SS3 Shanghai, CHINA – 16 FANCAMS Part 3

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5th March, SS3 Shanghai, CHINA – 2011 – All SPAZZING HERE 🙂

[HD][FANCAM]110305 SS3 Shanghai-Confession

[HD][FANCAM]110305 SS3 Shanghai-I wanna love you-EunHae

[HD][FANCAM]110305 SS3 Shanghai- Lady Hee Hee &DH,EH,SD

[HD][FANCAM]110305 SS3 Shanghai-Eunhyuk solo

[HD][FANCAM]110305 SS3 Shanghai-Shake It Up-Donghae focus

[HD][FANCAM]110305 SS3 Shanghai- Henry solo –

[HD][FANCAM]110305 SS3 Shanghai-super girl-Donghae focus

[HD][FANCAM]110305 SS3 Shanghai-BONAMANA

HD][FANCAM]110305 SS3 Shanghai-Good Person

[HD][FANCAM]110305 SS3 Shanghai-Sungmin solo

[HD][FANCAM]110305 SS3 Shanghai-cooking cooking-

[HD][FANCAM]110305 SS3 Shanghai-YOU and I –

[HD][FANCAM]110305 SS3 Shanghai-Twins-Donghae focus

[HD][FANCAM]110305 SS3 Shanghai -All My Heart-(short cut)

Credits : daifuku11

[Fancam]110305 SS3 Shanghai – Rokkugo

[Fancam]110305 SS3 Shanghai – Song For U_Kyuhyun

Credits : uketsu5

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