SS3 Shanghai, CHINA – 32 FANCAMS Part 4 – Close & clear cams!

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5th March, SS3 Shanghai, CHINA – 2011 – All SPAZZING HERE 🙂



SS3 Shanghai 110305 A Man In Love Hee FOCUS [FANCAM]

SS3 Shanghai 110305 Song For You[FANCAM]
(Wonhyuk and the Heineiken – Recommend!)

SS3 Shanghai 110305 All My Heart [FANCAM]

SS3 Shanghai 110305 Twins Hee Focus[FANCAM]

SS3 shanghai 110305 super girl [FANCAM]

SS3 Shanghai 110305 opening sorry sorry [FANCAM]


Credits: superjunior051106 (from

[fancam] 110305 SS3 IN SHANGHAI :: 은혁 SOLO ‘DOWN’

[fancam] 110305 SS3 IN SHANGHAI :: YESUNG SOLO 너아니면 안돼

[fancam] 110305 SS3 IN SHANGHAI :: DRUM HEE

[fancam] 110305 SUPERSHOW 3 IN SHANGHAI :: 봄날 (One Fine Spring Day)


Credits: ruruko666

110305[Leeteuk Fancam]SS3 in Shanghai supergirl

110305 Eunhyuk beated Donghae’s body

110305[Eunhyuk Fancam]SS3 in Shanghai confession

110305[Eunhyuk Fancam]SS3 in Shanghai Don’t don

110305[Eunhyuk Fancam]SS3 in Shanghai No other

110305[Eunhyuk fancam]SS3 Shanghai-I wanna love you

110305[ Fancam] SS3 Shanghai-Henry solo

110305[ Fancam] SS3 Shanghai-Eunhyuk solo 「Down」

110305[Eunhyuk Fancam]SS3 in Shanghai tok tok tok

110305 SS3-funny singing Eunhyuk,Shindong,Kyuhyun

110305[Eunhyuk cam]Changing Vegitable costume^^

110305 SS3 Donghae wants next to Eunhyuk


Credits: Hacchi0929

【SIWONcam】110305 SS3 Shanghai [Bonamana]

110305 SS3 Shanghai [SORRY,SORRY]

110305 SS3 Shanghai [DON’T DON]

110305 SS3 Shanghai [NO OTHER]

110305 SS3 Shanghai [Confession]

110305 SS3 Shanghai [GOOD PERSON]

【SUNGMINcam】 110305 SS3 Shanghai [In My Dream]

110305 SS3 Shanghai [MC]

110305 SS3 Shanghai [ROKUKO]

110305 SS3 Shanghai [Knock,Knock,Knock]

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  1. Chinese ELF – they always have the best fancams ♥

  2. they’re also the richest, i guess. thats why. 🙂 thanks to them!

  3. but sad. 😦 not many yesung’s Fancam. been waiting for it. T_T

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