

  6. what’s “starcall” all about ? Is it for everyone (i mean ELF in Kor) ? or just one special and lucky ELF got it? Sr If I disturb U >.<

  7. Why only Donghae and Sungmin who made starcall videos?
    How about another members?
    Any idea?

  8. its weird when HaeMin always share a starcall together…
    I dun see their awkwardness at all…but nevertheless they’re sweet together…^^

  9. so not fair to tease us like that fishy!! i would defintely text you if i could!

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