SS3 Shanghai, CHINA – 2011 | Heechul got hurt by a fanboard

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[PIC] 110305 #SS3Shanghai – Heechul is not feeling well cuz someone hit things on the stage ( taged)

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[NOTE] 110305 10:20PM #SS3Shanghai – Some fans throw the gifts on the stage and hit to Heechul then his face has blood (Via.大唐娱乐)

[NOTE] 110305 #SS3Shanghai END // Heechul injury of his eyes and now treating, the staff said its okay but will be waiting

Via TaiwanLuvSJ

Heenim wa hitted by sign board T_____T


It hit his face T___T

Heenim’s left eye (at the corner) was bleeding, and now has stopped. he already went to hotel. looks unhappy T__T


Via 88lines

#SS3Shanghai Ppl said it’s a minor injury so dont worry too much. But Heechul is not in a good mood.

Via raichanxd

[Update] Heechul is injured and was bleeding. May he get well soon, the boys were tired too, hope they could rest well. cc:@allriseeunhae

[Update] Heechul’s eye has stopped bleeding & he’s back to the hotel. He’s very unhappy. Everyone’s trying to console him. cc:chuaanting

Leeteuk and Donghae also got hit by stuffs thrown by fans, but Heechul’s case is worse. #GetWellSoonHeechul

Via DonghaeBiased

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Pictures via @DONGHAEisMINE &  @tomozuki1

*Updated* Heechul went out of concert venue – Via raichanxd

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Hope he’s ok now T___T

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  1. judging from heenim’s character,i’m afraid that he can’t forgive us EASIly hurm T^T
    Malaysian ELF,please BEHAVE yourself on this upcoming 19th kay!!

    • yes.malaysian elf should be careful..ah..after sg,and now in shanghai..they are super tired with tight shcedule but still elf dont appreciate them!!ah..dont know what to say..~!
      u call yourself fans when you dont know how to appreciate them?Plus cause them to get hurt..

      • poor heechul… :((

    • What do you mean Malaysian? No one knows if it really was a Malaysian because it’s just a rumor… and it might have been started by someone who’s protecting their country or something. Please stop mentioning places when it was started by just a mere rumor. 😀 (I’m no Malay)

      • i think u misunderstood us..i am malaysian,so,i will not say bad things about elf or my country..this is just a reminder for malaysian elf when sushow is held in malaysia this coming 19th march!
        hope it can clear the misunderstanding~!
        and please dont bash us,malaysian..
        rumors is rumors until it is proven=)


      • u r rite

    • are u all sure thats malaysian elf ??

      • i think you all just misunderstood.. :). i think the above comments is just to warn the next sushow3 that will be held in malaysia, so incident like this will not happened again. i think it don’t have any mean to blame malaysian at all.they just scared if it happen in malaysia..
        please read and comment carefully, elf must not blame any country. be one elf.. 🙂
        oh, i hope heenim get well soon too. and his mood get better too..

        • thank for that!u can undertsand us well^^
          our intention is just to remind malaysian elf for this coming sushow3 in kl..this 19th march!
          even i cant attend that concert but i hope malaysian elf can behave well..well,we are malaysian..we should behave like malaysian!

  2. oh heechul. i know fans are exited and everything but they still need to think and be careful when throwing something on stage.

  3. Taiwanese fans too!!! Don’t you guys DARE do anything stupid or else I’ll aslfjskaldhldgs you >.< and yes that's a threat right there.
    These people!! Honestly…so embarrassing and ignorant!!

    • even if theyre too excited but still they have to behave well..

      • I’m Taiwanese btw^^

    • Taiwanese ELF don’t do any horrible thing
      LED board is not allowed in SS3 Taiwan
      Don’t throw anything on stage, even towels
      Keep stage clean is our tradition
      We are proud of that
      and we will keep the promise

  4. WTF!!
    IT’S HUUGE BOARD! It’s not funny!!
    How dare they throw that thing directly to Heechul..
    How many time to be said to show your love is okay, but becareful, dont hurt the boys..
    I think ELF have got the lesson from Singapore incident, but what now??
    Not happy 😦
    I do really really wish there’ll never be any more accident by ELF in next time..

  5. oppa~ ='(

  6. yeahh!! they shouldn’t did that..ever ya ! hope that kind of incident will never happen this 19th in malaysia…poor the boys..hope everythings will be fine..

  7. zomg ELFs please control yourselves at concerts!
    first it was yesungie and now chullie?!
    i hope you’re feeling better now, oppa! 😦

  8. OMG!uri chulie!i want to cry. ):

    in sushow sgapore,he is nearly getting hurt by the accident with the fan. and now,he it’s happened again. and he’s really getting hurt~! and all this is because of no manner fans~!

    elf,please please please behave yourself~!did u want to see our boys getting hurt~?):

    • typing error:*it’s happened again*

  9. Oh my~ i can’t believe this coule happen.. this is worse.. sorry for the terms but i am really dissapointed! >.<

  10. OMG!! this is really stupid.. y would ppl throw things AT them?!! i dun get..

    and the Singapore incident.. i seriously doubt its the singapore elf who did a car chase tho..

  11. oh my god oppa get well soon,,,your eyes is hurt? huh?? getwellsoon heenim ,,

  12. how did it happened? so careless-.-

  13. again and again
    after yesung got hit, singapore accident and now heechul…
    they are all caused by us,ELF!
    what is it?!
    we love them but at the same time we HURT them!
    To all ELF (including me), please behave.

  14. I really don’t understand why those people can’t learn from mistake? Why let this things happen and happen again? Really frustrating and annoying! Is this the way that we show love to them!?!?!? Please be rational!

  15. i’m so upset. at all SS in korea, there’s not such situation. By my feelings for the fan hit heechul, i wish i will hit the had of fan by LED card. I never understand the fan!!!!! upset…… upset………

  16. HIs beatiful face D: heenim must be very mad right now 😦

  17. What a stupid habit of throwing things onto the stage and the guys ..

  18. It was an accident. The Elf was trying to give him the gift but end up hitting him with a board. Maybe the elf is too excited to see him.

  19. Why it happening again??
    After yesung’s lightstick incident on SS3 Singapore and TeukChul car incident on ( isn’t on thailand or in Singapore also?)
    and now Heenim got hit by a fan board!
    Please guys be careful about what you are throwing!
    SuJu members got hurt becoz of us!
    Do you want them to get mad on us!? Of course not!
    If you want them to get notice you, just don’t throw a gift/lightstick/fanboard on their face!
    Either it’s soft or hard thing.
    I’m really disappointed to ELF who’s doing that!
    I know it’s just an accident and she didn’t mean to do that to Heenim!
    Please…I’m telling you once again…..please be careful about what u r throwing!

    and to those ELF who’s bashing her…..STOP IT
    It’s not gonna worth it…. If you bash her…is there something gonna good happen Heenim?
    Of course no…
    Heenim gonna pissed more if he’s reading about bashing her!
    ELF is a big family….so forgive her!

    This is a lesson for us ELF!
    So think about it before you do that!

    • The car accident was also in SG.

  20. How would you feel if Super Junior chucked stuff at you???!!! Not too good I would think. Stupid fans -_-

  21. The heaviest thing that should EVER be thrown at a member (if you absolutely Must throw anything) is a marshmallow. Just . Stop.

    • =) Marshmallow?super cute..~!
      kat,dont worry much..i just checked out the twitter and heechul is fine..he keeps on asking if he is manly..

  22. WTH!!! who in the right state of mind would throw a freaking 20X30cm signboard right into our favourite oppa’s face?? idiot person who ever did that!!hope heechul oppa’s face wont have any scar..
    bloody hell!! didnt the person who throw the signboard get scolded by surrounding elfs?? or at least those security officers in the most pit???

    • Hey, come on. I don’t think she meant hitting his face, or hurting anyone for the matter. It was an accident. But fans do need to be a lot more careful next time. ^^

  23. oppa you are ok dont be sick pleasa

  24. so it was hanchul board? omg.. :c

  25. Hanchl board??? asdfghjlkl!!

  26. AGAIN. Fans, AGAIN. Elf PLEASE, aside from thinking about what you should throw, think of OUR BOYS. And it’s a freaking hanchul board. It’s only logic that a 20X30 board IS NOT MEANT to be thrown at a human face, let alone the faces of the ones we love. We fans are not there for SJ to hurt them, duh. One of the many things we do for them is protect them. I know that the fan is now very regretful and sorry, but what’s happening now is the consequence of carelessness and stupidity in her action. And I thought we learned from the incidents in SG. Elf please be careful with what you throw and think on it, and most of all think of our SJ boys. Heechul. 😥 Hope you’re okay now, and please don’t be upset anymore. I can just imagine him being upset about this matter, and I, like other ELFs out there, can’t help but feel a bit helpless, just hearing news about Heechul being hurt and upset.

  27. you’re fine right oppa…??? I hope you’re okay now ..

    we were all sad to see insident which make you hurt …

    healthy fast again oppa ..

    we will always pray for you all …

    wish U all the best..

    saranghae oppa…

  28. Hope he will get well soon.
    I feel strange about this case, cause this had happen to Yesung and then Heechul, hope never happen to other of them again.

  29. I just don’t understand this! Why cant ELFS just behave themselves during concerts! We want so badly for them to come to our country and yet we hurt them and make them leave with bad memories! Why can’t we just control our hands! I think it’s enough for me just to see them in person and listen to them live. I know we all want to leave an impression on the members but I’m sure it’s not a bad impression like this right?! I’m a singapore elf and when I knew about teukchul’s accident i felt so bad to know that fellow Elfs were chasing them and causing them to be in danger. PLEASE ELFS! let’s behave ourselves and keep the boys safe.


    • yes my dear nilam

  31. i think that fan only want to give present to heechul but accidentally hit his face. and about that malaysian it is not very pleasure me,, it’s just rumors! and we love super junior boys as much as other fans do! and whoever it is please be careful when throwing something,,respect our boys!! hahah peace yaww!

  32. hey wat a *****!
    pls all elf’s make sure that all of things that you throw on stage make sure that boys dont get hurt………and beside’s you are not allowed to throw that trash in the stage!
    even you are exited dont do that!
    what a careless attitude you have?
    youre not thinking………..
    heechul oppa get mad to you even he’s not talking but in her face reaction i think hes really get mad to you!
    hope that u wil read this!
    you are ignorant elf!

  33. I really hope Heenim’s okay now. Or at least not upset anymore. 😦 I think that sign board really did hit him hard, and I hate to see his milky white skin scarred. But please don’t go hating and bashing the fan who threw that. We’re not sure if she did it on purpose, and I really doubt she did, given that those are her idols. Please don’t hunt her down or anything. And let’s all be more careful next time, and not throw anything on stage. ^^

  34. Instead of buying gifts to them, the best is do some donation thru this website or for the 5jib. This will be more meaningful to our Suju than giving them gifts. Just imagine how many 5jib albums we can help / buy if ELFs from Taiwan, Malaysia, China, Japan, Thailand and Philiphines donated. Easily more than 400,000 albums. This haven’t include Korea and other countries.

  35. WHAT THE FCUK. I’m so angry because I don’t even know who to blame. 😐 I mean, the fan was stupid because she shouldn’t throw things like that at the stage. BUT I understand that it probably wasn’t her intention BUT still. WHAT THE FCUK. ELFs, please behave. I also do think that Heenim ain’t the type who forgives easily. haha He easily gets pissed so PLEASE act nicely.

  36. Ouch !!! When I captured that news I cried and cried for Heechul…Every night I pray for him…Every midnight I always think about it , if he’s okay…

  37. HOW DARE U HIT HIM ??????
    o my gosh !!!!!!!
    poor him !!!!!!!!!!! T____________________T
    Hey MALON kaaammprreeeeeeetttt … ;@

  38. huuuuu.
    He said the ELF, but will make cheeks Heechul cuts, if the taxable eyes how?
    Want to responsibility?

  39. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I don’t know who you are but definitely you are going
    to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

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