Super Junior, Korean artists with the most overseas audiences…. – You think?! xD

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Super Junior concert in Singapore, was one of the concert with the most attendance, according to SM Entertainment on the 31st of January.

Super Junior, who held their Asian Tour, Super Show 3 in Singapore Indoor Stadium on the 29th and 30th of January, attracted a total amount of 20,000 attendees, one of highest amount of audience a performance can get, even in South Korea.

Local concert promoter, “Running Into The Sun” was quoted saying that the “2 days concert in Singapore held by Super Junior was one of the most successful show, and then Super Junior’s influence to the Kpop industry in Singapore is great, especially to their fans.”
According to SM, a second show has to be added from the original one day because of the competitive ticketing. When the ticketing site opened on the day itself, the server went immediately down, and after 10 minutes, all seats were sold out. There was also an offline sales, in which fans queued overnight, and when sales started, the whole place was crowded.
Super Junior held their show for 3 hours, singing songs like “Sorry Sorry”, “U” “Bonamana” among the 32 songs they sang. Members Eeteuk and Heechul, who was involved in a 7-car pilup accident in on 28th in Singapore, gave a splendid performance with the other members, eliciting cheers from fans.

Apart from Singapore, Super Show 3 will also be held in Tokyo, Japan, Taipei and Manila, among other places.

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Translated by: ミ mholic ★
Source: Yonhap News

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  1. woah,elf and suju is daebak..!!I’ve heard from some malaysian’s elf,they will stay overnight at just to buy the sushow’s ticket in the next morning..and malaysia will receive a lot of overseas to our country!SELAMAT DATANG~!Lets make sushow 3 in malaysia to be part of another great history~!

  2. So weird. I remember that for each night, the attendance is only 5,000? Even if you add both nights, should it be only 10,000? Besides, Singapore Indoor Stadium’s capacity is 10,000 but they didn’t use one portion of the stadium so surely it is lesser than 10,000.

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