110207 OnlyHae’s Valentine gift for Donghae, Message Translation

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This year’s Valentine’s Day also marks the 8888th day since Donghae’s birth and to celebrate this eventful day, Chinese fans from OnlyHae prepared an extraordinary gift for Donghae. They purchased a star for Donghae and the chosen star has been named “HAE ★ LOVE”. View images in this topic : OnlyHae’s gift for Donghae

These are the messages that was written for Donghae


To: Lee Dong Hae
2011.02.14 Valentine’s Day – is the 8888th Day after the birth of our romantic prince Lee Donghae
And to celebrate this day, OnlyHae has purchased a star HAE ★ LOVE for our Donghae
Because it’s Valentine’s Day, therefore the name should also be sweet
We specially chose a star from Donghae’s horoscope Libra
It is a real star that really exist and perhaps when you raise your head to look at the sky
you would be able to find that star that belongs to Lee Dong Hae

Hope that you’ll like all the presents

You are our shining star

Our romantic prince, Happy Valentine’s Day, you have to be happy



2011.02.14 Valentine’s Day – is the 8888th Day after the birth of our romantic prince Lee Dong Hae

Call it coincidence, call it destiny, Lee Donghae who is born to be romantic

You said that people don’t smile because they are blissful but instead are blissful because of the smile

I say that we do not smile because we are blissful but instead is blissful because of your smile

Nothing lasts forever but you said that if you were ever born again, you will still want to meet ELFs

Nothing remains an eternal memory, but your smile is an unforgettable scene for us

Nothing will live on forever, but you will always be the shining star in our heart

You who are a Libra have the scent of autumn

More so you have the gentle, refined, amiable and approachable radiance

Your every smile, every move, every nod and every glance

Is like a painting that never withers, covered with our youth, covered with your presence

1986.10.15-2011.2.14, on the 8888th day after your birth

We used all our sincerity to turn you into a star

Our dear Donghae,

No matter how far the future is, do not be afraid

No matter the distance, do not be shy

No matter how long, do not back down

Because we are on your side, as long as you look up, we are always there for you.

Donghae dear, you are our only star

HAE ★ LOVE is yours, the only star.

Translated by: KyU Is L♥Ve @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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  1. onlyhae elfs are really sweet!!

  2. woah.. 8888 days? So lucky. And on Valentine’s day of all days. I feel like this is a sign. lol

  3. awww this makes me really really happy :’D

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