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The best-selling album of the year belongs to Super Junior’s 4th Jib.

According to the hanteo chart’s compiled data on the 26th (,) it was shown that Super Junior’s 4th album <Bonamana> obtained a total sales record of 132,127 albums, (thus) crowned yet again, following the year before, as the king of albums.

Representatives of SM Entertainment agency stated on the 27th, “Although there is an aggregate difference in the hanteo chart’s and our statistics, (however Super Junior is) indeed holding the first position.”, “Our statistics recorded a total sales of 200,000 albums.” The 2nd position in the hanteo chart is represented by the Girls’ Generation <Oh!>, with a total record of 123,668 albums. Following in the 3rd position is their 3rd mini album <Hoot> (94,942 albums), 4th position SHINee’s 2nd album <Lucifer> (58,628 albums), 5th position BoA’s 6th album <Hurricane Venus> (57,273 albums). The first 5 positions are all represented by albums of artists in the SM entertainment, attracting attention.

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  1. HECK TO THE YEAH!!! THEY’RE IN THE FIRST PLACE! GDA should have been theirs all along!! but someone decides to mess it for them….

  2. in your faces SONEs.I’ve been pissed off at SONEs saying our boys didn’t deserve it… But its all too late….SJ didn’t get their daesang ….-sigh- Yesung should’ve got his award too T_T …whyyyy 2010 was unfair to our boya >.< BUT ITS 2011 now… SUJU HWATING FOR 5JIB!

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