Your albums paths the roads of Super Junior….[PLEASE READ]

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What we buy is not just an album, but hopes of SJ’s future, please buy 5JIB from the right way.

For promotional purpose, everyone must spread this note, many thanks!

Still remembering the same time last year, all of us were saying…

【See you in 4jib, no change of heart.】

Looking back, the sentiments are still high.

We have put in so much effort for 4jib. When the album was released, we bulk purchased, we voted in digital voting, we did physical voting, on top of all these, we still attended all sorts of concerts & contests. In order to let our men see the sea of sapphire blue, we could hardly take a breath in between all these activities. Stacks of albums (purchased directly from Korea) could be found in our homes, loads of ELFs can be seen around them wherever they go. Sometimes, you may complain of exhaustion & tiredness, but we found our own pleasure, we are doing this for the ones who are worth our efforts.

In the past, Leeteuk, DongHae used to remind us not to band hop, not to have a change of heart, like they are always worrying about losing us. Perhaps, they have suffered too much, making them unsure of how to handle such blessing that is difficult to come by. Perhaps, it’s the wish to own it forever, that they constantly worry about losing it.

I believe all of us are aware that the hyungs will be enlisting soon. My friend used to joke:” Yong Woon did not eat enough in the army, when he returns, (we) must buy him more meat.” I would reply: “Going forward, there will be more boys waiting to be fed by us”. Actually, short parting should not a heart wrenching experience, as long as we are willing to wait, one day, we will get them all back. They will greet us with their loudest, most confident voices: Wuli Nen Super Juni Or Ye Yo!

We are tasting bitter sweet, but we can afford to wait, can’t we?

It is a fact, 2010 is filled with heartache. Low budget mvs, low cost performance costumes, & degrading award ceremonies. I can only say, the house of sapphire blue is never the favourite child in the company, we are not the apple in the eye, we are more like adopted children. Nevertheless, despite wearing old clothes, despite not complete, despite getting no attention from the “parents”, our men still stood tall on stage, performing, in the name of Super Junior. Though not competed in numbers, they stayed committed together, retaining the innocence since beginning. Regardless of the times when they experienced valley lows, or the current days where they are standing mountain high, they still hold close to them, the purest heart they used to possess. This, is a great blessing that heaven has given us.

Soon, the fifth album (5jib) is coming.

Maybe, you have said those discouraging words, “I am not going to fan/ship them anymore, I am going to look for new love, I am going to love myself more”. You know what? In actual fact, the house of sapphire blue has grown a lot for the period of 2 years, between 3th album (3jib) and 4th album (4jib). We have, from a disunited bunch, congregated to a solid force, like a plate of dry sand, add some water, you can build a sand castle. We know we have to treasure what we have, because we know these did not come naturally for us, these are through sheer hard work of all. What can be more precious than those times we have gone through together? We should thank those who spite us to move on, its you whom had given us the extra push to move forward, to put in even more effort.

Golden Disk Award (GDA) Daesang, we had it, we “lost” it, what’s there to be afraid of anymore? Now, we all knew that whatever Daesang, are nothing but illusion. What we care the mose is not whatever Daesang anymore, we only wanted to given a beautiful memory to our 83liners, before they enlist, to let them know, whether they are going in or coming back (in the future), ELF will always be with them, will never abandon them.

At the same time, please think about it, 4jib was released based on the good sell through of 3jib, with the possible release of 5jib, was 4jib successful? To speak the truth, we have made it, but we lose to those in power. We always thought 5jib will be a long way to come, but the grand album sales of 4jib brought us just that. The two hyungs will be enlisting soon, 5jib will be the paving stone, how well will 5jib sell? This will decide the fate of SJ’s future. Lets think about it, we were never treated as own, if 5jib sales are bad, what will become of SJ in the company? (everyone should know by now, they have re-contracted.) In order to ensure their comfort zone in the company is preserved, we have to make 5jib a success, by hook or by crook. So what if we lose the awards? We are still here, we can break our own record, we can always get them back, what’s there to be afraid of? ELF are the best, we will not be beaten by such minor setbacks, will we?


Let’s talk about the concept of pre-order/pre-sales.

Pre-order/pre-sales does not equals to actual album sales. Put it in simple terms, pre-order is what the retailers have ordered from SM, only after the retailers have sold these albums out, that the sales are counted.

【Regarding album sales, it is very simple.】

(1) Bulk purchase should focus on Hanteo chart as a priority.

  • The percentage contribution of Korea’s top 3 charts are very dis-proportional. Looking from 2009 data, Synnara takes up 17.6%, Hottracks takes up 10.5%, but Hanteo contribute to 71.5%. Due to whatever reasons, there was no official data provided for Hottracks in 2010, while Synnara doesn’t even have any charts. Since Hottracks is now mergewd with Hanteo, you can imagine the importance of Hanteo. Even tough Hanteo chart does not reflect ALL of the albums sold in Korea, but it is the ONLY chart that record real time albums sales, and it is a chart that is representative with authority. Doing bulk purchase via its chain(such as HOTtracks and leesmusic), will ensure the albums we purchased are all counted, & reduce the probability of being ‘swallowed’.
  • Hanteo franchise overview: Hottracks have many branches; leesmusic supports online purchase; synnara, told to have joined Hanteo’s chain of stores too, has many branches and also offers online purchase; The rests are YES24, Cooltrack, applemusic etc.However, Hanteo did not reveal the list of stores under them, thus there are still many uncertainty. what is 100% sure, are Hottracks and Leesmusic, so please try as much as possible to buy from these 2 chains.
  • Those K music shows (Music Bank, InKiGaYo, M!CountDown) mostly got their album sale records from Hanteo chart (If Music Core doesn’t change, this show won’t have chart system). Do you remember Eunhyuk said in twitter that he wants 13 champions from the music shows? We missed them when 3jib, and failed to get them in 4jib due to great competition. If you want 13-weeked champions for 5jib, Hanteo is the only way.

(2) Korean Album Sales chart ONLY recognize K albums sold from Korean cd shops.

  • Taiwan version, Jap version, HK version, foreign versions & pirated version, together with any album bought from websites(YESASIA/DVDheaven) or wholesalers are ALL NOT COUNTED into Korean’s album sales data.
  • If your nearby CD shop boss tells you that their volume are counted, THAT IS A LIE! This is because they all bought those albums at wholesale prices from SM company. Well, I can’t actually say that they lie to you, rather, he doesn’t even know what is official album sales records. There were witnesses whom experienced seller answering doubts about whether album sold are counted “They are all counted, since they were directly purchased from the company”. You need to remember, they are ONLY businessmen, they don’t care about your so-call album sales. Verbal commitment is only to gain the trust of customers, otherwise how else can they do business?

(3) You must get an official receipt with tax paid

  • The official receipt showing tax, proves that CDs are bought legally, and taxes are paid. With this, SM can claim for their copyright fees, SJ will also get their bonus on copyright fees.
  • If what you bought does not come with such receipts, it only meant the CDs are sold, but taxes are not paid. These CDs could be cheaper. Even though they are also originals, produced & distributed by SME, they are not counted towards records, they will not be useful for SJ on winning any year-end trophies, they also will not be part of the progression SJ’s history.
  • As a matter of fact, most wholesalers in your countries choose to purchase directly from companies that artists belong to, at a lower price. But the bonus any artists collects, can only be based on sales provided by shops that are counted in the official data, those albums sold via companies are not counted. Using a lower wholesaler price to buy in the albums, retailers can then price it at the price they are comfortable with, or put a lower price to attract customers, or claiming that such direct purchase from companies are part of data, some many even forge receipts to be able to command a higher price, thereby getting a bigger profit for themselves. These profits gained, not counted as part of official records, are gained by which parties, we do not need to elaborate.
  • If you plan to buy from admins or groups that are doing bulk purchase, that they said they bought direct from Korea, please be absolutely clear about your bulk purchase’s authenticity & sources, and insist on a Korean tax receipt. If the source cannot disclose which stores are they under (for Hanteo chart), please refrain from using them.

(4) Focus on buying Version A

  • GDA counts all versions; Seoul Music Gayo only counts version A; GAON Chart calculate the sales of individual versions of each album, and not the combine sales of all versions in one album. But, regardless of how many versions company is releasing, if you can afford, please focus on pushing up the sales of Ver A.  (If Ver C is for the 2nd comeback, since it’s vital for Music Chart placement later on, we still have to boost its sales.)
  • In 2010, we were taken advantage of, simply because the leading gap of our version A is not huge enough. GDA Daesang was given out base on Hanteo chart data. If all these sales under GAON (which are from other channels) were also reflected in Hanteo Chart, then we would not have been taken advantaged off, being brushed off as “Oh, the difference was small, so we decided to give the award to another”. Also, please do not give them have a chance to make excuse by claiming that those charts (that do not disclose sales) has higher sales data of other artists.

【Lets take a look at 4jib comeback, data provided by Music Bank:】

1st week (5/13-5/16): Ver A-62270, Ver B-not released (MB data total 12145)

2nd week (5/17-5/23): Ver A-41204, Ver B-28417 (MB data total 10387)

3rd week (5/24-5/30):Ver A-6286,Ver B-11053(MB data total 5505)

4th week (5/31-6/6):Ver A-4603,Ver B-3603(MB data total 2394)

5th week(6/7-6/13):Ver A-2811,Ver B-836(MB data total 1917)

We all know that, 4jib relied heavily on album sales to get into the charts (According to MB, the scores of chart system includes digital listening, favourtism, album sales & performance). We had 3 weeks of No. 1 in Music Bank, every time, it was because of album sales. When our album sales droped, ranking in the chart droped immediately, we couldn’t even get in as no 2.

About boosting album sales, we have a suggestion: when we bulk order, we should coordinate with K ELFs about when to do bulk purchase. Please do not bulk purchase at the same time, within the first week or first day. As it affects chart ranking, in order to make them stay longer in the chart, we hope everyone can volume purchase by batches(It will be best if you can do the bulk purchase after the 2nd week), let our sales flow long & strong, so they can get more of No 1!


My main point is, we rather spend a few more dollars, paying hard cash buying a CD directly from the chain of shops belong to Hanteo (with tax receipt), than to save these money but ended up buying a cheaper YET totally useless albums that cannot boost sales data. It is worthless & meaningless, don’t you agree?

We have a huge foreign ELF base, if every one of us buy an album, the result will be phenomenal.

If there be a 6jib, it will not be in the near future.

About the unknown, there is no point to worry about it now, we can only treasure the present, be serious about everything, be committed to do the best!

For the longest time, we are the only ones putting in efforts. The house of sapphire blue do not rely on promotions to prove popularity, we do not take anything that does not belong to us. What we have, is from pure hard work and ability, sweat & tears, we paved the road ourselves, step by step, we move up to the stage which says: Asia, and even the whole world.

We hope everyone can work as a team.

If we make it, we are the family of sapphire blue.

If we screw it up, we are still the family of sapphire blue.

We are the family of sapphire blue, who will embrace & progress together.

See you in 5jib, Never have a change of heart.

If you truly love, please love deeply.

P.S. We are not forcing anyone to buy 5jib, we do not have the right to do so. But we sincerely hope that all ELFs can act as a solid backing for SJ, just for the name of ELF. We try to do what we can within our means, as they have suffered & are exhausted all these years. If even an ELF is not willing to give, then all their sufferings are wasted. Still the same old phrase, please continue to support SJ, continue to bulk purchase 5jib, continue to create the glory belonging to SJ and ELFs!

Written by 蕾蕾, Michelle Fung, Jeslyn Ho, Man Kyuu
Translated by Jeslyn Ho
Reference: 每天得瑟一点点吧&蓝瑟吧
Photo of 4JIB’s bulk purchase, CR: Monick Jaranilla

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  1. for sure, we have to support Super Junior even if they’re less members in the’re our endless love oppas 😀

    In the past, Leeteuk, DongHae used to remind us not to band hop, not to have a change of heart, like they are always worrying about losing us. Perhaps, they have suffered too much, making them unsure of how to handle such blessing that is difficult to come by. Perhaps, it’s the wish to own it forever, that they constantly worry about losing it.

    saranghae^^~~ let’s make all their albums Daebak! 2011 is Suju year! ;D

  2. For sure we will not change and we will keep supporting Super Junior .. They are our lovers..
    Can not wait to buy the 5jib .. But can I ask about something .. Do you know which website that I can buy from it and it will be 100% counted?!! Since I’m from Dubai and I do not know anyone from Korea..

    • don’t worry I will post all the information ~~~ =D

  3. But How will we Get the real albums that Can increase the sales if we live in a foreign country?

    • yeah..thats what i think..
      hope u can reply us ^^

      • Don’t worry I will post all the information ~~!

        • thaaank you ^^*

          • Thank you thank you!!! im so excited!!!

  4. aww >.<
    ELF go go go!!
    i hope we can together 5jib, and so on..

  5. hey, i wanna buy their album….
    but how ???

  6. This is making me sad 😦

    2011 will be the year the SJ shine. No matter what obstacles are ahead we shall make it together as we are ELFs. Hopefully 2011 will be a year of no regrets, no unobtainable promises – we shall rise together in a sea of sapphire blue and take over the world. Asia, at least 🙂

    • *the year that SJ shines

      *through together

  7. Hi! I´m from Mexico and for the 4th album a friend of mine bring it to me from Korea the version C and almost was the end of the year….i want to give all my suppport for the 5th album since the beginnig but how can i? there are some ELF’s in Mexico or Texas, USA near to the border to whom i can join for the bulk purchase?

    • is the most recommended site for international E.L.F.s from all over the world …they do take orders for every album SJ releases[currently they are taking orders for SJ-M “Too Perfect mini album].. you have to PM your country representative or just read what they announce and do what they say, etc. Send the money by papal or concealed cash, or whatever way you want except no credit card but it depends on your representative if she uses western union or something else.
      Remember to read everything carefully or you may get a warning for breaking the rules…etc.

  8. yeahhh…keep post the information..
    every overseas ELFs need it for sure..

  9. Ah. I’m french. My english sucks. T__T I didn’t understand all your message…Please help me !! T__T I want to help, I want to support Super Junior because I love them and I’m so sad because I always buy on Yesasia…..TT I’m crying.
    How can I buy the futur album ? I don’t know Hanteo…There is a website ? Foreigners can buy ? T.T

    • ^^

      • I’m on sj-world forum but I don’t see where buy. They give a link to YesAsia. TT

        • thats because they are currently not taking bulk orders for 4jib.

          But right now they are taking bulk orders for SJM “Too Perfect” mini album. When 5jib comes out SJ-World will plan on taking bulk orders from foreign fans ^^

          • how about soribada? I would like SJ to get digital daesang too.

          • Ah thanx ! ^ ^

            • You can try soribada.

    • I think you can also buy it from DVD Heaven (just google it and you will see the link). I live in Canada and I use this web site to buy SJ’s stuff. If you buy Korean version, it should be reflected to Hanteo chart.

      • I think DVDHeaven is not counted in KOrea Official Chart. You can try soribada.

        • I emailed Hanteo ( to confirm if sales from DVD Heaven will be counted, and they said yes!
          Anyway, all the ELFs should start to save some $ now for the 5th album. This year the competition is brutal. We got TVXQ and Big Bang, both with a huge album sale.
          Who knows who else is coming?
          No matter what, save money and support SJ!!!

  10. Hi! I just wondering whether it is true that the sales at dvdheaven are not counted in Hanteo or not. because some people said that dvdheaven sales are counted in hanteo. can you please give information about this? because i dunno where else to buy online 😦 i couldnt understand korean ones..

    • Try soribada because they have english website. I sent email to them and they said any purchases from them are counted in Korea Official Chart.

    • I emailed Hanteo ( and they confirmed that sales from DVD Heaven are counted.

  11. im from Egypt…i really want to support our suju and buy the 5th album…but i dont know what to do and i dont understand some of the please can you tell me what can i do?

  12. ah..can you tell me websites that are counted so i can bu from them and please tell me when we will star order the album? thanks

  13. I feel so special being apart of ELF, they are a special group of people, and I bet we’re the only fan group that does this. I really want Super Junior to know that there are many people who love them, and will stay by them even if they are all not together! <33

    • *Super Junior is a special group of people

      of course, ELF are too ^^

  14. DVD Heaven for sure doesn’t reflect on Hanteo? (they said they do.. but obviously that’s not necessarily reliable.) Can someone confirm?

    • sorry for repeating. yes i emailed them ( and it is counted. you can send Hanteo an email to confirm too.

  15. omg ELFs u r the best
    for the ELFs who made that and all ELFs
    really really really THANK YOU
    i don’t know what i say
    but FIGHTING
    and i’m so so so afraid in this year
    there is a strong comeback jyj dbsk big bang and snsd =\
    pllllllllllls i want my boys to win and be happy

  16. Owww. I’m really sad and tearing seeing this! I love the boys! And will be happy as long as they are happy! Go ELFs! I hope the 5th jib is as good as ever! I will support them. Everyone too right??? Can we order the album tgt?

  17. Hi can i link ppl to this article from my blog? it’s really important and i want to help SJ so i think it would be useful if i put it on the sidebar of the blog

  18. The MV did not look tt cheap to me.. neither did the clothes.. mayb its cos of their charisma and confidence displayed that i feel the clothes they wear and the stages put up are all very expensive.. “it doesnt matter what others think”, this is what i want to believe too.. but how nice wud it be if others can recognise suju for their talents..!

    Lets continue to support them ^^hwaiting!

  19. we can do it ELFs !!!!

    Super Junior + ELFs = one


  20. I’m from INA.. so many online shop selling kpop album in here, it’s hard when we find online shop who buy the original album that count at hanteo chart.
    it’s my opinion, how about one of fanbase in twitter (a lot of my ELF friends spent their time in twitter) or facebook or make wordpress/blogspot for coordinate 5jib, so all of INA ELF can buy at that fanbase. It has the double advantage.
    1. help INA ELF to buy 5jib
    2. all of salles album from INA will be 100% counted
    3. we can manage the bulk order (not bulk purchase at the same time)

    it’s just my opinion ok!.. oh sorry, my english skill is super bad //.\\

    • I think it’s a good idea to create a fanbase for 5th jib order.

  21. GO SUPER JUNIOR!!!!!! Would it be possible to provide us with reputable online source to buy the album when it’s released? Cause I’m sure that, Australia doesn’t sell them… Even if they do I highly doubt they’re counted……

  22. Super Junior is My Everything….i will love them till’ I die, through hard & easy times I will continue to support them, & i will help in the future with the album sales unlike what i did with the 3rd jib & the 4th jib, E.L.F Hwaiting, Super Junior Hwaiting

  23. how about in malaysia?
    it’s very difficult to follow your strategies coz it have a few store that have super junior album. like or not we must buy it coz it sell in few album only. any malaysian elf can help me where can i get the album with the right person???

  24. i’ll do my best to buy directly from Korea..i’ll save money for Super Junior! I’m proud to be an ELF!

  25. So proud to be a part of ELF!!!
    I want to support Suju and their albums too – but I’m from Germany – there are no shpos hwo sale there albums…
    I hope for firther informations xD so I can do my part as well~
    SuJu will always be my Number 1 no matter how much time passes… they shouldn’t worry about loosing us – we won’t ever leave their side!
    I was so moved when I was reading this article. I am in school at the moment and I’m trying really hard not to cry so nobody notice ^^

  26. Thank you very much~
    That text was so touching and I honestly end up crying. I love super junior all of my sapphire blue heart and I’m so proud of how far they have come. I really wish that I can do my share for them, this 5th album and elfs. Altough I live in far away from Asia (finland), I’ll try my very best.
    So is there coming more information about that buying thing? I’m so used to yesasia so this kind of thing feels hard. I kinda didn’t get it when I have to buy it? I mean if I wanna help them the best possible way. Please give some more info, if possible.
    Thank you~

  27. I have an idea to boost 5jib album. But I need ELFs around the world cooperation. Anyone interested or help to organise it?

    • Im interested!!!! wat do u have in mind??

      • As you know each album cost around US$12 – US$13. For those who are working, I think it shouldn’t be a problem for them to save it each month until Nov/Dec. Which means each ELFs able to make contribution of 5 to 6 albums. We have ELFs from Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philiphine, China, Hong Long, Taiwan, Europe, Middle East and etc. With contribution of 5000 to 10000 jibs per month for each contry, by end of the year we will be able to make it around 500,000 jibs. But we need representative from each contry to organise it.

        • I did sent message to some of the ELFs website but unfortunately there are no response from them. Maybe they think it’s too ridiculous but for me that is the only way to help SUJU because this year is very competitive.

          • Well, i kno SJW has a country representative for ordering certain SJ goods (like SS2 dvd, for example) so maybe if you post ur idea there, people will respond.. I think its a really good idea but it is a large scale project so it will take a lot of organization but if people start responding in SJW, i think its doable

        • I like your idea. But the problem is that not everybody has that much money and not everybody wants to buy multi albums. Some ELFs are also Sones, Shawols or Cassies. So for them, SJ album may be only one of a bunch.
          However, there are also some ELFs like you and me who would like to buy as many as possible just to support them. (also to collect their photo cards :p)

  28. i love suju

  29. hi guys! we really need to work hard this year to support our boys.
    1. leeteuk and heechul will go to army
    2. this year’s competition is HUGE. TVXQ and Big Bang already sold so many albums
    3. If we believe that our boys are the best, we should work harder to be the best fans
    save money now for their 5th album.
    I am happily married and obviously SJ is not my everything. but i will support them as much as i support my family. and ELFs are like my little sisters.
    Super Junior, fighting! ELF, fighting! Make our boys proud; make ourselves proud!

  30. :O when you said yesasia sales don’t boost suju’s overall album sales i was shocked! Mainly because a lot of websites say, ‘Support (Your Artist) by purchasing their album through YESASIA’. A lot of ELFS are probably unaware of this ): its sad because a lot of ELfs buy from yesasia

  31. Hello!!
    I want to ask for some help!!
    I don’t really understand how can I pay..(I live in Europe and I heard that YesAsia doesn’t count and I would like to use DVDHeaven!!)
    I’m not quite confident about these things because I never ordered anything from the Internet… (ridiculous.. T_T)
    I really don’t like to ask for anything but now I want to make sure that I will do everything right!!

  32. I’m guilty of not buying their 4jib cos of many reasons, but i’ll buy their 5jib this time round since I’ve started earning $…This year is gonna be really hard cos DBSK already broke SJ’s last year record & comes Big Bang who keeps releasing mini albums which I believe is gonna total up to a high volume…

    From a consumer’s point of view, 4jib is really worth the money & it not only garner great sales but great reviews, so even tho it didn’t win Daesang, it won the best album in my country’s annual music review & the best album award in Taiwan. I really hope that SMent will continue to give them great songs (I don’t want SMent to compromise cos of SHINee & the upccoming M1). I don’t wanna look at bad reviews of their 5jib & hear the criticisms from the so-called professionals in Korea (who’s forever praising BB which I can’t understand) amidst the high volume of sales. Seriously, I’m actually quite worried that people will not like their title song since SJ decided to end its SJFunky series with Bonamana…

    Whatever, I’ve been watching SJ-M on Taiwanese variety shows recently, despite them already at the top, their humble & excellent work attitudes & their respect for fans inspire me a lot. So in return, I hope that their 5jib can break all the records in Korea, the 52-weeks record in Taiwan’s KKBOx charts( & I hope it’ll remain as #1 until the first batch of boys return from the army). I also hope to see new records all over the world.

    Elfs, I love u (shy:)).

    • so enjoy reading your comment. i think Korean media try too hard to understand the music industry in an American way. However, fans overseas will appreciate artists like SJ more b/c they have sth so Korean. They think BB are #1 b/c they dress like Americans and sing like Americans.
      Anyway, ppl have dif taste and my #1 is always SJ.
      I’m so proud of Taiwanese ELFs and their media. I understand Chinese so I watched their programs about SJ a lot. 99% of programs praise SJ’s professionalism, talents, hard working, and humble attitude a lot. And you can tell they really respect SJ more than any other come-and-go KPOP stars.
      Really hope more and more ppl can appreciate SJ.

  33. It’ll be great if we can get organized and bulk buy in different times.. personally, im still a student and not earning any money but i do have allowances and usually i dont shop much (i prefer to shop when i go back home with my parents XD) so i think i can spare up to 100 dollars for the 5th jib but i dont have a credit card, only paypal.. I was planning to get one of those soribada cards for the digital downloads (anyone with a visa, by any chance?? ) and then buy 3 Ver A (at different times for the chart), 1 ver B (if there is one, which im hoping not because of all the confusion that is caused) and 2 ver C but I can only pay with paypal so im relying on some kind ELF bulk buy project thing because otherwise, i wont be able to do anything… I think we should get organized really soon, august is coming up really fast… suju 5th jib, fighting !!!

    • Maybe we should check it out with too.

      • Ive been looking around in SJW but i havent found anything… unless its in some restricted part of the forum…

        • Okay, never mind.. i was just checking my facebook and apparently there is a bulk buy project thats being organized by SJW.. i just asked for the link from the person and i’ll post it when she gives me a reply…

        • I’m pretty sure around July and August, SJW will organize bulk orders. But i think you need to register to be able to post stuff for the order.

  34. I feel so guilty not helping enough for the boys last year! this year I’m doing it. My mom pays me every time I do chores so If I save enough money by the end of July, I’ll buy more than ten albums if I can!! my only problem is where to buy them…I’m from Guam and I REALLY wanna buy the 5jib. from what I read, dvdheaven counts, but when I tried to order for the 4jib, they didn’t have Guam on the list of countries they ship to (well, maybe because Guam isn’t exactly a country?) so I ended up buying from amazon which I know doesn’t count only because I just came here and my parents haven’t signed up for a credit card yet so I only rely on my aunt for that….I’m not sure about soribada though, I still have to check….if any of you guys find out about other ways us foreign ELF can buy the album pls. reply! every single one is already help enough for me…this is the only obstacle I have from buying….and I hope we can help our boys keep up!!!!

  35. Hai, I’m Indonesian ELF..
    I really wanna support 5Jib!
    But I never buy CD Online before so I don’t know how to do..
    And my english isn’t quiet good~
    I can’t understand some of article 😦

    So Please for Indonesian ELFs or another ELFs..
    Tell me how I can get the real Album in Indonesia that can be counted ^^
    Mention me on twitter @pitcHEEdict

    Thanks before ^^
    Let’s give the best present for 83line before they leaving~
    I’m gonna miss them 😥

    ELF hwaiting! (^^)9
    Saranghae~Hai, I’m Indonesian ELF..
    I really wanna support 5Jib!
    But I never buy CD Online before so I don’t know how to do..
    And my english isn’t quiet good~
    I can’t understand some of article 😦

    So Please for Indonesian ELFs or another ELFs..
    Tell me how I can get the real Album in Indonesia that can be counted ^^
    Mention me on twitter @pitcHEEdict

    Thanks before ^^
    Let’s give the best present for 83line before they leaving~
    I’m gonna miss them 😥

    ELF hwaiting! (^^)9


      last time they have representative for indonesia for bulk buying..
      dont worry this time i bet they also have..^^

  36. i will definitely support them again this time! ^^

  37. sj-world is doing theirs in the first three weeks
    super5th is doing theirs in the 3rd and 5th week…
    I’m really confused at the moment because I thought K ELFs were in charge of doing the buying for the first two weeks. If Sj-world buys in the first three weeks, would the boy’s position on the music charts be affected? >:

    • ** sorry, I meant they are doing their bulk buying/preordering

    • There should be a post about what week each country should buy the album so that it doesn’t get mixed up. All SJ websites in charge of selling albums should do this. 🙂

  38. SUPER JUNIOR!!!!!!
    ELF HWAITING!!!!!!!!
    13+2+ELF=SUPER JUNIOR ^^

  39. really hate whenever read the fact tht snsd won the GD awrd..sory 2 say..

  40. I got shivers down my spines when i read this… it almost made me cry~ but I’m proud to say that I bought it frm LEESMUSIC wif an offcial receipt.. ELFs hwaiting~! Pls do buy it!

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