Updated** SJ-M Comeback teaser pictures: SW, DH, HR & ZM + Info about EH, SM joining

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[INFO] SUPER JUNIOR M COMING SOON Album name “太完美” (tai wan mei) means TOO PERFECT. trans by winnie @fallingforkyu

Source: kokoro9kyu

Sungmin and Eunhyuk are confirmed to be the new SJ-M members! As it stated on avex website.

Source: KyuhyunBiased

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Eunhyuk and Sungmin have been confirmed to be additional members of SJ-M [thank you @HypnoticAsia for the cap]

Source: TwELFs

However, this is what I’ve just updated:

Pardon us! The pic of ‘Eunhyuk and Sungmin’ name on avex website is probably only fanmade and photoshoped. We just can wait and see later.

Source: KyuhyunBiased

Teaser Pictures

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Credits: BelievableHome (via, Avex

Larger version

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Credits: YesungCenter
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  1. whoaaa for real? Sungmin and Eunhyuk? LOL there’s going to be lots of EunHae moments right? they all look so hot in the teaser!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!

    • i think it will be a lots of eunmin moment !
      caaaaaaaaaan’t wait

      • Haha ! no ! its EUNHAE moments . hehehe 🙂
        happy ! My minnie will be in SJ-M ! !>.<

        • it will be 86line moments XD
          my Hyukie is there too^^~~

  2. Not having Eunhyuk was the one thing I didnt like about SJ-M. Amazing news!

  3. EunHae … KyuMin …
    can’t wait ^^

  4. gosh SJM is trendding now on twetter too!

    worldwide elf must be craizily happy :DDDD

  5. YAY!!PUMPED FOR THEIR COMEBACK!! I LOVE SJ-M. Looks like they belong in the north pole or something, but who cares? THEYRE BACK!! WOOT. Yes HENRYYYY. And I love the addition of Eunhyuk and Sungmin, imagine Eunhyuk on chinese game shows…Funny just picturing it. 😀

    • Haha yea! It will be awesome to see hyuk in a chinese show our funny witty monkey ^^

  6. has anyone seen the SM message saying that Eunhyuk is not going to join sjm?

    i´m really confused. held!

    • I’m searching like mad for any clue.


        is this a fake account?

        as my english is not really good i may be missing something

        • sorry i just realized it´s a fake account since i read such silly things on it.

          really sorry 😦



  8. SJ-M! Ive been waiting for this!! FINALLY! And Im sorta diggin the concept^^ Was looking forward for Kyu’s pic tho. -.- Hae and Henry *O* I knew (and is totally okay with) Min and Hyuk were going to join but I still can’t see it. 😐 Wah~ SJ-M comeback is going to be DAE~BAK!

  9. DAMNNNN I never looked at Henry to be soooo skinny!!! 0_0 but he’s still cute =D OMG I hope EH and SM gets to be the new members!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!

  10. Which Twitter?

  11. i will shock if the new member is SHINDONg ~ wkwkwkwkwkwkkwwk~

    • Why Whats Wrong With Shindong

  12. what about shindong and leeteuk
    what will happen to them

  13. but i heard from all the other websites that yes, they are going to be in some of the songs but no, they are NOT joining super junior m.

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