Super Junior in Singapore’s I-weekly Issue no.693

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Is it possible to reveal your plans for 2011?
Leeteuk: We will be preparing for our 5th album and starting “Super Show 4”, this time, we won’t be confining it to only Asia, we hope to break into the global market.

You’ve just celebrated your 5th anniversary. Who changed the most and the least(during this period of time)?

(After discussing, all the members decided to choose Ryeowook)
Leeteuk: He really lost a lot of weight! He had some baby fats last time but after being busy with the concerts these days, he went down at least 2 sizes.
Shindong: The funny thing is when you asked this question, Ryeowook ignorantly asked me “Who changed the most?” In the end, its himself!
(Ryeowook was smiling sillyly at the side with no comments in regards to the voting.)

Which member changed the least?
(Kyuhyun, who was daydreaming, suddenly woke up and pointed to Sungmin playfully)
Kyuhyun: Ah! Its Sungmin!
(At this time, someone said “Vampire”, probably meaning that he doesn’t grow old)
Shindong: Sungmin really didn’t change at all. He looks the same, even his appetite didn’t change. No matter what he does, he “perseveres”.

Does Super Junior have any weird habits before the concert?
(Heechul was pushed out to answer but the usually sharp-tongued Heechul didn’t have anything to answer so Yesung stepped out to “save” him.)
Yesung: I like to drink lots of isotonic drinks before the concert and I have to play computer games. If I lost the game, I won’t be satisfied and will have a thinking that I won’t perform well at the concert.

During the concert, all of you dressed as vegetables. Were the vegetables chosen according to your personalities?
Eunhyuk: I’m a beansprout because they look like my body shape. Personally, I also like to eat beansprouts and beansprout is a very healthy vegetable! (Members are laughing crazily) Because I also heard that eating beansprouts will help with height growth, I wish to be able to grow taller.
Heechul: The members thinks that my personality is very hot-headed so they think that I should be the Chili prince. Chili is also very manly!

Summarizing the press conference:
The press conference lasted for 15 minutes.

“I am a genius!”
Say such a self-praising sentence, you don’t have to think to know it came from the confidence overloaded Heechul. It was said that a reporter asked why he thought of dressing up as Lady Gaga in English, even before the translator translated the sentence, he snatched the microphone over and expressed that he is a genius.

100% intimate!

When the microphone couldn’t be passed to the reporter quickly enough, Leeteuk personally got off the stage to pass his microphone to the reporter. When asked about being chased by fan vans and being involved in a mini accident, Heeteuk, who were both involved in scary accidents before, said that they are fine. Heechul, who has a sharp mouth but soft heart said “As long as my fans are fine, I am fine.”

Credit: I-weekly, Singapore’s local magazine
Translated by ★//囧酥餅 @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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  1. poor Wookie, he must be exhausted ! Fighting my love…
    Heechul oppa “i’m a genious” lol
    Evil magnae and Sungminnie “the vampire” lol

  2. Haha, awww… I KNEW Ryeowook lost a whole bunch of weight. Yeah, he must be REALLY exhausted, but he’s used to it. He needs to gain the weight back. He’s still really thin! Shindong should take him out to eat a LOT more. xD
    Heechul the genius. He always a genius. >w<
    Sungmin is just too cute to change!!!
    Beansprout Eunhyuk. Hehe, it fits him. xD *shot*

  3. *nodnod*
    wooki oppa’s extremely getting skinnier these days, since 4jib esp
    eat more oppa , cook for yourself !! xp
    and lol kyumin part , hearing the word ‘sungmin’, kyuhyun was back to his real life from daydreaming all in sudden ,wakaaakak , vampire sungmin XD
    beansprout realy fits hyuk oppa ^^
    heechili too !

  4. agree!!! sungmin oppa is a vampire!! hehehe he looks exactly like 5 years ago, never age. and slight kyumin too~

  5. Did he say GLOBAL?! OMG OMG OMG

  6. I also wish they could come to Canada… will they?

  7. kekekeke, kyumin is even present in this article. kyumin is real ^o^

  8. i like this is …

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