CLEAR PICTURES OF HEECHULS FACE! :'( – 110306 At Incheon International Airport, Heechul [3P]

March 6, 2011 at 3:17 pm | Posted in Heechul, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 45 Comments

5th March, SS3 Shanghai, CHINA – 2011 – All SPAZZING HERE 🙂

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Credits: | Photo by: 朴海希=海朵
Reupload & Posted by: uksujusid (

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  1. wooa ! poor chullie

  2. hhyyyaaa..ssoo milkyskinny boyy..but you r still pretty anyway..heehehe..cchhuu

  3. so sad when looking at his face. seriously, so pity on him! hope that scar will heal as soon as possible~!):

    • he is not happy!

      • so true unnie!it’s a sad expression.

        • i agree!!!!hope he’ll get well soon…huhuhuhu

  4. hate that pe0ple who thr0w that thing ,,
    grrrrrr ..

  5. T-T pity chullie … can see the wound so clearly … get well soon ~!

  6. he is so sad me too

  7. poor baby ): he looks so upset.I hope he’s okay.

  8. gosh the scar..aigoo..poor oppa
    so furious with the girl who throw the board…
    but since she had already apologize…
    i think elfs can forgve her(including me)..
    like what hee said in his tweet..he is neither angry nor happy..

  9. my gosh. it must be really painful. :(((((
    heenim ah, get well soon. 😦

  10. there’s not a sign of happiness in his look. 😦
    I hope he is getting better

  11. He looks really pissed in the last picture o.O
    Poor Heenim, get better soon~ it should heal pretty quickly ^^

  12. poor Rella, looks painful 😦 hope it heals soon *nodnod*

  13. Wowi crazy fan throw thing to your idol it make them angry he look so sad hope it heal soon

  14. poor Heenim…hope that scar will heal soon~~
    he looks soo sad and tired >………….<

  15. This is just shocking. It could have been his eye. Then what?? We really have to STOP throwing things at our idols….if we have a gift, why not mail it to SM? Or the concert venues could have fans check any gifts at the door. When people come to your house to visit, do you throw things at them? You offer them food and gifts, but do you throw refreshments or gifts at them? No, because it would not only be rude but would be insulting behavior. Your guests would wonder where you learned your manners and never want to return to your house. Why do we allow this sort of thing to these people that we love? It would not surprise me if many members develop a fear of fans and are afraid while performing in concert. That would be terrible! Does anyone have any thoughts on how we, as a group, could make changes? I mean, not just talk about it, but actually do something about this bad practice.

    • yes kat i agree with u! i thought asian people are more polite, but huh, these days even asians can be more aggresive..elfs out there should be more thankful that super junior want to do concerts in our countries, not like european or arab elfs who still don’t have any chance to meet our SJ members.

      i hope there won’t be such incidents anymore..don’t want heenim to be unhappy..that elf is lucky heechul didn’t get pissed off.
      i think the security in the next coming concert, (in malaysia this 19th march) would be much tighter..well, thanks to these fans.

      • haifa_suju! So glad to *see* you! I really do think that all ELF were really shocked at what could happen. I don’t think we knew it could get this bad and I don’t think fans will be this careless again. Don’t you feel sorry too for the girl who did it? I do. She has to feel 10 kinds of terrible. I’ll bet she has cried gallons of tears. Poor thing. She got overexcited and lost it and now suffers. Whew. It was a close one,huh? I would love to see Suju in concert, but it’s not likely to happen. Malaysia is so lucky to have their visit to look forward to…they will take good care of our Heenim and all of them!

        • yes that girl was a poor thing..she was lucky heenim didn’t get seriously injured..i read her apology..we know she didn’t do it on purpose..hope everyone will be more alert after this.

  16. poor boy…

  17. omg!! I can’t believe how stupid can be that fans who throw things to their idols faces

    heenim is totally pissed 😦

  18. scary looks… poor chullie. TT

  19. ahh my hubby :(((((( (crying)
    he must be mad for a while cause his cute,beautiful,perfect face is ruin :(( its ok oppa …it will heal

  20. poor oppa he looks sad :{

  21. poor heenim T.T

  22. first yesung and now heechul. ): ELFs, please be more careful!! it hurts to see injured Super Junior members. please don’t get overly excited.

  23. I love SuJu but, Oh come on gurls, that isn’t that bad.
    Everybody knows that Heechul is a Drama queen, he’ll be fine.
    Sungmin got hit in the eye by a box of Pocky, Yesung whit a Chilli in the head.

    They all be fine, just the fangirls need to know to don’t trow too hard things to them.

    • Drama queen!!! Are you serious? Hee had a bad accident and was laid up in the hospital for weeks…and didn’t complain. There was a good chance he would not be able to perform and lose his career but did he sob and moan. NOT. Hennim had steel rods in his leg for YEARS yet still performed. Does he Still get pain from his leg. Of course he does. Does he whine and cry? Ummm…nope. HeeChul is very tight lipped about his business, and doesn’t criticize other performers either. He could have gone on the internet and ripped this fan for her carelessness, but he DID NOT. It isn’t his style. I can’t think of any other performer who has such charisma and grace. Heenim a drama queen?? Gah, give me a break. Sorry if I seem harsh. Your statement just got me a little irked.

      • Oh, nn, Hee is everything you said!! I cannot add even a single thing…you’ve said all of it and you really nailed it! You know him so well because you pay attention..and you love him; I also love him (you knew that 🙂
        How did I miss Hae reading a birthday letter to him? Where do I find that? Is is on this blog somewhere? Again, I wonder how I missed it???

        • kat,if i am not mistaken,it must be from full house,in one of the episode during heechul’s birthday i right,nn?hee..!

        • Oh, thank you!! I’ll go watch it right away. LOVE you guys!! You are absolutely the Best!!

        • I’m back…that video is priceless..and English Subs too, wah! HeeChul looks so precious in that cowboy hat and it shows him being his sweet self with the other members ❤
          Also, Hi Mimi, Friend <3! Also, nn, I would never think you are arrogant. I think you are just plain smart and have a sharp eye for all things Heechul, and recognize parts of your own personality in him. I love your posts. And you.

          • agree with you kat!nn,u are adorable^^
            and about full house,i have watched it million times but still like it^^ hangeng was there^^
            and you should also watch heechul pranked geng!!
            hee..just drop by after reading your comment..!

          • nice to see u guys here 🙂 i have all episodes of Full House and EHB, and Mystery shows..all is funny..i collected it from my brother and friends..if u are near we’ll be having fun watching it together 🙂

            • too^^ i have the old stuff in my laptop!!later,if we see each other,let us spend time to watch it^^hee

            • ok..full house is the best show of suju, it shows that all of them are very close to each other 🙂

  24. That’s not a mere bruise…that’s a blood mark… *heartbroken*

  25. Aww Heenim (TT^TT)/ I feel for you baby. I got a bruise like that on my face and I couldn’t face the world for a long time.

    I understand why he feels like he can’t appear on shows for a while…:(

  26. he did upset… well we all know heechul behave… when he mad he would really mad… wow… this is really bad things, if i were the girl, then i dont have any strength to see chul face anymore.. i’m too much shame….

  27. My cindereLLa!!! 😦

  28. it’s ok my heechul… it will heal it is a small wounds ok..

    rest.. love u oppa! heechulyn

  29. huh,,,i dont knOw what to say,,i just hope that heenim is okay~~,,, coz he looks so unhappy!!!!,,
    poor my cute heenim oppa!!!!!!
    사랑해요 김희철 우유빛깔 김희철,,,

  30. aah, Heechul, your still beautiful in my eyes. Hope you get well soon Oppa! Fighting! 🙂 ♥

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