110211 How did Super Junior conquer China?

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When you ask people in China interested in Hallyu on who they think is the most representative Korean idol group, they will most likely choose Super Junior. How did Super Junior who holds their own sold out concerts in Asia conquer China, the nucleus of the Asia market?

A media in China recently analyzed the charms of Super Junior and the reason behind their success. The popularity of the song “Sorry Sorry” is especially astonishing. ” Sorry Sorry” is still being chosen as the favorite song of Hallyu fans in China.

The song which is characterized by unique choreography and addicting lyrics is gaining popularity in all over Asia and not just in China. The song was number one on the charts for over 30 weeks in Taiwan. It was an unprecedented incident and only the song “Sorry Sorry” could be heard in the cities of Taiwan at that time.

Even though there were changes in the number of members for the past 5 years, Super Junior is still the top male idol group in Asia. They became the symbol of Hallyu in a short time. Their choreography of rubbing hands together became Asia’s national choreography that everyone imitated. It was so popular that many illegal copies of the album were uploaded online. Many fans imitated their dance and uploaded them to get reviews. The song’s easy yet addicting choreography was the key factor in the song’s popularity.

Leeteuk said, “People don’t like the song only. They also like the special choreography where many members dance simultaneously. That’s the reason why many people in Asia like the song.”

When Super Junior goes to China, over 10,000 girls fill the audience shaking the group’s symbol blue lightstick. The Chinese media is surprised by their strength. They analyzed, “Super Junior’s popularity comes not just from their handsome looks but it also comes from their various talents which have been developed during their years of training.”


Korean idols especially Super Junior has the ability to do advanced choreography while singing live. China is interested in Super Junior as well as their unit activities. The critics said Super Junior K.R.Y. has superb singing ability while Super Junior M made up of Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Henry and Zhoumi make a great team.

Super Junior M’s localization strategy has been an advantage. They sang Chinese songs and took over the China market. On this subject, member Choi Siwon said, “Super Junior M purposely put Chinese members in the group to aim at the China market. Because they speak Chinese well, they understand the country’s tone.”

With these various sides of Super Junior, they broke the rule, ‘a group disbands 5 years after it debuts.’ The Chinese media said, “Chinese public always look for new things. Super Junior has many members that they give off the feeling of freshness and they are able to receive love for a long time.”

Super Junior fever is currently reaching the U.S. On September of last year, the concert that was held in Los Angeles sold out garnering much interest. They are not satisfied with the Asia market. They also want to target the U.S. market.

The Chinese media said, “Super Junior is super star who receives love from all the people. Sometimes, they are like our close neighbors. The reason they receive continuous love from many fans is because they are talented in various fields and not just in singing and they are also sincere.”

Source: TV Daily
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM
Reuploaded & Posted by: hyukjade (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)



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  1. Yes Super Junior is the best …
    The are not only popular in Korea, China, Asia or US.. They are also popular in the Arab countries.. The almost popular in the whole world..

    The have F.L.Fs and fans everywhere …

    • It’s so true when the Chinese commented that Super Junior is well-known and well-liked by the Chinese because they are talented and most of all SINCERE. yes, it is their sincerity that is captivating so many people to appreciate their talents, performances and shows^^

      • agree
        they are most sincere band that I’ve ever know.
        u get what u see
        beside that they are so talented
        not a group with just a pretty face

  2. “Sometimes, they are like our close neighbours.” 🙂 🙂 hehe I find that so cute^^

  3. I know right.

  4. until the whole world is covered in sapphire pearl blue.
    what makes them so asontinishing is that they dont sing in english!
    and they just never seem to not capture so many people’s hearts. I think super junior will be memorable many years from now, they are so unique and so kind. their bond with ELF is incredible and unbreakable.

  5. bueno yo nose hablar ingles pero lo pueden traducir
    jejje bueno quisiera dejar este comnentario bueno y decir k los super junior son dindisimos y de todos el que es mi amor platonico es donghae bueno espero k lean este comentario y cuidense

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