Happy Birthday Hankyung!!!!

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no matter what has happened.. no matter what I still love Geng !! & I always will.. because in my heart he will be a Super Junior member forever, I will support him throughout his life.. I mean I am an ELF.. (I’m not going to seperate the fandom.. as in I’m a geng fan & ELF etc..) cause ELF supports all 13 members ~~ he is the No.3!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANKYUNG ❤ from the team sup3rjunior!



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  1. Happy birthday sweetest man on earth! I hope you have many, many more great years to come! ❤

  2. You’re a nice talented man, and you deserve happiness & success after all the hardship you have suffered.
    Sorry for not having a good impression on you at first ^^, from my heart, I believe you will forever belong to this wonderful family.
    Happy birthday!, from a late fan who got into Super Junior when you had already left.

  3. Happy birthday my hansome prince Hankyung!!!!!!! i’ll love you more and more this year and i will support you forever; and for me you still one of super junior i can’t separate you from my best band “su ju =13 forever” i wish you all the best for the coming days and i love u!so much !!!

  4. #GENGrekuaile
    Happy bDay my No.1 Chinese handsome guy!
    hope u’ll having Great days in the Future !
    Love Youuuuuuu

  5. saying i am a genfans doesnt mean that i am not an elf..but i just afraid that some elf will not accept that!!i am gengfan because i am an elf..!!it is hard for me to accept the fact that he is soloist,but,after a year,everything is well..!! i 13elieve he belongs to sj& elf family..i hope he will do a better job and will reunite with his dongsaeng and friend (reunion concert maybe..)seriously,i miss to see him celebrating his birthday with siwon and kyu,but i think the chance will come later~!i 13elieve it~!no matter what sj is 13 and it belongs to you,HANNIE..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    • yup. so true~! i’m totally agreed with u. we elf will 13elive in them no matter what happened and will always remains loving this 13 members~!♥

      dear kind-hearted and handsome chinese man hangeng, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! wish u all the best in your carrier. stayed safe,healthy and happy always. 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday Hankyung oppa:-)
    you still member of super junior
    l’m really hope you back to them..<3

    • And I will support you forever

  7. happpy birthday hangeng..!! wish you another year of and healthy~!!!!

  8. saeng il chuk ha hamnida…….
    hankyung oppa….

  9. love d vid….
    really sweet

  10. check out dis hankyung…

  11. Happy Birthday to our Beijing Fried Rice!

  12. Whether you are an ELF or a Gengfan, that’s not important. What’s important is that you love and support Han Geng. He is truly a simple, kind, and sweet person who always tries his best in everything he does. He doesn’t want fame or fortune. He just wants to be respected and be happy. These are all basic and simple wishes. On top of all this, he is devoted to charity work. This can be reflected in Gengfans’ b-day presents to him. Almost all the different Gengfan groups donated or did charity work in his name as a present to him. That really says a lot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAN GENG! Please stay healthy and may all your dreams and wishes come true.

  13. happy birthday

  14. Ahhhhh… I became a fan of SuJu when Sorry Sorry came out… I wish you had stayed longer, Han Geng, and yet I’m happy for you~keep fighting and never give up!

  15. Happy birthday, oppa (or gege, I think.) Though you are not physically with Super Junior, in my heart you will forever be a Super Junior member ❤ And I know if your heart you still love the others and it will forever be that way.

  16. Happy birthday .. i miss him ..

  17. Forever 13
    Forever in my heart~

    Hangeng all I want for you is happiness~ just stay healthly~

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY our only HANGENG..<3
    i love u and i miss u soooo much…
    im hoping that someday u will perform again with the other members and be a super junior again…in my heart u r still and always be a super junior…ur my only HANGENG and there is no one who can replace u in my heart and also in the heart of the millions and millions of elf in the world…i love u(saranghae,Wuo Ai Ni) forever and ever…<3

  19. HANCHUL FOREVA!!!!!!

  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY our only HANGENG…<3
    i miss u sooo much…
    im hoping to see u performing again with other members and be part of super junior again…for me ur alway my hangeng and no one can ever replace u in my heart and also in the heart of the millions and millions of elf all over the world…ur always be a SUPER JUNIOR to me(u belong to super junior)…i love u(saranghae,Wuo Ai Ni) forever and ever..!!!!!!<3

  21. Happy Birthday Hankyung!

  22. HBD to you, Hangeng ^^
    I wish you always be happy.
    Everyone always love & miss you ^^

  23. Happy Birthday Hangeng!! My gift to you.. uhmmm be 4ever an ELF and spread SuJu Love!! ^^ (I know that’s what you want :))

  24. Happy birthday!!! ❤❤❤ Good luck in everything you do!!! ❤❤❤ Miss you!

  25. Happy bday oppa!!!!!! i always love u and support u!!! :*

  26. SAENGGIL SHUKAHAMNIDA HANKYUNG OPPA! no matter what happens, ELFs will always love u till the end of our time and we will always be by ur side, in whatever circumstances you’re in!! SARABGHAEYO!!! <3333333

  27. Happy birthday prince Hankyung….

  28. i really miss hankyung oppa…

  29. kang in oppa,kibum oppa,hankyung oppa,please back to SUJU and let them be the perfect 13…PLEASE………………………………

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